Mercedes gets a boyfriend on 'Glee' this fall


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Cupid will strike Mercedes on Glee this fall.

LaMarcus Tinker (Friday Night Lights) will join the dramedy as Marcus, a love interest for Amber Riley’s character. The actor begins work on the Fox drama today.

Tinker was last seen on Cougar Town but also played Dallas on FNL.

Earlier this month, creator Ryan Murphy told the press that he wants to “service more of the kids” on the show. “I don’t think there’s been enough Amber. I don’t think here’s been enough Jenna or Harry.”

Glee returns on Sept. 20.

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  • Carson

    I think the fat black boy on The Glee Project would make a perfect boyfriend for Mercedes.

    • Hank

      Racism… Plus, Alex is incredibly gay. However, Ryan Murphy can’t write characters according to his own imagination. He’s so lame.

      • Tiffany

        She likes them that way. Remember her crush on Kurt. Someone should buy her a gaydar from Sharper Image.

      • Rachel

        yeep. that’s why its not a question if they are a good actor. its a question if they are a good character. its weird.

      • Rachel

        yeep. that’s why its not a question if they are a good actor. its a question if they are a good character. its weird., isn’t it?

      • Rachel

        opps duplicate post. sorry!

      • Joon

        WOW…let’s not ghettoize our characters, shall we? did GLEE really have to pair her with another black, fat character? Why don’t they bring Gabourey Sibide to play her sister and maybe Kenan Thompson as her brother?

      • Pubeefa

        I think you’re onto something, Joon! Those are excellent ideas! Definitely pitch them to FOX! BTW, it was absurd to pair up with Mercedes with Sam – come on, his abs were were like marble and he was prettier than her.

      • nicole

        He looks real sweaty and probably itchy in that pic.

      • Blonde South

        Wow. That’s pretty racist for a spam bot.

      • Briana

        Pufeeba if i could have hit you the moment I read that post I would have. That was so racist! So what if he has abs. In the show he is a good person and so is she. That’s why they were together. And because it’s Not something you see everyday. It’s a show about UNDERDOGS.. Now Ryan Murphy went right back to stereotyping.. She used to be one of my favorites, now I’m sure I’ll be just a bit annoyed now that he’s switched it up.

    • mae

      really? i thought he would be a good younger brother for her so there could be a sibling rivalry storyline.

      • Ping Pong

        They would have amazing sexual chemistry. Alex and Mercedes forever!

      • Brightside Jr.

        Please DON’T
        I Hate Alex!!

      • Melanie

        Alex is a stud. He’ll have Mercedes belting those high notes! Just picture them scissoring each other and you’ll be sold on the idea.

      • JPFlick

        Roll her in flour and he’ll find it. Lay him on his back, MAYBE she’ll find it.

    • Cygnus

      Maybe this will remove that chip and attitude from her shoulders. She’s easily the most irritating character after Kurt.

      • Mix

        I have to agree. Kurt gets on my nerves!

      • liza


      • Lily

        Mercedes and Kurt are the same character in a different package. and I find their obnoxiousness amusing…

    • Loyalty

      so why don’t we have him be the new BF of a white girl or a white boy. This adds to the verify stereotypical FOX attitude that you don’t cross the color line with this show. Really – give some reality to the show – it’s musical crap with a dash of Rightwing love.

      • katya

        actually i think you’ll find that the romance between Sam and Mercedes at the end of season 2 proved that Glee has no issue with biracial relationships.

      • Captain

        They tried to put her with Sam but he quit the show. I actually think the interracial card is used too much with television shows. Anytime you have two or more minority characters on a show they’re always dating white people. Black people date within their own race too.

      • Jenny

        Um, did you already forget about Sam? I mean, who knows what’s really going on with Glee, but the writers at least said they were going to keep Sam & Mercedes as a couple if Chord hadn’t decided to leave cause he didn’t get series regular.

