'Ludo Bites' star kills and skins a buffalo for dinner -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO [Graphic content]

WARNING: The video at the bottom of this post contains extremely graphic images of an animal slaughter. As they say on TV, viewer discretion is advised.

Ludo Lefebvre, the irascible star chef of the Sundance Channel’s Ludo Bites, has no problem firing insults at the cooks and waiters who help him launch his weekly pop-up restaurants around America. But shooting an actual bullet at an animal destined for the dinner table is a different story. In this exclusive clip, Ludo is visibly shaken as he shoots, skins and butchers a buffalo for his newest restaurant in Denver — and then, following what he says is a Native American tradition, he takes a bite out of its heart. “I’m going to respect her,” he says over the animal’s body. “I’m going to make her taste so good.”

Folks, this is seriously gross — some might even say disturbing — material, and definitely NSFW. The gore in this video will probably shock anyone who hasn’t hunted an prepared an animal carcass before, and it serves as a potent reminder of what it actually takes to put food on many of our plates. As the clip states, Ludo used the meat to feed over 100 people the next day at Biker Jim’s, a Denver hot dog restaurant that Ludo commandeered for day. Check out the clip below — and, if you’re still hungry for more, watch the full episode of Ludo Bites tonight at 9 p.m. ET on the Sundance Channel. 

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  • Flip

    That’s so wrong and evil. Thank God I’m vegan!

    • MARK

      I think you overstated how disgusting this was. The only gross part was when he bit the heart.
      This is the natural circle of life, get over it.

      • ‘Lish

        Says you. Not everybody feels that this kind of thing is, “the natural circle of life”.

      • Me

        there’s nothing natural about man-made weapons

      • Mitch

        I find it hard to see the difference between Native American Indians and earlier civilizations of man who fashioned weapons to hunt, and modern man who also fashions weapons, albeit more technologically advanced, for the same purpose.

  • Betsie

    Chinese people eat dogs. Americans eat cows and buffalo. What’s the difference? Nothing. It’s all disgusting.

  • mikeman

    disturbing would be if he killed the buffalo and then cut off it’s horns and took it’s pelt and left the rest behind. there’s nothing wrong with killing animals that you’re going to prepare to eat.

    • besimon

      Amen, Mikemen.

    • besimon


    • Tyler


      • Nelia

        Unbleivaeble how well-written and informative this was.

    • Nigel

      Nope. There is something very, very bloody wrong with it. Amen, my ass.

  • Sam

    As a meat-eater, I forced myself to watch this video. Too often, we allow ourselves to ignore what it really means to eat meat and what goes into bringing that food to our table. While jarring, I like that Ludo respected the buffalo and wanted to honor her. If we can’t respect the cycle of life, then we don’t deserve to reap the benefits of it (i.e. bugers).

    • Eric

      As a vegetarian, this is the kind of meat-eating philosophy I can respect.

      • Karate Pants

        ITA. Well said, Sam.
        Too many meat-eaters are spoiled by the ignorance of buying a neatly wrapped cellophane package without regard for where the contents come from.

  • Tony

    “you mean that’s were meat comes from ? ” (being sarcastic) were do people THINK meat comes from ?! Welcome to the real world !

  • stuey

    I bet the cow said sah la tay before the big chang! at least for the middle part.

  • abadstroller

    Agreed. If you’re going to eat meat, you NEED to know how it reaches your kitchen and your plate. It’s hypocritical to eat meat and then say that you don’t want to know how the animal is killed and processed–because it grosses you out or whatever excuse you could give. This is the reality. If you can’t deal with it, then becoming some version of vegetarian is the only honest and truthful way to eat. I eat meat, veg, and fruit–and I make a point of knowing how they are raised, harvested, and prepared.

  • BS

    All you holier-than-thou vegans and vegetarians are only such b/c you are lucky enough to live in a culture wealthy enough to allow you to pick and choose. If you were starving, you would eat it.

    • beepela


      • Ken

        False. A starvation scenario does not justify eating meat in the ever present. You and I are NOT starving. And, it’s very unlikely this will change.

    • Rob

      I don’t think Ludo was starving anytime soon. Besides, what’s next? Elephant? Tiger? Lion? BTW, lets see the playing field even….no guns or arrows. We humans kinda cheat much.

    • abadstroller

      True. Without being able to fly different fruits and vegetables into the country (many of them out of season or just not able to grow in the places they are shipped) and without the food industry technology available, many vegetarians in the US would be limited to root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and rutabagas for a significant portion of the year. No tofu, tempeh, tropical fruits, leafy green salads, fresh legumes, locally grown or organic fruit/veg from other parts of the world/US, etc. These days it is easy–though sometimes expensive– to choose to eat in some kind of vegetarian way. Not everyone has the access or the money to eat with this kind of freedom of choice. There are fresh food “deserts” in this country, and–lack of accessibility not withstanding–there are many people just barely hanging on because their personal economy is in bad shape.

  • Matt W.

    I grew up in a town where there are more cows than people. We were taught this all in school. We milked cows, goats, went to a slaughter house in town. I’m not a hick either, this is a town an hour and a half north of NYC. However with that said, there are a lot of people who have no clue how they get their food or where it comes from.

  • Rob

    I just hope Judo doesn’t meet a person who views human flesh the same way….right??? Just because Native Americans do it, he bites the heart? The guy is insane. All for glory I guess.

    • abadstroller

      Wha? Why would you bring up cannibalism? What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Yeesh. And Luco is eccentric, not insane. There is a difference.

  • Alec Baldwin Narrates “Meet Your Meat”

    Killing and dismembering is not “honoring” the buffalo.We’ve been listenening to you blowhard bores tell us that meat is the “natural order of things” for eons too long. Meat devalues life, promotes unimaginable cruelty to other beings, and is destructive to the planet. That’s not a matter of opinion, but a well-documented fact. A few thousand years ago, you might have had a point, now, it’s entirely indefensible.

  • joebstewart

    I helped catch and kill a bull once. We hit in the head with a sledge hammer and cut its throat with a knife. One teenage girl asked to drink the blood.
    The animal was prepared and cooked in an open pit. And all of it was eaten. The point was to show American teenagers at an alternative school where their meat comes from.
    Veggies are great also. American fast food restaurants have killed off many old time restaurant that served veggies.
    No more cafeterias and that is a great loss. Well very few cafeterias. I was told young people dont like them.
    Ludo always cooks veggies.

  • mamie

    Hello Buffalo Bill !! Papy serait fier de toi !!!
    Baisers à tous les quatre.

  • raudin marcelle

    Bravo Buffalo Bill !! Papy serait fier de toi !
    Baisers à tous les quatre de Mamie

  • Rob T.

    This guy may be a great chef,
    but he acts like a spoiled child
    and he’s a major douchebag……….

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