'Doctor Who' midseason return poster -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Doctor Who is set to return in 18 days and BBC America has whipped up a new poster celebrating (promoting) the occasion. Here’s Sir Who along with his fellow travelers, and have we mentioned they’re going to try and kill Hitler? We’re promised the past, present and future will collide. Until then, the network airs three Doctor Who specials starting this Saturday featuring the best moments from the show, behind-the-scenes footage and celebrity fans.

Here’s your exclusive look at Doctor Who‘s midseason return art:

alt text

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  • forethoughtgirl

    Is that an Ood in the background??

    • Al

      who care, the raining country now becoming looting country.

      I don’t see anything people see in this show

      • jcm

        Awe Al, I know you’re desperately trying to be heard, but please proof-read your posts. I don’t see why people read articles about topics they aren’t even interested in, let alone post comments. Good luck with your life, let us know when you find one.

      • Al

        yes, i want people to hear me every time i come here i see Brits news, every day.

        it is not like i disliked Brits but come on every day ! really

      • Dingdong

        Well, the news is about the world, and the British people are part of the world, and Doctor Who has become a phenomenon in America as much as in Britain, so this seems rather logical that British news would pop up a lot, especially in the middle of a season of such a widely popular show. If you don’t want to see British news, don’t read it. Or move to the UK, so seeing all this British news will make sense to you. P.S.: Sentences begin with capital letters and the first person pronoun “I” is always capitalized. Please learn English grammar before knocking the English and other British people. Thanks, and have a nice day.

      • SNIKT!

        AI should learn not speak in broken english on stolen laptop yes! Loot in store yes! No brain in head yes! Go watch So Think You Might Be Dancing Now, no?

      • The Rest Of The World

        Um… The English seem to be rioting over some serious issues. The only time i’ve seen Americans riot is when their football team doesn’t win.

      • razzz

        @the rest of the world: I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the South Central LA riots over Rodney King in the mid-90’s, or the Watts riots in the 60’s, both of which were race riots. If you want to make blanket statements, at least make sure you know your facts, otherwise you look a bit ignorant.

      • Mark

        The LA riots in the early 90’s were about the same basic thing but it was bigger. What an uninformed comment, Al.

        Doctor Who meanwhile is like sex. There are a lot of things better than it, and even more worse, but nothing quite like it.

      • Altair

        I’m from Birmingham, one of the cities being destroyed, and I can assure you – these low life b******s are not fighting over serious issues. They claim it’s in retaliation against the police for killing someone they don’t even know, when really it’s just their own greed that’s driving this. Me and my friend are seriously considering taking the law into our own hands tonight if it happens again.

    • Javadude54

      Yes, and he’s wearing a fez.

      • Rbka

        Fez(es) are cool!
        Bowties are Kewl!

        I am so excited! And I agree with Mark, nothing quite like Who.

    • Bert

      No, it’s just a ginger soul-eater. They can be found lurking at Forever 21 quite often.

    • Tess

      I think it’s the Silent looming in the background of the pic.

      One note to the writer here – “Here’s Sir Who…”? You do know his name is not actually “Doctor Who”, but rather just “The Doctor”, right? It’s Doctor Who because when he says his name is The Doctor the response is often “doctor who?” and he always replies “just…The Doctor”. Sorry for those who already know that but it seems the writer of the article wasn’t already familiar.

      • Adam

        @ Tess,
        Not to mention that whoever wrote this article has made the common error on how to address someone who has been knighted. It is technically incorrect to refer to them as “Sir Surname”, such as “Sir Smith”. They should be referred to by their first name, such as “Sir Matthew”.

    • chocolateislove

      No, I think it’s a Silence.

    • catdeville

      @forethoughtgirl, I think it’s one of “The Silence”

    • Mackenzie

      I am pretty sure that is The Silence.

    • Rush

      Just looks like clouds. Could the lightning bolt separating River from the other three be some sort of foreshadowing?

      • Courtney

        That’s no lightning bolt, that’s the crack from last season! Remember, the one caused throughout time because of the TARDIS exploding in the heart of the sun? This could get interesting. :)

    • Ree

      Actually, I believe it’s a Silence.

      • Ree

        Oops, sorry, should have read down some more before replying!

    • Emily

      No, I believe that is one of the Silence

    • Johan hernandez

      no, its the things that catch us seeing them, and then makes us forget what we did a few seconds ago

    • Aridian

      Looks like one of the Silence actually…hard to tell though.

    • Ivy

      that’s not an odd, that’s the silence

    • Hiperchyld

      Richee’s right. It’s one if the silence.

    • austin rambo

      i was thinking the face of boe. or maybe a different form of silence?

