'Vampire Diaries,' 'Bones,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'NCIS,': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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It’s beginning to look a lot like fall TV time! And I’m so excited, I could scream! But that would be really awkward for the person in the office next to me, I imagine.

Instead, I’ll sit here and wait for your questions to pop up in the Spoiler Room inbox (spoilerroom@ew.com).

Clearly my brain is fried. So I’ll leave you to read. Remember to send in your inquiries and follow me on Twitter for more awkward thoughts (and maybe some scoop): @EWSandraG.


We wouldn’t wish suffering on anyone… except for maybe The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Donovan. But that’s only because actor Zach Roerig guts us when he gets teary. TVD exec producer Julie Plec almost got our eyes wet describing how Matt will figure into the season 3 story line that has Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) seeing the ghosts of his dead exes — including Matt’s late sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell).

“Matt is one of the first people to learn Jeremy’s secret, and one of the loves of Jeremy’s life visiting him from beyond the grave is Matt’s sister Vicki, who he never really had complete closure with,” she says. “So he is gonna have, with Jeremy, an emotional journey in this supernatural world as he learns that his sister’s out there and contactable and tries to convince Jeremy to help him get the closure that he’s needed.” (Pause as we “Ahhh” and describe how much we love hurt, confused Matt.) “Yeah, it’s good,” Plec promises.

TVD EP Kevin Williamson has said we’ll get the “climax of the haunting of Jeremy” in October. Plec continued the tease thusly: “We’re gonna have some fun with Vicki and Anna and start to really reveal the secrets of why they’re here, what they want, and who else they have access to from our past.” — Mandi Bierly

Bonus: You read our casting scoop, right?! And while you’re clicking, look at our exclusive behind-the-scenes pics from the Sept. 15 season premiere.


How I Met Your Mother began with Ted (Josh Radnor) being inspired to get his love life together after seeing Marshall (Jason Segel) propose to Lily (Alyson Hannigan). And as the happy couple prepares to welcome a baby in the seventh season, creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays tell EW Ted’s realization of how little progress he’s made will weigh heavily on him. “He’s thinking, ‘I’m not even where my friends were in the pilot!’” says Thomas. “Well, I don’t think he’s thinking the word ‘pilot,’” Bays finishes with a chuckle.

Joking aside, (and it’s hard to do when you sit down with those two at the same time!) the exec producer duo notes that the trio that is Marshall, Lily, and Ted (who have all known each other since college) will feel a little strain as Ted feels left out of the baby fun. That’s when he takes things into his own hands. “There’s an episode in the first few where Ted really wants to be part of this pregnancy,” teases Thomas. “He wants to be weighing in on decisions and the best diet for Lily. He really wants to be part of it because it’s not happening for him. It’s sort of sweet and cute.”

Aww. Buck up, Uncle Ted!


When Hart Hanson told me before the end of last season that the show was going to somehow circumvent the Moonlighting curse, I was skeptical. Then, boom! Bones is with baby. So when I caught up with Hanson at Fox’s TCA party last week, we chatted about the cost of bypassing what some think of as the best part of TV couples who finally get together: Actually seeing them being a couple.

“I really feel like we got to jump the part where the Moonlighting curse could get its teeth in. I always thought the Moonlighting Curse was when two people have sexual tension and then everything’s [suddenly] fine and the world looks the same. What do you to then? We don’t have that. The world does not look the same,” he says. “They got together and we get to start again from a different place.”

So does that mean we’ll never fill in the blanks? Never get a taste of the gooey center of this plot candy? Not necessarily… “I want everyone to tune in to see that. I don’t want to say it’s going to happen, but I do believe people will be pleased with what they see,” he says with a smile. “I think the first images of the new season will explain a lot. I don’t want to blow anything, but people will be as interested and excited as [the creative team is] in where all these characters are.”


Do you have any scoopage on NCIS & NCIS:LA??? — Maddie
Don’t be greedy now! Maybe NCIS now and NCIS: LA next week, perhaps? I say the former should go first because a little birdie (ehem, EW’s Lynette Rice) tells me not only will Ralph Waite and RJ Wagner reprise their roles this season as daddies to Gibbs and DiNozzo, but there are BIG plans for the show’s 200th episode, airing in January. “We are planning a really unique and interesting episode of TV,” says EP Gary Glasberg. “I think it will be special for the people who have stuck with the show. We are putting a lot of time in it. There will be a lot of faces involved.” As Lynette pointed out, that means he has 200 episodes of guest actors to choose from. Who’s on your wish list, NCIS fans? (Also, have you read our casting scoop?)


