Kate Gosselin's reality show cancelled by TLC: End of an era!


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UPDATED: At last, it’s over. Kate Gosselin’s reality show Kate Plus 8 is not being renewed by the network.

TLC issued this statement: “TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8. By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.” A milestone, indeed. I think we will all remember where we were at when this news came down.

Two years ago, when Kate and Jon were separating and dominating tabloid magazine covers, their reality show shot up to a phenomenal 10 million viewers (higher than another cable reality TV wunderkin, Jersey Shore, has ever reached). After the couple split, the numbers fell back down to earth, with Kate’s solo effort never regaining the intense viewer interest of the earlier show. As every TV writer can tell you: Conflict drives drama. Last episode is Sept. 12.

UPDATE: Kate Gosselin responded to the news with a Tweet-gasm:

To have to read them all would put us at risk for an embolism, so here’s an edited version (somewhere Kurt Sutter is laughing):

“We’ve had a great run! Six years of whirlwind funfilled adventures thanks to TLC and our many many supportive &diehard fans! … While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning!) … we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future! As is very typical for me, I am choosing to … As is very typical for me, I am choosing to see the positive in this situation and I am excited to consider the … I am excited2consider many more invigorating opportunities that may come my way!I poured my entire self in2 last 6 yrs of ‘Kate+8′ … I poured my entire self in2 the last6years of ‘Kate Plus 8′ & I can’t wait2have the chance2challenge myself again w future endeavors!… And maybe even some dating??!! We wish our fans well. And remember, this is not ‘goodbye’.I prefer to say ‘See you around!’ Xoxo … we will all stay on twitter! I know I’m not going anywhere!”

UPDATE II: ‘Bachelor’ creator: ‘Kate Gosselin would be perfect for…’


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  • Lauren


    • LOL

      TLC rejects crap.

      • Quirky

        No, you can only fit so much crap into a 24 hour day. Something had to go.

      • KS


      • Linda K

        Finally Kate – your out of our lives. Now go in that little hole and never, ever come out again. and those munchkins that you ‘ho’d out for money. CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES !!! COME GET THEM NOW>

      • ERNIE

        What s fake smile. Awful picture. It looks like she has drool on her chin. I’d hit it but I’d have to tape her mouth shut.

      • osteenq

        Hardly. TLC is nothing BUT crap these days.

      • BFD

        This show is still on?

      • Linda

        Thank god that this is over. TLC had great programming a very very long time ago. Maybe they understand now.

      • stephanie

        she is a horrible horrible horrible person. i hope she crawls back under her rock or has a rock dropped on her.

      • PN

        Maybe TLC is finding out that the infatuation of parents with multiple births isn’t as exciting as when Jon and Kate Plus 8 started. After the awws when they were little on TV,then it’s a lot of work to take when they get older. I think TLC stopped because the kids are getting older and their hormones and wanting to live private lives increases.

      • Sharlie Cheen

        @Deke dont tape the mouth, fill it up.

      • Lynnie

        Watching the last few shows (I was tortured into viewing them by a visiting Kate’O”holic friend of mine….friend???? Hmmm LOL ) was repulsive.

        Seriously, my stomach was flipping while I witnessed the stress she causes to those around her. My bet for her future: a lonely woman, with children who’ve moved to any part of the planet Kate wouldn’t be caught dead visiting…. hope at least they’ll have earned enough money on their own to put them thru college. She won’t save any of hers for them.

    • Deke

      And now for the sequel: “8 in Therapy with Dr. Drew”

      • Moxie


      • PN

        No, I don’t think that Dr. Drew Pinsky is going to mess with Kate at all. I think he’s sick and tired of seeing her on TV too!

    • Alan

      I don’t get it. They had already reduced the show to “occasional specials”. So how does TLC hoping to “check in” with the odd occasional “special” make any sort of change? This show had long since ceased to be a regular program on the network. Anyone?

