'Eureka'! Syfy orders one final episode -- plus, Erica Cerra speaks out


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Eureka fans, brace yourself for one more twist.

You know the show was renewed for a sixth season, canceled, then had its final six episodes retracted. Now Syfy is adding one final hour to the show’s upcoming fifth season so writers can wrap things up. It doesn’t take a math genius to calculate the fluctuating final episode count for Eureka, but it doesn’t hurt either (13 + 6 – 6 + 1 = 14). And that is it — no more revisions (we think).

It seems production on season 5 is nearly finished, and episode 13 is one of the show’s characteristic cliffhangers. Producers needed an extra hour to give fans any kind of closure.

Erica Cerra, who plays┬áDeputy Jo Lupo on the show, spoke to EW about the cancelation. A month ago, she said, the cast was still optimistic. “I figure we were getting sixth season for sure, 13 if not more,” Cerra said. “Then we learned we were only getting six and were disappointed — the numbers were going up and the show was getting better. But we were still happy with the six and knew they could have created a great ending.”

And then…

“The final blow,” she said. “Yeah, that was just sad. There’s no other word to use. It was a sad moment. We weren’t prepared to say goodbye. Hopefully the final episode will do the show justice.”

The Smallville and Battlestar Galactica vet said she has no idea how writers are going to wrap things up, though she did have some hopes for Deputy Jo.

“Maybe they’ll be a softer side to Jo,” she said. “Maybe she’ll get domestic and have lots of children. Or maybe she’ll finally be sheriff.”

Overall, Cerra said the experience of working on Eureka has been terrific. “There’s not even the smallest hint on sarcasm; I say with utter sincerity I really really enjoyed working on this show and the people I worked with. And I love the show.”
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  • brynna87

    Well thank gods for at least that one small miracle, but I’m still sad to see the entire show go. Love it so much.

  • David F.

    As long the show has closure. Stupid Syfy.

    Erica Cerra is definitely on my radar thanks to this show and that is one thing I will always be grateful for.

  • PixxieTrixxie

    I had no idea this was coming – it makes me truly sad. We have loved this show in our house from the beginning. I am grateful that they are at least going to wrap it up.

  • wg

    Eureka fans were lucky – they just had to complain online for a few days and boom – final episode for closure. We Farscape fans had to picket outside of Universal’s offices and complain for a year before we got our story’s closure.

    • Fez

      They had to wrap it up for the boxset sales.

      • scifigal

        Not really …. Peacekeeper Wars is not in the boxed sets — it was produced by Liongate — not the same company that put out Season 1 thru 4. So if you are looking for the closure to Farscape, need to rent or buy separately The Peacekeeper Wars.

      • Fez

        I was talking about Eureka.

    • scifigal

      No kidding. And it was only because the fans drummed up the money to get it done. They had written off one of the greatest scifi series. EVER.

      What is it with this cable company? Not only pulls the rug out from under Farscape. … didn’t they do it to Stargate 1 — had the great big 200 episode story and then announces its the last year.

      Careful fans ….. do get too invested in a good scifi program on SyFy — the’ll cancel it for Ghost Hunters South Seas II or some other wrestling show.

      • Grumpster

        Ghost hunters…oh…did you hear that? Hear what? That!!! No…what? Let’s check on our Digital what-its-gadget thing—now hear it? Nope…oh…wait a minute…there it is (still nothing audible on TV)…what..it sounds like….is it? A ghost? Wait…maybe it was EVP’s or Magneticallywhatchamacallit…..oh…yeah..let’s check that too…there it is…now do you see it? Nope…..but I swear it was there a minute ago. Let me tweak the thingamajigger here and boost that amplitude-a-ma-bob…and add some gizmatic sound effecft…THERE…now you hear it? Nope.

  • Patches

    What are you guys thinking? This is a great show. Not only are there a diverse amount of plots, the cast is great, our family has watched this show for its entirety. This is just awful news. Hope you can stand the karma,.

    • Tagger

      Totally agree, I felt like the show was as fresh as ever, there were so many great places for the show to go, it had a rich mythology and so many wonderful characters. The entire cast is top-notch; I blame Comcast, they’d rather dump cash into their own cruddy networks that nobody watches and sink everything NBC Uni built.

