Two hosts of 'The Talk' might not return for season 2


Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Talk is talking about the possibility of a few hosting changes for season 2: The CBS daytime chat show is considering not picking up options for Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete as it evaluates its creative direction, sources say. (Deadline first reported the news.) Meanwhile, the show has already renewed deals for Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, and Sharon Osbourne, who will be on hiatus for part of the fall to spend time with husband Ozzy Osbourne.

In a statement, CBS said: “The Talk just finished a strong first season, quickly establishing a new daytime brand for CBS in just a few months. The producers are currently working on the show’s creative game plan for season 2, which launches Sept. 6.”  The Talk averaged 2.2 million viewers in July, which marked its largest audience since February.

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  • Templar

    Hope it continues successfully.

    • Lisa S

      Keep the King of Queens lady but lose the unknown black chick.

      • A Fan

        Unkown black chick? Classy….

      • Michael

        Haven’e you ever seen Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper? Classic.

      • Tyqwando16

        Not to mention 21 Jump street

      • Lisa S

        If they get rid of the Sista and the Whop, can they survive with just a Brit, the Asian, and the Emo?

      • Jackson

        Get rid of the annoying lady from the beach episode of Saved by the Bell, she sucked then too. Keep Agent Hoffs from 21 Jump Street

      • Brett

        Dump the annoying old hag with the funny accent and the NFL wife.

      • UGH

        This is still on the air?

      • UGH

        I bet Kate Gosselin gets hired. Ratings gold even though she’s hated.

      • Just Me

        As a Black woman I will not watch unless they have someone who I can i.d. with, get rid of Holly and I’m gone too. Julie broke up a marriage (cow) and the little gay chick makes me throw up in my mouth.

      • ^

        Bring back Oprah or Starr Jones?

      • DA

        Racism is still alive…

      • Chenbot destroyed the show

        What doesn’t Julie Chen destroy? Ask the original Mrs. Moonves and the bosses original children. Julie Chen destroyed that family. She was a young Pop Tart who lured a man old enough to be her father in bed and insisted he throw his family under a bus for her. Now, she is destroying CBS. She became jealous when Holly and Leah stole the show. That’s why she had them fired. That woman is an evil witch.

      • Judy 52

        The July ratings were when Leah and Holly were ON The Talk. I’ve given one of my favorite shows a week to see if I will continue watching. I now can truthfully bid THE TALK adeau.

      • Trice

        I’m really not happy to hear that Leah & Holly will not be returning; if it’s not broke don’t fix it… Every single one of the ladies from the first season made it what it is today and I quite frankly will not be watching it from now on…I love Sharon & Julie but I loved Leah & Holly just as much. I watched the first few episodes and I’m not impressed with the humor that Leah & Holly bring to the mix….GOOD FCKG BYE…CIAO

      • elsie

        I am really Sorry to hear that Leah might not return. She was really a good part of the Show. I dont know who took her seat. But she is very loud and annoying. Leah was a plus to the show. I never missed a episode. With Holly also gone the show is not the same. The one reason i watched The Talk was s because they did not argue amoung each other. Now thats all they do!!!

    • july

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    • stu

      LUV her on Kings Of Queens but not so much here.
      Holly wouldn’t be missed.
      Sara created the show yet she’s the weakest link.
      Surprisingly i like Julie the best.Though she’s lame on Big Brother. But tat show is a huge turd.

      • stu

        Talk… about last minute. 3 weeks away from season 2.
        Replace them w/ Sarah Bernard & Joan Rivers.

      • stu

        & Julie husband runs CBS.

      • stu

        i wish The View would ax 2= Whoopie & Sherri!

      • Brett

        Thanks, stu. Your suggestions just made me throw up in my mouth.

    • Holly

      Disturbing comments from wackos aside (really need a moderator up in here), I do like Leah Rimini but I find on the show she doesn’t say much, or she just kinda echoes what someone else is saying. Sounds bad, but she might be too “normal” for the show (and yes, I know she is a Scientologist, but other than that she is normal).

      • pam

        Thanks for saying something about all the disturbing comments! I agree some people just get carried away,I loved all the ladies Holly was the only one that seemed kind of quiet.

    • Tim

      Leah and Holly are the only ones who speak on the show, I love that their moms are there each day. Without them and Sharon, there isn’t much talk…

      • cc

        I love those two. They are the funniest ones on there and tell the best stories. I won’t watch if they leave. Why would you change up the hosts if the show is doing so well?

      • Anita

        I wont watch anymore. People are always changing things, Because they took Leah and Holly off, I wont watch anymore. They should have left a good thing alone.

