Connor Paolo might not return to 'Gossip Girl'

With his new show coming to ABC in the fall, Connor Paolo is unsure he’ll return to the world of Gossip Girl.

“I don’t know that I’ll be able to recur on Gossip Girl. That’s a question for the creators of both shows,” the actor told reporters today at the TCA panel for Revenge, a soap drama in which the actor plays a character named Declan Porter.

“I don’t know how I can do it. I’m here. I have to move out here now; I don’t know how’d that work,” he added after the panel. “I try never to look back…I hope my legacy will be being the one positive character in a slew of double-talkers.”

At the end of last season, Paolo’s Gossip character, Eric, was planning on going to college at Sarah Lawrence. For Paolo, the joy was getting to play a character who “couldn’t be more different” from the one he’s played on the CW show for four years.

“I don’t think they’d get along in a bar,” he said. “And you can’t ask for anything more fun for an actor.”

Revenge debuts in September.

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  • drew

    Something tells me this will probably be Gossip Girls last season anyway

  • Shannon

    The actor’s are just getting sick of the crap that has become GG. Last great storyline was Dair, and look how badly the writer’s flubbed that one.

    • Diva

      I still wanna know what Vanessa meant when she said Dan’s book made a certain someone look better. There is still hope but I doubt this show will ever be as good as its 1st season.
      Connor was smart though, he never became a regular, which makes it easier for him to jump ship.

      • mary q

        I figured it was probably Lily she was referring to, since I don’t see Dan wanting to take an opportunity to publicly humiliate his father’s wife.

    • Suzanna

      I know right. The first and second season was the best, then the third season was awful. The series never fully recover after that. I hoped that the fourth season would be a redemption, but it fell short. They had the best sexual tension relationship on the show get together and not make the storyline good? That makes no sense!!! I hope that this season will be good but i highly doubt that will happen. The first and second season = teenage guilty pleasure. The third and fourth season = cliched soapy drama. ( hate 2 admit, but true.)

  • The Hypnotoad

    I always thought Eric was Gossip Girl anyway.

    • Mindy

      Ha! That’s a great idea.

    • Julie Cooper-Nichols

      Nate is GossipGirl. He is someone you constantly underestimate, he randomly disappears AND he has internet access. (He is also a total busybody.)

  • Dawn

    Well considering how bad Revenge looks he’ll be back before the season ends.

  • Matt2

    Revenge also has the misfortune of having Happy Endings as its lead-in show, a show that’s averaging just 2.9 million viewers this summer. The idiots at ABC already have their next “My Generation.” I wonderr what they will do when/if all of their new programming fails. One thing is for sure, They will look like the biggest fools in all of tv.

    • Nitesh

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  • sara

    I´ll Eric, he was a great character

    • sara

      ops.. I´ll MISS Eric

    • Ash

      He has barely had two lines since the first season. He was grossly underused and when they did have him in an episode this year he was such an unlikeable jerk just like the rest of the Van Der Woodsen clan. Gossip Girl has managed it’s characters terribly and made 80% of them really unlikeable.

  • Joe

    I wish they would show more stuff about Revenge. I think it is going to be a great show that I hope will not be canceled.

  • Tee

    He’s a total cutie but they never really made that character very interesting.

    • mary q

      I know, I always hated that, because Eric always had the potential to be (and often WAS) the most layered, interesting character on the show. I would rather watch him over basically anyone but Blair. Poor kid. They never even gave him a chance.

    • TQB

      GG totally wasted the character and Connor’s talent. He was extremely likable and interesting and the way they’d give him an arc of a whole episode for some of his issues was so frustrating. As it was, he always seemed to me to be the smartest, least irritating member of his family.

      • TQB

        E.g. his “drug problem” last season – like one episode and a talking-to from Rufus was all it took to clean that up. Lame.

  • Dan

    CW will keep Gossip Girl at least until Season 6 when the main cast contracts expire. Hopefully if they want to use Eric, ABC will let him out to do his 3 guest shots that one is normally allotted on another show.

  • miranda

    I had to look up who he was.They could have done more with him but he had already was not a regular cast member. I am getting bored with the show. I liked it as a diversion and now it is just not interesing. Can they give serena pants or a skirt or something.

  • liza

    Aw, I’ll really miss him as Eric! He was tragically underused on the show, but when he was featured, he brought a refreshing sense of clarity and normalcy and an often sarcastic reality check for Blair and Serena. Don’t get me wrong – Gossip Girl is my favorite guilty pleasure so I find their shenanigans entertaining, but it’s nice to see someone like Eric who was so layered, intelligent, and trying to stay above the Upper East Side influence.

  • starr

    i’m really excited for this show mainly b/c it’s based on my favorite book of all time (count of monte cristo)
    but ABC totally fails at scheduling shows…new shows are never going to make it if they keep giving them bad time slots

  • Dominika

    He’s a total hottie pie, but his character wasn’t really that interesting. They rarely ever gave him any funny lines or emotional ones, I mean GG completely wasted his talents.

  • saint of E. 69th st.

    thank elvis! maybe they could have his dweeb character dressed as an elf at Macy’s and get run over by Santa!

  • Auds

    That makes me sad, as his character was one of the few that had actual potential and interest… Oh well, here’s to hoping that show wraps it up in the next year or two. WB/CW shows are just never as good after the first 2-3 seasons!

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