'Eureka' canceled, sixth season plans dropped -- EXCLUSIVE


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Whoa! Big shock on Eureka.

Remember how Syfy ordered six episodes for a potential final season last week? Well, tonight the network decided that not only is the series firmly going to end, but those final six episodes are not going to happen after all.

The 13-episode fifth season that was ordered last year, which includes a holiday special, is going to be the final season of Eureka.

Here’s a statement from Syfy:

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.

Last week a Syfy executive and said he was “hopeful” the drama series about a town of geniuses would continue beyond an additional six episodes, but I guess the deal didn’t come together as parties expected. At least Eureka ran for a healthy five seasons and this move still gives producers time to wrap up the show in a creatively satisfying way. (I know, it’s like the TV series equivalent of saying, “At least he didn’t suffer,” but it’s still true!)

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  • Doug

    Good call. there’s simply too much Sci-fi messing with their Syfy branding.

    5 Seasons of great characters, run storylines and amusing hi-jinks. The show had a good run, and is simply too good to be on the trainwreck that is Syfy.

    Now they have room for another Wrestling show or “Reality” paranormal special.

    • Lori

      Well said, Doug!

      • Dr. Chim Richalds


      • Dave

        I’m just happy they will be able to give the series a proper close instead of cliff hangers. I can definitely see a spin off pilot on next years programming slate though, syfy has a tendency to do that kind of thing.

      • Bert

        They need to bring back BSG with a new series.

      • SNIKT!

        WHO WATCHES those fricking Ghost Hunter and Wrestling shows anyway??? Not me.

        I was never really a fan of Eureka,(preferred BG, SU and currently Haven) but the death of yet another scripted show on SCIFI cannot be a good thing for intelligent viewers..

      • Maryb889

        Well said, Doug. I wonder how much longer Warehouse 13 will last. Alphas hasn’t grabbed me so I guess when W13 is over, I’ll be able to take Syfy off my favorite channel list.

      • Joe

        I’m with you. They keep killing some of my favorite shows. FarScape was and still is one of my favorite t.v. shows ever. I used to wait for the Friday night line-up and now the monday night line-up, soon I will be reduced to an occasional stop for a movie while channel surfing.

      • Rick

        Very well said… and to think Sy-fy, at one point, was the channel that helped keep Firefly alive. Now it’s just wrestling and B– movies.

      • David W

        I agree completely! Why is SyFy showing wrestling anyway?!?!? I must admit I do like the original Ghost Hunters though.

      • jj

        they have almost finished filming Season 5, i hear, so they will NOT get a chance to wrap it up.

      • EddieS

        ROFL Gunge. Spot on :) lol

      • MMJ

        @Gunge… You are a riot!!

      • yeah sure

        well said doug, maybe more cheap horrible anime

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      • larry grose

        Now that we’ve gotten rid of a very entertaining program, maybe we’ll make room for more ghost stories and wrestling shows. I hope my provider will let me cancel syfy channel without looseing any of my good channels in the bargin, either way, syfy has gotten the last of my entertainment dollar.

      • Bob

        Psychic stealth underwater wrestling is what I came to see. Damn them. Oh well there are always reruns of The Twilight Zone to watch instead.

      • The Moon Goddess

        I can’t believe this! I finally find some shows to watch on Syfy and now they take off Eureka — one of only two shows I watch on this channel. I have tried Alphas but it’s a bit too much for me. Warehouse 13 is fun and so is Eureka. Boo hiss, Syfy! You lost me for many years when you stopped showing Dark Shadows and started showing all these horror shows, which are NOT science fiction. Change your name to the Horror/Wrestling channel and put us all out of our misery!

      • Maxiemacho

        I think the Taliban have taken over Syfy and are trying to warp our minds. I will miss Eureka…

      • Shawn

        Well put Doug – SyFy is a train wreck. With all the garbage they air these days, I rarely turn it on anymore. It used to be the channel I watched the most! Very disappointing.

    • Phillp

      Agreed but none the less still very sad :(

      • Bob

        It appears that the rest of us are clearly over it.

    • doctorsubmarine

      Quit yer whining. They can’t keep a show on the air just because fanboys complain about it. They are a business, and they made the smartest business decision possible for the situation

      • Exombre

        …said the SyFy executive. This is the way to turn a brand into a zombie. Like, MTV doesn’t show videos anymore, why should “SyFy” have any legitimate science fiction? It must be too expensive to license and program a station dedicated to science fiction movies. Goodbye, SyFy.

      • what

        let ur favorite show go off air and see how u going to act

      • Sean

        Herr Doctor – reasonable comment, except for 1 thing – I believe that Eureka is in the top 3 programs in viewership that they have. So they are shooting down a moneymaker.

      • Livethakly

        They always do stupid things like this. And I always fall for yet another show they will take over and either 1) destroy or 2) cancel prematurely!

        DoctorSub does not have the right prescription for a true sci-fi fan!

      • eliizabeth

        You sound like a real TOOL

      • EddieS

        Is it business sense to cancel one of the channel’s top viewed show? No it is not, Doctor Submarinne,

        Elizabeth, SyFy’s CEO is a tool for allowing this show to cancel.

      • Jennifer

        Eureka is the best of the SyFy shows.
        Wrestling is not Science Fiction, maybe just fiction.
        Why can’t SyFy get their hands on the thousands of good, and better than what is being shown, movies. There are also many Scifi shows that may be older but are still worth seeing.

      • Cynthia L Farris

        Business or not don’t you have to stand by your product. We’re loosing a legitimately good thoughtful science show that doesn’t underestimate its viewers capacity to probably another revamped form of destination truth. And what’s wrong with voicing our opinions about the actions our channels are taking. Isn’t that the whole point of blogs on web sites like this, to get the perspective and opinions of the viewers.

      • Ken Lichon

        Their business is to make money by having good programs to watch. The people who are smart enough to enjoy a program like Eureka will spend money on the sponsors products. THAT is their business. When people stop watching, they lose money. SO, responding to people who spend money is not responding to whining, it is good business.

      • Toby Mayer

        Whaddya mean they can’t keep a show on the air just because fanboys complain about it?? When NBC cancelled Star Trek (the original) after the 2nd season, so many fans protested so loudly that the studios were forced to renew the show! So there. Granted, the show lasted only one more season, but it still shows the power of the “fanboy”.