      • donna

        I am watching Sharon and i feel sorry for her to be stuck with the others. keep sharon, leah and holly and ditch sarah and julie their BORING

      • betterhald

        Leah and Sharon is what makes this show. They are sooooo funny. I loved the show and told all my friends about it. I watched the first two shows thinking that Leah and Holly were just out for the week, but after finding out that they are gone for good, I canceled it off my DVR and I will not watch anymore. They always ruin a good thing

      • Pat


      • pam

        I think Stu needs to stop watching if so racists about the ladies

      • Judy 52

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • Robin Creath

        She sucks on the talk if u ask me. When she talks it’s like everyone gets silent and her story is the MOSt important. Ugggg if Leigh & holly don’t return I will no longer watch this program. Nothing against Molly Shannon and the other lady who btw I don’t really know. Sara sucks w/o Leigh, holly was so animated and interesting. Her heart was golden about Autism. What were they thinking. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It was perfect how it was. Now it’s broken.:(

    • tvlover44

      I’ve watched every episode of ‘The Talk’ since it went on the air, and I love the combination of these five ladies. Holly Robinson Peete may be the most undervalued of the co-hosts, but if you watch closely you’ll notice it’s she who often gets the most laughs. She’s candid, down-to-earth, and outright hilarious a lot of the time. Love the Leah/Sara dynamic, and the contract between the sometimes more buttoned-up Julie and the let-it-all-hang out Sharon. The network is going to ruin this show by tinkering with the line-up, which is just a shame.

      • Jan

        I agree

      • Melissa

        I COMPLETELY AGREE! Why don’t networks leave shows as they are, especially when they’re successful?!?

      • Mscat

        I totally agree!!!

      • Nan

        Agreed. Why fix what isn’t broken? It’s down to earth and funny without needing comediennes to “make” it funny. They will lose viewers. Keep Holly and Leah. It’s a good dynamic.

      • kathleen bontrager


      • Connie breeden

        This really stinks. Leah Remini made the show. Plus Holly was great. I do not know why you had the deaf lady on there. You have ruined the show, I probably will not watch anymore.

      • Bobbie

        I agree wont watch any more

      • Paulette

        I agree I will no longer watch the show if you take Holly and Leah off. I watched yesterdays show and couldn’t watch the whole show, will no longer watch.

      • Theresa

        Only watched 2 new episodes and I miss my Leah and Holly. Haven’t really had a good laugh yet. Hope it
        doesn’t turn into The View.

      • Nancy

        I agree! It works don’t change it.

      • carol

        I agree

      • Donetta


      • Maddalena

        I looked forward everyday watching “The Talk” why did they change the lineup I liked Leah and Holly. I thought the show had a good lineup. I thought they all got along great. What was the problem? I don’t like the new lineup. I looked forward to the new season I am sick of back stabbers.

      • BARBARA


      • Robin Creath

        I totally agree. It wasn’t broken so why did they f it up????

      • Jan

        No Leah or Holly then I will not continue to watch. I gave it a chance and have watched it a couple of days but boy its not the same. It was great the way it was, don’t understand why the change. Bad move!!

      • Alex

        This show with the five original ladies strengthen CBS. Leah and Holly made the show. They were the only real people on it, I could identify with them as a working mom in my 40’s. Sharon is funny and quirky, Sarah is interesting, Julie is knowledgable, however could never identify with them. Leah and Holly brought realness to this show. I have watched every show since day one and was happy it was on. I was so excited to see it back on my DVR — however after watching the first two shows and, now knowing, that Leah and Holly will not be on — I will be deleting it off my DVR recordings. Could not get into the show. The three original ladies left can not make up for Leah and Holly. Good luck CBS, you’ll need it. You lost another viewer.

      • Carol Herbert

        The show is not the same without Leah and Holly, both very funny ladies, Whose bright idea was it to not renew their contract?, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cassandra

        I am overwhelmed by the immature comments of (most of these people). I’ve been wondering and wondering where these two wonderful ladies are and now I know. I can’t say it will stop me from watching the show but I really thought Leah was superb and Holly was pretty ok, too. I hope they will be returning to the show!!

      • Trice

        I agree… Cassandra ~ the network just fckd it all up… I can see my DVR with lots of room for a new show!

      • Sheila D.

        I’m glad they got rid of Leah. She had a nasty attittude at times, but I’m sorry they got rid of Holly. I liked her and the ideas she brought to the table. They need to get rid of Sheryl Underwood. For someone who has 2 Master’s degrees, she can be very ignorant they way she phrases her jokes, as though she’s from the back woods of a rural area.

