'Game of Thrones' casts Craster, Bolton, Gilly


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A few quick updates to the Game of Thrones season two cast (non-fans must be wondering at this point: How many characters does this damn show have??).

British stage and screen actor Michael McElhatton has been cast as Roose Bolton. Robert Pugh (Master & Commander, Robin Hood) has been cast as Craster. And young Hannah Murray (the UK version of Skins) has been cast as Gilly.

Bolton is the stern and sinister Lord of the Dreadfort, a sworn bannerman to Winterfell but his family was once an enemy of the Starks. Craster is a craggy old wildling who lives North of The Wall, but is hospitable to members of the Night’s Watch. Gilly is one of Craster’s wives/daughters (hey, it’s beyond the The Wall, anything goes!).

For those who missed the rest of the season 2 cast, here’s who will play the assassin Jaqen, Theon’s fierce sister, Stannis and Melisandre and Davos; here’s who’s cast for Brienne and here’s Margaery Tyrell.
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  • Marten

    YES! I was so afraid they’d cut his part. I love that they’re keeping in all these characters.

    • Al

      Does this people not consider American cast, it seems like they only see Brits

      I dont hate Brits but come on
      Every day I come here I see Brits news, where we are in America or raining country or should I say looting country.

      no one laugh my English it not my language, my language is Spanish

      • dee-dee

        raining country? LOL guess America is obese country Australia is what kangaroo country? Canada is maple country?

      • kl

        haha. i’ve always loved taco country.

      • kate middleton

        They’ve cast mostly British Equity members, probably because they’re filming in Northern Ireland and I bet they get some perks for using British members. Why worry about it?

      • AB

        Dude, we don’t find your English nearly as deplorable as your pathetic bigotry. Get a life.

      • Jennifer

        Ignore the troll. He/she posts the same thing every time EW has a GOT article.

      • Herba

        Its a union thing. They must cast euro actors unless its a special need like lets say a dwarf (Peter Drinkage is American) But even if they cast americans, they will still have to mimic brit accent so if the reason behing this is the accent there is no way out of it.

        Seriously please GET IT and stop bringing that issue all the time.

      • Curly

        Who cares where the actors come from? It’s still a great show.
        What a dumb thing to post.
        Please run head first into a tac.

  • crispy

    I wonder if Bolton’s son Ramsay is going to be in season two. He freaks me the hell out! I can’t wait to see how they flay people on this show

    • LOSTY396

      you know, I kind of want to see too…. I also can’t wait to read how he bites it in a later novel. What an awful guy!

    • charlotte

      Considering he an important plot point happening in the second book, I think he’ll be cast. I’m worried about the Reed siblings. They have to have at least one of them because they explain so much to Bran.

      • n

        I can’t wait for the Reed siblings. Unless they’re creating two seasons out of the second book, I don’t see how they can skip them.

      • James

        They have to keep the Reed siblings. They could and probably should cut Big Walder and Little Walder though.

    • Jen

      Hordor! It is known, Ramsay is a bad, bad guy! Nobody deserves what he dishes out.

  • Adegbola

    WOW cant wait for the season2

  • Under

    So when do they cast Mance Rayder???

    • aleksa

      Probably season three.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I’m reading the books now and it is seriously kicking so much a**. Damn you Theon Greyjoy!

    • crispy

      I won’t spoil it for you, but Theon’s storyline in the most recent book is INCREDIBLE!

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong

        I don’t want to be full on spoiled, but the little snippets get me excited!

    • Castle Black

      Theon ? You mean Reek . Finished book 5 last week and it was very good , but left too many cliffhangers for the many story lines . Considering this book took 6 years to write – not a good thing !

      • crispy

        It rhymes with bleak.

      • ash

        It rhymes with weak.

      • Kalick

        It rhymes with freak.

      • DanH

        It rhymes with meek.

      • JS

        It rhymes with “spoiler.” Come on, guys… Think before you post. Yes, a lot of us here already know the plot from the books, but some fans are just starting to read or are only watching the TV series. Let’s try to keep major plot twists just as exciting for new fans as they were for us when we read them.

      • crispy

        There were no “major plot twists” mentioned anywhere in this thread. Get over yourself.

      • becky

        It rhymes with sneak.

      • GRRM

        It rhymes with geeks.

  • Rebecca E

    Thrilled to see Hannah Murray there! She’s a terrific actress who doesn’t get nearly enough exposure on this side of the pond.

    • Jeremy

      Yes! I love her as Cassie on Skins and I can;t wait that she;ll be on tv once more!

    • Valley Girl

      Indeed! Hurray for Hannah!

    • Katie

      Me too! She is wonderful…

  • kate middleton

    I’m only part way through Book 2.

    But, are they going to cast any of the Tullys? You’d think they’d put Edmure in at least (although he hasn’t done much so far, so maybe they’ll push it til later).

    We still need a Balon Greyjoy too, right?

    • Herba

      They still need to cast a truck load, but most of them are minor characters

  • Graeme

    lol, you’re spoiling it just by mentioning that he’s even IN the latest book!

    Given GRRMs willingness to kill off characters, and especially the way Theons story went prior to book 5, knowing that he, or anyone is in the latest book is a massive spoiler.

    • Goli

      BTW, I’ve read all three books one after the other and now at the beginning of the fourth.
      I’m hooked.
      It’s fun.
      but truth must be said, I am a little confused on what went when, and who died when etc. :)

  • Vicki

    I was hoping for Richard Armitage for Bolton. But he’ll probably be too busy on various Hobbit press tours. This guy is a more crotchety than I’d pictured him, but he’ll have to do.

  • joe

    Eh, Michael McElhatton is Irish, not British…..

  • tegan

    Awesome, but i seriously want to who is going to play Ygritte soon

    • Stephanie

      I’m eagerly anticipating this casting decision!!

    • Merry Bear

      I’d be willing to play Ygritte, and forego a salary for the privilege.

      • Steph


      • Jess

        lol YES!!!

    • Herba

      You know nothing Tegan Snow

  • BHM1304

    Another of the original “Skins” cast added to “Game of Thrones”. Great news for Hannah Murray, loved her as “Cassie”.

  • Matt W

    I like it and I like her but the girl seems a bit young. She seems normal for the books but compared to how old Jon Snow looks on the show, she is going to seem much younger. However I’ve never seen her on Skins or anything.

    Can’t wait!

    • Herba

      I dont agree with the age thing and she is in the Samwell arc anyway. She barely interact with Jon.

    • Kelsey

      You’re thinking of Ygritte. Gilly doesn’t do anything with Jon.

  • Kelsey

    Good casting all around. I’m keen to see who’ll play Ramsay Snow. Without spoiling anything, Ramsay is probably the most downright evil and frightening character in the entire series. He makes Joffrey Baratheon look like a puppy.

    • Steph

      I don’t even know who Ramsay Snow is, so yes this is a spoiler.

      • RyanK

        Come on Steph, finding out the name of a character you’ve never heard of is NOT a spoiler.

  • Alexis

    I am incredibly ecstatic that Hannah Murray – who was probably my favorite of all the kids on Skins – will be joining my other favorite from Skins, her former co-star Joseph Dempsie, who plays Gendry on Game of Thrones.

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