TBS cancels 'Lopez Tonight'


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The party’s over for George Lopez. TBS has decided to cancel late-night talk show Lopez Tonight.

The network issued a statement about the two-year show coming to an end:

“TBS has reached the difficult decision not to order a third season of Lopez Tonight. Thursday will be the final episode of the show. We are proud to have partnered with George Lopez, who is an immensely talented comedian and entertainer. TBS has valued its partnership with George and appreciates all of his work on behalf of the network, both on and off the air.”

The ratings explain TBS’ decision pretty clearly:

The first season of Lopez Tonight averaged 911,000 viewers at 11 p.m., 2010-11 season dropped to 543,000 at midnight. Conan has averaged 1 million viewers in the 11 p.m. slot since joining the schedule.

TBS broke into late night by launching the Lopez show in 2009, then snatched up Conan O’Brien after his fall out with NBC last year. Lopez said he wanted his show to break from the usual late-night tradition and have more of a block party atmosphere. Conan will continue on the network as part of O’Brien’s multi-year deal with TBS. The move comes on the heels of TBS renewing Franklin & Bash and cancelling Men of a Certain Age.

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  • jen



      I have a feeling that Conan will not be that far behind. I love Conan but his show just is not doing that well in the ratings. He should inherit Letterman’s gig at CBS, I love Craig Ferguson but his brand of telling great stories should be preserved and will only work on late night.

      • Jeff C.

        I don’t think Conan’s going anywhere…for now. Lopez’s show getting canceled was kind of inevitable. He pulls in less than half the audience that all the other talk show hosts pull. Conan’s ratings are still in the middle of that pack.

      • Heather

        Actually, Conan is consistently beating most (if not all) other shows in his timeslot – including those on the Big 3. But I totally agree with your love of Craig!

      • Jerry

        So Conan has completely screwed over George just like NBC did to him: Conan forced George’s show to move to 12 and then George’s show gets cancelled due to low ratings a year later. Where’s the outrage from Team Coco?

      • Wes

        Conan will be next. Chelsea Handler (and the Daily Show) are easily beating Conan in the ratings every night.

      • Wes

        “On Monday, Conan pulled in an anemic 0.5 rating in the key demographic (18 – 49) with 715,000 viewers — and that’s a pretty typical day. “

      • hankering

        At Jerry — Conan didn’t do anything of the kind. TBS did it.

      • Andrew

        @ Heather,
        Get your facts straight….
        VIA TVBYTHENUMBERS the adult 18-49 ratings:

        Leno: ~.9
        Conan: ~.4

        Conan has the same number of viewers as Lopez did last year in the same time spot… Im not saying its a good show but it looks like Conan is nothing more special than Lopez.

      • A.T.

        Lopez recruited Conan and it was actually his idea to move back an hour so that TBS’ late night talk shows could do better. It did back fire on him but it wasnt because big bad Conan just forced him out. Lopez show wasn’t really all that great anyway… I like Lopez but not as a late night talk show host.

      • Cheryl

        Praise the powers that be. Thank you!

      • @Great News!

        Isn’t wetback a racist slur?

      • Squishmar

        I believe that was “Great News!'” intention.

      • Moaca

        hankering, Jerry is right. Don’t say don’t blame Conan blame TBS. Because that’s exactly what people were saying with Jay Leno – don’t blame Jay blame NBC, but the people still insisted on blaming Jay. Now you’re disagreeing with Jerry and saying don’t blame Conan blame TBS? If you blamed Jay, then you have to blame Conan now too. If you blamed NBC, well then you can say blame TBS. What’s fair is fair. And I agree with Jerry. Where’s the outrage?

      • disgusted

        This is just another case of white America keeping black people down.

      • Fez

        I liked his comedy. I didn’t like the interviews. He seemed fake, and really not quite there. Almost like he was high most of the time. The questions seemed stupid and childish, and not in a funny way. Like baby talk. Really not enjoyable. I would still see him do stand-up comedy however, for whatever that is worth.

      • Blind Guy

        @disgusted – George LOPEZ isnt black. He IS a racist MEXICAN who took a kidney from his wife and then cheated on her. And Im proud of an America that keeps people like that down.

    • Heysoos

      No real surprise considering how crappy his sitcom was. Whoever thought he could pull off a talk show must have owed him a favor.

