'Bewitched' reboot in the works at CBS

Hawaii Five-0, Charlie’s Angels and … Bewitched?

In the latest classic TV title getting considered for a reboot, CBS and Sony are developing a script for remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched. This is still in very early stages, but it’s definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

Sony ushered the return of Angels and the producers of the clunky film version (which starred Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell) are on board. Can you imagine the 2011 pitch of this show, about an ordinary suburban businessman who discovers his wife has magical powers? “It’s Harry Potter meets Desperate Housewives!” Here’s a blast from the past:

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  • yup

    Oh, God. Ok…..tv remake might work but the movie SUCKED. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. This is not good.

    • abadstroller


      • Jingo

        Well they can cast the tall girl Rachael from Boy Meets World

      • Jill

        The movie was a real stinker at the box office, yet someone believes that a TV series is in order? These guys are crazy.

      • Wickeddoll

        I can’t believe they’re doing this, after the disaster at the box office!

      • Trash TV

        No! No! Nooooo! The world sucks! Shoot me! Kill me! Take me out of my misery! When I die it will be because TV killed me! Wait, I’ve got a better idea–I’ll kill my TV. Where’s my gun? Die TV! Die mother f*cker! Die! Die!

    • LMFAO

      Just kill us now.

      • Jill

        Oh no, that’s way too easy. They need to slowly torture you with bad television until you watch only reality tv from now on. Get used to it.

      • Toots

        So what’s next Gilligan’s Isle???? (((rolls eyes)))

      • RaRa

        Next will be Brady Bunch. THEN I will kill my TV.

      • Blonde South

        I can just see it now, “New on ABC Family… What happens when a single mom trying to raise her three daughters meets a single dad trying to raise his three sons? Can this misfit group somehow form a family?” Ugh.

    • SNIKT!

      Ah CBS….you see a show like SECRET CIRCLE on the CW and think “How can we do that for OLD people?”

      • Bruce_F

        You have just won 25 internets. Bravo!

      • SteveStrifeX

        LOL Bruce_F

      • Agent Smith

        The CBS Police are on their way to your house. They will want to know how you got hold of their strategic plans and who else you told.

      • LuisPJ

        You do know that CBS owns The CW (half)

    • The Rest Of The World

      The film version was horrible & it’s Nora Ephron fault. I remember the original director left. (So of course the script had to go as well) Kidman, Caine & MacLaine signed up like 2 years in advance for a straight up remake & then that bozo came up with a real witch on Bewitched idea.

      • charlotte

        The movie was so lame. I loved the TV show because Samantha was allowed to be a smart woman, which was rare in that time period. The movie didn’t get that at all. I don’t think there is any need for a remake. There are so many creative writers in the TV industry right now, I don’t understand why they need to pillage old shows for ideas.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        @charlotte – yes, she was smart, but a major theme of Bewitched (and Jeannie) was that Darrin was controling and forced her to hide and deny her true nature. (Jeannie even called Tony “Master!). They’d have to find some way to not make her subservient to Darrin in the modern version.

      • tomm

        It was Sam’s choice to be a housewife. She gave up ‘life of leisure’ to do work herself.

        Sure having the husband being head of house is dated, but women choosing how to live is not.

      • Chris

        @Bobby’s Robot- But it was also a major point that no matter how hard Darrin tried to supress he abilities, he couldn’t. I think the show was much more subversive than you give it credit for.

        Still, reboot sucks.

      • Abe Froman

        @ Bobby- But Darren was the one always being turned into a monkey or given huge ears. He wasn’t in as much control as you think he was. Go back and watch the DVDs.

    • amy

      They have completely run out of original ideas in Hollywood.

      • Templar

        No they haven’t, but the creative writers are working for USA, TNT, A&E etc. The network hacks are out of ideas and are ruining the big three. White Collar, Suits, The Glades, etc. are the shows worth watching.

      • Bob

        I completely agree with Templar.

    • Laura

      AND they’re going to use the same producers? So we’re in for a weekly “clunky” version. I don’t think I’ll even give it a chance.

