Meet the new Toddler Lily on 'Modern Family' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Look who seems pretty chipper these days? Meet the new Baby, er, Toddler Lily on ABC’s Modern Family. She’s 4-year-old Aubrey Anderson-Emmons and she’ll play the adopted daughter of Cameron (Eric Stonestreet, pictured) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) this fall.

We’ll let fellow kid actor Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy) comment on the comedy’s latest cast edition: “She’s really adorable,” he told EW. “The first day I met her, she was kind of hiding behind her mom’s leg and I brought out my iPad and started playing with it and she comes out and she’s like [gasp] and started playing with it. It was really cute. I haven’t worked with her yet. But she is really happy. She says lines. She does everything. She’s really cute.”


Image Credit: Richard Foreman/ABC

Anderson-Emmons replaces Jaden and Ella Hiller, the docile twins who traded off portraying Lily for the last two seasons.  For more photos of the new Lily, pick up the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. — With additional reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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  • A2

    At least she looks happy unlike the other two.

    • Sam J

      The baby Lily cracked me up. She was perfect “straight guy” to her two dads. Her dead pan look said exactly what I was thinking: “these guys are friggin gay”!


      • lasher

        I was hoping that they wouldn’t replace to original Lily(s). I liked that they seemed so unaffected by all the chaos around them.I am an Air Force and single at present .I need a woman who can love me
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      • Ash

        Her “dead pan”? You mean their faces splashed with misery? Those poor kids looked so unhappy in every scene that they were in. I’m glad they recast.

      • jk

        you are so right I am going to miss old lilly ….it always cracked me up that she could keep such a straight face!!

      • Brock

        Sam, you disgust me.

      • playjojo

        Ahahahahaha! You’re an idiot!!!!!

    • Caitlin

      That’s exactly why she was so funny! Cameron would always be so over-the-top. And Lily would not react. I loved that. I’m going to miss the old Lily.

      • Eric827

        The “Lily as the straight man” thing worked when the twins who played her were babies. But that’s not going to work with a toddler. It’s going to seem pretty strange if a toddler is showing no reaction to the world around her.

  • TV Junkie

    Oy. She’s adorable. I just hope the show stays away from the “LOOK HOW CUTE” route of lesser shows like Full House

  • What?

    She looks more white than asian. And she is no where near as cute as the baby from Good Luck Charlie

    • Cris

      What’s Good Luck Charlie? Never heard of it.

      • What?

        Good Luck Charlie is a really good family sitcom on the Disney Channel which is similar to the good TGIF shows in the 90s, it portrays a normal family (no one is famous or trying to become famous, they are not wealthy). The baby on the show is rarely showcased to induce nausea like on Full House. The entire ensemble cast is hilarious, Disney finally made a decent family sitcom.

      • Jaded

        I agree–Good Luck Charlie is a really great family show. The whole case is really funny and we really enjoy the show in our house!

      • Vic Nardozza

        I thought Good Luck Charlie was Charlie Sheen’s new reality show.

      • MelindaB

        My daughter and I want to steal Charlie every time we watch the show! As for this Lily, she looks like a pre-schooler, not a toddler. I’m going to miss the old Lily.

      • Hairy Balls

        “Family Show”…what, is that code for boring, childish, and infantile? Oh…and OF COURSE with just a touch of Je-Sus too? Blah. If I want my kids to watch cartoons, I’ll let them watch cartoons.

      • @HB

        Well, of course – you ARE a cartoon.

    • annie

      Agree with u about Good Luck Charlie, it is a cute show! The baby is adorable! Only thing i dont like is the Mom on the show, she looks like a clown with all the makeup she wears! lol

      • Captain

        Stop talking about Will and Grace’s game night friends like that.

      • Jackson

        @annie – The mom on Good Luck Charlie is one of the breakout characters for me – her over the top nature si hilarious. Her, Gabe, and PJ are by far my favorite characters on the show. As for the new Lily, I agree that the baby on Good Luck Charlie is cuter by FAR

    • sandra emmons

      she is much cuter than the girl from good luck charlie and has much more personality. you have problems.

      • annie

        Sandra, hope it made your fri night better to insult a stranger on the internet! lol

      • Bmsy

        Oh plz Mom/auntie/Grammy give it a rest people are entitled to their opinion

      • nut boi

        very cute!

    • Logan

      Too bad no one is talking about Good Luck Charlie here. lmfao. You can’t even go there, bro.

  • ree

    I was hoping that they wouldn’t replace to original Lily(s). I liked that they seemed so unaffected by all the chaos around them.

    • snoopy24

      Totally agree, they are/were a perfect counterpart to the rest of the crazy family.

    • Francisco

      I agree. However if the family and the two little girls no longer wanted to be part of the show I wish them well.

