USA cancels 'In Plain Sight'


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USA is bringing back In Plain Sight for one final season.

The network will roll out a fifth — and final — season next year. The decision comes despite the show averaging a sturdy 4.9 million viewers. The network is couching the news as a fifth season renewal, but in a way it really isn’t since the USA announced the show would continue for two more seasons last year.

The final season will have a short order of eight episodes and is scheduled to debut next spring. The news comes on the heels of a renewal for freshman series, Suits.

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  • Pat D.


    • ks

      I know! I’m down to one with Eureka gone. Could see the writting on the wall for this one.

      • xnu

        Mary Shannon is annoying. But I’m glad viewers will get some sort of closure instead of a cliffhanger.I am an Air Force and single at present .I need a woman who can love me back ..I also uploaded my hot photos on M’ilitaryloves .C óM under the name of cnuaw22..It’s the largest and best club for seeking Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police Force, and the admirers of those who wear the uniform.I just hope you don’t mind me being a soldier …Please Check it out!I’m serious.

      • kmalex

        This is one of the few shows I put on my calendar so I don’t miss the season premiere. It is smart, funny, and real. I watch a lot of USA shows, and there are several that are good for their niche (White Collar, Psych, Necessary Roughness), but In Plain Sight is the only solid drama. I think any closure we get in 8 episodes will feel rushed and incomplete; there will be so much good TV left untapped.

    • gazmo

      When actresses get knocked up and lumber around like a whale for an entire season – this is what they risk happening. But thank GOD Mary listened to her biological clocks and brought another child into this broken-down world that’s on the brink of ecological and economic Armageddon!!!

      • Jay

        Gazmo, if you are so worried about the impending Arnageddon, you should just go ahead and take your own life. I promise we will mourn you.

      • gazmo

        After YOU, gentle Jay.

      • yuck

        YOU are the one complaining, Gazmo.

      • patti

        I don’t know where you live, but when you’re pregnant you GAIN weight!! Also, one does not have to be married to have a baby!!! Remember, it’s not 1910, and it happened then also.. It’s nice to see people work, not panhandle or live on welfare ….

      • CAROL

        Gazmo, you are a moron!!!!!

      • tony

        Hey Orgazmo, it’s a friggin tv show for gods sake, what the hell is the matter with people like you, you act like just because they got a hit with the show that they owe it to their fans and the public at large to continue entertaining us until WE get bored with it. why don’t you cut them a little bit of slack and go find something else to do for that time slot. Oh I don’t know, maybe talk to some humans instead of your tv set.

      • Zombie A

        Orgazmot it’s the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Build your underground bunker and stock up of food and weapons now before it’s too late.

    • Poppy

      USA – you suck!

    • Penny

      My sentiments exactly!

    • mayra

      I completely agree it is a Fabulous show. There are a few shows I don’t even watch on USA like Suits.

      • Gerry

        This was one of many good USA shows, can’t believe you took it off. Knew when you put it on Friday night, it was the kiss of death. I will rethink watching Suits, after this event, you are dumb to cancel this show.

      • doris

        I will miss IPS.It is a good show. I will not be watching suits.

    • Tiff

      I agree USA has got to stop canceling the good series’s. In Plain Sight is a great show and them canceling it is a great disappointment.

      • Terri

        I agree with Gerry and Tiff. All these net works what is up! Why do you have to cancel good shows. USA, TNT (Closer) canceled. These stations cancel shows you look forward to, in the spring and summer .

      • marjolaine

        in plain sight was a good show and i enjoyed it….the play between marshall and mary was great…i heted the sister and the mom but did like the stories……i dont want to see it go!!

      • Cheryl

        They allways take good shows off and leave us with reality shows where you don’t have to use your brain to try to figure out what is going to happen before it happens. Another good show gone!!!!

    • Datrtebor

      I think they changed their mind or whom ever reported this was Wrong as its back on for another season starting 3-16th.

    • mb

      They keep the snoozer Psych and cancel the interesting and entertaining In Plain Sight. Sounds like poor executive decisions resulting in “your fired” in the not too distant future. I hope the actors land better roles soon.

      • tv

        Psych is great.

      • marjolaine

        i’ve seen suits and cant believe they are serious…another big yawn i sure wont be watching

      • Sharon

        I could not beleive that USA would cancel In Plain Sight. The cast is wonderful. The chemistry between Marshal and Mary is wonderful. it is so very well written. I love Mary’s commentary at the end of every show that shows how she relates the situation to real life. cancel this but leave something as dumb as Suits on. What’s next Burn Notice ? Better not even think about it!!!!

    • Gerry

      Psych is a snoozer, I will take In Plain Sight any day over that one, Mary and Marshall are a good team, it’s a good show, Take off Psych, and leave this one on.