      • Jenny

        Plus, what about Artie and Tina, or Santana and Brittany? Don’t those count as interracial or ethnically diverse couples?

      • DivaSoulSista

        I know this is going to blow your politically correct little mind but black people still sometimes date other black people. Not every couple on TV needs to champion politically correct interracialness. In fact, it’d like to see two black people together every once in a while … You might find it hard to believe but that does still happen in real life. In fact, it happens all of the time.

      • Briana

        Loyalty actually has a point. And being a black female I can see where they are coming for. Of course I remember Sam and Mercedes little hand hold at the END of the season. But what y’all seem to forget is that what they had was a SECRET so you can’t really call it a relationship, and say that it’s already happened if no one even knew.. And yes we date within our color, but come on now. They could have made him another “sam” someone good looking and in shape, to say otherwise is to say she doesn’t deserve to be happy. I mean look at Artie and Brit. He’s in a wheelchair, she’s a Cheerio. Something like that would never happen. Tina in Mike are cute, because you don’t see many Asian people even on tv, but they are both “in-shape” as are Brit n Artie… So b/c Mercedes is black and a tad bit fluffy, it mean she should be with someone a tad bit fluffy? Go back to the good stuff and break the stereotype like they did before..

      • Tracy

        Loyalty – no, this show is so far from Rightwing!!! I know – I lean to the conservative side and if anything this show is to the LEFT.

        It is totally okay that African American people get hooked up with other African Americans; Asians with Asians and whites with whites. It is also okay if the races mix (which they have done in the past with Santana; Mercades & Sam ever be it so briefly, Tina and Artie and even with Mercades digging Kurt) – what is the big deal? Don’t make it into a race thing please. And who cares if Mercades new boyfriend is heavy? There are far more skinny & in-shape people on the show than heavy people. We already have a skinny/fat matchup on the show. It is about character development and chemistry. I’m just happy that Mercedes has a man – and because he’s in a jersey it looks like he’s a football player – not some goof ball.

        Chill out everyone! We love Glee – they have great writers & characters. Let the show do what they do & enjoy it all!

    • paul

      you must be out of your mind to think such a foolish thing !

    • Joust

      Where is the spambot advertising interracial dating services when you need it?

  • jrs

    Oh good…another knee-grow on the TV.

    • anonymous

      Oh good…..another troll douchebag in the comment section.

      • nicole

        He does look kinda uncomfortable in that outfit. I would like to take him to compton and drop him off in the middle of the night.

  • nykolus

    that’s not him???

  • Nicky

    That’s a mighty fall from the hot Sam.

    • Aprilcot26

      Agreed. I was so looking forward to a Sam/Mercedes storyline this fall. Ryan Murphy is killing this show…

      • Captain

        He didn’t fire Chord, Chord left.

      • Lily

        Because3 Chord was not made a regular by the Glee bosses.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah…gotta agree.

    • Mika

      I think Mercedes would rather have some of the hot white bread known as Sam. I am still holding out hope.

      • JPFlick

        White or not, A hot “bread” like Sam NEVER gets with a big fat girl. Prove me wrong. Show me ONE SINGLE coupling of a seriously hot man with a fat girl. Send me pictures. Tell me a website. Show me a movie (even porn)….sorry, isn’t believable cuz it just doesnt happen.

      • Tom

        Dude, rule 34. Do you REALLY want to tempt fate and get that kind of proof?

      • Lissa

        ^ Excellent point!!

      • Briana

        JPFlick.. that was a REALLY dumb thing to say… You really want that kind of proof.. Besides I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… It’s a show about UNDERDogs. DUH it doesn’t happen in real life, that’s why Glee works. Because it gives hope to people like Gleeks… So why can’t it happen to her? Just because YOU don’t see it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

      • Denise

        i guess what jpflick says is true in real life. but this is fiction, and in this show it would be nice to see something as inspiring as that, proof that loves shouldnt have anything to do with looks. isn’t tv supposed to appeal to our desires? also, maybe if people see it on tv, they’ll start to change their attitudes, and we’ll have less people who feel like jpflick in the world.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I really don’t want more Amber, or Harry, or Tina – they are pretty boring characters. I’d prefer more Jesse, more Emma, more Schu…

      • Brenda Barrett

        I should say they *play* pretty boring characters.