Sandra! I know how much you love Castle and that you MUST have something good up those sleeves. So spill! — Christie
You know me too well! While roaming around the ABC party last Sunday on my last day at TCA, I got a chance to talk Penny Johnson Jerald, who was so sweet I couldn’t believe she was the one playing the new no-nonsense captain! She revealed to me that while her character (Victoria ‘Iron’ Gates) doesn’t have a dark past like Capt. Montgomery (at least, she doesn’t currently have one), she’s not there with completely pure intentions. “I think what’s interesting with this character is that she’s aspiring to be more than a captain. So any case that comes through the office is of utmost importance — anything to help cushion that launch pad she needs for the next level she’s looking for,” she said. “She’s politically driven. I think that hopefully we’ll learn she has another agenda.”

@EWSandraG Do you have any scoop for Dan and Serena fans from Gossip Girl? Is Serena back from LA for good at the beginning of the season? — @derenalover
I tried to touch on this when I snagged a quick phoner with Penn Badgley, but his guess was as good as mine. “I have no idea. [The writers] are always dropping little hints about what might happen in the future or the distant future with them.” But if the series is indeed in the “home stretch” as Badgley said, I say it’s time to press fast forward on all these games!

All this baby talk on the Office has me worried. Are we just going to be focused on people having kids this season? Or will anyone else have a storyline? — Sean
Something tells me there’ll be plenty going on this season in addition to the Dunder Mifflin baby boom. For instance, did we already know Gabe was a filmmaker? Well, if we didn’t, the entire office is going to find out… in a very strange way. “We’re going to have a Halloween party where Gabe is going to present his horror art film,” reports Creed Bratton, “and it’s going to put us in a shocking and awkward position.”

Hi Sandra:  Can I get some spoilers on the upcoming season on Southland?  Last season was fantastic (as usual!), and I’m hoping the new season will be just as good.  Any major plots points and when is the premiere? Thanks! — Southie Lover
A funny thing happened on my way back to New York from L.A. earlier this week. Whilst I was plucking away on transcribing, I couldn’t help but notice the man seated next to me penning a script. Bet you can’t guess what show title was at the top of the page… Now, this would have been a great time to introduce myself and find out exactly who this mystery man was (although, I have an idea). But I have three good reasons I didn’t say hello. One, the man was in the ZONE and I could never forgive myself if I broke the concentration of the genius behind script No. 1. Lesser sins in the TV world have been punished by death. Two, I was really looking forward to curling up with my snowman travel blanket and sleeping for the better part of the flight, and I didn’t want him to judge me for my questionable taste in blanket pattern. And three, I saw the working title of the first ep. And it was: **** *o*, b** ***!!

Big Bang Theory, please! — Kyle
Remember when I told you that producers are trying to work out an episode where both Christine Baranski and Lori Metcalf could appear side-by-side? (a.k.a. pure magic!) Well, Johnny Galecki loved the idea and mentioned one idea being tossed around would find the gang on a bit of a field trip. “Christmas with the Coopers would be pretty incredible.” Um, yes and YES.

I’d love some spoilers for Suits, especially something on my new summer TV crush, Harvey! C’mon, a little spoiler reward to celebrate the renewal?  — Angie
I like how you think! Luckily, Mandi Bierly just spoke with Gabriel Macht, who stars as hot-shot attorney Harvey Specter, who dished on the Sept. 8 finale (which was penned by creator Aaron Korsh). In the episode, titled “Dog Fight,” Human Target‘s Chi McBride guests as a new district attorney who isn’t eager to help Harvey free an innocent man Harvey sent to jail years ago by unknowingly burying evidence. “He feels really guilty, and he needs to fix that,” Macht says. “That weighs heavy on his shoulders because he is a man of integrity, and he feels like he’s always doing the right thing, whether or not the way he does it is the right way.”

And just because I like you, here’s a video with Macht and Patrick J. Adams, who costars as the imposter with the picture-perfect memory, Mike Ross, at TCA last week, filmed before the big season 2 announcement. Hear what they had to say about the final episodes!