  • Steve

    More than V got. So I guess it’s something.

  • Nathan

    This show should go on the OWN network with the rest of the castoff garbage.

  • Feverish

    Guess i’ll watch “Legend quest” (hey that guy is looking for the holy grail…oooh he found…dust) or “ghost hunters” (that unexplain mist found in that heavily percipitated area is a GHOOOOOST). Hey, what the hell get rid of “warehosue 13″ and put on more with guy who finds hollywood atifacts (2 reasons. 1) findinmg mary poppins purse is so si-fi. 2)cause i would never be able to find this stuff on the internet.). Wow, i’ve got a sarcastic migrane. Maybe, i need a si-fi fix? Whens wrestling on? All hail SuckFy!!!

    • Susan

      Hey, why not some more wrestling! That’s definitely SyFy… Not!

    • Gavin

      warehouse 13 is a amazing show with a great cast and a great plotline and it kinda has syfy elements but who cares what channel its on its a great show who cares if its not complety syfy its a good show enjoy it

  • jason

    it’s tough to get into shows like this with networks constantly cancelling them without an ending of some kind. i’m glad this show will get some kind of send off

  • Mincha

    One beats none, but still…
    I’m going to miss Jo. I think she could rock both motherhood and the sheriff’s job, and make it look effortless.

  • Javadude54

    I’m not surprised SyFy canceled the show. It was probably getting more expensive to produce and, SyFy being the cheapskates they are, decided to go with newer, and cheaper, programming.

    I hope the folks on Warehouse 13, Haven, and other SyFy shows are paying attention. They may want to hold off on buying those multi-million dollar mansions they’ve been dreaming about for awhile. SyFy will drop them like a sack of potatoes if they think they can make $5 more from another show. Some networks have more loyalty than others and all have more loyalty that the SyFy channel.

  • Tagger

    I love this show to bits and all the characters on it, it’s the rare show that would always surprise and entertain in a smart way. It was a bright spot of smart and charming cool in a very, very stupid world.

  • Tagger

    P.S. the best way that we can manifest our anger is to dump Comcast and switch to Fios; the minute I have Fios in my area I will switch. The Comcast morons bought NBC Uni and the minute they did they cancelled a ton of scripted shows.

    • benlinus

      Well guess it’s a good thing I have Time Warner.

    • benlinus

      Keep in mind Tagger that Verizon has horrible service. My buddy moved into a new apartment this week end and had to place an order for equipment 3 times because the morons working in their call centers couldn’t process an order correctly. Monday he gets 3 start up kits at his door and no one bothers switching on his service on the day they were supposed to. Normally I have sympathy for Unionized workers but in my opinion you kind of need to do your job well to have a decent bargaining position; considering the retards that ‘helped’ my friend with his service hook up I wouldn’t be surprised if they spelled Verizon wrong on their strike placards.

      • Robyn

        That is really ridiculous!! I feel for your friend. I always had trouble with Verizon customer service, but I will say FiOs gives a terrific picture and pretty fast Internet! Comcast has slower Internet and ridiculously high prices for cable, especially with the bundle!!! Not worth it!! I just moved and the only option I had was comcast so I switched to the dreaded Satallite, DirectTV! For the most part I’m completely happy with what I have…except when certain storms come through I have no signal. :( Comcast stinks even more to me now that I know they most likely have contributed to the cancellation of my favorite show!! Syfy what are you thinking!!!!! Boo to you!!

      • grammar

        We went through the same thing with comcast. Online ordering is separate from phone. They’re all offshore and sound like they don’t care about their jobs. I’m still not so quick to jump to conclusions, though, having worked many jobs where the bosses are such idiots that they make demands on employees without giving the proper tools to do the jobs. The bigger the company, the worse it is. Most times, those bosses have business degrees, no clue how to DO business, just classroom theory on how to “run” it (into the ground).

  • dee123

    Gee thanks Sy Fi, your so kind…….

  • Will

    Her comments expose the truth that SyFy tried to obscure — that in fact, without this one extra hour, there would have been no resolution to the show. SyFy was content to mislead viewers into thinking the remaining episodes would tie everything up, when they knew darn well that production was almost finished on them. They are such liars. Down with SyFy, down with the USAy Network too.

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