      • TheDude

        Dude I couldn’t agree more…
        It’s the people at the round table tossing these ideas around! “SyFy” in 2011??? Remember or lookup how “FOX” started with my all time favorite shows “Married…With Children”? I came across SyFy today just surfing and with the technology and with my ideas alone and my training in 3D modeling & animation I could have someones job tomorrow with that channel producing a hit! I’m jobless as it is so why not, right? Dammit all to hell

      • TheDude

        Dude I couldn’t agree more…
        It’s the people at the round table tossing these ideas around! “SyFy” in 2011??? Remember or lookup how “FOX” started with my all time favorite shows “Married…With Children”? I came across SyFy today just surfing and with the technology and with my ideas alone and my training in 3D modeling & animation I could have someones job tomorrow with that channel producing a hit! I’m jobless as it is so why not, right? Dammit all to hell!

      • Brice

        You really are an idiot, and have no conception what keeps shows on tv. Ah, never mind, you are an idiot.

      • Dan

        Wow Dr submoron, cancelling one of the top rated shows on tv is good business? Are you an econ professor at Berkley? SyFy is just pissing away money the way the government keeps doing. Good business, LOL!

    • GM Ellis

      My feelings exactly! “SyFy” is slowly getting rid of all the SciFi!

      • aleleeinn

        That is it exactly. So is Haven next?

      • Mac Breck

        The Sci-Fi Channel/Syfy has been doing that for YEARS. Their executives don’t like or understand science fiction or its fans. This is just part of their continuing progression away from science fiction. Why else would they not pick up something because it was “too science-fictiony” ???

      • doctorwho747

        yes as far as i can remember BSG and Lexx are the only shows that syfy didn’t cancel cuz the producers were smart enough to make it only four seasons knowing any beyond it would be canceled. Every other show with farscape being the best show ever, has been canceled. let’s see. invisible man, first wave, SGU,painkiller jane, flash gordon, SG atlantis and SG1,caprica, the dresden files, the chronicle, doctor who wasn’t canceled they did sell it to BBC america thougj just as bad, G vs E,deepwater black,The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, and tremors. my only hope is yeah there is going to be a fifth season of eureka and a 6th season of 6 eps, S5 doesn’t air till next year so the writers have plenty of time to rewrite and film S5 to wrap up the show with a solid conclusion. But like others have said WH13 Alphas and Sanctuary are all that’s left and now I almost feel like not watching them. All I know is that Sanctuary has been renewed for a 4th

    • AJ

      Amen Doug! The show has everything: likeable characters, serious moments, witty dialogue – but then again, this is the same channel that ruined the Stargate franchise. Here’s to hoping another, smarter network picks it up!

      • Alicia

        SG1 and Atlantis both ran on SyFy for 5 years. I think we should have seen this coming. But I’m still sad. This is the last SyFy show I will watch. (The hubby is a WH13 viewer, but I never got as into it.)

      • EddieS

        That’s funny you don’t like WH13, Alicia, considering that show and Eureka have 2 crossover episodes each and are due for a 3rd next episode.

      • Mac Breck

        Eureka is a fun, imaginative show. Therefore, it has no place on a channel whose slogan is “Imagine Greater.” (SARCASM)

      • Crystal S

        They really do keep killing everything good. They got rid of Stargate Atlantis and replaced it with that Universe crap. Now they are getting rid of one of the few show people even watch! Here’s hoping the don’t do the same to Sanctuary and Warehouse 13! and thank goodness they don’t control Doctor Who

      • SmidgetMcChillumsworth

        Actually, SG1 ran for 10 years, not 5.

      • LoLoD

        While you are correct, SG1 was on the air for 10 awesome seasons. Alicia is correct that only 5 of those aired on SyFy. The first five aired on Showtime until they decided not to renew after Michael Shanks left the show.

        Either way, it’s not Eureka’s time to go. Their popularity was building & the number of good quality true scifi shows out there are dwindling. They need to keep the good ones around. Here’s hoping that the Space Channel, here in Canada, steps up & takes it on as original programming for their line up. *fingers crossed*

      • Christina

        Every time I get a favorite program it cancels.! I’m sad. Eureka is the reason I have TV. Silly to get so attached to character. I’ll just morn.

    • walt kovacs

      seems that the writers have not run out of story ideas

      maybe usa could pick it up

      • L

        USA is owned by the same company that owns SyFy — NBC Universal.

      • Melanie

        I think Eureka would be a perfect fit for USA. At least they have some fun shows.

      • tbone

        NBC-Universal owns more cable channels than just SyFy. And General Electric owns it all. They are a business, they like money. I can’t count all the shows I’ve liked that have been canceled. Get used to it.

      • Cynthia L Farris

        Wouldn’t that be awesome? I really think it would flourish with an audience like USA has. After all it is all about characters. I must add though I do love Warehouse 13….for the love of Pete and myka don’t cancel that Syfy. And I really think Alphas is the best and most plausible hero tv show thus far.

      • Ikagirl

        Actually, blame Comcast for this. They are the ones that went to SyFy and the showrunners for Eureka, and said it wasn’t profitable enough. The choice was probably down to cutting way way back, or cancel.

      • doctorwho747

        you never know if you have heard of the show damages, not a scifi show but still a great one that was on FX ran for 3 seasons then got canceled. then Directv not only bought it they renewed it for a fourth and fifth season, now that is amazing and rare, so maybe we can hope for eureka i mean 6 episodes! how can they not do just 6?

      • HatesNBC

        They are both owned by NBC who, by coincidence (NOT) is the worst TV network…

      • Oppie

        I think HBO should pick it up. HBO does a great job with their original shows, i.e. True Blood and Entourage.

      • JJ007

        I love that idea – USA should pick up Eureka. They have the best “mature” shows on right now. And by mature I mean they actually make you think outside the box.

      • Dean

        If the cost of making Eureka was to expense then SyFy should take the money they put into those extremely crappy and cheesy movies that make that nobody can watch and put it into the TV show’s that do get viewed.

    • Tonya

      Couldn’t have said it better! We need SyFy channel’s money to go towards “reality” crap-fests, “wrasslin'”, and ridiculous mind-bending “movies of the week”.

      I guess creative programming with smart & fun writing, quality acting, and a loyal fan base just aren’t part of the channel’s business model. I, for one, would gladly follow Eureka elsewhere should an INTELLIGENT channel offer to pick it up.

      • Ryan

        Why the hell does a channel dump its second best rated show? Behind Warehouse 13 i might add. Someone needs to clean house on that channel, bring in new admins.

        It would be a god send if USA picked it up.

      • Will

        Totally agree. Eureka rocks and I’ll follow it to whoever picks it up. Well said Doug, and well said Tonya.

      • Alf

        USA runs the Sci-fi channel. The same set of execs run both networks.

      • EM

        I knew that the Sci-Fi channel was going to the dogs when they changed the name to “Syfy”. (to appease the illiterates who can’t pronounce “Sci-Fi”?) Canceling Eureka is just another stupid move.

