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Fans of Dancing with the Stars should look for something new and different under the mirror ball this fall (and fortunately, we’re not talking about any misguided plans by Maksim Chmerkovskiy to keep his chest covered).

What fresh and sparkly change does Executive Producer Conrad Green have in store for us?

Why, it’s a new stage!

Yes, ballroom dancing fans, the next season of DWTS will feature a fancy new amphitheater-style set for its next round of amateurs. There will be another level of seats for all those crazy folks who wait in line outside of CBS Television City in Los Angeles to attend a taping, and a more prominent spot for the orchestra and the enthusiastic chimes lady. The staircases will even move about the slick stage, though we do hope the weekly back and forth doesn’t trigger any more Kirstie Alley-style spills.

Sadly, EW has been informed that there will be NO changes made to the judges’ vocabulary during the critiquing period, so expect more creative references to Cheryl Burke’s “rocky mountains” by Len Goodman.

The next round of victims celebrity hoofers will be announced Aug. 29 during an episode of Bachelor Pad. The new season begins Sept. 19. Looking forward to the return of Derek Hough?

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  • nooo

    I was hoping for the new changes to be new judges to replace Carrie Ann and Bruno :/

    • Jethro

      Ah, get rid of some of the pros: Mark, Anna, Maks, Lacey and Derek. They are way too big for their dance shoes and it’s time for changes!

      • Sandy

        No way! Anna — maybe — because she is a good technical dancer and very nice but lacks choreography skills. But the rest of the pros are part of what makes DWTS.

      • Murphy

        I wouldn’t watch the show without those pros. They are the real stars.

      • tracie

        if the show got rid of maks and mark and tony i would never watch it and i am sure alot of others feel the same I love my russian and greek dancers :)

  • Sarah

    Can’t wait to see Derek again.
    If only that simpering nobody Brooke Burke would leave, DWTS would be perfect.

    • Thad

      She’s definitely a waste of space on this show.

    • B

      Don’t miss Derek at all sorry.

    • chris

      well, i can’t wait for derek hough as well, but i hear that he might be doing dirty dancing the remake.

    • doglover

      I think Brooke does a fine with a thankless job. She’s been a contestant and can relate. Looking forward to Derek’s return too!!

    • Mellissa

      How does that make you feel?

    • Murphy

      Have to agree with you there! I am also waaaay tired of Bruno’s nonsense and Carrie Ann Inaba’s personality.

    • bonbon

      I Agree…

    • Paulrey

      Amen to that! She always looks bored! Glad Derek will be back. Too bad his sister won’t–but Footloose calls!!
      And now to figure out how to muzzle Bruno.

  • TorontoTom

    Does the new stage have a trap door?

    • Rebecca

      In a way that would be awesome, but then some dumb celebrity would use it in an idiotic way, ruining it for everyone else!

  • Zach

    Bring on Mary Murphy to replace Carrie Ann. She is so negative and so incredibly biased against Maks and his partners and in favor of male contestants that you can’t miss it.

    • amy

      Regis Philbin was asked to be on this season, he declined. I would have watched just to see Reg!

      • Mocwe7

        Isn’t dancing with a corpse illegal???

      • Meg

        If it was, then DOTS ought to be fined for Mr. Snooki, George Hamilton.

    • Cara

      I think Carrie Ann isn’t just bias against Maks, but any pro not named Derek. She has the worst favoritism towards him. I’m not looking forward to Derek returning because it’ll be the same thing as every season: he gets the partner who’s already experienced, the judges ooh, ahh, cry, and act like he’s a dance god, other couples get nitpicked and thrown under the bus, and he’ll win again in anothehr unpredictable finale. The stage is the last thing that needs fixing. Start by getting rid of Brooke, Carrie Ann, and the singers.

      • Colleen

        Nooo not the singers! That would eliminate “ba da da da da da da” and one of our favorite hidden gems, Princess Sparkle!

      • doglover

        I agree CA favors the male contestants, but all the male pros have had a celeb w/dance experience, not just Derek. Do Joanna Krupa, Shannon Elizabeth, Lil Kim, Brooke Burke ring any bells? Yes, he won with Brooke, but she had no dance experience whatsoever.

      • John M.

        The dances should be done to ORIGINAL versions of songs., Colleen. This past Spring, horns were put into a Clash song. THAT’S NOT RIGHT! DWTS has become a stuck-up snob show IMPO.

