Charlie Sheen looking forward to watching new 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlie Sheen is delivering a 180-degree turn from his days of predicting ratings doom for the recast Two and a Half Men.

“Who’s not going to watch?” he enthused to Extra. “I’ll be there front and center. I’m just as curious as everybody else.”

Sheen’s alter-ego character is apparently dead in the first episode, which if true will have to make for a surreal viewing experience for the actor.

Sheen added: “I’m actually rooting hard for them and that worm is turning. It should be exciting. It’ll be nice to know that they get some carry-over ratings from people being sort of curious about what happened to their guy.”

Tough keeping up with Sheen’s swings, isn’t it? The actor also predicted that Ashton Kutcher will perform well as his replacement. “Ashton’s gonna kill it,” he said.

Sheen has his own production to prepare for, his Comedy Central roast, which airs the same night as Kutcher’s debut on Two and a Half Men. The CBS sitcom, meanwhile, has released new photos of Kutcher in the Men opening and humbly soaking up the applause after shooting the season premiere.
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  • Frenchie

    This LOSER just cannot stop riding the coattails of 2.5Men. I wonder if he’ll bother putting his teeth and hair in while watching…..

    • HAHA

      Awesome comment.

      • Actually

        I hear Charlie is going to be starring in the big-budget version of “Candy Mountain,” which should be AWESOME! From Hollywood Reporter: “Charlie Sheen has officially signed on to the upcoming animated film ‘Candy Mountain,’ [based on the Internet phenomenon] as the voice of the abrasive, irascible Charlie the Unicorn, who is led on a mysterious quest by two annoying unicorn friends.”

    • abadstroller


      • carolae

        That’s about all the exposure he’ll get….voice over. No one has to see him.

      • olivia

        carolae wake up he is in work for a new sitcom with Joe Roth major hollywood movie producer, he will do quite well don’t worry.

    • Tralala

      hello Frenchie you are the LOSER, Sheen is stalked every freaking seconds by tabloids and paparazzi so sometimes he accepts to answer to their stupid questions (and they pay him for it so it doesn’t hurt..) Sheen is smart and actually very good sport with all this thing.
      Go Charlie looking forwrad to watch your new show !!

    • @ tralala

      You are as delustional as he.

  • amy

    I think Charlie meant that comment about watching Ashton to be sarcastic! Or maybe he’s on “meds”. I do hope he cleans up his life. It would sadden me to turn on the news & hear that Charlie has been found dead of an overdose!

    • Elly

      he is good, don’t worry for him and now let’s move on to a next phase of his career : Anger Management and movies please !!

  • lilirose_74

    Frenchie, actually its the other way around! 2.5 Men are the one’s still riding Charlie coatails since the are the ones milking CHARLIE’S death for ratings! I can’t until after the ratings start to plummet & they realise they made a huge mistake in killing off Charlie!

    • You can’t what?

      …use the bathroom? …take the dog out? …form a coherent thought?

      • buster

        WTF are you talking about?

      • @You can’t what?

        Amazing what possibilities the absence of one little word opened up lol

      • Do I REALLY have to explain it to you, Buster?

        Okay, here goes: lilirose_74 posted a comment that states: “I can’t until…” which indicates that a word was left out of his/her/its thought, which prompted the follow-up posts. Bad, Buster, bad.

  • amy

    Uh! what was CBS suppose to do they had to replace Charlie! He gave them no choice! I wish he would have cleaned up his act too!

  • martin sheen

    charlie, please stop. come home and mom will make you meat loaf.

    • Even though she’s dead

      It will be like old times and we’ll do coke together—at home—where it’s safe!

  • Tom Mariner

    Is Charlie looking forward to not receiving that $1,000,000 check for the week’s work?

    Or not getting the next 10 gigs because he has a rep as a troublemaker who turns on his producer and delays production?

    And forget porn stars, maybe he can get a has-been actress to watch him break up a Motel 6 room now that he is a has-been.

    That self-destructive jerk has a lot to look forward to.

    His definition of winning is different than mine.

    • Lisa

      Don’t be jealous and bitter, Charlie overcomes the “been, has been” status, he will work because his fanbase is strong, he can clean up his act (actually he already does it), he is talented (sorry but in this biz it doesn’t come in first but lucky him he has the talent and charisma) and he has the connections..
      Charlie i am looking forward to watch you again on-screen as the wonderful actor you are !!

      • Do I REALLY have to explain it to you, Buster?

        Yeah… I personally can’t wait to see Charlie starring alongside Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin in “Low-Rent Christian-Themed Movie,” after he ODs and gets Jesus and his career options completely dry up. Now THAT should be worth watching.

      • @Do I REALLY have to explain it to you, Buster ?

        We will see who is in the right…

  • Dianne

    I like Charlie Sheen’s acting and will miss him on that show. And, even though I don’t know him personally I hope things get on track for him.

  • chuy

    Hey charly the valley and brown brothers got ur bac the show is nathing with out u……

  • cscq

    let charlie get high. stop ruining his life by caring about celebrities. care about your own life.


    Sheen is a great comedian> Those that type words or speak badly about him are looking from the outside.
    Leave him be and if you do not like him turn him off why banger him. Charlie Sheen is still a very funny man.

  • Keep’n It Real

    Charlie won’t be (and isn’t) hurting. The $$$ from all the 2-1/2 men re-runs that will be running for years will line his pockets just fine.

    I will watch this upcoming season, but I will also be in “prove you can be funny with Ashton” mode. Nothing against Ashton personally, but I just don’t think he’s that funny as an actor. We’ll see…

  • amy

    I’m not watch this show anymore.

    • m1

      I’m not “read” your comments anymore.

  • Zeke

    Either way, this show needs to be finished after this newest season.



  • John

    Now that he’s sobered up some, Sheen wants the show to succeed. Why? Because his contract made sure he’d continue to be paid his high salary for every future episode produced, even though he was fired. Michael J. Fox had the same kind of thing, so Fox continued to be paid after he quit “Spin City.” Charlie Sheen replaced him on the show. It sounds like a nice thing to include in a contract!

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