    • Deb

      What a bunch of “hater comments” below…wow!
      I like everyone on The Talk, they all do a great job. I would not want to lose Leah and Holly. BOTH women add to the discussions, great combo. I think they all compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. Someday you ‘haters’ will have someone like YOU giving their 2cents about your job performance. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were constructive instead of destructive in their comments about you. What goes around, comes around. I guess anonymity brings out the haters, no filters….how sad.

    • bobo

      wow! Classic comments. I have watched the show unintentionally many times as it follow B&B but Leah is obnoxiously LOUD and Holly is cringe-worthy most of the times. (tries to be funny, fails) Julie Chen is a home-wreckin’ train wreck with a major stick up the arse…Molly Shannon would be great, end rant. No more mothers of the hosts in audiences every flippin day either thanks! : )

    • Meredith King

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      • sheri


    • michael

      Wont watch now. Felt like the woman were family had had a bond amoung them. Your show today was dry no humor at all. I thought the chemistry you had was great. Looked forward to see Leah and Holly make each other laugh with the others. Terible change. That new black comedian is hard to look at and Molly was nervous and just sat there. Had to shut it off and will not return….You had a great show first season. What were you thinking????

      • donna

        i couldnt agree more. the show is downright boring now. i do love mrs O. when the show 1st started there was another woman i think Marissa? what happened to her. notice she was gone but without Leah and Holly i cant even sit thru it

      • Robin Creath


      • Becky

        I so agree… I really enjoyed last season.. don’t even watch it much this season, don’t care for new hosts. Bring back Leah & Holly!!!

    • Ally

      Was a huge fan of all the Hosts. Even stopped Tivoing “The View” for “The Talk”. I think “The Talk” is boring now and I won’t watch anymore. I think when viewers learn that Holly and Leah are not coming back the show will eventually fail. The original 5 were great in my book!

      • Robbie

        WAS THE highlight of my day! Will not watch without Leah and Holly! Done! DVR options? CANCEL RECORDINGS!!

      • Diane

        WHY? I thought Leah and Holly were possibly on holiday, looked further and find they are not returning! ARE YOU CRAZY???? The 5 hosts together MADE the show worth watching. I watched today and there was dead airtime, no one talked, they didn’t feed off each other the way they used to do. So instead, fill the show with half an hour of Stevie singing because yours hosts can’t do their job! If Leah and Holly aren’t returning, I won’t be watching the show again! It’s painfully boring ….

    • Doreen

      Please bring back Leah and Holly!!! The show is not as good without them both.. My husband and I watch the talk every night while we have supper..Will be finding something else to watch cause it’s just not the same without them!!


      You made a mistake with Leah, she is a real people person that most of us can relate to., The show isn’t half as good as it was.

    • diane

      I loved Holly and I liked Leah although she likes to butt in and she is a little loud but there chemistry worked. I will no longer be watching the show because they got rid of Holly. Let Sharon go hang out with Ozzy permantly. BRING HOLLY BACK

  • Amit

    I like the show, too bad there will be changes to the hosts, because although I didn’t always agree with all the women, the difference of opinions was interesting.

    • HP

      The show will be a waste of time without the zest that Holly & Leah add. Mrs. O is often just silly, & Sara & Julie aren’t interesting. A shame that CBS is ruining a good thing. I won’t bother watching. I used to love it.

      • mary ann thomas

        You are kidding, right? No Leah? Who consulted who,,,,Leah plays off of dear Sara hilariously. Sure she is loud but so what???. Sara is just the opposite.

      • Tim

        Yeah the Sarah/Leah dynamic is cool.

      • julie king

        I agree with HP if this changes I won’t be watching either. I stopped watching the earlt show when Hary Smith and Dave Price were replaced. I can’t stand that Erica who now is on it. MR. JULIE CHEN NEEDS TO

      • Judy 52

        Without those two, I regretfully doubt it.

  • Caroline Manzo

    Kate Gossielen is looking for work…… Hire her please.

    • Fog cue

      Hire Kate Gosselin – inspire more women to sit on their unproductive asses eating bon-bons all day waiting for the day their baby factories pump out multiple useless brats at one time!

      • ger

        I think she had a reproductive a ss

      • @ ger


    • LL

      Kate, stay off these boards. We are all sick and tired of you–and have all been celebrating your exit from TV. Just GO AWAY.

  • Heidi

    Seriously – Kate would be awful. She has no personality except mute and annoyed, and no opinions to offer. Anytime she’s guest hosted she does maybe five percent of the talking??? And its just to agree with whomever else is talking or to say ‘oh, me too me too’

  • Summer

    Leah Remini was why I started watching the show on the first place. How sad.

