'The Sing-Off' announces season 3 contestants

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

NBC’s hit a cappella talent-show series The Sing-Off has announced the 16 groups that will compete in its third season. Hosted by Nick Lachey, the series will premiere on Sept. 19 with returning judges Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman alongside singer Sara Bareilles, replacing Nicole Scherzinger (who’s now a judge on Fox’s The X Factor). The contenders are:

Afro-Blue A nine-person ensemble from Howard University
The Cat’s Pajamas An energetic all-male group based in Branson, Mo.
The Collective Nashville troupe formed by season-two contestant Jeremy Lister (Street Corner Symphony)
Dartmouth Aires 15 quirky guys from the New Hampshire Ivy League school
Delilah An L.A.-based all-female group including members from the first two Sing-Off seasons
The Deltones Co-ed ensemble from The University of Delaware
Fannin Family An octet of relatives from the Midwest
Kinfolk 9 A professional group out of L.A. with members who all have the ability to share lead vocals
Messiah’s Men Liberian refugees on a mission to serve God through music
North Shore A Boston-based streetcorner ensemble tackling music from the ’40 to today
Pentatonix Five-member group from Arlington, Tex., with eclectic musical tastes
Sonos Well-known professional a cappella group who have collaborated in the past with Bareilles
Soul’d Out Co-ed high school club from Wilsonville, Ore.
Urban Method Newly-formed act from Denver including a rapper
Vocal Point All-male ensemble from Brigham Young University
The YellowJackets Contemporary crew from the University of Rochester known for wearing yellow blazers

The winning act will score $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music.

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  • Anonymous

    Yay Fannin Family!

    • Krystal B

      Yay, Fannins!!!!! :)

    • The Rat

      OK let’s get some facts…..First, Ben is THE BEST judge followed by Stockman…Nicole was gorgeous and sings great but clueless about music..especially a cappella. NBC has assembled a cast of contestants to CONTINUE to embarrass the talentless HACKS on American Idol. Deke Sharon knows more about a cappella and music in general than anyone on the Idol staff. Ben Folds biased? LMAO…..well if you are at all aware you would know that if he is biased since he produced an entire CD of college a cappella groups that clearly NO college group should be allowed to compete! Biased to Jeremy and Street Corner……or biased to EXTREME TALENT…..duh…Isn’t that what you want to judge?…..TALENT? Oh btw, I guess Alison Krauss is also biased since she has said “Jeremy is the best kept secret in music but won’t be for long”! Oh, btw she personally asked him to open 8 of her shows on her current tour! Let’s see 26 Grammy’s? Can she judge talent? Come on you uninformed people with all these “opinions”…..do your homework! Ben took Street Corner on tour because they were HOT, talented, and out of respect for their talent! He took Street Corner, NOT the Lister brothers….the Mclemore brothers, Adam Chance and John Martin all went! Gee….so Jeremy is using his talent and knowledge and talent to help promote a group of talent he KNOWS from Nashville……what a dumb thing to do…..duh. And yea, baby bro Jonathon is in the group….I’ve heard him….he DESERVES to be there! Heck almost every member of every group on the Sing Off could blow any fabricated, auto-tuned, fabricated winner of Idol off the stage. NBC has broken the mold and focused on talent…..why don’t you all watch and see what it sounds like!

      • Delon

        Yep, Ben is the best judge ever in the history of reality TV competitions. He rules and the show is by far the best talent show even though i love me The X Factor.

  • Shannon

    Hmmm….trying to remember which one Jeremy Lister was from Street Corner Symphony. Was he the lead singer?

    • Swerds


    • Pat

      Yes, he was. I loved Street Corner Symphony!

    • Lil Jo

      Street Corner Symphony, should have won last season. Don’t know why he would want to be Bamboozled again… That said he is awesome, so they are my frontrunner for this season. Not that anyone cares about my view.

      • CP

        He’s not in the group, he just put it together.

      • Fangirl23

        I don’t think he’s in this new group, he just helped to form it.

      • Pameladee325

        The youngest Lister brother, Jonathan, is in this group. The rest are pals of the Listers and Jeremy put the group together. I’m sure they’ll be awesome!

      • Pameladee325

        The youngest Lister brother, Jonathan, is fronting this group. Jeremy helped put the group together but is not part of it.

      • ProudDad

        They are awesome! It is going to be a great show!

  • Josh

    I might watch this season just for Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles, whom I love.

    • Grace

      I ♥ me some Sara B, too!

  • Anonymous2

    Hey…two WI Singers alums! Represent! :)…Ironically both from the band…

  • Hugh Gee

    Bumped it up to $200,000- nice. Good luck, all.

    • Derick

      Hey Hugh, did you notice the YJs are on the show?

  • Hubi

    Sorry for being nit-picking, but isn’t it somewhat unjust to have a group on the show – Sonos – who have collaborated in the past with judge Sara Bareilles?! Or is this a way to unnecessarily highten drama?

    • Karissa

      I was thinking that. Also, Sonos already has a CD out and it’s done pretty well on the market. Wasn’t the point of SO to find the best UNDISCOVERED a cappella groups out there?

      Glad Nicole was replaced, she was lovely but an awful judge… now just replace Nick and we’ve got ourselves a quality show.

