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Thundercats nostalgists were probably a bit sad when, in the early moments of the premiere of Cartoon Network’s franchise reboot, it was established that Panthro — one of the most iconic characters from the original ’80s series — had died off-screen. The same nostalgists were then cheered up when Panthro turned out to still be alive…but were then even more horrified when “Panthro” turned out to be the regicidal Mumm-Ra in disguise. Well, nostalgists, once you’ve emerged from your session with your friendly neighborhood pop culture therapist, be aware: This Friday’s episode of Thundercats will introduce the genuine Panthro. And unlike some iconic ’80s anthropomorphic animal cartoon superheroes, Panthro’s still got his nunchaku. Check out the clip below: 

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  • frank

    I missed the first episode, but how could you not have Pantro in the show? I an not really impressed with this new “reimagining ” of the Thundercats. Thank goodness you can still get the originals on dvd. At least Cheetara is still hot.

    • brad

      No one care what you think. This is a great reboot! It’s people complaining like you that ruined 2002 Masters of the Universe!

      • UrDaddy

        No one care what you think, Bradley… go back to mama’s basement.

      • Dragonrider1227

        Actually, it was piss poor marketing and advertising that ruined the new Masters of the Universe but I agree, it was awesome and deserved far more than it got

      • Michael K.

        I agree with brad, keep your negative comments and your narrow imagination to yourself.

    • E L

      But the original show sucks. It was great when we were kids, but watching it now… it’s terrible.

      The new show’s actually good.

  • Yayeah!

    I am loving this reincarnation of the Thundercats. It has so much emotion and Snarf is cute as all get out.

  • M

    I figured that Panthro was alive, the writer’s would have to be crazy to have left him out. I’m also not too crazy about this new Thundercats, their attitudes are so different from what I’m used to. The voices, especially Mumm-Ra and Tigra’s are way off. Mumm-Ra’s should be more menacing but falls way short. The antagonistic relationship between Lion-O and Tigra are distracting. I’m still watching though, perhaps they are still working out the kinks in the new show. I;m hoping that my patience will eventually pay off.

    • Jeff

      You do realize why nostalgic adults, like us, are watching this new version – this show is specifically being made for kids, who have never seen the show. Of course things will be different and from someone who remembers the original, that doesn’t bother me. I’m enjoying it. If it were the exact same version with new animation, why watch? Nothing wrong with the voices. Mumm-Ra sounds fine. If anything, they seem to be trying to make him less of a one-note personality. Plus we haven’t really heard him in his other form. Lighten up a bit. It is a cartoon after all.

      • Jeff

        i meant, “while nostalgic adults…”

      • K

        While that is true and I do like the new version too,I mostly agree with M,the vocies and the attitudes are off a bit from the original as far as I can tell .

    • cool breeze

      the new one sucks. Thank god I have the old onces. I whole hardly agree with M. Its sucks.I’ll watch a couple more,but Not going out of my way. To help with ratings. And as far wise,has it being for kids?? Please,so was,and is,Superman,Thor,green lantern,etc etc etc. If their going to reboot the show. Least keep it somewhat along the same lines?

  • redvector

    There are other more deserving classic toons that would benefit from a remake. Thundarr The Barbarian springs to mind.

    • Orac

      I couldn’t agree more! Perhaps like last time the new movie for “Conan the Barbarian” will jumpstart this idea for someone. The world created for “Thundarr” was nothing short of brilliant. I’d love to see a modern, serious take on it.

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      Shut UP! I was a nut for Thundarr when I was a kid, and when I bring it up people always have this blank expression of cluelessness. You know what’s up, dude.

  • Andy

    I think the new Thundercats is brilliant. What a great re-imagining of the classic mythology. So much more in depth and intricate. Can’t wait for more.

    • ray

      I totally agree. I am 29 years old and loved Thundercats when I was younger. As I was watching the first episode of this new version I was at first dissapointed that it wasnt exactally like the orginal but the more I watch the more I realize that they are adding a lot to the mythology and really put a lot of though into this. I think it’s been pretty awesome so far.

  • Steve

    And it ain’t just Panthro returning – the Thundertank makes its first appearance as well!

    Loving this new take on Thundercats so far!

  • Csr

    Being 33, I grew up with, what I feel were classic animated series. Having them all remade during the years (esp Bay’s Transformers) has been frustrating. I’m sure like most people in my age group, they felt that a Thundercats remake would be more of the same. Within the first 5min, I was hooked. The animation is beautiful, and so far the story is great. It’s only three episodes in, but I have high hopes.

  • Nick

    I absolutely agree that it is is a fantastic rebooting of the show. They’ve taken the parts that worked well in the original, and they’ve amplified them all while bring in a story cohesion that just wasn’t there in the original. It is an awesome job! Did any one else catch that the original voice of Lion-O voiced the King? That was a nice touch!

  • Tohn

    Thundercats and Voltron were my favorite cartoons growing up. I am very happy with both of the re-makes so far.

  • Matt W.

    I’m glad he will be there….he is the reason I use to swing my moms candles around that were attached by the wick.

  • Stormnet Media

    AYFS? There will never be another Panthro. Best unknown black character to ever be created.

  • Will Spears

    First of all, I don’t like being called a “nostalgist” because a real Thundercat knows the motto “Thundercats Forever!” Second, I didn’t believe Panthro was dead when Grune said so because I already knew not to trust anything Grune said. And third, when Lion-O’s father went to cut down Panthro with the Sword of Omens, I screamed at the tv that it was a trap. I’m very glad that Panthro is back and I love what they’re doing with the new series.

  • I live in my sister’s basement!

    I calculated Cheetara’s maximum speed and compared it to the estimated max speed of She-Ra. Cheetara would win in a race easily, but I suspect She-Ra would still find me attractive despite my early male pattern baldness and excessive drool.

    • Michael K.


  • Lea

    Now That’s how you make an entrance!!! wooooooooooooot!!!

  • Peekadoo

    If you missed the first episode, it is still running on Cartoon Network’s website. I just watched it last night.

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