      • Exombre

        Perhaps Eureka can be picked up by Fox? They never cancel good science fiction shows, right? ;)

      • Scifiguy

        Maybe Netflix or Hulu or HBO will pick up the show and continue the story.

      • halo

        Yes NBC Universal owns both, BUT they are not run by the same board. And USA generally has more confidence in their viewers. Like Fox *used* to be (like 90210 took 3 years before if became a hit)
        Send emails, letters, and call USA Networks. The worst they can say is No, but there is not harm in asking.

      • Robert

        I think Sci-Fi changed to SyFy because they found they couldn’t trademark the generic term “Sci Fi”. They wanted a name that they could trademark and charge for merchandising (as if any Science Fiction fan wants anything to do with SyFy, the non-Sci Fi channel?) I’m sorry to see Eureka end, but at least I can go ahead and block that channel on my cable box now. If I wanted to watch wrestling I’d get myself a lobotomy first.

      • Michael

        Let’s remember that SyFy is part of USA Networks. They had an article just a few years ago about how the ACCOUNTANTS for USA started looking at the how much it cost them to license content. What they decided was that they could produce new content themselves cheaper. So THE ACCOUNTANTS started writing and producing SyFy original content e.g. Mansquito, Python vs Boa, etc.,. Enough people watch that schlock to make it profitable for USA to keep it on the air and not only that but to replace QUALITY CONTENT with it. Quality content just comes as a lower margin, and businesses are all about maximizing the profit margin. So we’re unlikely to see a change until viewership tanks or some competing channel comes in.

      • Mac Breck

        Bonnie Hammer is over both Syfy and USA. In fact, she’s over all NBC/Universal cable programming. In other words, the cancer has metastasized.

      • Sabrina Bentley

        Canceling Eureka will be the biggest mistake SyFy has ever made!!!!! My family watches Eureka, WH13, and Alphas. After they are gone we will no longer watch SyFy!!!!! It would be nice if anouther network picked up Eureka!! I would be very sad if I could never watch new eposiods of my favorite sience fiction show ever!!!

      • DJ

        They will never let it go to another network or channel inside this one. It is all run By NBC, and owned by General electric. This company (GE) doesn’t stand to make a profit from this show because this show is making people aware of the environment. That is bad business for them. think of all the money they would loose if everyone switched to LED light banks instead of light bulbs. They don’t want that because they are in kahoots aka incorporated with energy companys like oil, coal and natural gas. not to mention all of the mines they own that produce the raw material for electrical components. we have better devices that use less energy, they don’t want us to have them. Those devices are cheaper to make because they use less energy, which in turn neads less metal and insulators to transmit the energy. environmentaly friendly is not GE friendly. they don’t want to advertize for there own doom. “wrestling doesn’t makie you think about energy and polution.”

    • Jmo

      I’m with Doug. SyFy can eat it. They always do this, they give Scifi a bad name. I’ll miss Eureka but I am glad we get a chance to send them off.

      • mrhwi

        I don’t think they get a chance to end the series the way they would otherwise. Pretty sure the last season is already filmed according to some interviews I’ve heard.

    • FlaAl

      Now they’ll have room for more of those high quality, well-written, made-for-TV EPIC movies. Maybe they’ll come out with “Category 10.5 – The Destruction of SyFy Programming”!!! They could cut it together with clips from all the great shows they’ve cancelled. It’d need to be 4 hours long but I’d totally TIVO that!

    • Rush

      Right. They should really save time by saying, “After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a new season of a quality show that strengthens the SyFy brand in order to make more room for wrestling and bad direct to DVD movies.”

    • Kenny

      Doug, right on. I can’t wait til Syfy realizes that nobody is watching their shows, and most of their views probably come from people who are scrambling to find batteries for their dead remotes to get away from the crappy shows they have. Eureka was their last truly great show.

      • Rush

        Warehouse 13 is a quality show that will be next on the chopping block.

      • jj

        ha! to your dead remotes comment. and rush, i’ve tried, but have always found W13 too ridiculous to watch. And yes, I know Eureka is silliness too, but they have a better rationale for their world existing than this ridiculous warehouse of artifacts that do ridiculous things. i don’t want it to get cancelled bc i know it still has its fans, but if i were an exec, i would’ve cancelled W13 over Eureka any day. I also echo all the other disgruntled comments on the board. no need to repeat.

      • Mac Breck

        Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary are the only Syfy shows that I watch. I buy the Warehouse 13 DVD sets and watch the other two via Netflix.

    • Bobbie

      Agreed, Doug. Eureka was the last show worth watching on Syfy, and I truly enjoyed it. The arc dealing with the consequences of this season’s accidental time travel really sharpened the show, and I looked forward to every episode. Syfy doesn’t know when it has a truly good thing, and they prove it over and over. Instead, they will waste the money on another of the lamest reality shows ever conceived by man. I know it’s an NBC/U joint, but they should have changed the name to “Fox Lite”.

      • Mac Breck

        No, USA-2.

      • Bawbbow

        I’m sorry, but the alternate timeline device made permanent was when Eureka “jumped the shark” for me. It should’ve been a 2-parter about how they helped Eureka exist by accident, and take Jack/Allison to the next level, not a season-long “deus ex machina”. I can see the meetings… “Hey, BSG was a hit, so let’s get that British guy from BSG, and have him attempt a crappy ’40s NY accent… ya know, ‘Baltar In The Time Tunnel?’ “… “Hey, we certainly don’t want to do anything meaningful with that autistic kid, and possibly educate people, so let’s just ‘fix’ him”…”Oh, it will be hilarious to make our comedy relief Fargo the head of the whole she-bang for good!” “Hey, we don’t want to actually write towards a new love interest for Henry… let’s just give him a wife that he doesn’t know at all permanently!”… ” Hey, Jo is already hot and tough, so let’s make her less subordinate as a deputy, give the sheriff another annoying android, and trash that Jake interest… that’ll give us that bigger lesbian demographic”… “Hey, people think that Wil Wheaton is a tool from ST:Next Gen, so let’s make him one here, so people can keep the hate going”…

        Again, a well-written 2-parter, a glimpse at alternate possibilities,where things resolve in the proper timeline with some rational development for some characters (and opening up possibilities from the experience for others), would’ve provided a twist, without disrupting (think ST:TOS “Mirror,Mirror”). Just IMHO. Watch the beginning of “The Majestic” for a classic example of the studio/network “suit” mind-set….

        Now, I just wait for the end…

    • Matt W

      I watch wrestling…however I will agree I never understood why the hell they ever put it on Syfy. Sad news is, wrestling is generally one of the highest cable rated shows weekly.