      • kevin

        i agree, although i am a fan of sonos. i honestly feel this show can be a bit unfair, i mean look at jerry lawson last season … he’s been around for decades and yet his group made it alllll the way to the finals. everyone kept saying he was a legend … which just made it all the more obvious that he should have been eliminated earlier on and give other groups that havent had their chance yet.

      • mike

        If you make the show, you should not be allowed to return. From Noteworthy to SoCals to Backbeats to Delilah, if you were in these groups, you should not be back. You had your shot. Let someone else have theirs. If you signed a previous record deal, or else “made it” in the industry, this is not for you either.

    • Catherine

      I third that emotion. Let the college groups and others have their shot.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. A cappella in its purest form belongs with the college groups.

      • Rick

        But if they limited the Sing Off to only collegiate groups, we would have ten Beelzebubs-esque groups, and discounting groups like, oh yeah, Nota. Committed. Street Corner Symphony. Groove For Thought. Face. College groups are great, don’t get me wrong, but it takes away from the diversity of this show. It may be a contest, but first and foremost, it’s about a mutual love of a cappella music, and that should not be exclusive.

    • Cricket

      Yes, sounds like it.

      Last season had Scary Jerry and the Pacemakers, or something like that. The judges fawned all over them and they went a bit further than they should have, but they didn’t win. So it should be OK so long as the new judge is a professional about it.

  • joanne

    There are so many great college groups out there, why do you insist on having “newly formed groups from singers past seasons.” I disliked that in season 2 and will still dislike in 3. Give some credence for groups that have actually been together for a while.

    • Ann

      I don’t think I agree. In season 2, the people who were in a previous groups were two ladies who were a member of an acapella group while in college. Then they graduated and couldn’t be in that college group anymore…so what’s wrong with the idea of them joining an acapella group that isn’t college-related? I see nothing wrong with that. Now, it would be a different story if they ditched that group and joined in another group just so they could compete in season 3.

      • Maggie

        That happened this season. A number of people auditioned with groups and were then placed in different groups by producers.

    • kate middleton

      I agree. I don’t like there being people from previous seasons who created new groups.

  • Kay

    Some of this seems unfair. “The Collective” — Ben Folds toured with Jeremy Lister’s group from last year. Isn’t already going to favor Jeremy’s group?
    “Delilah” —- They can’t find enough new blood that some of these girls will be making their 3rd appearance on the show? “Sonos … who have collaborated in the past with Bareilles” — and she’s one of the judges? It would be hard as a judge to not either favor the ones they are familiar with or be harder on the singers they know for fear of being seen as partial. Hmmm….Just seems there should be more groups to choose from. But we will be watching.

    • Ann

      Let’s face it. If you’ve watched the show previously, then you’d know this show is less about competition and more about promoting beautiful, natural music. It’s a light-hearted show. Whoever wins won’t become famous like with other singing reality shows…so it doesn’t really matter who wins. Just sit back and enjoy the fun of it all. Besides, Ben Folds and Sara Bereilles are professionals and I’m sure they can make sound judgements that is purely music-based.

    • Judy

      Jeremy is not in the group so in my opinion Ben will not be influenced by that.

  • Melly

    As an alumna of the University of Delaware, I’m super excited to see that the Deltones are competing. Go Blue Hens! Also looking forward to Sara Bareilles being a judge.

    • lisasp

      Another Blue Hen alum here—very psyched that UD is being represented!!

  • vivian

    Go NORTH SHORE!!!! YAY!!!

  • Justin

    Why do they keep letting people reform groups….. you had your shot…you didn’t win…. STOP.

    • Karissa

      AGREED. There are hundreds of other groups just as good that would get on the show if not for rehashing old season contestants. A lot of the time, they’re singers I didn’t even LIKE!

    • Peter McSwiggin

      Thats called a Quiter.

  • Anonymous

    Please..no more Courtney Jensen. Yes, she’s a fantastic beat-boxer. But to have her on all 3 seasons? Sean, Ben, Sara, Nick….one of you…please just give her a recording contract of her own, and leave her off the Sing Off!

    • Karissa


    • kevin

      AMEN hahaha is she really going to be on there again?

    • Lil Jo

      thank you!

    • Webhead

      I love, love, love, love, LOVE Courtney Jensen. But all three seasons really is too much.

      • Antonio

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    • Rick

      I honestly think that she got most of her praise because she’s a GIRL beatboxer. Yes, that is unheard of. Yes, it is mostly a male-dominated field. Yes, Courtney was very good. But she was not the best on that show. I mean, Alex from OTR? Kurt from Eleventh Hour? The McLemore brothers? C’mon. And it infuriated me how much screentime she got.

      • Anonymous

        I became a fan of the Whiffenpoofs, and found out from watching their videos on line that Micah beatboxes as well. Wish they would have shown that more.

    • Anon

      posted this once and it disappeared. Courtney is not on the show. Not sure why you think she is, but she isn’t in season 3

      • steppe22

        Courtney Jensen works on the production team for this show now. ;)

  • Anonymous

    The Fannin Family is all brothers and sisters!! I’m so excited for them!!!

  • Brian

    Best of Luck Fannin Family! Have fun and we’ll be watching!

  • malfoy

    Woohoo!!! BYU Vocal Point! They are awesome and amazing. So excited for them. And yay for new judge Sarah! She’s great. Saw her in concert before anyone knew who she was.

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