    • ltmcdies

      more evidence that there really are no new ideas…

    • Daniel


    • Hank

      I want SABRINA THE TEEANGE WITCH remake on The CW since they’re developing comedies for next season. :D

  • Lala


    • Jill

      There is a small white haired man in one of those tall Hollywood buildings. Really old. Smells of prune juice, and constipation. It was his turn to pick a television show to slate for production.

  • ric

    better to bring back Dark Shadows after the Johnny Depp movie comes out in May

    • amy

      What? Johnny Depp playing a vampire? Really? That’s going to be HOT!!! I think Bewitched on tv again might work!

      • lexi

        Yes I agree Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows would be Super HOT, but not Bewitched they’ll just try to sexy Samantha up and turn her into a Desperate Housewife!

      • Vince

        That’s hot? Oh please Ben Cross (who did the last reboot) hes not.
        BTW at one point the movies remake was going to have two actors as Darrin, one in the first half, and the other in the rest of the film

  • O

    Another remake….yeesh !
    They (the networks) are truly out of ideas !
    Bad enough about the movie (truly horrible) but this ?

    Next will come remakes of I Dream of Jeannie, Leave it to Beaver, Perry Mason and ad infinitum….

    • D…..D

      Sexy up Samantha ?? Don’t get any sexier than Liz honey !

      • Beau


  • lexi

    YOU CAN’T HAVE BEWITCHED WITHOUT ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY! She is Bewitched thats like trying to have I love Lucy show without Lucille Ball its ludicurous some shows are just never going to work without the originals that made the character

    • Bruce_F

      Okay, then it’s settled. Let’s dig her up.

      • Alex

        You won’t have to. If this turd makes it to the air she’ll spin so fast in her grave she’ll come flying out of the ground.

      • Dominika

        Alex- I LOL’d. I think if they make the show without a laugh-track (laugh track shows are so over these days), and brought in some “happy endings” “cougar town” style humor, then it could work. Oh, and they would have to cast someone who looks completely different than Elizabeth and retool the character of Samantha so it wouldn’t be too much like the original

      • Bruce_F

        Well done, Alex. Although, you’d figure that would have already happened at the film premiere.

    • Tricia

      Well they tried to have The Bionic Woman without Lindsay Wagner, and look where it got them. Now they are trying to have Wonder Woman Without Lynda Carter. Gee whiz, when are they going to learn.

    • Beau

      This is a great comparison!

    • GregR

      Why did you have to say that? Now some idiot in a suit is going to say, “Let’s remake ‘I Love Lucy’ “.

  • quincy

    Dirty Dancing, and now Bewitched. It’s like Hollywood can’t keep it’s lunch down this week.

    • LuisPJ

      I believe that phrase was also a remake

  • Micah

    SExy Samantha up? She oozed sexiness!

    • lexi

      yeah she did, but in that sexy 1960s classy kind of way.

  • kate


    just no. leave Bewitched alone.

    • bob

      ^ i couldn’t have said it better.

  • kevin

    Enough with the “Reboots”! This can’t be happening!

  • David

    At first I thought this could work, then I read the producers of that shatty movie are involved and now I want to throw up.

  • lexi

    Watch they do something horrible to modernized it like have Samatha cheat on Darren with some cheesy vampire who moves in next door just because vampires are in! GOSH SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THE INSANITY STOP!!!. MAKE IT STOP!!

  • .

    Is nothing sacred now?

  • Nancy

    You cannot remake a classic show that is so closely tied with 1 star.

    Hawaii Five-O, Charlie’s Angels and Dallas may work because of the larger casts, even if 1 or 2 people were well know.

    You cannot replace Elizabeth Montgomery who WAS Samantha and carried the whole show.

    • Mary

      Great point!!!

    • TheBaldr

      The new Dallas is not a remake, it a continuation of the old show with some of the same actors playing the same parts again.

      • cregis

        And sounds boring.

      • Karl

        I won’t watch it, but I’d love to read about how they bring J.R. Ewing back from the dead. Unless he’s Zombie-J.R.

  • jeff Kantor

    Can’t Hollywood come up with something original?

    • LuisPJ

      Inception! FTW

  • Tennielle

    Stop remaking movie and come up with your own and new ones and don’t do dirty dancing to

    • Ben

      I think this might make for a decent show. Go for it.

      • Karl

        Are you the writer or one of the producers?

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