      • John

        Coming out of the closet Matt? You know it’s fake and we all know the reason you watch it is to see man ass.

      • Arleen

        Maybe because wrestling is nothing but science fiction..

      • J.G

        wow john…hostile much? we all know the reason you don’t watch wrestling is because you don’t want to stir up those old feelings you felt watching the other guys change in gym.

      • AgentJ

        Wrestling is not science fiction. Just general fiction. A soap opera with bodyslams and tights.

      • Mac Breck

        That’s because it’s mainstream. Syfy wants to be mainstreame not niche.

      • Tiffany

        It always makes me laugh when SciFi fans gripe about wrestling being fake. Make-believe aliens are ok, but Sports Enterainment that is scripted, not allowed. It’s hilarious and it’s fun to watch the ridiculous storylines. Get over it. I do agree, however, that it doesn’t belong on Syfy, but I think it’s clear that Syfy isn’t SciFi anymore. It’s just another television network looking to make money. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

    • Benita

      I will certainly miss Eureka. Ever since it started, it has been my favorite summer show. And I agree, Alphas hasn’t really grabbed me either so once WH13 is over, I probably won’t be watching any Syfy unless its the Twilight Zone marathon at New Years. I just don’t get their programming – wrestling? Really?

      • finnyd420

        You can get T Zone, Outer Limits and some other good shows on Chiller. Its not an HD channel yet but I’ve been going there lately (reruns of buffy) & they are as closer to sci fi than the actual channel who name used to be sci-fi

    • Arthur A. Roberts

      SciFi = Golden
      SyFy = Suck

      • Amber


      • Diiddie


      • Mac Breck

        SciFi was going downhill, long before the ridiculous name change. They should have changed their name to USA-2.

      • bonnie

        Amen! Sci-fi and all imaginative intelligent programming eventually gets dumbed down and watered down. Where is Harlan Ellison when you need him?

    • ro

      Agreed – they probably blew the budget on the Alphas promos, too. So far, its a boring show. Unfortunately, the immensly entertaining Eureka and actual scifi fans must suffer.

    • Sun

      Alphas, Warehouse 13, Haven and Eureka are four of my favorite shows…hate to see Eureka going away. I definitely agree with the “Please, no more ghost hunters or wrestling garbage please.”

      • Steve


      • Anise

        Isn’t Sanctuary SyFy? It’s pretty good. Caprica too, right?

      • GS

        With the loss of the Stargate Series, Firefly, Battlestar Gallactica, and now regretably Eureka; the only shows I will be watching on “SyFy” are Sanctuary and Warehouse 13. Unfortunately they will probably be gone soon also.

        Caprica was canceled already also. A couple months ago I think.

        NBC junking everything on all their networks for more reality. Next thing I will probably start to lose my USA shows like Psych.

      • KC B


    • C.J.

      I Loved EUREKA, always looked to see when the new ones would start. they have alot of CRAP on Syfy but that is a great show. so fun too!!! The SyFy guys are crazy.

      • KC B

        Sorry! Meant my reply “Hallelujah!” for this post, not one fron G.S. USA better not cancel Psych for a looking time.

    • Anon

      Good call? SyFy offers wrestling and cancels Eureka, one of THE best sci fi shows around? Meanwhile, Alphas is downright boring with a serious lack of acting skills. SyFy – time to change your name – you are not science fiction oriented. Goodbye SyFy! (Shame. I was there for it’s debut with Star Wars and the cool countdown clock. )

      • Mojo

        I was too – there from the beginning I mean. Ditto to the comments here, WH13 is about the only reason to watch and I can get that on hulu with 3 commercials instead of 30.

    • Tom

      Well said, Doug. When the SciFi Channel, as it was known then, started running a freaking WRESTLING show, I knew it was doomed as a serious SF outlet. Now with a preponderance of awful “reality” shows, SyFy is rapidly dialing down its audience IQ — as it is, I only watch a couple of things on there now; soon it will be completely irrelevant for me.

      • dan

        hmmmm…maybe if eureka got the ratings that smackdown brings it wouldnt be cancelled.

      • Tiffany

        Okay, Dan, I love Eureka but I’ve gotta give you props for that statement. Say what you want about wrestling, but it has a larger fanbase than anything else on television. Anything that competes with it will lose. Taking on Smackdown was a smart business move on SyFy’s part.

    • Steve

      SyFy going the way of reality shows and wrestling and or ultimate fighting is simply appalling.

      Quailty is going in the tank.

      Gives me thoughts to cancel DirecTV.

      • Bob

        Wrestling joined the Sci-Fi Network in 2006. Earlier this year, they dropped a 1hr Tuesday night show for a 2hr, Friday night show.

        This change does not show a “change” in what is now called SyFy as they made the change years ago as a part of the NBC-Universal family.

        There is no MMA on SyFy.

        If you want to cancel DirecTV because of Eureka being cancelled, sure. Understand though it is not related to half of your anger.

    • Diiddie

      Well said Doug. They have taken all the great SciFi out of the channel and had the rediculous SyFy crap that is less than appealing to watch. What a great show like many others that they yet agian have no clue what the true SciFi watcher likes.

    • paul

      Seems like the SyFy gang is going the way of the networks; move away from the expensive scripted series and toward the bottom feeding ‘reality’ and unscripted shows.

      It takes money to produce the products but it seems the now It’s ALL about the money.

      Here is a thought, the 24 hour Info-Mercial channel.

    • Kenny

      Reasons for watching SyFy now effectively zero. Oh, well, guess they’ll have more time for their crappy “SyFy Exclusive” movies and more Reality TV. How do you know, now, if something is a good show? It isn’t on SyFy.

    • RabiaDiluvio

      Why let a good show get in the way when you can make another nauseating attempt at Stargate Galactica?

      • Tesseract

        After I saw just one episode, I started calling it that too… And stopped watching it immediately.

      • Nate

        It really did start out that way, but like Caprica really began to come into it’s own, just in time for SyFy to cancel it.

    • Wzrd1

      I have made a business decision. Paying for SyFy is no longer an expense that can be considered, as they cancel all decent programming that they have and have drifted so far from their original target audience as to be unrecognizable.
      As such, I am canceling the package, effective immediately.

    • netter

      What??? What do you mean “good call”? Eureka is a great show, and entertaining.

      I’m so sick of those type of shows where every other word should be bleeped out, all the violence and unnecessary sex scenes. Eureka is a great family show and it will be missed.

      I want to see more family shows like Eureka, which gave your imagination a run for it’s money.

      • Mac Breck

        It was SARCASM.

