Producer: Jennifer Lopez returning to 'American Idol'


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We all know she’s coming back, but here’s yet another indication that she really is, indeed, coming back. American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe just told host Ryan Seacrest’s radio audience that Jennifer Lopez will return as a judge next season.

“Do you want to do the Jennifer announcement here or are we still waiting?” Seacrest asked Lythgoe.

The producer replied: “I believe we’re still waiting for the official announcements but I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of American Idol, is back for the next season.” 

As Lythgoe noted, this isn’t official until Fox says it’s official and the network as of a couple minutes ago still has “no comment” on the matter. Randy Jackson and Steve Tyler already had deals for another season.

The relationship between Idol and Lopez has been very mutually beneficial, with Lopez often considered the most popular new addition to the show’s judging team and the singer’s profile and record sales having climbed from being on the show. But figuring out Lopez’s deal has dragged on for weeks. While there’s been several premature “Lopez is coming back!” stories out there, coming from a producer on the host’s radio show makes this report the most credible yet. Season 11 has the team hitting the road to hear auditions in 11 audition cities.

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    I guess I will be skipping this season as well.

    • Barbara

      Me too….between Stephen Tyler and her….I’m through again this year and you know what….I really didn’t miss it.

      • Jethro

        American Idol who? The Voice is where it’s at! I hope it wipes the floor with Idol. Judges don’t make the show, the contestants do. If we don’t like the performers we tend to criticize the show more harshly.

        The Voice had all likeable performers and is why it was well received. Idol will probably be the #1 and #2 show, why, oh that’s right, the tween girls who tune in to find a fantasy date rather than enjoy a quality, entertaining show!

        The Voice had a more mature audience anyway!

      • Esox

        God The Voice blows. So derivative.

      • KLH

        I am sad,. A typical J Lo critique. you are good baby,hahaha. I liked it hahaha. You really know how to sing hahaha. Randy I must keep talking ahahaha.

      • Tori

        The Voice sucks! It has crap judges that are too annoying, and the singers are only professionals! No, I’m going to watch The X-Factor.

    • Mike

      For the longest while I was addicted to American Idol, but it has really run it’s course. They keep getting these celebrities who are afraid to truly criticize — and it makes sense: why would they want to jeopardize record sales by coming off as jerks? Randy is the only judge that has room to really let loose, but he is too simple to do so.

      And don’t get me started on the text-voting… broken system that will only manage to vault the cutest guys into consideration.

      The Voice is better and I’m sure X-Factor will be too.

    • Sherry

      Me three!

    • Cheryl

      This show has gone downhill. I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled it. Nobody is watching it anymore.

      • Esox

        According to Cheryl #1 and #2 rated show in the country equals “nobody..”

      • Bob

        I would like to challenge the authenticity of those statistics. Nobody I know still watches this show. Maybe a few years ago, sure.

      • Esox

        You’re authenticity vs. Nielsen? Okayyyyy
        Maybe it’s not a cool kids show anymore, not a hipster show. Maybe it’s more NCIS than True Blood…but trust me people are watching.

      • Tori

        Hmm… That’s funny. I didn’t know I was counted as “Nobody.” Thanks.

    • SallyinChicago

      Oh give it up. Who cares if you don’t watch? 21 Million of us will be watching. I think Jlo is fab and she rounds ouf the Latino-Black-White talent.

      • Esox

        Should we get an Asian, a Native American, and a Jew if we’re all about rounding out things?????

      • Um

        At least all of the judges for AMERICAN Idol are AMERICAN. America’s Got Talent has two Brits and a Canadian as judges.

    • Faz

      Well, that might do it for me. I hated the judging this season. I can’t face it again.

      • Terry

        It doesn’t even matter who the “judges” are, the white guy with the guitar is gonna win. The drive for five is alive WGWG *rolls eyes*

      • elr

        Faz: that is exactly how I feel. I can’t stomach another season of Randy Jackson. And I’ve lost all respect for JLO. What a joke this show has become!

    • Laura

      I just read a post that said Boooo I guess I will skip this season too and I’m so sad to see you say that. Last season was the BEST season ever! The judges really showed that they cared about these kids that are trying so hard to better themselves. These three judges went up on stage and hugged the kids that were leaving the show. Tears were in the eyes of the judges as they watched these kids grow throughout the season. You really are missing out if you don’t watch this upcoming season. I know I won’t be missing even 1 episode of season 11! I LOVE IT more than I ever have and I have watched ever season except the very first one for Kelly Clarkson. THANK YOU AI for hiring and KEEPING these judges for another year of the BEST AI EVER!

  • “brilliant host”


    • jj

      Ditto. I’d love to see Cat host.

      • UGH

        Just about anybody could host that show just as well, if not better than that huckster Seacrest.

    • gibbyswife

      What does he do to be named a brilliant host? NOTHING.
      I think Cat is full of personality and a very sweet lady.
      Seacrests job went to his head and he is way overpaid. He sure loves himself.

  • UGH

    Well, last season was a definite better judging panel combined than the horrific Ellen Degeneres fiasco the season before but the lackluster talent had me tune out midway through the season. I hope they come up with a better scheme in the auditions.

    • Kevin

      Lackluster talent? Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams, and James Durbin? I think you tuned out too early.

      • gibbyswife

        I agree. All 3 were great. I have to admit that James was my favorite.

      • David

        None of those three will be huge recording stars. Not a one. Two years from now when their names are mentioned, everyone will be saying….”Who?”

      • Tori

        Ironically, those three didn’t win.