  • Strepsi

    Man, 2 out of 4 comments racist. Glee is damned if they do (oh, black people can only date black people?) or damned if they don’t (oh, we can’t have a romantic lead black guy?)

    How about the fact that this guy is FUNNY? He was just great as Kevin on Cougar Town. And if he can sing, well there you go.


  • Strepsi

    Plus, I want to see a throw-down between him and Azimio!

    As well, we never sae what happened to Kurtofsky’s best friendship with the evil Azimio…. maybe more football team this year? Coach Bieste!!!

    • Lisa Simpson

      A throwdown between the sheets!

  • DDB

    I hope this doesn’t mean he won’t be recurring on Cougar Town anymore. I love him as Travis’s roommate.

    • Jose

      Look at the bright side, he finally found his chocolate Kristin

      • Tom Bergeron


  • Fridge

    He looks like he’s 30, not like a high school student. I know most of the cast is pushing 30, but they don’t look so old.

    • Ann

      He just needs to lose the facial hair and add some make-up, he’ll be fine.

    • Mike

      He played a high schooler just fine on Friday Night Lights and that was just last year.

    • Pubeefa

      Obesity makes a person look older. It just does.

  • jets

    I hope he sounds like Luther Vandross. I hate it when people who can’t sing are given songs on Glee.

    • Captain

      Like Jenna

      • Lassie

        You think Jenna can’t sing? Yikes. She’s actually very good. Not Lea Michele or Amber Riley good, but VERY good. She’s done a lot of jokey performances though…but when given a good song and the opportunity to sing it straight, she’s got a lovely voice.

      • Blonde South

        I think you mean like Dianna. She’s cute and all but I would say she’s the weakest singer of the bunch…

  • diremommy

    I think I’m more upset that the show’s full figured girl can only end up with an even fluffier guy.

    I’m also bitter about the Sam thing, why even tease us with it in the last epi if there was going to be no follow through?

    • Rebekah

      Agreed. They should have fought harder for Chord Overstreet to return, even if it was only for a few episodes. It is so rare that a new character blends into the original cast so well. I will miss Sam and the potential his story could’ve had by being with Mercedes.

      • Ann

        Chord refused to come back. What else could they do? I’m sure they wanted him back and fought for it…I think Chord just thinks a bigger star than Glee could offer him…

      • Captain

        I agree for the most part but I don’t think it’s that Chrod thought he was a star, I don’t think he was ever sold on acting. His love is music and I think he used Glee as a platform for that.

    • e4ia

      Well he’s more realistic as Mercedes’ BF. It would be difiicult to imagine a full-figured girl high school girl like Mercedes ending up with a pretty-boy hunk like Sam (especially when we’ve seen his taste in girls last season when he fell for and dated Quinn)

      • Jenny

        I’m tired of hearing that. Yeah, it probably doesn’t happen in small, conservative Ohio towns. But I’ve seen plenty of interracial couples (with different body sizes) in more working-class areas. I mean, in reality you wouldn’t even find that many Asian and African-American and Latino students out of a group of 12-13 in one small town Ohio high school, so it’s all just made up.

      • Leia

        But it’s always the African-American girl that has to measure up anyway in interracial relationships, even if she’s beautiful and slender.
        Societal standards and media rates them the least desirable, so to have the character Mercedes be physically unattractive on top of pairing her with the coveted white boy Sam, is quite frankly unrealistic and insulting to girls like Mercedes who would naively get their hopes up by the message of a fictional tv show.