      • Ellen

        I’d consider it “special” if we never saw her again.

      • PN

        Hey TLC brass, DON’T check in with her with these special update shows! In fact, don’t EVER check in with her again!

    • Let’s Figh About It


      • Jen

        Reality TV sucks, and this show stunk!

    • abadstroller

      I’d like to believe that now those poor kids have a chance at the semblence of a normal life, but I’m afraid that Mom and Dad Gosselin have damaged them in their early formative years–in ways yet to be seen. I hope that those two knotheads have funds socked away for their children’s future therapy bills. Dads and moms who pimp out their offspring are the parental pondscum. I’m looking at you: Gosselins, Jenner/Kardasians, Lohans, Toddler and Tiara tyrants…. Those not named? I’d like to think they know who they are, but likely they lack the self-awareness, conscience, and taste to recognize themselves are reality show harlots and gigolos. And, no, I don’t think I’m putting too fine a point on it….

      • abadstroller

        Self-correction: “…AS reality show harlots and gigolos.”

      • hannah2

        all you people out there who leave mean comments about kate well think for a minute what if you had 8 kids and were having trouble paying for everything what would you do??? most likely the same thing so give her a break cause she is doing just fine taking care of her kids.

      • jwoolman

        I wouldn’t blame Jon. He wanted to get them off tv back when the sextuplets were 3 years old and has tried other times. Kate was the sticking point, she insisted. She has serious personality disorders and has always been abusive, both to her husband and to her kids. She’s not just blowing up occasionally out of “stress” from having 8 kids (she’s got plenty of help and leaves them with babysitters every chance she gets). She is damaging those kids, they need to be with their dad. He isn’t perfect, but he’s the one who took care of them while they were little and he’s the naturally affectionate one. He’s a real dad. She just gave birth.

      • kerry

        hey i cant believe wat everyone is saying i love u all so much i feel like i know u and u family i devastated ur programme is over

    • Ed Rooney

      Kate gave me a scorching case of herpes.

    • Lisa G Takes shts at work!

      Oh great. Maybe now the paparazzi that she pretends to hate will leave her alone. Oh wait….they already have! Arrogant piece of sht!

      • Abby

        She claims she can return to nursing to take care of her kids financially , but my question is , What hospital or patient would want an insensitive ,arrogant, self absorbed nurse caring for them ?

    • Jeff


    • fed up

      thank you TLC

    • Michael

      I second that emotion. Feel bad for the kids though. Good news for Jon Goselin, it was exactly what he wanted a couple of years later though. I honestly think that Kate needs to get a real job to support her kids though, but she’ll use the money for herself instead.

      • PN

        Jon wanted this show gone 2 years ago! Now he finally gets his wish. I think TLC finally listened to him!

    • hmmm

      If only it IS the end.

    • Beth

      Yes finally its over.i think she is a stuckup selfish person.her kids would be betther off without her.

  • googie

    What can I say, there is a God !

    • mikey

      As evidence to the contrary, I point out the Kate had a show in the first place.

      • Ash

        I would like to argue that originally the show was about the kids. Then the kids got to be like 4 or 5 and didn’t want to be on tv so Kate saw her money cow drying out and developed an even more obnoxious personality that she thought was marketable as good tv. Judging by her “tweets” I would say Kate is trying to be the next Bachelorette. Which is just disgusting. I bet there were tears around the breakfast table, tears of joy, especially from Cara who just looked like she wanted out ever since Jon got fed up and left.

    • Alan

      There is a God really? Then why is Jersey Shore or The Kardashians still on TV? You people pile hate on Kate Gosselin while running home to watch Jersey Shore and the Kardashians every night. Hypocrites much??

      • Ellen

        What makes you think any of us watch Jersey Shore or the Kardashians? I can’t see any posts here that suggest we hate Kate but love the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. I can’t stand any of them.

