'Housewives' creator: 'I wanted to go off in the classiest way'


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The creator of Desperate Housewives told the nation’s TV critics on Sunday that he wanted the dramedy to end this spring while it was still a viable show for ABC. “I’ve been working in TV for 23 years, and I’ve been very aware of people over staying their welcome,” Marc Cherry said Sunday in Beverly Hills. “Shows go on too long and they are unceremoniously booted off. I didn’t want it to happen to Desperate Housewives. While we are still a force to be reckoned with, I wanted to go off in the classiest way possible.”

Cherry said he’s contacted half of the cast and admitted that some were a bit shocked that he was ending the show after eight years. He had considering going through year nine. “It was actually bittersweet and lovely. The women knew it was a possibility. There was a touch of shock, but not completely, with everyone I spoke to. We can have the whole year to reflect on how lucky we have been.”

The eighth and final season will go back to the show’s roots — the death of Mary Alice — which will provide a natural ending to the series, Cherry explained. He did briefly consider the idea of a spinoff; his joke to co-star Eva Longoria, whom he favors tremendously, was to “put her in a van and solve mysteries.” Ultimately, he nixed the possibility.

“I don’t want to repeat stuff I’ve done,” he said. He’ll now focus on retooling Hallelujah, a drama he has in development for midseason that has a musical element. It’s about a Tennessee town that finds itself being torn apart by forces of good and evil.

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  • Wayne

    “Go off in the classiest way”? Then he should have ended the show 3 years ago!

    • Mick

      Agreed. The first three or four seasons were the best. It is clear that the show have run out of ideas. I wish everyone at the show good luck in the future. I reeeally hope Felicity Huffman gets her own show, she’s an amazing actress.

      • Shaking My Dong

        So…how stretched out is Lynnette’s VaJayJay now? She must make a swish swish sound everytime she walks….

      • Bert

        ABC should cancel it right now, and pocket the production costs for themselves and put new people to work, who don’t need raises.

    • Your Mama

      How exactly are they going back to the death of Mary Alice? I thought that storyline was pretty much completely concluded????? Admitedly, I stopped watching half-way thru the second season when the show went from “interesting mystery” to full fledged soap.

    • bruno

      totally. the show’s already past due cherry. like, waaay past due.

      • Bert

        They just got massive raises last year. The negotiations took forever. It would be prude to just end the show right now, and save that capital for fresh ideas.

    • Prof

      What a mess. Either season 7 or 9 should’ve been the “going back to Mary Alcie” season. This one, as we saw in last season’s finale, will be about a different mystrey. I blame ABC for this mess.


      @wayne- spot on! I thought the same thing.

    • KikiD

      “I don’t want to repeat stuff I’ve done”

      I guess he hasn’t been watching his own show.


      This show ran out of ideas seasons ago! They had nowhere else to go except for aliens or the supernatural. I wonder why writers today aren’t as consistent as they were years past (dallas, knots, falcon crest). Or has the viewing public just matured and become more demanding?

  • Michael

    are they going to forget these last season

  • TorontoTom

    Networks should be lining up to give Longoria her own show – she’s been the best thing on DH for the last few years. She has great comedic timing and the camera loves her. The lead in a show on a cable network would be interesting.

    • Classy!

      I agree. She’s been my favorite on DH by far ( though i love Vanessa too).

    • Amber

      i think she is aiming for movies and she could do well at the box office she is beautiful and it doesn’t hurt that she is dating penelope cruz brother

      • Hey Now

        She was actually in a couple of movies after Desperate made her famous and they both bombed. I don’t see her having that successful of a movie career. A sitcom would be her best bet. I agree that she is incredibly beautiful.

      • Alex

        Eva is really good comedian. But for me the big DH name is Felicity Hufmann, an actress of great sensitivity. And the beauty of Eve is debatable. Do not know how a woman who is almost no breasts and dwarf can be a sex symbol. Not to mention that her face without makeup is a disaster.

  • Jan

    I’ve never missed an episode, through good seasons and bad. It hasn’t been the same since Edie Brit bit the dust at the end of season five. Vanessa Williams just doesn’t fit in, they don’t know what to do with her. I will miss the show.

    • Michelle

      The problem with Vanessa Williams is that she played Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty for so long that people who know that character still see her that way. When they try to make her funny, it’s unbelievable.

  • tim

    Indeed, the end of Edie was the end of the show. Seems fitting, considering the rancor between the Sheridan and Cherry.