      • Marly

        I love psych and Plain Sight;, take off Suits, looks like two kpretty boys trying to be men. Dumnl I think it is cool that woman can work their pregnancys into the script look at bones. Just because they get pregnant it sdoesn’t mean their acting is not good, do not cancel this show, Mary is a strong woman whose family takes advantage of lher and she keeps onm going.A raeally strong and caring character who is learning how to let olthers in despite her history of loss.

      • Debby

        I agree. I can’t believe they are taking In Plain Sight off and keeping a show like Psych. Who makes these stupid decisions??? I love the chemistry between Mary and her partner and I love Mary’s reparte. She’s a hoot!! BAD DECISION TO CANCEL

      • Franki Apples

        In A Way I Agree W/You,About IPS. Psych,Is Decent.
        I Couldn’t Bleive Who Marys’ Dad ,Come To My Surprise] Was, Steven Lang (From That [To Me] Boring Avatar Movie), He.[Mr. Lang],Was Also In A ComDrama Movie W/ James Woods & Michael J Fox[Back In ’94,Called :The Hard Way”]..He Was A Psycho Crimminal In That t One.
        Too Bad His[S.Langs’] Character,Marys’ Dad, Was Short Lived.

    • Niq&Bar

      USA i think you need to run in plain sight… ongoing seasons…. there’s no other show with that plot and character, story line… how dare you for taking my favorite role model (career wise- not relationship) away from me & my fiance… i can even forgive and appreciate her sometimes overly cynical attitude…. but usa’s attitude is worse by canceling the show!

  • Chris

    Whaaaattt??? This is another one of the popular summer cable shows. How much bigger audience do they think they could really get? It’s USA, people, not HBO.

    • Arlene Bond

      How much more stupidity can USA show us. This is a smart show that engages people with an actual IQ. Suits is not near the quality of acting, writing and/or casting that In Plain Signt has been.

    • marsh

      Can’t believe anyone can miss the quality of IPS; superior everything!! I love Marshall Mary and Marshall Marshall. How quaint to have such a great show. Fairly Legal, Suits, and the rest are a snooze. USA needs to make real people decisions. Mary McCormack rocks!!!

      • Debby

        I do like Fairly Legal and Suits is ok, but if I had to choose between the two, IPS would win hands down

  • Michael

    If anything Suits and that other lawyer show need to be cancel

    • hesjr1972

      Michael, I so agree with you. I was shocked that the series SUITS was renewed for a 2nd season. For the exception of the beautiful and talented Gina Torres, I can’t stand none of the other actors. The good news is USA Network did not pick up that forgettable series about that annoying female mediator.

      • Barry

        They haven’t decided about “Necessary Roughness” yet.

      • Chris

        Necessary Roughness needs to go! How do Suits and Psych and Franklin & Trash stay on the air?

      • Rich

        The did renew Fairly Legal for season 2(the series about the female mediator)

      • jmcg

        I couldn’t disagree more, I have been pleasantly surprised by Suits. I love the Harvey character. I haven’t watched any legal shows since the original L&O was axed. Suits is lighter fare but still good.

      • Justin

        I actually like Suits, Necessary Roughness, and Fairly Legal. While I’m disappointed in the cancellation of In Plain Sight, I’m glad it’s at least getting a last season to wrap things up (even though eight episodes is way too short for a good show like that).

      • SMidnite

        I don’t like Necessary Roughness because the patient embodies every negative stereotype about football . I’d rather see him killed off than cured.

      • Poppy

        @SMidnite – agreed, and I just can’t get past seeing him as Eggs from TB.

      • Robb

        Chris, Psych is one of the best shows on television. Period. I also am surprised that I enjoy Suits *a lot* more than I thought I would. It’s my favorite new show this summer.

      • Jameriquay

        Law and Order CI-great
        In Plain Sight-good
        Royal Pains-good
        Covert Affairs-average
        Burn Notice-average
        White Collar-bad
        Necessary Roughness-terrible

    • moe


      • KVA

        Why do they take great shows off and leave junk on?
        law and order ci great
        psych junk
        In Plain Sight Great
        royal palms very good
        covert affairs very good +
        burn notice bad
        White Collar Great
        necessary roughness terrible

  • Susie

    now this is sad, it’s one of the more entertaining shows besides Falling Skies, Suits and a few select others that I actually enjoy watching. Seems they keep canceling shows that actually have the viewers returning weekly for. I guess more wrestling is on the way…ugh.

    • Katie

      And whatever happened to the Dead Zone? They didn’t even give it an ending.

      • jk

        They did the same thing with The 4400, would have liked to see that show get some closure.

  • Claire

    What? Don’t cancel this show! 8 episodes is not a season.

    • Jess

      well remember Mary McCormack will have a newborn baby at home. I bet that had something to do with it.

      • Justin

        That’s a good point.

      • Joan

        Actually that has nothing to do with it according to Mary’s twitter. It was all USA’s choice.