    • Murphy

      Mary Murphey would be perfect for this show…wonder if she would do it?

  • talkin’

    Yes – looking forward to seeing Derek again – yay :)

  • Lamb

    Boooo. I went to a taping last year and got to sit on the floor near the D-listers. I loved the fact that the audience/stage seemed very small and, sort-of, intimate. Bigger set = lame shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol. Ugh.

    • Katja

      I, too, like the relatively intimate feel of the stage and seating. An ampitheater-style arrangement might start feeling too detached, too…American Idol, like you said. I mean, remember the stage from the earlier seasons of SYTYCD? It was small and intimate and the dances felt more immediate and meaningful that way. Then, when they transitioned to the big theater-style stage…the feeling changed, the intimacy was lost, and the impact of the performances suffered as a result.

  • Christie kellner

    Uh, hell yeah! I’m excited to see Derek! Love him, his choreography is amazing and exciting. And 100 % agree with giving brook the heave hoe. I thought samantha was bad. Omg! And I want to shoot the tv each time brook says, ” omg I know how u feel bc when I danced and won it was sooo hard.” yea like u won, Derek won, u were just there. Lol

  • Tess

    With Derek coming back…should we just assume now that he gets the ringer again?

    I’ll laugh my behind off if they give him a real challenge for once, like if he’s paired with (alledged contestant) Snooki. That would be much more worth my tuning in than to see him with another guaranteed-top-3-if-not-winner contestant again.

    • sam

      you ever think that maybe he is just that good of a choreographer and that he brings out the best in each partner. I’m sick of all the criticism and all the haters, derek hough is really talented.

      • doglover

        Thank you sam! ITA w/everything you said. Derek’s had clunkers too but he works to their strengths w/dynamite choreography. Some of the pros just aren’t good choreographers. If Maks could come up with a great freestyle, maybe he would win too. He’s had some chances.

      • KOP

        Hate to say it, but you’re right sam. While Derek’s personality leaves something to be desired for me, he is an incredible dancer and choreographer. He definitely seems to know how to turn his partners into dancers. I think he’s beyond annoying to listen to, but I am captivated by him when he dances.

  • Hamish

    I’m looking forward to Annie’s recaps!

  • Zeke

    And yet people still watch this show.

  • lexi

    Glad Derek is back! Last season was boring without him. Hope the new stage looks good and helps dancers shine. SYTYCD changed their stage a few seasons ago and i don’t really like it. Its too big and not as personable as old set was, but its okay.

    • mostboringseasonever

      I’m thrilled that he’s comning back.
      I missed him last season. He’s the best dancer / choreographer on the show. Always brings to mind Astaire and Kelly. Mesmerizing.

    • mostboringseasonever

      I’m thrilled that he’s coming back.
      I missed him last season. He’s the best dancer / choreographer on the show. Always brings to mind Astaire and Kelly. Mesmerizing.

  • Justsayin

    boy look at all these people getting excited over more garbage, you all miss it so much what’s the matter? wipeout a lil too brainy for ya’s?

  • Justsayin

    And dont even get me started on that waste of air tom bergeron. If there was ever someone that needed to be strapped to a rocket and fired into the sun its him.

    • Katriel

      Bite your tongue! No one so outrageously insults the House of Bergeron! That man shares my heart with Cat Deeley.

    • Dave

      Agreed. Throw in Bob Saget too.

  • John M.

    Sorry, ABC. I’ll be watching THE SING-OFF on NBC and be recording TERRA NOVA on FOX Monday nights. I’m burned out on your CHEESY ratings winner. SYTYCD is my ONLY dance competition now.

    • sam

      see ya, see how long that will last. Dancing with the stars is still the best and nbc should be smart to move the voice and sing off to tuesdays where there is no competition.

  • Jane

    I really missed the genius of Derek last season. I always hope he gets the ringer so we can see great dancing and choreography.

    • Katja

      He’s done great choreographer for the non-dancer partners he’s had too. I agree that it can get tiresome when he gets the really good partner, but he’s had some non-ringers as well and done amazing work with them. (Or choreographed the dance amazingly enough to hide their flaws, like Cheryl does.) Remember Joanna Krupa, who was NOT a good dancer, but Derek got her to dance pretty well (or dragged her around the floor pretty well)? Remember that futuristic paso? I did NOT like Joanna, but I have to admit that that dance was great.

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