      • Windy9999


      • Tiffany

        Eureka does have it’s adult moments. I noticed that when my grandfather began watching it with me. lol

      • DP3

        Cancelling Eureka is the worst thing for Syfy. Inteligent people who understand the concept and humor will be sorely disapointed. I enjoy good paranormal tv but come on how much can we take of them. Who needs wrestling geesh maybe if we protest these shows that Syfy allows to take the place of the good ones thier ratings will drop and they will bring back shows worth watching. They cant be serious about Face Off as a real competitor for anything. At least WH13 continues or until they find some more idiots running around with cameras in thier face and never capture anything more substaintal than thier glaring eyeballs.

    • Kerry

      I guess these high paying ex want to make money and not make us tv views happy…Eureka is awesome same with Warehouse 13, i guess they want more violance with wrestling which why is wrestling on syfy anyway. What does wrestling have to with Syfy……really a bad idea..I guess they want more money doing more terrible realit shows.

    • John in NY

      I’ve seen this coming ever since the head of the channel publically admited that he didn’t care for Science Fiction.

      It also clarifies why they changed the name to SyFy, after all calling it Sci-Fi would have been false advertisement once it’s all wrestling and ghost hunter programing.

      • Mac Breck

        Syfy is STILL a false advertisement; it’s dishonest.

    • Melody

      amen to that god forbid that they actually have anything remotely close to SciFi on the channel.

      If you look on their post on Facebook, there are so many people not happy with their new ‘rebranding’ yes i LOVE that on Friday nights, instead of Stargate, there is wrestling!! and other crappy uninteresting shows.

    • playjojo

      What has wrestling got to do with science fiction? That is the stupidest thing ever. Sci – fi bit the dust ages ago with all the Reality crap. Just gone the way of every other channel. Bye bye TV.

      • Bob

        Wrestling, outside of the horrible movies you’re mocking, is the highest rated show on the network.

        It also airs on the least desirable night to be airing original programming (Friday). So it is not hurting anyone.

      • Tiffany

        Wrestling has nothing to do with Science Fiction and neither does the SyFy channel. It’s just a name! Get over it! It is a television network that wants ratings and wrestling=ratings, whether you like it or not.

      • SilverFoxDan

        I don’t think folks are really against wrestling… just seems out of place on the SyFy channel. If it makes money for their network, why can’t they show it somewhere else that has an appropriate fan base. It’s like putting Wrestling on the Wedding channel (my idea! pay me if you use it). Me… I am looking forward to Eureka’s replacement… how about Toddlers and Tiaras?

    • jordan

      Well said.
      Say goodbye to real science fiction shows on the abortion callled SYFY.
      make room make room for more bad reality shows and wrastlin and bad movies

    • matt

      :: tears:: why does syfy keep endding all their best series? i’m still pissed about SGU

    • Mac Breck

      Very well said. However the executives at Syfy are no doubt too DENSE to grasp the sarcasm in your post.

      Way to go Syfy; cancel one of the very few good shows that you have. I wish that a Babylon 5 universe show could make it onto TV, just not on Syfy, because you’d only find new and more creative ways to screw it up. Remember “Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers” Sci-Fi Original movie? Sci-Fi/Syfy has the unwavering ability to turn silk purses (B5) into sow’s ears (B5:LotR).

    • cin

      Absolutely, couldn’t have said it better. But would like to add — YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!!

      • Sabrina Bentley

        You are right on!!!! I bet they ate a whole box of stupid before they canceled Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill

      Maybe if Eureka had written some ghost hunting aliens who ended up as pro wrestlers onto the show, it would have survived!

      This, again and again, proves that the SyFy channel should just change their name to the “Again? SIGH!!” channel.

    • Marc

      I agree wholeheartedly! Since they aren’t the Sci-Fi channel any more why should they bother to keep showing sci-fi shows? They should just change their name again to reflect their real programming – like “The Spooky Wrestler with and IQ of 65 Channel”

    • Tom

      I can remember when the network started. It was so great to have a channel that played real Sci-Fi shows that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Eureka was one of the last shows that my wife and I watch. i don’t know anyone who watch the wrestling or “Reality” shows. That includes our kids.

      • Sabrina Bentley

        I agree!!! How could a network hire someone and put them in charge of a science fiction when they don’t even like science fiction??!!!!!!

    • lisa-marie

      Amen, Doug!

    • Douglas

      This show is actually good enough to compete with some of USA’s hits… so yeah, it’s out of siffi’s league.

      This isn’t the first, nor the last time a good (creative, well written, well directed, well acted) show was cancelled by the network nitwits at syfy. They (the network nitwits, not the audience) just love their wrestling though, don’t they?

    • Victoria

      Well said, my sentiments EXACTLY.. The genius of “the train wreck that is Syfy…..”. This is a fantastically crafted, smart, funny show, with incredible characters, writing and acting. As a huge fan of sci-fi, this show was the only reason I ever tuned in to this faux sci-fi channel.

    • MarkE

      LOL OP is spot on. Eureka, Warehouse13 and an occasional comically dumb horror movie are all syfy have going for it. The weather channel and CNN are fast becoming preferable entertainment.

    • PaulC

      Yet they keep that Ghost Hunters crap with the crew wandering around in the dark with infrared cameras saying “did you hear something?” “something just brushed past me”!. “is anyone here?”. I guess a half way decent series is too much for them.

    • BetteW

      Agreed – whatever happened to the original Asimov vision? Not this I suspect.

    • Stacey

      Ditto Doug!!

    • MIchele

      Absolutely. And we wonder why there is so much violence. Keep up the good work SyFy. Why keep a show that has morals on if you don’t have to.

    • Barry

      Yep SyFy ( and whoever determined that SyFy was better than SciFi was obviously dumber than a bag of hammers as well ) should be called STupiFy. I mean for crying out loud when the channel can’t do anything but make even more ignorant plotted horror movies with really bad special effects and then have “” Special Guest Star Dorkbutt Wrestling Moron!!! “”” , words leave me. Please for God’s Sake will an intelligent TV producer step forward or are those words an oxymoron.

    • Ex-Sci-Fi Fan

      You forgot their hilariously awful made for TV films about giant reptiles, fish, etc. Rotfl!!

      Changing their name to SyFy was the lamest, most pathetic decision ever. The channel has sucked hard ever since!

    • Deanna

      I will really miss the show. I just hope they don’t put anymore reality shows on the air.

    • larry freed

      The show has been kind of sucky, but this season went over the top. town of zany geniuses who are constantly pushing boundaries of physical laws and creating a disaster a week. Then the common sensical sheriff aw shucks them out of that week’s dilemma. This season they are going to blast a bunch of the geniuses out into space.

