'Doctor Who' midseason return poster -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Doctor Who is set to return in 18 days and BBC America has whipped up a new poster celebrating (promoting) the occasion. Read the full post.

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  • JPX

    I’ve never met a single human being who has ever watched one episode of Dr. Who. I remember attmpting to watch it as a kid but being turned off by the barely-there production values.

    • I Concur

      I concur. It’s just a blatant Trek ripoff anyway. The only people who watch this show are basically mouth-breathers. Do you really want to be associated with that kind of group???

      • Derooftrouser

        Doctor Who – first episode 23 November 1963
        Star Trek – first episode September 8 1966

        But Who *is* about time travel, so there is a chance you’re not massively, embarrassingly, wrong.

      • I Concur

        Trek – MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL franchise.
        Who – Barely watched by a million people in America.
        It will never catch on here.

  • Ian

    @ I Concur. I guess you are American but please do not be so ignorant. Also Doctor Who has been running since 1963. How can it rip off a show that hadn’t even been created? Lots of love. The UK.

    • kh

      Americans love the Doctor too Ian, just saying, please don’t go by one wankers opinion.

      • I Concur

        No we don’t love him. He’s no James T. Kirk, who uses his fists and guns to make the universe right. Your fruity alien is the wanker.

      • kh

        @I Concur- I love Star Trek as much as anyone who loves Science Fiction, but I also give props to the Doctor, who came first. You love Spock don’t you? Well, count Leonard Nimoy as a fan of the Dr. too.

  • forethoughtgirl

    Well the article said past present and future and so my mind immediately thought “ood” when I saw the image. A silence makes more sense for the season but I find it less fun. But thanks everyone who answered! Yes even the snarky ones – but not the bots. :)

  • ian

    @kh. I won’t. However I doubt Doctor Who will make much of an impact in the states if I Concur is indicative of the reaction it will face. It must be a cultural thing. A bit too Limey, if you catch my drift.

    • I Concur

      Well, let’s be real, it is the fruitiest piece of trash on television.

      • kh

        More than Jersey Shore? Sixteen and Pregnant? Kim Kardashian “did something”? A rapper loves a woman that has humongous breasts, her name may or may not be Coco? Basically all reality shows? Desperate Housewives that aren’t desperate enough to not get cancelled? And Two and 1/2 Men? Strange priorities ya got there sir.

      • Derooftrouser

        Your somewhat overly-aggressive subjective value judgement affects my enjoyment of the show not one jot. Sorry.

        I hope you continue to enjoy whatever programs you like. Sadly I do not have the time to seek out web articles about them and post petulant comments. Personally, I tend to be more interested in stuff about things I actively like.

      • @kh

        At least those shows GET RATINGS!!! Fruity Who can BARELY get a million mouth-breathers to tune in every week.

      • kh

        Hmm, last I checked the ratings were 1.3 million last season, which broke the record for the highest ever rated Brit show in America. The show is at it’s most popular right now. Judging by the increased interest, I’d say they’ll pass that 1.3 mil on Aug 27. Now what was that about barely getting American mouth-breathers to watch the show? Excuse me, I have some mouth-breathing to do….

  • kh

    Oh and I forgot the Grand Daddy of them all, toupee wearing comb-over dude that thinks he’s still relevant enough to fire has-beens, Trump.

  • Bubs

    Somebody forgot the comma between “Past” and “Present.” Way to go, BBC America. Make us look good.

  • Ivette

    I can’t wait for Doctor Who to start up again! I’m so excited! i just found out about this show last year in November and i was hooked from season one the first episode and kept watching until i finally caught up with this season! I love Doctor Who!

  • drwhofan

    Does anyone else think that the lightning bolt in the poster looks really similar to the crack in time and space from series 5?

  • Chris

    Are we sure that’s a silent? It looks like the Face of Boe to me..

  • Layla

    As excited as I am that Doctor Who has found an audience in America with the 11th Doctor (whom I adore)…it’s a shame that they missed out of some really excellent past seasons with David Tennant. I will someday visit the old Doctor Who series- which I’ve heard has really great stories and is good campy fun!

  • BBCA-lvr

    I love the show and I do not understand why people like Al post here if the DON”t like the show? Al obviously watches the show.. Why even comment? I am grateful to get shows like this and Luther in the USA.

  • Chloe

    I am an American, and I love this, well I dont want to call it Show, because that would bring me to realize its only a show. Umm, I like this, lets use what the papers use, Phenomenon! I love it and I cant get enough of it, ive become so anxious looking forward to the next season.
    Also I love being a brunette, but Amy makes me want to be a red head? woah.

  • miss hartigan

    Where’s the bow-tie? Do away with the coat and bring back the fez!

  • Dana Prahl

    Doctor Who is the best show around I watched it when I was a kid now my daughter watches it

  • Daleks

    “Sir Who”? Are you kidding? Come on……

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