Any scoop on the ladies from Desperate Housewives? I can’t imagine they’re holding anything back now that it’s the last season — Joy
That’s what Felicity Huffman hopes, especially when it comes to Tom and Lynette. “I think because it’s year 8 all bets are off. If it was going to be 8 and 9, I think you’d have to see them together at the end of the year because what else are you going to do? So, I hope they’re going to explore it with a little more courage and breadth than if we were going to have [season] 9,” she says. And with news that Tom’s possibly getting a girlfriend this season, Huffman has her own ideas. “What if she got a girlfriend? Why not? I think that would be kind of cool. And if Tom got a boyfriend, you’d be like, ‘What?!’ But if Lynette got a girlfriend and then changed her mind and went back, I think that’d be okay.”

Supernatural! Any nugget will do. Saw on Twitter that you were talking to Jared Padalecki! — Isabell
Indeed! And we had a rousing conversation about Sam’s hair that I’ll share with you soon. (This is mostly true, except I might never share it with you because it was hilariously random.) But the real scoop came from head honcho Sera Gamble, who dished about a very fun upcoming episode where the boys travel to Lily Dale, N.Y., which is a “true-life town with the highest concentration of psychics and spiritualists in the country.” “It’s a little tricky to go ghost hunting where everyone is calling ghosts,” she teased. “But it’s a good place to have a conversation about the difference between fake psychics and true psychics.”

Hi Sandra! When will the Criminal Minds article run?! Thanks — @swpwallie
I actually went to the fabulous set of CM as part of EW’s Fall TV Preview, out next month. (It’s definitely something to look forward to!) And the videos I took on set with the cast will be out shortly after! Meanwhile, what about a little scoop to hold you over? Remember how Matthew Gray Gubler did a fantastic job directing episodes of the hit procedural for the last two seasons? Well, he’s doing it again this year — but not until episode 19! “I kind of like to do them later in the season because I find that everybody has worked so hard at that point, that while we’re kind of tired, we’re operating on a more instinctual level as a crew. It’s when things become a little more guerrilla style,” he says. “It’s a little more like the wild west later in the year.” And although he has no idea what challenges the episode might bring directing wise (and no idea what the plot will be), he’s confident. “Later in the year, the pleasantries are gone at that point and everyone just hits it and are making wonderful stuff together.”


Image Credit: Adam Rose/Fox

Any Glee-scoop would be much appreciated! — Becks
Remember Tina’s random crying scenes last season? There’s probably more on the way as Tina and Mike Chang will deal with being a year apart. Mike’s thinking about graduation, while Tina, a junior, is stuck in school one more year. At the Glee 3-D movie premiere in Los Angeles, Jenna Ushkowitz contemplated the possible drama and her reaction to seeing some of her fellow cast members don their cap and gowns. “I don’t even want to think about it. I will cry so hard. Those are my best friends,” she says. “Right now we’re just trying to get through 22 episodes. That’s so far in the future for us.”

Any word on the first episode back of Community?! I’m dying to know what they have planned! — Kevin
Aren’t we all! And based on what Gillian Jacobs told us at the Teen Choice Awards about her costume in the first episode, we’re dying of curiosity! “On Friday I was wearing a costume that has left me bruised on my thighs. On the back of my legs, I have a bruise right now,” she said. Um… huh? “It’s not a themed episode. It’s not a high-concept episode, but I still have an insane costume on. I’m the only one wearing a crazy outfit.”

Lynette Rice, Mandi Bierly and Carrie Borzillo contributed to this column.