    • txw

      Too right! The “geniuses” at “SyFy” have turned just about everything they have touched to crap. It’s almost like “SyFy” has become a tax write-off for NBC. It surely isn’t known for it’s great programming anymore.

      How long before they screw-up Warehouse 13?

    • daljaxon

      Wrestling, which is just anothe sucky sports show, has no place anywhere but in a freakin’ sports channel. To much of that s*** anyway. It is good that the writers have time to put in a good ending. This is a good story line that needs a good ending unlike what has happened to “The Dresden Files” and “Invasion” tha just ended.

    • MoonmanBHV

      Yes i think it’s a good way to end the show.
      With a good written ending.
      I sincerely hope there won’t be spin off’s like “Stargate- Universe”. There wasn’t a good episode in the whole run.

    • Jack

      This is disappointing. Eureka is the only show I have ever watched that I have actually not missed an original airing so I will miss it. To say it is my favorite show is an understatement.

      I guess there is some sort of need for yet another hour of awful, awful ghost hunter reality crapavision. Perhaps they can make Sharktasauropus Meets Great Big Snakapig!

      I realize shows get cancelled and this has had a great run, but this is sad. Can I dream and hope a real network picks up this show? I can dream, but I doubt it will happen.

    • TJGeezer

      Hey Doug, you’re obviously reasonably intelligent. That means you’re not in SyFy’s target audience anyway. Lots of bright, articulate people in this forum. You think the SyFy/USA/NBC corporate thieves give a rat’s ass what YOU think?

    • Mike

      Nicely put Doug.
      I enjoy Eureka, but to many times the network ( cable ect) will just keep producing and prducing till the watcher base is gone.
      Hopefully SyFy will decide on some Eureka Movies.
      God Knows they have a good story line vs some of the crap movies they have made

    • SKA

      Doug you are right on point. SyFy makes some of the most disappointing moves its amazing they have an eye for creative and entertaining shows to launch. It’s a great cast and amazing writing and I am sorry to read about this decision. Poor move on SyFy’s part – like everyone says – its just another reason to pass the channel on your way to more entertaining shows being cultivated by HBO, Showtime and the rest.

    • Mystysch

      Very well said Doug!! ~ SYFY is really not about SciFi anymore at all… How freaking sad!! :(

    • PhillyFan

      Well, said indeed!. SyFy should be boycotted for all their boneheaded, non-scifi ideas.
      What’s the point of a scinece fiction channel that showd phony paranormal crap, wrestling, idiotic reality shows, COOKING shows!, and cancels decent scripted programs.
      We need a real scifi channel.

    • Wesley

      Well said, Doug! Welcome to the graveyard yet another great show. (BSG, SGU, now Eureka, and perhaps next W13)

    • Tommy

      Well said Doug!

      Here’s hoping the cast and crew find a new home. A good one.

    • kaii

      well put doug,
      every time i give the syfy channel my time & loyalty to smart, funny,great writing &acting science fiction programing,- the exec s screw their loyal viewers by offing quality programing.
      it is frustrating that the science fiction genre is being so corrupted,
      for 3-4 good shows i tolerate the bad ones…
      but, not anymore time is to limited rather rent out good scifi.
      the channel may want to consider changing syfy to something else like d&d dumb & dumber, or 4so -4suckers only…

    • Starbuck254

      Its a shame really. Sci-Fi kills off all the good shows and replaces them with more ghost hunter shows. I remember when SyFy aired Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica every Friday. Gave me a reason to stay home on Fridays. Pretty soon Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary will be cancelled if they havent already decided on that =(

    • Bob from Gwinn

      Yeah! We need more rass-lin!

    • Linda

      That’s right. Eureka was the only I watch on SYFY anymore. I guess next year I can just skip by that channel. I hope some other statin will pick it up and give it the backing it deserves.

    • layla99

      I think it SUCKS that one of the best shows on tv is be’n canceled!! It’s not the first time syfy executives have lost their minds. Ex.- the stargate shows(all of them) firefly, farscape & I could go on & on. They’re a bunch of idiots & have NO CLUE what the viewing audience really likes. They’re just concerned with their pocketbooks

    • Diana

      SyFY you SUCK!! Eureka is the best show on TV. Why is it that TV excecutives tend to keep Slut shows with lots of filth and get rid of good shows like Eureka!?

    • freckles

      I’m so disappoined in Syfy. Used to LOVE this channel. Now unless u want to watch rude, ignorant ppl on reality shows, it won’t be seen. Wrestling vs Eureka? WTH? I am so tired of having thought provoking shows w humor taken off tv. If they cancel Haven & being human…nothing will be worth watching.

    • Tom

      you know it don’t do any good to complain, they take all the good shows off and put more ghost crap on anyway..When did wrestling become SYFY???

    • Earl

      I have enjoyed the show and am disappointed they are cancelling the show. There is no good clean fun shows any more!!! Also upset when try to watch full episodes as advertised by syfy on sprint tv it is not available? What is the deal?

  • Allie

    Oh NO!!!!! This breaks my heart. I have loved this show and get so excited every summer to watch it. Its my favorite show on Syfy with Warehouse 13 right behind it. I can’t believe Syfy went from saying that they wanted to keep it around to saying it was canceled within like 2 days. I really hope that a miracle can happen and I will wake up tomorrow and this will all be a bad dream!

    • TLZ

      I’m having a Farscape flashback.

      • Coz

        I’m having an Invisible Man flashback. Another great show that was cancelled.

      • Imzadi

        Yeah, me two. At least I never watched Eureka.

      • Jmo

        OMG, I was thinking the same thing. Remember when they were picked up 2 seasons, the writers wrote for a two season storyline, and on the last day of filming…..”surprise, your canceled!” SyFy is that abusive boyfriend who swears they’ll treat you right (Farscape, BSG, Eureka) before turning back to the monster you remember him to be.

      • Khyana

        I was thinking the same thing TLZ. I was there when SyFy did this to Farscape but they did not even let them end it correctly. I am glad we got the two Peacekeeper wars movies but it was not the smae. Syfy is a joke….I only just started watching Eureka on NetFlix because of what SyFy did to Farscape. I have never watched the channel again…

      • Gdub

        YES! Totally with you on that one! Farscape was phenomenal and one of the most creative series to come out of the 50 Star Trek trainwrecks that were on the air at the time… and the sad thing is, l know there are tons of creative writers out there who would kill to write for a well done SCI-FI show, but then SyFy makes these types of decisions? I hope Karma takes care of ‘em all!