    • Tony

      yes i love her she the best one there!!!!!

      • Up Yours Sam

        That loudmouth? Ditch her immediately and take Peete with her (she deserves better). Of course, if Sharon Osbourne is going to be with Ozzy, maybe keep Peete. And I don’t even know if Marisa Jaret Winocur is still on the show, but she’s a non-issue.

        The’ll never get rid of Chen or Gilbert. One’s married to the head of CBS and the other’s the executive producer and creator of the show. Can we say, “bulletproof”?

      • Jane

        I agree. I love Lisa. She is hilarious and the reason I watch the show. .

    • Lauren

      I love Leah! She’s a little loud sometimes, but she’s funny. And this show is about having different personalities interact with each other. Also, should we be surprised that Sara and Julie got their contracts renewed? Sara created the show, and Julie is married to the president of CBS.

      • HayLaura

        I don’t know how Sarah can sit back and not say something about this. She and Leah sound like they are good friends off the show. Sarah needs to say, no Leah, No Show.

    • star

      Time to replace Leah but I am undecided about Holly.

    • sela

      I’m glad if they get rid of Leah. I’ll stop watching if Kate Gosslin is one of the new hosts.

    • tm

      Same here!!

    • Mscat

      Me Too!’n

    • Wanda Dee Foster

      I too agree with all of you who will NOT be tuning in to watch “The Talk” without Leah (especially!), and without Holly… I’ll just go back to watching “The Doctors”, who came on at the same time in our area!! Not trying to be mean, but…Ms. Chen should’ve been let go FIRST!!…Oh Wait!, she’s the Boss’s BOSS!!

    • donna

      I too stopped watching the early show when they fired harry, dave and maggie i loved all three. i now watch GMA and now will probably watch the doctors or anything else at this point. while were complaining about shows on CBS I am sooooo tired of all the shows that story line is around pedifiles and phsyco murders go ahead give all those sickos out there more ideas! i now turn the channel everytime csi and criminal minds shows have anything to do wiith pedophilia REALLY how can anyone even stomach that crap

    • Jamie

      She is the only reason I watched the show too!!!!!
      She is down to earth and very funny! Don’t want to cut down the other women, but Sara is not tv entertaining!!

    • dawn ficarra

      this show is not good anymore i will not watch without lLeah it is not worth watching bring back the soaps Sarah And Leah made the show

  • Denise

    BIG mistake, they are the best part of the show.

    • Kim

      Boy I agree with your comment! What a shame

  • Danny

    I hear Oprah is available

    • girlz

      They should hire Star Jones…that would be fantastic!

  • Caiti

    Don’t care about Holly, but PLEASE keep Leah. She’s the heart of the show!!!

    • Lucy

      I don’t like Leah. Loud and full of herself. Can’t relate to her.

      • April

        I know what u mean Lucy! lol

      • halie

        I agree. I don’t care for Leah.

      • Meg

        I would tune in more now that Leah is off. Her voice! ugh! Too loud and a bit of a bossy boots.

  • kate middleton

    I’ve only seen it a few times, but Holly and Leah were my favorites.

  • Shirley

    I love Leah and Holly on the show, they are both funny and honest about things we all love to hear about. This is the only talk show I watch, it would be a real shame to mess it up like this.I seriously have laughed out loud with some of the crazy stuff they have said and done!

    • Barbara Walters

      Leah & Holly are just two hoodrats who benifitted from affirmative action.

      • view

        Barbara; you would benefit from some spelling lessons.

  • jj

    Why?? Leah’s the most entertaining, funny lady of the five. If they do replace the two, they’d better find some good people.

  • Carla

    I liked Holly and Leah, but Leah tended to be loud and obnoxious.

    • bobo

      that is exactly right. She could be tolerable if she managed her obnoxiousness better.

  • Tony

    LEAH all the way…HOLLY to but if only one PICK LEAH!!!!!! she is the most entertaining host of that show…julie chen is really boring they should get rid of her.

    • Pacy

      I like Julie’s hosting. Leah is loud and too much.

  • Tony

    its perfect the way it is now…if someone is perfect why change it?

    • HayLaura

      I agree….. Why mess with Perfection

  • Penny Wallen

    So what? Who cares? Its just a cheap rip off imitation of The View, anyway.

    • Plump

      lol… it.

    • Terry

      Amen….they gouldn’t even come up with a NAME for the show that wasn’t a rip-off

    • Ella

      The talk was giving the view a run for its money, with classier more stylist host and a more positive overall dynamic was being achieived. Without those two host I will no longer watch the show.

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