      • LovelyDove04

        I actually like this sitcom although I didn’t find it until Nick at Night picked it up. I think he’s a funny guy.

      • D’s Advocate

        Acting =/= Hosting a talk show.

      • Jason

        The sitcom was great! Get your head out of the gutter and stop thinking you need acting chops to run a …talk show, seriously?

      • bobba

        Agreed. Worst talk show since Chevy Chase.

      • President B.O.

        He came up to me at a party and said, “Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me put pee-pee in your Coke.” I thought that was his level of juvenile humor, but it turns out he really did put pee-pee in my Coke. Not surprisingly, it tasted like fajitas.

      • Meganolia

        amen…couldnt stand him either way.

      • That guy over there

        I liked his comedy it amused me

      • Luis

        Your stupid. His show is one of the best look at the views it still gets on various Networks? Those numbers don’t appear because the show was bad. The questions were supposed to be childish and what now because his talk show was supposed to be fun! Not serious like David Letterman.

    • stu


    • LOL

      This is prove that america loves selected crap…

      • STFU

        Huh? This time your tagline doesn’t even make sense. It’s proof that unfunny talk shows get canceled. I caught the end of Conan last night and could only get through a few minutes of Lopez before changing the chanel. It was bad and needed to be put down.

    • Playa Hata

      On the bright side, he just landed an endorsement deal with “DermaGlob, the spackle for your face.”

      • Butterlamp


    • Rush

      Not very funny.

    • Jethro

      Thankfully TBS cancelled this show. This man is talentless and his voice is annoying.

      His comedy show on ABC was terrible and was on way too long. Hopefully, he will disappear!

    • g

      Rush, Lets face facts, those who have their lawn done by landscapers rarely make the sort of comment you made. There is a 99.9% chance George Lopez has more $ than you, and I understand if that upsets you. Jealousy is a real emotion, but you should try to deal with it. People who actually know you probably feel sorry for you when you make comments like that. I don’t care for George Lopez, I’m not surprised his show got canceled, but I wanted to respond to one of these mean spirited comments truthfully.

  • Andrea

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

    • Andrea’s maid

      I’m so going to poo poo in your dinner tonight.

    • Mrs. Lopez

      I want my kidney back!

      • Mrs Lopez’s employer

        I want my jewelry back.

      • Mr Lopez

        I want my show back..

    • Lloyd

      Agreed. This man is not funny in any way.

    • Zach

      This is what you get when you steal your wife’s kidney and call Kirstie Alley a pig.

      • april

        I agree i stoped watching when he called kristy ally a pig .he is not funny he is rude and mean. no wonder he got a divorce . and lost his show. he needs to take a good look in the mirror before he opens his big mouth.

      • RK

        I hate when people make fun of pigs.

    • Dave

      Agreed. Lopez Tonight is by far the worst late-night show. George Lopez is not funny.

      • Joe

        Nope the the worst late night show is leno. He is so BORING !!!

      • Diversity’s brother Donald

        when are the networks doing just bcuz some show may not have zillion viewers ALL the time,the show gets cancelled-we are losing too many entertainers of color bcuz ratings/numbers, so its said..so what if some shows aren’t the highest, they still should continuie on air,at least 4 to 5 years! There’s much competion I know,still should make room for the smaller crowds,bcuz there are some folks tht do like the shows!!! Find a way to keep more shows of color on!!!!!!

    • Chris

      I agree. Thankfully we won’t have to wait long for Conan to get cancelled too.

      • A.T.

        Why are you waiting for Conan to get cancelled? If you dont like him don’t watch his show. Conan is hilarious and one of the better talk show hosts on TV. MUCH better than Leno. All they are gonna do is put reruns of that horrible Franklin and Bash show in its spot so your not gaining anything.

      • Brett

        A.T., not only will I not watch his show, but neither will most of America. Even Leno is better than O’Brien, and I’d watch a “Franklin & Bash” marathon every night rather than watch that self-indulgent, unfunny ginger.

    • benlinus

      Well they can always put him on one of the Spanish Channels opening for the guy in the Bee Suit.

  • googie

    I’m surprized, but then again I never watched it!

    • hmm

      Right?! I’ve met random people who tell me what a good show it is…I assumed other people were watching it too…guess not

      • Butterlamp

        @hmm…Those people you met were his parents.