  • Agustin

    My favorite way to finish DH: Bree married with a young hot stud, Susan in a mental hospital, Lynette being abandoned and divorced and broke while Tom finds new love. Lynette became a bitter, controlling witch! And Gabby applying for federal cupons and completely broke. Carlos dead. Mike dead.

    • P.Q.

      Bree – business thrives, no man in her life. Susan – divorced from Mike, porn actress with Tom, since he’s so proud of his ‘johnson’. Lynette, – dies. Gabby, modeling/acting and happy w/Carlos. Mike, killed in a plumbing accident.

    • Wayne

      It should end with Bree being revealed to be Kimberly Shaw (from “Melrose Place”) and she was on Wisteria Lane because she was hiding from the law. They catch up with her and she blows up Wisteria Lane and the last shot is her pulling off her wig to show that scar she had on “Melrose”! That would be going out with a bang!

      • Marcie

        Great idea!

      • Craig

        I thought this was way funnier when I read it from Michael K on dlisted a couple of days ago. Very original Wayne.

      • R.P.

        Nope, not a good idea.

      • Wayne

        Don’t know who Michael K is or what Dlisted is, Craig. But I guess it’s impossible for 2 people to have the exact same idea in the world. That never happens in Hollywood (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).

      • FOg cue

        Craig needs a life


        LOL @ wayne’s idea. I’d love to see something along the lines like that that screws w/ the audience. Or break the 4th wall (is that what they call it?)

  • Matt2

    I do sort of agree with Cherry that the show will go out on top. It has always done fine against football and will win its timeslot versus the other scripted/reality fair it’s going against. So this is about as “going out on top in the classiest way possible” as it’s going to get for the ladies. It would be great to see the Scavo family in their own spinoff-30 minute sitcom . Never going to happen but would be/could be funny as heck.

    • Trixie

      Unfortunately, CBS moved The Good Wife to Desperate Housewives’ timeslot on Sunday evenings for this upcoming season, so they may have more trouble staying on top than they would have otherwise.

      • Dave

        The Good Wife does well with total viewers, but in the all important 18-49 demo, it’s a bit weak, usually only around 2.0-2.5, whereas Housewives averaged like 3.8 last season.

      • Mary

        A little too much time on your hands, Dave?

      • @Mary

        Dave’s just providing some facts. No need to be mean and snarky. As if knowing a little about ratings means you have no life.


        I appreciate info like what dave provided! I’ve always been interested in ratings and record sales and keep up w/ em myself!

  • Rashad

    I’m gonna miss Desperate Housewives :(

  • bootsycolumbia

    I have to admit, I stopped watching midway through last season, and have no plans to return to the show. I think the episode where Tom got upset with Lynette because she didn’t brag about his, umm, “manhood”, was what killed the show for me. Now that The Good Wife is airing in direct competition with DH, I have zero reason to return to Wisteria Lane. Maybe I’ll rent the final season on DVD and see how it all wrapped up.

  • MWeyer

    Love the show but agree past time to end it. Last year was livened up by Vanessa Williams but clear they were running out of ideas, so best to just accept this as the way to close. At least they have warning to set up the finale they want.

  • JPX

    I was honestly unaware that this show was still on the air, I thought it ended years ago.

  • TMI

    Has been downhill for a while now. Glad to see it end; don’t want another Scrubs…that show went on and on and it became a major joke. Wanted to put an end to it’s misery – same with this.

    • Woot

      I thought the last season of the “real” scrubs was really good actually. Now the med school spinoff with the same name… not so much. “My Finale” was the real end.

  • Jess

    The problem I saw with this show was that the characters became less endearing and less interesting. When it gets to the point where you don’t CARE what happens, it’s time to end it.

  • Classy!

    Everyone has made such negative comments, but I for one, will really miss this show. It has been very entertaining and was my go-to for a “girlie show” fix. It never mattered to me how over-the-top the storylines got. I never took it that seriously. It’s just a really fun, and often times funny, show to watch.

  • jfms777

    Cannot believe the 4 leads in the ensemble make more money than either Mariska Hargitay or Kyra Sedgwick–and both of those ladies have to “carry the show.” Americans, and their love of comedies!

    • fancypants

      It’s probably b/c DH gets higher ratings and more ad revenue than The Closer and L&O SVU. Network TV pays more than cable.

    • Bert

      It’s not Friends. It’s just DH. Just cancel the show already.

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