      • Sully

        Farscape was a quality show. So is Eureka. SyFy is seriously full of folks who have no idea of what this channel once was. They has systematically ruined what was once my favorite channel. I guess corporate America is just too busy to actually make programming for the people watching. Rather, they’d create programming the most inexpensive way possible while creating the most amount of profit. Good business? Yes. Ethical or actually caring of your fans? Not even close.

      • Douglas

        Exactly – and Lexx, and Firefly, and so many more…

    • Steve

      Lot cheaper to produce the crap like ghost hunters, or pay royalties to UFC, WWe etc. I liek sci-fi, not syfy.

      All the networks are doing it, look at teh crap like pawntraders, or Deadlist catch..

      They have made a one run doc into cheap cost series..

      American stupidity, both the network and the audience.

      • jj

        seriously. i was just on a site where someone was commenting on Bachelor Pad and saying “don’t blame me for watching. but since it’s there it’s funny”. You know the same argument you hear from all the Jersey Shore viewers. I get that trainwreck tv can be entertaining. But do you people get that it is what causes us not to have any quality programming? And do you get that these people are becoming rich and famous (or infamous) off this crap? And your views are justifying Jersey douchebags becoming millionaires? You are responsible, people, for the crap that’s on tv. Personally, I think a lot of these reality shows get views just bc there’s nothing else on bc they have taken all real programming off. And then the execs say- see, people WANT to watch crap. Sure, some do. But more probably just realize that if they want to watch tv, crap is hard to get away from. Not everyone has DVRs…

      • Mac Breck

        I haven’t had The Sci-Fi Channel since December 2003. They moved to Comcast Digital Cable in January 2004 and Comcast indicated this with a continuous crawl over the picture area over every second of the BSG 2003+ miniseries. At the time, I was paying $48/mo. for Extended Basic (solely to get The Sci-Fi Channel, then my most watched channel.), and Comcast wanted me switch to Digital Classic for $70. Instead, I dropped back to Basic for $12/mo..

        So, I watch The Sci-Fi Channel/Syfy shows only via Netflix.

      • Akerue

        @jj so right on.

      • Tiffany

        I know, right? What kind of network would ever want to make more money?

    • Wzrd1

      I’ve just sent a message to my provider, I’m canceling SyFy. I’m not waiting for them to also cancel Warehouse 13, as they will inevitably do. They’ve canceled everything except B movies with triple commercials and the wrestling that I outgrew decades ago.
      My money and time is far too valuable to waste with them.
      If I hear of a show that I like, I’ll download it.

      • doctorwho747

        yes as far as i can remember BSG and Lexx are the only shows that syfy didn’t cancel cuz the producers were smart enough to make it only four seasons knowing any beyond it would be canceled. Every other show with farscape being the best show ever, has been canceled. let’s see. invisible man, first wave, SGU,painkiller jane, flash gordon, SG atlantis and SG1,caprica, the dresden files, the chronicle, doctor who wasn’t canceled they did sell it to BBC america thougj just as bad, G vs E,deepwater black,The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, and tremors. my only hope is yeah there is going to be a fifth season of eureka and a 6th season of 6 eps, S5 doesn’t air till next year so the writers have plenty of time to rewrite and film S5 to wrap up the show with a solid conclusion. But like others have said WH13 Alphas and Sanctuary are all that’s left and now I almost feel like not watching them. All I know is that Sanctuary has been renewed for a fourth season so far.

      • doctorwho747

        sorry accidentally posted this twice

    • Maggie

      Who needs channel 160. Netflix is picking up more and movie and has them produced for them. Why not get them to give us all the great Ski-Fi that used to be the most watched channel after HBO with True Blood.

  • jslost


  • Lu

    I just got into Eureka. And now it’s gonna end. Only my overloaded DVR is thankful.

    • Crizz

      It is truly unjust. :(

    • Melissa

      Same here, I just watched all the previous seasons on Netflix and Hulu. I can’t believe they are canceling such a great show!

    • Rush

      Thankfully it will be on Netflix soon.

  • Jacob

    I seriously have no reason to watch syfy now. Eureka was the last show standing for me. After the fifth season, I am out.

    • Dani A.

      I agree with you Jacob. Eureka was the only show I watched on Syfy and now there is no need to tune in to the network anymore. I think they should have at least given it another 13 episode season to wrap things up. Yes, I know Season 5 has not aired yet but still. Oh well, Syfy sucks. Good luck with that awful remake of Being Human, the lame Warehouse 13 and the rest.

      • Cherie

        @Dani A. – ITA.

        Syfy sucks. At least give Eureka another season to wrap things up, giving fans closure. Syfy has done this repeatedly with some of their more popular shows. This network shows a callous disregard to fans, and a questionable business sense. Was it a “business” decision to schedule the show so stupidly for so many seasons, splitting it up so that people can’t figure out what season the show is currently on? Syfy has the worst programming head & worst network heads. I’m gone after Eureka ends. How can we trust that Syfy will at least give fans good entertainment if our fave shows are canceled without even a thought to giving fans a good wrap up to the storylines? Stupid network.

    • eryk

      i will also miss Eureka u should check out haven and alpha both are good shows but Eureka is one of the best now that Stargate apears to be dead

  • Sean

    Good riddance, Eureka was so horrible and should’ve been cancelled mid-way through the first season.

    Glad SyFy is taking out the trash and focusing on better entertainment. This will give them more room on the schedule for wrestling.

    • The Dude

      With you all the way, bro!

    • TaMara

      That’s some class A snark there. Excellent.

    • Travis

      Why should it have been cancelled? If you didn’t like it, cool, but why ruin it for the people who did?

      • Scott

        I think there was an unspoken /s in that. Nobody wants more wrestling, or their godawful movies.

    • Sina

      Whatever! Without Eureka I would never have gotten the chance to see the sexiest man on tv, Dr. Stark!!! There is no reasoxn at all to cancel Eurkea except money issues. This show is so perfect. Henry finally found love again after mourning his wife, Carter and Allison are finally together. Zoe is off at school hopefully to never come back. Zane is getting more mature and Jo is starting to peel off some of her hard protective shell and Fargo is finally getting respect. I love this new timeline. Now they are taking it all away from me…..BASTARDS!

      • Reba

        I agree 100% with your comment. What am I to do without my summer fix of Jack and Henry? :o(

      • Akerue

        same feeling here Sina and agree with you on all. Guessing only the rich and mindless will be left to rule tv world. Just so sick and tired of all the good stuff being taken away.

    • MoonChild02

      I seriously hope you’re kidding. Wrestling is not science fiction. If you want more wrestling, go to one of those wrestling channels.

      • Sadpanda

        But Syfy *is* a wrestling channel, right?