  • UGH

    I think he’s running for mayor of Los Angeles.

    • JerryL

      He’s already been the mayor of Reno

      • Renoit

        Really? When? Lived in Reno all my life and George Lopez has never been the Mayor here unless it was on Reno911 if it was I must have missed that :)

  • Jay

    I’ve never watched it, but I always heard is was getting good ratings for a cable show….. wierd

    • Mark

      That’s what they say to make the ratings sound better than they are.

  • mickey

    Wonder if he’ll be thanking Conan now. His ratings has dropped so much he’ll be next anyways.

  • Marko

    This is all Conan’s fault!

    • LMFAO

      Dumba$$ ^^^

  • Bruno Neptune

    I hope George Lopez does more mainstream movies from now on. It would be good if J.J. Abrams gives him a cameo in Star Trek 12.

    • doof

      As what,the Horta?

      • TexMex

        No, as an Horchata.

      • Kurt Russell

        No Kill I

      • Diversity

        I liked George Lopaz sitcom sometime I catch it again on Nick.Also like his late night entertainment as talk show..I liked the guests, he had a diverse group of people an he’s comical! Conan isn’t funny to me, nor does he hardly hav people of color(except white)on his show whenever I did check it out.George made a strategic mistake by moving to midnite,instead of stayin at 11p(if its true tht it was his decision.See at anothr time George,and love your most recent HBO Its not me Its you(if I rememb

  • Clete

    The rest of the statement “TBS is in the process of developing a show about a group of people stranded on an island who stand around talking about coconuts.”

  • Nuke

    Wow, Conan totally Leno’d Lopez.

    • LMFAO

      Lame ^^^

      • Carson

        Will you get back to your daily shufflin.

      • hmm

        Carson made me choke on my water! I would say LMFAO but…

    • DDB9000


      Conan did no such thing – in fact, he asked George Lopez if it was alright with him, and told Lopez he wouldn’t take over his time slot without his approval, which Lopez gave.
      If anything, Conan was/is the anti-Leno.
      Too bad about George – while I didn’t watch it that often, I always enjoyed it when I did

      • Nuke

        I have my doubts about that story, especially after seeing “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop”. I don’t think he’s the rosy idealist that “Team CoCo” would have you believe him to be. I watch his show and I think he’s great, but he did to Lopez what Leno did to him: cause his ratings to lower to the point of cancellation. Lopez’ ratings of course went down because he went on at midnight, but the lead-in probably didn’t help (Lopez’ crowd is different than the CoCo crowd).

    • Thom

      The truth is Lopez would have been canceled anyway if Conan didn’t come aboard.

      Conan being there kept him alive for a while.

      • DDB9000


        I haven’t seen “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop”, so I can’t speak to that, but I think Thom’s comment of Wed 08/10/11 3:24 PM is probably the most accurate. I never watched Lopez when he was on at 11, mostly because of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Once Conan came on, I would watch one network, and record the other.
        Lopez at 11 never was going to have great ratings, and I think Conan’s lead-in did help, for a while.

        As for whether the ‘story’ is true, we”ll never know 100% for sure, but after what Leno did to him, I can’t believe Conan would act that way, and remember, Lopez validated the ‘story’ also…

    • Carrie

      No, he did not. First of all, Leno quit and then came back a year later. Second of all, George Lopez has said he was happy to move to a later timeslot for Conan and welcomed him to TBS.

      • Conan is a hypocrite

        Leno did not quit, Carrie, you moron. Read Bill Carter’s “The Late Shift”. Conan and his reps forced NBC to push him out. Leno of course, publicly played along, the same way Lopez did when Conan pushed him from his timeslot. But Lopez complained on Letterman last month that he was not happy being on at midnight – he said it “sucked”.

      • Moaca

        I agree. Leno did not quit, he was forced out and played along. When they offered him back his spot he took it. What was he to do? He didn’t ask to be out in the first place. Same with Lopez. I’m sure he was asked to shift and he played along. That’s the name of the game. You don’t show anger, you play along. You talk after. Conan didn’t keep quiet and showed his anger and that’s how everything got spilled out. Lopez was in Conan’s shoes and played along but when Conan was in the same scenario, he didn’t play along. He got mad.