      • Jen

        They are very terrible shows. People who watch reality tv should be reading books or something productive instead. It’s a complete waste of time better spent on something else.

      • Dani

        Yeah, let’s all read Snookie’s autobiography.

      • PN

        But Kate had all those kids–that was too much to watch sometimes. The Kardashians and Jersey Shore are very much adult fare, very much trash TV, and they get away with it.

    • Regina George

      Yay! Everyone here hates reality shows!

      • dee

        I like The Amazing Race does that count?

      • Sue1

        So do I dee, so–No it doesn’t.

  • drpolisci

    Thank goodness

  • Janine

    WOOO HOOO!!!!
    Finally someone has come to their senses. Now if only we could cancel the existence of Kate Gosselin herself…

    • Ralphie


      I bet she will be thinking the same thing when the therapy bills start rolling in and her kids eventually stop speaking to her. Mady already hates her.

    • hannah2

      wait and think for a minute what if you had 8 kids and you were having a hard time paying for everything what would you do???? most likely the same thing. so give kate a break she is doing fine taking care of her kids.

      • jb


        Excuse me, but I come from a family of 7 and we were not rich by any means. What we did have was a mother who was loving, kind, warm with affection, sensitive. Never did she even raise her voice to us, yet we knew if there was a problem because she KNEW had to raise kids. All our friends came to our house and were loved. Did you ever see the way she talks to her family, friends, strangers??? She need medical help.

        When you say “what if you had 8 kids”…. OMG, there are millions of families who have WAY LESS than she has in money and yet you give her license for such behavior?? She needs an medical intervention. Those poor children!! Pray for them instead of making excuses for her.

  • tomm

    It’s about damned time, she now has to get a “real job” and Jonny too!

    • MarcHon

      No she doesn’t…she will have a new gig on a new channel in about a week. I dislike Hollywood.

      • Debi

        Good point, MarcHon, sometimes I hate Hollywood too!!

  • Ashley

    Yesssssss! Now she can go away. People have kids everyday, people get divorced everyday, people raise kids everyday, why should she get money and publcity to do so? One down, two to go: Jersey Shore and The Kardashians.

    • Ralphie

      Make that three Ashley…all those awful Real Housewives.

      • Moxie

        And while you’re at it, take Justin Beiber with you.

      • Linda

        Exactly. Take all the B S away forever please.

    • Nechelle

      I was coming here to say the exact same thing!!! Lol

      • P. Farrell

        Yeah, has anyonenoticed lately just how girly the Bieber is looking???I won’t be surprised at anything I read next…

  • Chris


    can you hear Kate crying? Where will she find money to support her lifestyle now??

    • judy

      reruns :(

    • JulieB

      Exactly!!! You can bet the wheels are turning so she figure out the next pimping your kids out scheme. I hope no one would watch just Kate!!

      • TLC Exectitove

        Just Kate!!! HMMMM hmmmm mmm

        No, no one to exploit there.

    • Sharlie Cheen

      I see a Playboy pictorial in her future, or at least someone from her ‘camp”, will let it out taht she was offered a cover.

  • bubba

    You people are terrible. The TV-Light has grown a little dimmer with this news. I wish her and her brood the best. They will be missed.

    • Clete

      It appears, based on the majority of the posts, that the only one who will miss her and her brood is you.

      • Mack the knife

        Nope-I will too

      • Leslie

        I will miss this show too! Kate will definitely find something else. She’s an amazing mother and deserves every penny she’s earned from TLC.

    • sandy

      Bubba, you’re kidding, right?

      • Kathy Gee

        Oh Bubba!…….

    • John

      Forgot to use the sarcasm font, Bubba.

    • Butterlamp

      There’s a reason this man’s name is Bubba.

    • Tori

      I thought that show got canceled after Jon left? Oh, well. One less ugly, selfish witch off the air.