    • Supermom

      I have never written to comment about a show (good or bad) but I am really upset about the cancellation of this show. In’t there anything we can do? I really look forward to it, (and I still miss Monk!!) Necess. Roughness can GO!!!!

      • sherry

        I’m so with you. I’m so disappointed! I loved Mary and Marshal. USA needs to put Monk and In Plain Sight back on and ditch Ness. Roughness and Law and Order SVU. It’s time for the Law and Orders to retire.

  • Jen


    If they cancel Suits next I will cry…

  • GooGoo

    Mary Shannon is annoying. But I’m glad viewers will get some sort of closure instead of a cliffhanger.

    • Um

      Cancel In Plain Sight and Necessary Roughness. Can’t stand either show.

      • Jason

        Screw you. Just because your trashy shows got canceled doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everyone.

      • laura gorton

        If you don’t like a show, I have a solution for you. DON’T WATCH IT. Others may like it & have a right to watch.

  • innerjuju

    Hear of the storyline of a baby placed into a workplace drama and you can sit back and wait to for the pink slips.

  • Erika

    USA is owned by NBC universal just like SyFy. So this makes two popular shows with a substantial number of viewers this company has cancelled this week. I wonder what is really going on behind the scenes.

    • Chris

      Sounds like they are clearing the board for more reality and wrestling. Who is watching these shows? I would like to meet some of the Nielson viewers that boost the ratings of cr^p like wrestling and Jersey Shore. They probably have three arms and two heads.

      • miss scarlet

        I guess they need to show more reruns of House, SVU and NCIS on USA. jeez, I love this show, it’s well-written, well-acted, and gets good ratings. They are canceling it….why?

      • Abby

        I agree with all the above. Replacing another excellent, intelligent show with another painful reality show or more reruns. Between DVR’s, OnDemand, and all the online streaming options – I don’t even get the point of reruns anymore. And really, we can’t even get a full legnth final season?

      • RichardInBigD

        And no brain!

      • Carol

        Right on!

      • April

        I agree, the wrestling is soooo boring….a bunch of steroid users using inanimate objects to beat each other to a pulp…and reality TV is not my speed either…stop cancelling the good shows DOGGONE IT ALREADY….

      • Debby

        I’m so sick of “reality” shows I could puke. I like Necessary Roughness. I think Callie is awesome.

    • scifigal

      It’s always about the money ….screw the fans.

      I believe NBC sold off everything (TV holdings) to Comcast. All the new Comcast producers, showrunners, TPTB types, have no monetary gain or creative juice in any of the shows now running.

      It’s life imitating life. Good analogy: when a lion takes possession of a pride of females and their cubs, he will immediately kill off the cubs of the deposed lion so going forward the females carry and bear only his offspring.

    • georgia

      Eureka and now In Plain Sight have been kicked off.
      It is going to be a long boring Summer.

  • Lori


    • Anne

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Natalie

    WHAT?! That is such crap. The show is excellent and gets good numbers. This makes no sense unless the lead actors have expressed their wishes to leave the show…Man this is a bummer.

  • Vago

    Reaffirms America’s preference for garbage on the small screen…In Plain Sight has no mass appeal cuz it has a brain..unlike the execs at USA

  • Em

    This is complete bullcrap. I really wonder what goes through executives’ minds when they decide to cancel certain shows. This is one of the most enjoyable shows on television. If they’re not going to renew it beyond a fifth season, at least expand it a little. 8 episodes…REALLY??? Doesn’t give much time to wrap everything up. But…guess I should be thankful they even get a fifth season.

  • Jennifer

    “In Plain Sight” is one of the few, well-written, well-acted, well-characterized shows left on television. Every week I look forward to Mary’s curmudgeony rants and diatribes and Marshall’s witty comebacks. They’re two of my favorite characters on t.v. It figures USA would cancel a quality show.

    • Amit

      So annoying! I completely agree with Jennifer. I just talked to someone who doesn’t watch In Plain Sight and told him that the characters are great and their connection totally makes the show. Love Mary and Marshall.

    • Darin

      Your comments are right on the mark. I love the show and Mary’s cynical attitude and gruff persona.

    • KevinG


    • Drea

      + another 1; it’s smart, funny and well acted. Of COURSE they cancelled it.

    • Ron B

      I agree with Jennifer, the network execs at USA and SyFy have cancelled shows that are different, but well written, great cast, etc. It is just sad that they should shrink In Plain Sight to 8 episodes, need at least 13 to 16 episodes for closure. We need new head honchos at USA network!

  • Auntebook

    OY VEY – NOT ANOTHER ONE???? What will I watch next summer? Eureka and now In Plain Sight! YIKES!!!

    • Eric

      Still enjoying the re-runs…Very sad to see it go. HUGE mistake USA. I truly enjoy your programming. In Plain Sight getting canceled…Not smart. I think a-lot of people enjoyed the smart dialogue and these characters.

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