    • chris

      its clearly one of the silence. it has them in the preview too in case you need further proof

      • maria

        I agree that it’s one of the silence… I’m soooo excited!

    • Amy

      I actually think that’s The Silence

    • TheSilence

      NO, as Amy says below, that is a Silence alien in the background.

    • Arielle

      It looks like the Silence, not an Ood. I wonder why the crack is back though

  • Richee

    I think its a silence.

    • Ripley

      I can’t remember.

      • Shauna

        Haha! :)

      • erdeuts

        ahhhhhh freaked out

      • celbabs

        Thanks for that. That made me LOL!

    • Troy

      I’m pretty sure it’s the Silence – they were included in the trailer for the new seasons, but no Ood were seen.

      • lady caw caw

        It doesnt look like a silence to me; it kinda looks like a gas mask

  • Ed

    It’s a Silent

  • mscisluv

    Only 18 days…squee!!

    • Primative

      Good! I have just enough time to get over to London for two weeks, avoid the looters, take in the sites, and get back to the U.S. just in time for the premier. My flight leaves in 4 hours, Yah!

  • Sandy

    YAAAYY! Looking forward to the second half.

  • summer

    sooo excited. “let’s kill hitler” looks like a fantastic episode, and there are so many great storylines that i can’t wait to see the conclusion of.

  • Ashley

    holy crap! the crack is back?! will we have to reboot the universe again?

    • annie

      Who is Dr. Who? Maybe I need to stop watching TV Land so much? Nah!

      • Jetouellet

        Yeah, it’s never a good idea to try anything new. We should all die doing the same things we’ve always done not knowing what else could have been.

  • David

    I’m enjoying the darker trend to this show under Steven Moffatt, and looks like even more River Song in the second half (though to be fair, after the Big Reveal, to be expected), whch I always enjoy. Very much looking forward to this.

  • Molly

    Who wants to place bets on how many times Rory dies?

    • Max

      I wouldn’t bet he already died (more than once) it would be toooo obvious…
      Anyway, I still hope that we’re goin’ to see Capt. Jack again….

    • Paul42

      Is Rory Kenny (south park)?

  • Chris

    Does anyone else think Madame Kovarian (eyepatch lady) is Amy from the future?

    • Mark

      What? That’s absurd, and makes no sense.

    • tcex

      Amy isn’t Kovarian…why would she kidnap her own child, causing herself all that grief, in an attempt to use her to take down the Doctor? The Doctor is her best friend!

      People really don’t think these theories through much, do they?

    • Nigel

      Amy has a Scottish accent, while Madame Kovarian is English.

      • Chris

        I think it could happen because having the Doctor’s best friend become one of his worst enemies is exactly the kind of thing Steven Moffat would do.

        Think about this:

        1. How does Kovarian know that Amy is pregnant?

        2. Why didn’t she kill Amy after the baby was born? If all she’s after is the baby, she doesn’t need Amy anymore.

      • Javadude54

        I won’t believe it’s Scottish until I hear her say “the engines canna take much more, Captain” at least once.

    • Rheyn

      River = Kovarian = Rani

      • winterstryke

        I think you’re right about River being Kovarian. There is a promo where you see River turn towards the camera with that wicked looking metal eyeapatch. Unless you know something I don’t, I really don’t think they’re really going to bring back the Rani. Even River as Kovarian is going to JFM her timeline as we know it. I’m looking forward to them ‘splaining this one.

  • Deanna

    Yay, Who is Back!

  • joe

    What are people on about – there’s nothing in the background…

    • Simon Jester

      There’s a Silent in the background. Look in the upper left quadrant.

      • Troy

        I think that he’s referring to the fact that when you look away the knowledge of the Silence is gone. He’s just yanking your chain.

      • Chris

        What’s a Silent?

  • GV

    Yeah love it finally some good sci-fi posters from BBC. Can’t wait for DW6.5!

    • Simm Fan

      Bring back the Master!

  • K

    So excited! Can’t wait. Fave show on TV.

  • Benny

    Big woo about the specials. BBCA just chops 15 minutes out of them to make room for commercials. What’s the point in watching?

    • Troy

      On the first airing there is no cuts – however when it is aired the next time – “clip-clip-clip”. That’s why the first-run episodes are longer.

      Unfortunately we’ve still have to suffer through the commercial breaks.

      • mb

        Although, I’ve noticed that some of the BBC shows that are On Demand have NOT been clipped and snipped.

    • Zebediah

      iTunes. Unedited, no commercials. It’s usually a day behind the BBCA air date, but I can live with that.

      • Jonathan

        Same here, although I use Amazon VoD so I can more easily stream it to my TV.

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