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  • ST

    I don’t think HH skipped the Moonlighting Curse on Bones like he wants to believe. I’ll stick with the show this season (and I do still enjoy it) but I felt cheated when we found out in the season finale that Bones was pregnant and apparently they were really “together” on their night together. Of course, they could show some back story on that this season (and I’m hoping for it) but it just seemed so anti-climatic to me. A lot of fans had wanted B & B together for awhile and we’ve gotten kind of strung along. The least they could do was show us some of that! Again, I’m still a fan of the show but I was a little disappointed in last season. The thing is though HH feels he missed the “Moonlighting Curse”, he might have just created the “Bones” curse…

    • Ellen


      • wsugar

        blah blah blah

      • lasher

        Matt donovan ? Seriously? As much I’m looking forward to VD I really want that yahoo gone! He’s done nothing but whine since day 1 and he’s been an a-hole to Tyler and Caroline.I am an Air Force and single at present .I need a woman who can love me
        back ..I also uploaded my hot photos on —-Military’Loves .C óM— under
        the name of mason66..It’s the largest and best club for seeking Army, Navy,
        Marines, Air Force, Police Force, and the admirers of those who wear the
        uniform.I just hope you don’t mind me being a soldier …Please Check it
        out!I’m serious.~

      • Anne

        I’m pregnant! You,r the father! Deserved a loving embrace and at least a kiss to show the happiness!

    • Amy

      Castle fans already refer to a Bones curse when talking about Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

      • SAM

        So far Castle doesn’t seem to be going the way of Bones. At least, I hope not. If it does, then I will stop watching Castle, just like I stopped watching Bones because I was beginning to feel insulted as a viewer.

      • Blake

        By “Castle fans”, you mean yourself?

      • ToZiKa

        like Blake said “Castle fans” can only be you alone, cause I never heard/ read about anyone else using that….

    • lucas

      bit of the cart before the horse saying that he’s wrong when we haven’t seen the season. How about giving him the freaking benefit of the doubt and waiting until we see the episodes and then dissing them

    • marla

      First off, there IS NO moonlighting curse. The curse was bad writing (so I guess that HH is saying that no one on his staff has the talent to write an interesting storyline. ) But Moonlighting didn’t fail because the characters got together. Moonlighting failed because the lead actress GONE for most of the season (due to a difficult pregnancy), the two leads weren’t getting along, and both of them hated the producer so there was a lot of wheel spinning instead of collaboration.

      • SAM

        You are so right! Everyone talks about the Moonlighting curse but the curse was a lack of professionalism and creativity by the writers and the cast. That’s what killed the show; not the release of sexual tension.

      • Amy

        AGREED …HH is keeping me watching, I love the stories of all the characters and if you watched, you knew that they got together, when Angela and Bones look across the table at each other after Vincent Murray was put into the hearse…it is a well written show…the show has more to it than than the romance between Bones and Booth, I am excited to see how a baby will bring them into coupledom or perhaps not…I am excited for the next season.

    • murley

      while i think the “moonlighting curse” is b.s. i do commend hart hanson for doing something different. in my opinion the progression of booth and bones’ relationship has been very realistic and the idea of putting them together with a baby on the way and dealing with that is not often seen on television. i am curious and excited to see it play out.

    • Jillian

      I agree. I just would like to know how they feel about each other…and that they are together because the want to be together and not just because of the baby. I really wished they would have clarified that in “The Blackout” or in “The Pinocchio in the Planter” because after the finale I wasn’t satisfied at all. Just because they are having a baby together and they slept together doesn’t mean they are together. At least they could do know is show us how they feel about each other.

      • Laura K.

        See, to me, the looks on their faces the last 10 seconds did all the “telling” I needed. And we already know Bones was in love with Booth–she as much as told him so. Booth wouldn’t have looked that happy about her pregnancy if he didn’t love her too.

      • Jenny

        Well, considering Brennan essentially confessed her love for him in “Doctor in the Photo” and they both said they wanted to be together eventually in the blizzard episode, their feelings seem pretty obvious to me. Plus, the spoilers for season 7 affirm that they are now a couple.

      • Chris

        Uh, Stephen Nathan himself said that they’re together, as a couple and IN LOVE. This is also what pretty much every single spoiler and the sides for the first 4 episodes of s7 suggest. Do you need more proof?

      • Jillian

        I agree with all of you. Just that ever since the Hannah fiasco, I just really want them to actually say how they feel about each other. Just an “I love you.” Hopefully, we will get that this season. *fingers crossed*

    • Baz

      Booth n bones have alway been together, we have saw their relationship develop and watched them fall in love with each other, i personally felt i dont need to see them bump uglies to see them as together

      • Lydia

        Agree. I doubt they are suddenly going to be running down the alter just because there’s a baby on the way. I see that happening in the future. I think there could be some bumps along the way and I hope their working relationship pretty much stays the way is has been … nice, fun, kind of like Brenda and Fritzy on The Closer. They are married, and that’s clear, but we don’t see them sneaking off to the broom closet every afternoon. Gosh, can’t adults act like adults and still be interesting and fun. Besides, the rest of the cast is still worth watching.