      • DDB9000

        Conan is a hypocrite…

        If anyone deserves the ‘moron’ tag, it is you, NOT Carrie. Bill Carter’s “The Late Shift” is about Letterman being passed over for “The Tonight Show” in Leno’s favour, all of that taking place before Conan even had a show – Conan was Letterman’s replacement at NBC when Letterman moved to CBS. “The Late Shift” had NOTHING to do with the Conan/Leno situation. Good way to lie…

        And as for the “Conan and his reps forced NBC to push him out” nonsense, Leno had decided ON HIS OWN in 2004 that he was going to leave “The Tonight Show” in 2009 and give the show to Conan. What happened was that Leno regretted his decision, but NBC was contractually obligated to give Conan “The Tonight Show”. Conan did not force Leno out – Leno essentially forced himself out by agreeing to the contract in 2004.

        Because Leno was whiny and unhappy about his own stupidity, but had NO legal leg to stand on whatsoever, NBC gave him that 10 PM show. The likely real reason they wanted to put Leno back at the 11:35 slot was NOT because Conan’s ratings were bad, but because Leno’s ratings were lower than the various shows it replaced, and caused many people to tune out NBC. The affiliate stations complained because they lost their lead-in to their news shows, which in turn caused Conan’s lower ratings. That’s the REAL truth which has been documented in many places. Leno is the sole cause of all of that, not Conan…

  • zuzufan

    Im not glad, but not sorry either. He denigrates his race with his not funny jokes. He is alive thanks to his wife who donated him a kidney, who he later left for a young woman.

    • rob

      Just how exactly does he denigrate his race by telling not funny jokes???? Either they’re funny or they’re not. I don’t find Conan funny but I don’t blame it on him being white or having red hair.

      • Wyndiw

        Obviously with his not so funny jokes about his race.

  • Skye

    Good, he’s terrible. If I want to listen to a latino telling bad jokes, I’ll talk to the guy that mows my lawn.

    • Francisco

      Sky thank you so much for that terrific insight on your gardener’s ability to tell jokes. It’s in the delivery. Perhaps if you paid him a bit more he could get better material.

    • Pat

      That itself was a bad joke.

    • rob

      Racist much Skye???

      • Skye

        How’s it racist? My yard keeper is funnier than George. George, the guy that called Kirstie Alley a big fat pig. Good riddance to his talentless self.

      • DDB9000

        Uh, racist Skye…

        Conan, Letterman, Chelsea Handler, and Craig Ferguson have also told “Kirstie Alley is a fat pig”-type jokes (and I imagine Leno has too, but I don’t watch his crapfest).

        I don’t see you complaining about all those white people making those jokes…

    • Too funny


      • Adam

        LOL, I laughed too! :D

    • Wyndiw

      @Skye…yeah right, like you have a lawn!

    • Nicoe

      You are a racist idiot.

  • Shamar

    Wait, does this mean Conan stays in the same timeslot or will they extend his show to 2 hours?

  • da

    I didn’t watch it a lot, but I liked it. I thought George was really great to his guests. I feel bad for him. Hope other opportunities come his way.

  • Just like Leno

    So, where’s the backlash against “CoCo”?

    • LMFAO

      How stupid ^^^^

      • AHA!

        Conan, is that you?

      • Wyndiw

        It’s his mama.

    • Brett

      No backlash. Just like there’s no viewers.

    • well

      It’s not Conan’s fault Lopez is boring

      • Fog cue

        “The move comes on the heels of TBS renewing Franklin & Bash and cancelling Men of a Certain Age.” – ‘Men’ was on TNT, not TBS – way to show you’re a legitimate magazine, Entertainment Weekly.

      • TheBeck

        You’re right. ‘Men” wasn’t TBS Come on Entertainment Weekly, you guys should know this! Although, they played ENDLESS commercials fot it during the playoffs on TBS last year. I promised myself I’d NOT watch it on that annoyance alone.

      • DDB9000

        Fog cue (and TheBeck)…

        Way to waste time.
        While you are technically correct that “Men of a Certain Age” is on TNT (not TBS), it’s part of the Turner Broadcasting System (gee, now what would those initials be?) division of TimeWarner, based in Atlanta. Can you figure that out ? Obviously not…

        Oh, and P.S.: The other three divisions are Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO, and Time Inc. (publisher of… Entertainment Weekly!!!). Do you really think they don’t know what’s going on in their own corporation? Sheesh!

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