InsideTV Podcast: Was the Sookie and Eric sex on 'True Blood' worth the wait?

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They did it outside. They did it inside. They did it in different rooms. They did it in different positions. Yes, after all that anticipation, Sookie and Eric finally hooked up on True Blood. Was it worth the wait? True Blood aficionado and “supernatural sexpert” Mandi Bierly weighs in with her thoughts as we break down the current season. Which side are we rooting for in the witches vs. vampires war? What storylines haven’t been working this season? And why is Sam’s brother Tommy such a colossal bummer? We discuss and debate all the twists and turns in Bon Temps and even offer some teases as to what to expect in the next few episodes.

To join in all the fun — and find out which USA network star Mandi has a crush on — just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Was the Sookie and Eric hook up everything you hoped for? What storylines aren’t working for you this season? And in other love triangle news, would you rather see Jessica with Jason or Hoyt? Hit the message boards and let us know!

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  • Liz

    Without talking about the characters, I honestly thought that Anna & Alexander have, let’s say, an “ok chemistry”, but it was nothing like the chemistry between Anna & Stephen (that was something!).
    It looks like they had Sookie & Eric do it in many positions etc…, everywhere, to say “look how hot they are”, but I was more like, “yeah, ok, we get it”. But not that thrilling.
    Maybe it was also because Eric is not that thrilling in his little boy mentality… And come on, waaayyy too much pillow talk!

    • Seriously?

      Wow you people at the Vault are relentless, I’ll give you that.

      • Trace


      • rowan729

        Ha! Awesome comment, and I totally agree!

      • Sam J

        Sookie’s a HO!!!
        Good for her.

    • viggolover1

      @Liz…I can tell you haven’t read the books. The sex montage is a homage to what Sookie and Eric did in CH books. When Sookie had to remind Eric what they did when he didn’t have his memory. I’m quoting by memory ” We did it outside and every room in my house, we did it in any position I could imaging and some I couldn’t”. So believe AB and Woo are not trying to show you how hot they are together. And about Ana’s and Stephen scene. I re watch them and believe they have chemistry together but is not any different that the one she has with Alexander. She is a good actress and this is make believe. The only difference between Bill and Sookie scenes and Eric and Sookie is that Bill always ends up biting her and their scenes are too bloody. I know he is a vampire and that is supposed to be normal…but come on every single time!!! As now Eric (thank God0 hasn’t done that yet.

      • Starting to HATE EW

        HELLO! You guys are putting SPOILERS in your main article headlines now?! Oh wait – this whole fricking ARTICLE is a spoiler! You suck EW – guess I’ll have to avoid this site and cancel my mag subscription now – which doesn’t even arrive until Tuesday of the following week anyway! Ba-bye!

      • Wes

        Wow, “Starting to HATE EW.” I’m sure they care about stupid Internet comments about something that was obviously going to happen on this show that 1. is almost all sex, and 2. between two characters everyone wanted to see have sex.

      • benlinus

        At the 2 posters above me . . . The OP and EW are only commenting on events that have already occurred 2 weeks ago on the show; you’re either trolls or wastes of genetic material better spent else where.

      • sarah

        dude…. the news is TWO WEEKS OLD. how far behind are you that the whole article is a spoiler? sorry the rest of the world isn’t tip toeing around your lazy ass.

      • Amy

        I was thinking the exact same thing, Liz obviously did not read the books. It had everything to do with the long wait for this love scene that the book series lovers have been waiting for! It honestly wasn’t long enough! They better have many more scenes for us before he gets his memory back.

    • Kelsy

      liz, you are certainly in the minority thinking that Alex-Anna lack chemistry, though I would agree that Anna-Stephen sizzle. I think the actors are all wonderful, believable and engaging. A brilliant, funny, sexy show!
      They seem to have a ball with the campiness of it all!

    • Lady Bean

      I would have agreed with you about Anna & Alexander last season, but definitely not this season. The few times they had to kiss during season 3 felt awkward to watch almost (I’ll accept it when he planted one on her before he thought he was going to die and caught her off guard. But not during Eric’s own sex fantasy).
      But this season? Good Lord, both Anna & Alex have been acting really well (with a good storyline) and they have been incredibly hot together. The first time in the woods was surprisingly tender, but it was still good. Them bursting through the door and onto the floor was very hot (made me want a smoke) as were their other positions scenes.
      As for the pillow talk, if they didn’t have all these little moments would you find it believable that Sookie would be doing this with Eric (with or without his memory)? It’s the vunerable, sweet, open and honest parts about this new Eric that are attracting Sookie to Eric (well, amongst his other attributes). After the way things played out with Bill, can you blame her for wanting someone without an agenda and is willing to be honest?

      **spoiler** maybe…
      What I can’t wait to see is if Ball&Co. are going to let Eric retain his memory of his time with Sookie or not. In the books, Eric gets all his memories back except for those during his amnesia and it drives him nuts! There’s a whole period where Sookie and to some extent, Pam, Bill, Alcide and Jason know what happened between them except for Eric — and it’s enjoyable. Resets the sexual tension and it’s build up. I hope this happens on the show too

    • haha

      you are right, the people from the vault and the nest are like pests; like 8 people but so mean with their comments, it seems that you don´t have any hobby besides that, I feel sorry for you…

    • Courtney

      I agree, Eric and Sookie’s love scenes were more abou different positions that they did it rather than passionate kissing. I was dissapointed. Their love scenes felt very choreographed.