      • terminalfrost

        Love Bones, but still not adjusted to Zach being gone. Thank God for reruns!

    • stef

      I am a huge Bones fan and have to admit the last season was a bit stagnant – right until the last few episodes – action and emotion-packed! I think HH was really smart not showing Booth and Bones getting together, and by the look of everyone’s comments it means everyone’s still trying to work out what actually happened. Smart writing. Every time the main characters get together the story and tension die with it. If we saw what happened we wouldn’t be satisfied and that would be it! This way – we are satisfied they got together but at the same time we are still wanting to know more. Smart writing! And part of good writing is NOT showing everything – I mean knowing the killer from the start of an episode would be boring. This also gives them the opportunity to maybe to a flashback episode and play with it a bit more. I love it how HH has given as little bits and pieces throughout all the seasons and is continuing that :)

  • Pan

    Matt donovan ? Seriously? As much I’m looking forward to VD I really want that yahoo gone! He’s done nothing but whine since day 1 and he’s been an a-hole to Tyler and Caroline.

    • Sarah

      He’s been an a-hole because he was out of the loop and the people he thought he could trust have been lying to him. It’s understandable how someone might not handle it that well, especially when their gf’s mother/cop is egging him on. And it’s not like little things were hid from him. He had a right to know what happened to his sister. Not everyone jumps on the vampire bandwagon which I think it good. It would be weird if everybody was just ok with stuff they never believed could be true.

    • Ellen

      nawwww he’s hot

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong

        I STILL think he would’ve made the best Peeta for the HG movie.

    • jennrae

      I’m amused at the idea of anyone looking forward to VD.

      • catbean

        LOL! I think the youngins’ don’t realize that VD used to stand for venereal disease (STDs today). That’s why its always TVD in articles.

      • Pan

        It’s shorter to say that’s why.

      • Elle

        It should actually be TVD if iyou want to get technical. That’s what I call it. Can’t forget the “the.”

  • Tonya

    Okay, I’m actually seriously excited about the possibility of more Dan & Serena. I’ve been waiting for them to have a real chance again since the end of season 2. I really hope the writers bring them back!

    • Captain

      I think we’ll see them together in the last half but they are already introducing new guys for Serena and the finale hinted at the revisiting Dan/Blair. I personally want closure on that pairing before Dan/Serena are revisited.

  • Jen

    Good grief! I don’t care about the freakin’ new captain on Castle…we knooooow already!
    Tell us about..oh, I don’t know Castle and Beckett!!! or Esplainey! Or Eposito and Ryan! Martha, Alexis…anybody but the new captain!

    Come on! Little over a month away and you’re still on about the stupid new captain?!

  • jrs

    Oh good, I wasn’t sure based on the way the season ended if Gabe was coming back. Awesome to read this good news!!

  • Lorie

    Thanks a bunch for the SUITS video! It’s my new favorite show, and Harvey’s my new summer crush. So glad it was renewed.
    I almost passed on this b/c I had no clue who Gabriel Macht & Patrick J Adams were. Silly me!

  • Dilys

    I find myself reading spoiler questions about Supernatural and feeling none of the wild excitement I had in the past. Without any mentions of Cas and any hope of seeing him on the show past the first two weeks, I find myself not caring that much. Knowing Cas isn’t a part of Team Free Will right now only makes me sad. I long to hear more news of Cas and hope that he’s back on the show again soon.

    • Merry Bear

      I know how you feel, Dilys–I’m right there with ya.

  • Meg

    If the writers are dropping hints then I’d say Dan and Serena are far from over which is a good thing.
    Excited for Christine Baranski to be back on Big Bang
    Matt on TVD doesn’t amuse me much so maybe this will help his story more.