      • e4ia

        Actually, Jenny, I never said that being an interracial couple was the obstacle for Sam (I could easily buy watching him hooking-up with a trim, black cheerleader on the show). I just feel that it isn’t realistic for him going for a full-figured girl like Mercedes when we saw how much he was into a girl like Quinn. I felt that their possible relationship seemed forced. I can kinda buy Puck/Lauren just because she challenges him which he seems turned on by by that, along with her attitude. Plus, it’s played a little for comedic effect.

      • e4ia

        … Plus, remember how body-conscious Sam was earlier in the season? Guys usually don’t work hard to get a rockin body and tight 6-pack abs to go out with someone who probably gets winded going up a couple flights of stairs.

      • Dani

        I think the point was that Sam had changed due to his experiences with Quinn, Santanna and what his family was going through. He wanted to be with someone who was a great person not just a great body. I’m bummed about him not coming back. He was on the show every week anyway why not make him a series regular? Bad decision.

      • Briana

        So pretty much every one of y’all are saying because Mercedes doesn’t fit into a stereotypical body type of a high school football player’s gf, then it shouldn’t happen on tv because other A.A girl’s might get their hopes up? That is one of the most sexist/racial things i have ever seen commented on Glee. As a slender African American cheerleader I actually take offense. I would actually WANT to see Sam and Mercedes together because this is a UNDERDOG show, this is something you would never see, something the show is about. She has to fight to be heard even though she’s an amazing singer, her best friend is gay, and she’s losing him to his bf. Geez, stop with the stereotypes. B/c now your saying after all that hard work, the most she get’s is a secret relationship with Sam, then a out in the open relationship with a Black guy that’s closer to her body shape. SMH, so much for being a show about showcasing people’s differences.

      • Denise

        lei’s right, even if mercedes were super skinny, she probably wouldn’t even be paired with him. shed be considered less desirable.

        from a personal standpoint, and as a black female, i hate it! i hate feeling like were at the bottom of the desirability barrel as far as relationships are concerned.

    • E

      Lauren has Puck.

      • Lassie

        Yeah, I’d be totally irritated as a big woman married to a slender-but-muscular-guy….except for the fact that they put Lauren and Puck together. That relationship has been pretty fun, IMO. :)

    • Briana

      diremommy that you for somebody that finally speaks sense! geez, everyone seems to think that because she is full figured she should have someone full figured.. it’s not so much that he can’t be black, but it seems like EVERYONE else forgot about Lauren && Puck… She’s more full figured and she got someone thats smaller than her.. But for someone Mercedes get someone that’s bigger? Hmmmm… yeah ok..

  • kate middleton

    He is great as Tink on FNL and also hilarious on Cougar Town.

    But I am over Glee.

  • Carmania

    Well, I’m glad Amber Riley is getting a storyline. It will be interesting to see how they go from Sam to this guy, but it should make for good TV. I for some reason doubt he will be in the Glee Club though.

    • RBC

      As long as Kurt & Blaine don’t get more storylines…

      • Lily

        I do see some Kurt and “Marcus” interaction.. Kurt used to be Mercedes best friend… Blaine gets a bit jealous of Kurt and ‘Marcus” friendship.

  • Kelly

    Maybe Alex can play his brother?!

    • Melanie

      Alex can be his “Down Low” brother. I want to see those two tootsie rolls mash it up real nice and slow.

    • Meri

      Please…no Alex! He is annoying. I don’t care about his race or his sexuality (so don’t go there!)…his personality is annoying.

      • Plump

        You know you wants on that tootsie.

  • khm

    Just happy to see Tinker on my TV again.

  • Bea

    What is Ryan Murphy trying to suggest, that minorities should only date their “own kind”? The jokes about Asian Couples Counseling were really irritating.

    • Captain

      They were hilarious and you know it. “Self hatin Asian”

    • SC

      There have been several interracial relationships on the show.

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