      • Petra

        Hate to break it to you, David, but the sine qua non of “mega album” sales as measure of talent and success is no longer the music industry reality. Save the traditional country niche.
        I haven’t bought a mass-marketed album in 4 years, though I have bought iTunes and download satellite radio. I did see Adam in concert for just him…and Daughtry and plan to pay to see Casey James Band and hopefully the Grand Magnolias live.
        I may change my ways and buy Siobhan Magnus’s 1st album as a way to support her if it is halfway good…and look forward to Haley Reinhardt.

        Lots of these talented youngsters are doing just what they wanted to get out of Idol – be in a position where if they are not “best-seller superstars” are in an entertainment career they love and making a nice living at it.
        Some have done well in entertainment venues outside music.

        I think Haley is a lock to be making a living singing until she is an old lady. (Casey and Durbs and Lauren A less certain). The reason is Haley has the technique and phrasing ability essential for doing pop and jazz well. And she will always have a shot at a gig doing jazz vocals here or internationally.

  • UGH

    I’ll give you the ones you mentioned but my disappointment really has a lot to do with the most recent winners the past few seasons.
    This past season it seemed like the judges were a bit too nice with Randy trying way too hard “to be Simon”.

  • Jason

    Sweet!….She was the main reason I tuned in last year. Without her hotness, and Steven’s unpredictable tongue, there would be no reason to watch anymore.

  • Fred

    Moving on.

  • jrs

    I was hoping, nay, praying, that the buffoonish and worthless Randy Jackson would not be back. Of course, they’re never gonna pry his fat ass out of that chair willingly.

    • Randy Jackson

      C’mon, Dawg! I was aight this season. Just aight.

      • Jethro

        Aren’t they forced to keep him for a reason?

      • HR

        Just keeping it real Dude
        I didn’t like you
        I thought you were screaming the same note over and over
        I thought you were a bad choice
        and I’m not wrong!

    • p-bo

      YES! Our family has faithfully watched every episode since Season 2, but can’t bear it anymore. Tyler is pretty worthless, but Randy makes it unwatchable!!

  • Eve

    I wish so much they would get rid of Randy! He is worthless!

    • Mark Jeffries

      Proud to be a racist?

      • Brigette

        How does not liking Randy mean you don’t like all black people? Hilarious comment, Mark.

      • Diana

        What did Eve’s comment have to do with race? Aren’t you the racist one for assuming that the comment had something to do with skin color? Ugh. Political corrected without thinking drives me nuts.

  • nevada01

    I am fine with her returning as long as we get the JLo from the first few weeks, the one that actually provided useful criticism in a friendly way. I do not want the JLo who turned into a shill for the producers, spewing only sunshine and rainbows while a trainwreck occured in front of her.

    • Kevin

      Unless the contestant is named Haley Reinhart…

      • nevada01

        Not her biggest fan but I didn’t think Haley had a trainwreck that late in the game. But, ok! They reamed that poor girl so hard towards the end. It was ridiculous! Don’t mind that she received criticism, just that the others (who sucked way worse than her) did not. *shrugs*

        Anyway, JLo at the start of the season was great. Wish I knew why she changed her judging style.

  • Nancy

    Well I’m done with this “little white boys only need apply” show, unless they change the voting that’s exactly who will win again next year. I don’t know if I can stomach another year of Randy, even if they do change the voting system, he’s about as useful as tits on a bull.

    • David

      I do wish that they would limit the number of votes that can come from any phone number. But I would not want a judge’s vote influencing the outcome like they do on DWTS. And I really want them to ditch the “judges save.”

    • Petra

      Well, if the “white boy” is better than the “black boy” – so be it. Or the runner up “gay boy” or “white/black/hispanic/whatever girl”.

      Besides, after Idol and those biased voters, unfair show format…it is not like those 2nd. 3rd place females exactly set the world on fire in the real marketplace…

  • Rider

    it’s a washed up show, 10 years of horrid talent, I only watch the lame tryouts, the rest of the season is ignored.

    • Lucy

      Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood. Daugherty, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert.

      Sit your hater ass down idiot.

      • Rider

        You have poor view of talent and obviously a rude upbringing replying with name calling comments.

      • Jill

        A list of obnoxious pop wannabes that nobody will remember in 10 years time.

      • Danj

        Daughtry and talent do not belong in the same sentence. I agree that Clarkson, Underwood and Hudson are legitimate. But that’s three of over 100 finalists. A three percent track record is not exactly good.

  • Seacrust

    I think last season was one of the best seasons of AI so far, all thanks too the new judging panel & the huge amount of talent in the contestants.

    • NayNay

      Hey Simon

    • Jethro

      TALENT? Oh, yeah, on The Voice, that’s right!

    • sara

      what, did they actually judge at any point in the season? reading from a script does NOT eguate to judging.

  • Sharkey

    Just another reason to check out Simon & Paula.

  • amy

    Glad Jennifer will be back! Steven too! Randy turned into a bit of an ahole last season, he was trying to be like Simon! There’s only one Simon!!!

    • sara

      what do you like best about Jennifer? Her incompetence as a judge or her hatred of pretty female contestants??

    • Ali

      ye,she is the best,her judgment was great and all of the Participants liked her,she is great

  • JoMarch

    There was vomit in my mouth when I heard she was being offered $22,000,000 for the upcoming season. OMG! Such a big payday for such mediocrity. Steven Tyler has an excuse for his dementia (drugs), but what her excuse? Maybe just a low IQ? Only in America can a low-talent be paid so highly for sucking.

    • TC

      Agree. She’s not worth the time/money. She doesn’t bring too much to the table except a gazillion dollar hair style and clothing line. She can’t sing to save her life.

      • Jethro

        She is going to have to pay Marc every month to support him and his womanizing ways. She has to, she wore the pants in that family!

        If she was smart, she would just take a long vacation away from the media and her talentless self and hide out. She is keeping herself in the public eye as often as she can!

        She continues to self-love herself and this farce is going on too long.

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