  • Liz

    Oh! And the Jessica/Hoyt/Jason triangle look very intersting! Poor Hoyt…

  • DiDi

    Perfect! Different from her sexual relationship with Bill (Eric hasn’t yet bitten her), which I liked. Too much of the same thing can get boring. I’ve read the books, so I knew Eric would be a sweet and nice guy without his memories, so his personality–and how it manifests itself as more romantic than smirky–doesn’t bother me in the least. Sookie’s wanted him for a while and she’s been burned by Bill, so it makes sense that she would give in to this sweeter side of him. Plus, she’s always been the “protective” one, so protecting him with a little lovin’ makes sense. And, it’s obvious the man has not lost his much-lauded stamina. :) Plus, if Eric gets his memories back and reverts to his old self, this whole situation sets us up a renewed tension-filled, angsty relationship between Eric and Sookie. I can’t wait!

  • Bree

    Eric & Sookie = Totally worth the wait! I can’t wait to see them interact once he has his memories back.

  • Emma

    Amazing chemistry between the two all around, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out when he gets his memory back. Plus that sex montage last week was intense–to say the least!

  • Emily

    I was looking forward to Eric and Sookie, but in the end, I think I felt the Sookie and Bill scene was more intense.

    • Ashley

      There was more buildup to theirs (the running through the graveyard in a white nightgown), but the actual scene itself I don’t think was better.

    • Becca

      Me too! Love Bill and Sookie.

  • Ashley

    I loved the sex scene between AS and AP. They were great and I loved both, but especially the montage in ep. 7. I see lots of chemistry between them. I think people try to transfer AP and SM’s marriage onto it and that’s the problem. And I find it funny that people claim negative things about AP and AS’s sex scenes, but not SM’s with other people. It seems like i’ts mostly people who don’t like the couple to me.

    • Pete

      In reality the chemistry between AP and AS pales in comparison to that of AP and SM. People don’t need to transfer their marriage onto it, the chemistry has always been there, from the beginning of the series before anyone knew they were an item. The real problem is your unhealthy obsession with AS and a preconceived idea of his character based on the novels. Don’t try to deny it, you’ve whined about the books so much it’s painfully obvious!

      • Barbi

        I have always felt that SM’s sex scenes are just some thrusting and never look interesting or even fun…and RK have always been the most entertaining…and AS shows way more moves then the one move SM…

  • Carla

    Eric and Sookie finally doing the deed was completely worth the wait! I loved the whole scenario. Thought they did this couple much justice and I am very happy with it. Can’t wait for whats next.

  • Trace

    The scene was ok for me. Lacked a bit of passion or that “FINALLY” that I would have felt if Sookie slept with the real Eric (or the Eric with his memory).

    • Nina

      Likewise. The real test will be when Eric gets his memory back, and that would be a sex scene worth mentioning.

    • Mimi

      Totally agree!

  • NikL

    The chemistry is just not there when Eric has the mentality of a bashful five-year old. It sort of makes Sookie look like a cradle-robber.

    • DreamyK

      The gymnastics were fine, but it seemed aseptic to me. The girls in Hot Shot looked liked they enjoyed the sexy times more. Jessica and Jason generated some serious heat before Hoyt decided to hop on top.

    • KristenV

      Agree, NikL. I kept thinking Eric was acting not just as if he lost his memory, but also as if he lost his ability to act like an adult. A confident and mature Eric is more fun to watch.

  • WillFerrellStinks

    Chemistry between those two ? None that I saw . It won’t last anyway like every other relationship on that show so what’s the big deal other than the recaps being written by someone who sounds like she needs to get laid – very badly ! Oh and I’d rather see Jessica end up with PAM instead of those other two dum-dums – the mommy’s boy and braindead idiot .

    • tiebaojin

      If you hate the show its the characters so much, why on earth are you watching it?

    • WillFerrellStinks

      Not everyone who watches the show has to gush about it like a sex starved spinster .The show is more than just bare chested stupid men . Bare breasted women for example . But seriously besides Sam or maybe Lafayette are there any men on the show even moderately smart ? Hell they even made Eric into an innocent little boy brained idiot this season !

      • Mimi

        LOL @ “sex starved spinster” hahaha!!

      • tiebaojin

        A “sex starved spinster” haha. I bet you know what that’s like first hand!

  • tiebaojin

    Loved Eric and Sookie’s love making! The long wait was worth it. And to those who say Alex and Anna don’t have the “chemistry” that Anna and Stephen have, I say wrong; these two have had chemistry since they first spotted each other in Fangtasia. I have actually wondered what Anna saw in Moyer since I never saw much going on between them.

  • Ruth

    It seems to me that the Eric-Sookie story is being cast more as a love story in the face of loss (consider the many references to losing the sun, etc) and death. The Bill-Sookie story was about opening up and beginning–she was a virgin, had never dated, was set free by his mental “silence.” It’s not that the actors’ chemistries are different so much as the story is at a different place. I believe that all the current vampire love stories are about our culture searching to answer the question “What do women want from men?” Sookie is our agent, asking the question.

  • HRUi

    Yep it was what I was hoping for, a small homage to the books and Charlaine’s imagination.. It will only get better every season.

  • sas

    In an HBO interview Alex says the best is yet to come.Bring it on, I love it.

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