Ryan Murphy on 'Glee': Who gets a bigger story in season 3?

At first, Ryan Murphy didn’t want to talk about Glee.

At the TV critics press tour promoting his new FX series American Horror Story, the Glee creator was immediately swarmed after the panel concluded by reporters hoping for another tidbit in the back-and-forth confusion over which characters were leaving at the end of season three and the spin-off.

“You know, I really don’t want to,” Murphy said into the dozen or so digital recorders thrust in his face when asked about the Fox hit. “I think I’ve said everything I want to say about Glee … for now.”

Another reporter tried: “[Fox entertainment president] Kevin Reilly says the Glee spin-off may still happen?”

Murphy, adding a bit more sharpness into his voice, replied, “I’m not talking about Glee. I’m sorry.”

Then another reporter snarked: “That’s unusual for you, Kevin.”

Ryan,” corrected Murphy, and rather archly added: “And yes. It is.”

That backs off the horde for awhile and reporters stick to questions about Horror Story (the press was legitimately interested in the new show, btw; many critics really like the show’s pilot, and we’ll have more on that promising series later). But the Glee-focused scribes gradually gave up and left until only a few remained. Murphy left the stage, and then … suddenly … it happened — a Glee nugget!

“I think one of the things that we’re doing for season three is servicing more of the kids,” Murphy said. “I don’t think there’s been enough Amber. I don’t think here’s been enough Jenna or Harry. So very early on around episode 3 or 4 we start…”

Then he catches himself. “It always goes in waves,” he said. “It’s hard on me because I love all those actors and they’re so talented and I feel an obligation to showcase their talent, and this year I think we’re going to do that a little better.”

Then a reporter asks about The Glee Project.

“Oh, I can’t talk about The Glee Project,” Murphy said, “because I’m worried I’ll slip and tell you who won.”

‘Glee’ going ‘back to basics:’ Fewer tribute episodes; spin-off update

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  • Informantxgirl

    Contrived much? Though, points to Glee for making fascinating drama on and off screen. It’s like a whole new level of marketing. Very post-modern.

    • Cris

      Very nauseating, too. Can’t wait for the new Twilight, then EW.com will become Tiger Beat with nothing but stories on crappy music and tween vampires

    • Michael

      Although I think that Ryan M is a giant d-wad, I think that the media has created the drama. EW reports this. TvLine reports that. THEN, zap2it, as they usually do, concocts some bastardized version of the TVLINE and EW report…and the cycle continues.

  • K

    I am so over Glee and all this Ryan Murphy douchebaggery.

    • kate middleton

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • Tyrone

        This show has jumped the shark.

      • Person

        @Tyrone No, Tyrone. Glee tried to jump the shark, but it fell into the shark tank and was eaten. Then the shark preached about gay rights set to the tune of whatever the top song on iTunes is.

  • jets

    It’s nice that maybe Harry will have more to do, since there really isn’t enough of an Asian prescence on TV. …BUT… I’m worried about his acting ability… and I think his dancing is good, but overrated, and we know he can’t sing. Ryan will certainly find a way to show off Harry’s abs as much as possible, I’m sure.

  • Rocky

    The winner of The Glee Project is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Meg

      The winner of The Glee Project is someone who is on The Glee Project.

      • Kyle

        WHO? WHO?

    • Laura

      At this point, I kind of hope it’s Hannah. She’s very charming. Samuel seems really boring and I am afraid he’s going to win..

  • Puckleberry

    So he kinda admitted some actors have been neglected and yet they want to introduce new characters? I just hope this means less Kurt (I like the character but it went over the top with him last season) and, finally, Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina getting to finish one song!

  • JD

    Finally Amber!!! Amber and Santana had the best performances last season.

    • Bobs Yeruncle

      Amber is an actress who portrays a make-believe person named Mercedes. Santana is a make-believe person portrayed by Naya. Please pick make-believe or reality for where you live/talk/post.

      • Who Craig


  • SaraS

    Oh, I think we’ve seen quite enough of Amber Riley. She’s had plenty of huge songs and storylines.. And never quite pulls them off as a likeable part of the show.
    How about another black actress? Write her off please.
    P.S. It’s obvious Ryan read your open letter, EW..