      • hannah2

        really cause you r being the witch right now! think for a minute what if you had 8 kids and were having trouble paying for everything what would you do???most likely the same thing so give her a break she is doing fine and is a good parent. so don’t be talking dude!!! cause you r the real witch right now talking crap about a mom who is doing her best and all she wants is to be a good mom.

    • kim

      Are you kidding me?? Lets do the HAPPY DANCE!!!

      • Mary

        I neve watched this horror show until the season finale. She is a controlling, neurotic, narcissistic trashy witch…….It was like a horror show. Did she actually punish a few of the children from seeing the Grand Canyon by making them stay in the bus? Her interactions with other adults is frightning….

    • babetido

      We’re terrible. She is the terrible mom. She is never even around all her children that at one time she so wanted. She needs to step back from the cameras and actually start being involved with them. Nobody wants to see her plastic surgury body that she got from doing the show and using her children.

      • Abby

        The fact is she had 8 embryos implanted. She had this whole scenario planned out so that she and Jon could make a living out of these kids. If not they would never have agreed to doing the show. I feel bad for the kids because they now have to live like what she claims to be a “normal life”.

      • ha ha ha

        She took fertility drugs. Right?!! I do think it was fertility drugs not embryonic implants. Am I right?

      • hannah2

        how about you leave her alone she is doing fine you r the terrible one here talking crap about a mom who is doing her best and all she wants is to be a good mom give her a break what if that was u who these comments were about what would you do than??? huh???

    • Ralphie

      Hi Kate!

      Go be a parent.

      • hannah2

        she is being a parent and a good one!!!! if you had 8 kids and needed a way to pay for them you would be doing the same thing so don’t be talking dude!!!!!

    • LL

      Shut up, Kate.

    • ohyeah

      I hate it when human children are referred to as someone’s brood. Might as well call them a litter.

  • Donner

    Looks like it’s 14:59…….

  • Cat

    Praise whoever! All is right with the world today.

  • Michael

    Now she has to grow up and get a real Job like her ex

    • Zoe

      Or maybe–the horror!–be a mom to all those kids she wanted!

      • Liv

        Her whole image is built around her being a mom to those kids but she is never mothering them! She’s always galavanting around the country and playing to the cameras. Sadly Jon was always the better parent. Therapy bills are going to wrack up in that family.

    • Marie

      Agreed, she should go back to nursing. There is no good reason not to now. Nursing is 1 of the most flexible careers around. She won’t have to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week. Not sure which degree she has. But returning to college to get the next 1 up would be smart.

      • beth

        ya , that will never happen. for 1 she thinks she’s a celebrity and 2 that would be beneath her to go back and be a nurse. Plus, I’m not so sure they would want her back lol

      • PN

        She has said in interviews that she wanted to go back to nursing. She should do that now and ditch this TV stuff. Because that TV work will have you away from home for days and years with all the traveling to cities and such! She doesn’t have to go back to the same hospital, but try another hospital for a change.

      • hmmm

        Her pride won’t let her. Sad to say.

      • jb

        PLEASE ALL PRAY THAT KATE DOES NOT RETURN TO NURSING. I would NEVER have her as a nurse for any members of my family. Nurses are supposed to be compassionate, loving, kind, sensitive……etc; and she displays NONE OF THESE.

        Sincerely JOHN, be thankful you got away from her!!

  • rjh


  • Scotches

    Maybe the neighbors will stop calling in drug dealer tips to the Sinking Spring Police on her home address. Naaaah, don’t think so. Long may she live on in obscurity.

  • wheeeeeee!

    It’s over! Yay! “Ding dong, the witch is dead…..”

    • theresa

      Let’s hope we never hear from her again!!!

  • The Dolt

    (stares blankly at the wall, heartbroken that Sweet Kate will no longer grace his TV screen)

    • abadstroller

      I’m verklempt over your obvious deep-felt pain…(sniffle, snork, sniffle).

      • The Dolt

        Please give me a topic so I can talk amongst myself.

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