  • O’Brien

    I think I’m the only Bones fan alive who thinks that the B/B baby is the best idea in the world. Honestly, they are so different, and so bullheaded, they may have never gotten it together on their own, and with their constant subjugation of their feelings for the sake of, well, any other possible thing, even if they did get together, what would that be? A constant battle over their divergent philosophies which could end in breaking up. A baby does circumvent that. They have to pull it together and keep it together for the sake of their child. That, of course, is not typically the best situation, but these two people are so determined to meet their responsiblities that it’s perfect for them. It’s finally the thing they needed to allow them to say to hell with all of their differences, because they want each other, they want a family, but they’re so different, they didn’t really know how to get there. I think the fans want to see the typical, sweet romance – well, we get that, too. Hodgins and Angela give us that; they have one of the most beauitful relationships you could ask for. They’re the “meant to be” couple. There’s nothing “meant to be” about B/B – they just WANT to be, in the face of all the things that tell them they shouldn’t, and that’s romantic and beautiful in its own amazing way. Come on, people!

  • tommy

    i was hoping Gabe was gone for good. He sucks.

  • BS

    Recap of the “Side Dishes” if you’re short on time (1) NCIS is planning a “unique and interesting episode” (2) A new character on Castle may or may not have an agenda (3) Penn Badgley has “no idea” what will happen on Gossip Girl (4) A minor character on the Office does something minor (5) The writer of a spoiler article refused to obtain a spoiler first-hand (6) The Big Bang Theory writers toss ideas around (7) lame excuse to show a Suits video (8) Felicity Huffman has ideas for Desperate Housewives that will never happen (9) Supernatural goes to Lily Dale, NY (10) A Criminal Minds director will direct another episode (11) High School characters on Glee will graduate (12) A character on Community wears a “crazy outfit”

    • Tranzchick

      Thank you! Not sure this column understands what a “spoiler” is.

    • Anonymous


      Sandra is not a good spoiler room writer. If I want someone who does their job well it’s Kristin from E or Ausiello (although Ausiello and Kristin sometimes play the same game as Sandra)

  • leslie

    Bones better be better than last season, please.
    I rather liked Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl. Babies on the Office? What is that about?

    • Jason

      Actually, for me anyway, the last half of season six redeemed the whole Hannah fiasco. There were some very good episodes in there that I enjoyed.

      • Eve

        The only episodes that I really enjoyed were the episodes with the deaf girl and the first sniper episode.
        I loved the death scene of VNM but the rest of the episode was just OK for me. For me, I am not sure they can redeem what they did to the Brennan character. They call it growth, I call it regression. Her characterization this past season was more like the “Michael Scott character from the office. She was usually just the joke or the person everyone was putting down or just annoyed with. Booth just seemed annoyed by her most of the time. I did not see this as growth. Just because she finally gave in and slept with Booth, I do not see this as growth.

      • Laura K.

        I know I’m in the minority here, but I liked Hannah. She got things about Booth that Brennan never will. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Brennan is better for him, but I understand why Booth loved Hannah.

      • Ella

        Um, I count going from telling Booth that she didn’t possess enough heart or whatever to be with him last season to essentially confessing her love for him (in that car-in-the-rain scene) and then taking the lead in moving their relationship forward in the blackout episode and after Vincent’s death a pretty big growth in character. Plus the fact that she now is happy with a child and her own family when she used to be pretty adamantly against having children and didn’t believe in love.

  • Joan

    Thanks for the Dan and Serena spoiler. I’m very excited about any hints that indicate they’re far from over. Ive been waiting for them to get a real chance for a great while now. I hope it doesn’t take long before they’re back together.

  • Patty

    Thanks for the gossip girl scoop!
    Penn seems rather unengaged about the new season. Not really a ringing endorsement for Dan/Serena which is one of the core couples. I am disappointed that he is letting his personal life effect his feelings about the show. Maybe it is time for Dan to join Jenny or Vanessa off screen.

    • Captain

      I don’t think his disinterest has as much to do with Blake Lively’s personal life as it does the quality of the show itself. It seems like all of them are ready for the show to be over. Most of them (especially Leighton and Blake) are focusing on their movie careers. The quality of the writing has plummeted and Gossip Girl isn’t nearly as culturally relevant as Glee is now so there really is no purpose to go any longer than one more season.

  • Marry

    Thanks for the Dan and Serena scoop. I have been DS fan since the pilot I don’t want them to lose this great epic couple. They are so sweet and Dan has always loved Serena innocently and the only person who cares about her that much.I hope the show continues with DS. Love them.

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