        And technically wrestling is indeed science fiction…

        Wrestling is clearly fantasy, and fantasy – which really should be its own category by now – is a subgenre of science fiction. :)

      • Kurt Russell

        It is fiction though.

      • Lorna Mtz

        This is the SciFI channel?! With so many reality shows on TV during the Summer, Eureka, WH13, and Haven are the only shows I watch in the Summer and now they are taking that away… Wrestling is not science fiction people!!

      • Jessica

        And the Science part would be gravity.

      • EddieS

        Lorna, not to defend wrestling, but it does fit sci-fi. I mean, it’s SO farfetched that is breaks into the realm of science fiction :P lol

    • Mic De

      Sean….Go away””

      • 1World

        I believe he was being sarcastic. At least the last sentence appeared that way to me. Nobody with all their teeth in their heads actually watches wrestling!!! And why the f**k is it ten on this channel? Aren’t there other channels (Spike, FX, others of that ilk) for it to be shown on?

      • jj

        Well I know some 13 year olds that do…. well, and some people with the mentality of 13 year olds. It has always amazed me how many people are wrestling fans. I’m all for a little violence, but i’d rather watch the real thing than a bunch of beefhead steroid types strutting around in teeny bikinis. UFC all the way!

    • Prairiefire

      You must be one of those good old southern boys, with no teeth and a beat up old truck that votes Republican because you quit school and can’t read.

      • Diogenes

        Sean is either being sarcastic, or trolling for comments. Either way, I don’t think it’s meant seriously.

      • Sharlie Cheen

        I have all my teeth, my truck looks good and runs fine, and I vote Republican. And I am fromJersey, so suck it Fairyfire.

      • NC828

        Prairiefire, I’m a good old Southern boy with a high price dentist, paid for in cash Jaguar, holder of several advanced degrees, Republican voter who loves Eureka and resents the stupidity of regional bias in this country.

    • Cletus


  • Anya

    I’m having Farscape flashbacks!

    • Joe Jackson

      Yep. Renewed for another season, then unrenewed and not given enough time to wrap up story lines

    • Rio

      and Sliders – true scifi fans never forget…

      • Bobbie

        (Psst! Sliders wasn’t a Syfy show, it was on Fox.)

      • Kurt Russell

        But it was good. Kari Wuhrer oooh La La. The other girl that wound up on Sports Night was cute too.

      • Orac

        Nope, Sci-Fi picked up the last two seasons of Sliders. Only the first two were on Fox.

  • Bo

    Don’t they always find a way to ruin good shows though? Next up is Warehouse 13 because they had crossover episodes and reference Eureka. Maybe give Alphas a shot for a season or two then drop them without reason.
    This is breaking my heart. A great show just dropped due to a “difficult business decision”.

    • Lisa

      Alphas sucks big time and should be dropped ASAP.

  • Matthew Moore

    Oh thank goodness, this should make more room for Mega(animal) vs Super(other animal) movies! I can never get tired of those!

    • JR

      I love the sarcasm. Sums it up PERFECTLY.

    • Kurt Russell

      Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson was brilliant TV.

    • Julian

      I get it! Anyone with half a brain doesn’t want to pay $100 per month for cable or satellite when you can get the shows you want on Netflix at a fraction of the cost if you have the patience to wait for them. So who’s left watching live television? The same people who believe that Mtv (MUSIC Television) is better off running reality shows then actual music. IS THIS THE APPOCALYPSE? I understand that’s it’s all about the mighty dollar but soon there won’t be anything entertaining on TV at all! I’m not a huge fan of Eureka, but I enjoyed a many random episodes. I’m talking about serious shows like Battlestar Gallactica, Jericho, Star Trek and Stargate…to a lesser extent. Where have the great shows gone?

  • Enola Gay

    There is NO time to ‘wrap it up’ because the season five episodes are already scripted and (mostly) filmed. The show will be left dead and hanging at the end of a season. Thanks a lot, Syfy.

    • AT

      I’ve learned to not believe SyFy when they say that a series will have a “satisfying” ending. They said the same thing about SGU and Farscape (pre-miniseries)…

  • Julia

    Good job Syfy. You cancelled your best show. I wonder if it was the stellar cast or plots or the fact that it has an awesome fan base. I’m glad you changed your name, because Wrestling doesn’t really fit into the Science Fiction category. You can just leave the whole genre now, thanks. Give your good shows to USA, they seem to know how to treat success.

  • Kelsey

    I’m confused. Do they even have a reason?

    • doctorsubmarine

      Yes. It’s that very few people were watching the show. Only a moron would keep producing a show that nobody actually watched.

      • jj

        the show had very good numbers for the channel actually. hence why the surprise. this is not the case of a show with only a million people watching that gets cancelled- oh…. wait. Kate plus 8 is actually still on. my bad.

      • Harry Nutzak

        “Very few people”? Care to substantiate your (baseless) comment with some hard numbers?

      • jeppycole

        Have you even seen the raitings for the show, they are great. But, is it not better to go out on top?

    • Mac Breck

      Do they NEED one? Syfy is headed up by a bunch of idiots who dislike science fiction.

  • Gigity

    Good, it sucked.

    • MoonChild02

      Then you don’t know good television when you see it. It has something for everyone. Adventure, action, comedy, drama, and romance. It’s not a cheap comedy that bases itself on sex jokes like they do on broadcast stations. It’s great fun for the whole family. Reality shows and wrestling suck, and those are what should be canceled. In fact, wrestling is not even science fiction, so it doesn’t even belong on Syfy!

    • Jack

      Jason and Grant wasn’t in it.

    • Mac Breck

      The only thing that sucks here is Syfy.

  • Chris

    What a bunch of BS. This is a money thing. Eureka is 100 times better than WH13 and Aplha’s but those shows have cheaper stars since they are only in ther 3rd and 1st seasons.

    Screw SyFy and NBC.

    • Sally

      Cancelling Eureka is just plain odd to me as well. My only guess is money as well. Not sure if Eureka’s stars are cheaper, but there are just more of them. And I would guess the special effects aren’t cheap either.

    • Coyote

      Don’t you dare put Warehouse 13 and Alphas in the same sentence. They’re not remotedly the same, qualitywise.

  • waya

    They cancelled it to make room for their new series, “Teenage Ghost Hunters”.

    • Ant

      and “Steroid abusing wife beating wrestlers”

      • Really?

        The post above you was funny… Your post on the other hand was just boring.

      • Kat

        Yes. I hate the wrestlers.

    • Mac Breck

      ‘Teenage Wrestler Dhost Hunters vs.

      • Mac Breck


      • ELLA

        They should change their channel name if they’re going to have wrestling. Wrestling is NOT SCIFY. I hate that they canceled Eureka One of the greatest shows.

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