    • Liz

      Huge songs yes, huge storylines, no. Her biggest storyline last season was freaking tots, so no she doesn’t get huge storylines. You may have seen enough of her, but I sure haven’t.

      • downtown diva

        I agree. Amber Riley as Mercedes does need a bigger story. I like her character.; I’m curious which one of the three (Amber, Jenna or Harry) might get a storyline with the winner of The Glee Project since the winner is supposed to get a 7-episode role.

      • Jack

        That was not her biggest storyline by far.

    • liza

      ^Personally, I agree with you. I think Amber Riley is far from underused. Mercedes is always yapping and complaining about something and then oversinging. I don’t know if it’s Amber or just the character who’s unlikeable, but I’m with you – enough of her.

      • Malcolm

        I agree. I see enough of Mercedes and I don’t want to see to much this season either. She’s always complaining about not needing a man (but she wants one), asking why Rachel is a bigger star than her (cause she can actually sing not yell). Glee says their not about steryotypes but an overweight, sassy black girl seems to be one. And I think both Amber and Mercedes are unlikeable. “Both” just rub me the wrong way.

    • David

      I agree. Amber’s acting is lukewarm. It seems like Glee wants to give her a huge boyfriend story arc *yawn*.Her character is most likely to stay in Lima she dosen’t have the star quality Rachel and Kurt have to take it to the Big Apple, maybe she should head to UCLA or somewhere in California where she can impersonate Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson. She also has a habit of screaming when she sings. I guess I’m a little ansy because I dont want season 3 to focus on supporting characters who are staying behind, they could of done all this Mercedes, Tina, ect stuff in season 2. I dont want season 3 to feel rushed, which is why I think they should split the season into 2 years. A semester per year, it would give them plenty of time to write good stories. I cant see them doing Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals, and graudation in one year plus supporting character time in an hour and 22 episodes. Oh, a time machine would be glorious. I was thinking what Glee would be like after The Big 3 (Lea, Chris, Cory) and maybe I could still watch, but the fact is none of the supporting characters have the personality to take the lead, they also either lack in singing skills, acting or both. And if Darren Criss becomes the lead when his character transfers to ND, I will turn off Glee and never watch again.

  • Ashton

    Ooo snappy reported, I likey. And EW I’m frightened by your obessession with Glee. Its cute, though. Now, Ryan you had all of season 2 to focus on Mike, Tina and Mercedes. All characters which are JUNIORS, and not graduating. Why would I want to see back stories on them? Hm. Its a little to late, theres nothing wrong with a show having minor characters who just sway in the background. Why can’t Glee realize this.

  • Liz

    I’m glad for the possibility of more Mercedes and Tina. I’ll wait to see if it actually happens and if it’s decent.

  • pedro

    So, true. This happens because ever since the second have of the first season all does is pander to its adience by doing anything the fans ask, without any concern of plot line, plosibility or logic

  • shannon

    He seems like he would be such a diva to work for!! However, I do like that he didn’t let his “Glee” life interfere with his other projects.
    BTW-What reporter thought Ryan Murphy’s name w

    • shannon continued

      Oops didn’t finish!! I meant to say which reporter thought Ryan Murphy’s name was Kevin? I feel sorry for that dude.

  • Josie

    More Cory Monteith and less Kurt!

    • yasmine

      More funny stuff for Finn, please (but not the dumb one-liners). Cory is so good at comedy! He’s such a good actor but Finn’s storylines last year didn’t have a chance to showcase that.

  • PJ

    Love how someone got his name wrong.

  • Quasi Glee fan

    Goid grief with the Glee stories. Enough already, EW.

    • Brandon

      Exactly why I am not renewing my EW subscription. Same stuff over and over again.

      • Bobs Yeruncle

        Not to mention that new subscribers get a substantially better/cheaper price than long-time subscribers who renew. EW provides zero incentive to subscribe long-term.

  • monster

    I wish Samuel will win in the glee project and lea michelle will stay with season 3.

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