      • hike

        I think the family didn’t have a problem with the girls being on the show but as the season progressed, they producers needed to show a more chatty baby and Lily wasn’t ready for big conversation scenes yet. At least that is what the show’s producer said.

      • steph

        one of the twins was a boy.

      • Logan

        no, Ella and Jaden are both girls.

    • Rob Grizzly

      Agreed. This is an odd switch up to me. Changing a cast member (and pretending like nothing happened) is so 90s sitcom

      • Karen

        So true! I also hate when the replacement actors are clearly a few years older than the previous actor. Lily jumped from 2 to 4 in one summer…nice.

  • LIGrrl

    YAY! Baby Lily was always the weak link on that show. I’m surprised they went with a girl who’s so much older, but I’m looking forward to seeing her actually have emotions!

    • K

      Weak link? You do realize you’re talking about two little kids right? The show was not about that one character. And the character couldn’t even talk yet!

  • Alli

    I loved that Lily always looked so stoic- it was a great balance to her parents. She was the voice of reason on the reason on the show!!!!!!

    • MrTemecula

      You are so right. Lily made me laugh just by her stoic look. It was a, “Are you kidding me?” look. Lily was perfect.

      • trs

        I’m sad they replaced Lily. I thought that Lily was played perfectly! I understand wanting more to do with the character but for real, the whole point is she should grow up on the show true to life. Oh well. The new girl is super cute. I hope I get used to her being Lily.

    • floty

      aw… I miss her(or them) already….. :(
      I’m wondering what they would look like now..
      i hate when actors are replaced!!
      i feel lost when it happens!!

  • Lorie

    She looks precious!

    • Justin

      I totally agree.

  • nykolus

    so, is modern family doing some type of fast-forwarding next season???

    • PepR

      I don’t think so, but a talking Lily must work as a plot device for a couple of episodes. And the show needs a bit of fresh air,

      • dgh

        How could they not have a time jump this new kid looks two years older than the first Lily.

      • PepR

        dgh: It’s a comedy mockumentary, does it really matter?

      • Me Me Me

        It’s the same idea as SORAS – soap opera rapid aging syndrome – age the kid so that they’re involved with the current story, and you never acknowledge that they were 1 year old last season.

      • Ash

        ITA Modern Family has gotten so stale and predictable. They seem to be sipping their own Kool Aid. Hopefully the new Lily will bring some life to a floundering show. The sophomore slump hit them hard.

  • Juan


  • candylynn

    I think that she does look more white than asian, and she is supposed to be an asian child.

    • evie

      I love the “she’s not Asian enough” crowd. Reminds me of the Obama “he’s not black enough” nonsense.

      • wsugar

        well he wasn’t

      • Smengy

        Let’s stay focused on the important things and not bring the president into this.

      • Anonymous

        lol @Smengy.

    • Lucia

      You do know that original Lily twins were also half white, half Asian.

  • Hoboken Family

    I was hesitant about them replacing Lilly. I hate when actors are replaced.

    I have to say though. This new toddler looks exactly like the twins grown up. Interesting to see her as a “character”. She should have some cute lines. Hoping it doesn’t start to venture into Full House territory and catchphrases.

    • Gabe

      If they handle her lines the way they’ve handled the other kid actors on the show, hopefully that won’t be a problem.

    • whatevs

      You think so? I don’t think this kid looks like the twins at all. It’s like they adopted a whole new child and got rid of the other ones, which is what happened.

      • hoganbcmj

        I think she looks just like them.

  • evie

    Thank goodness. It had to be done.

    • googie

      sadly, you’re right!

  • jims

    she may be cute on the show or real life, but not in that pic…. She looks like a shrunken version of adult michael jackson

    • maggie

      She looked to me when I first saw the photo to be one of the Gosselin girls. What an irony that would have been!

    • Kay

      You are the reason why child stars drink themselves to death. I seriously hope you’re just trolling.

  • wallycatmom

    the new lily does look like the previous babies grown, but how are they going to go from a kid who never said anything to a talkative 3 year old….i loves how she was oblivious to everything, noting the episode where cam drops lily off to gloria cause he needs a break…

    • Dicazi

      You haven’t known any kids that have went from not talking to chatty cathys in a couple of months?? I have.

      • Cris

        I’ve always said, as a parent, you spend the first 12 months trying to get them to talk, and the next 17 years trying to get them to shut up.

  • Richard

    I just hope they don’t say she’s older than she’s supposed to be. At the end of last season Lily should have been 2, maybe closer to 3. It just bugs me when characters are all of a sudden 2-3 years older after only one season has passed (unless there was a time jump) . Yeah, I know how dumb I sound, but still.

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