'America's Next Top Model': Cycle 11's transgender Isis King gets her own promo -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

As you probably know, Isis King — the memorable, self-identified transgender contestant from cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model — is a part of the cast coming back to be judged by Tyra Banks and Co. for the show’s All-Stars edition premiering Sept. 14 on The CW.

Isis broke ground when she appeared on the show in 2008 because she is transgender — the first such contestant ever on Top Model. (Isis was born a man, but Banks herself paid for Isis’ sexual reassignment surgery, completed in 2009.)

Isis finished Cycle 11 in tenth place, but she could still be a force in the latest outing this fall. EW has your exclusive first look at the promo touting Isis’ return — complete with totally intense eyes, as you can see above — to the competition.

Watch the clip here:

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

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  • R

    Isis placed 10th not 5th…………

    • Nick

      I already thought they had a transgender model win?

      • Elbyem

        Jazleen just LOOKED like a man.

  • jj

    Oh wow I didn’t Tyra did that… Respect.

    • jj

      *didn’t know.

    • Bonnie

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  • Laura

    Gawd! That is scary looking! That pic’s gonna haunt me for awhile! lol

  • Dave

    what the hell is that?

    • Leesh

      “That” would be a person who has had a long journey to becoming comfortable in her own skin.

      • lana

        That’s not a ‘her’. I don’t care what you slice off and dice off. That will always be a man.

      • Joon

        Sorry, but I agree. I have no problem with transexuals, and more power to Isis for being happy in a new state of mind, but that’s what it is. “She” will never be a woman, no matter what she cuts off. “She” will always be a man with a fake vagina. Just the facts.

      • Pete

        Isn’t it nice of lana and Joon to decide that they are the one’s who determine what gender another person can call herself. Narcisisstic much? Get over yourselves. Your opinion applies to exactly one person – yourself. Isis, and every other transexual, can decide for themselves. See how that works?

      • Amy

        Pete, I guess you decided to be an idiot.

      • dejaentendu

        Pete, I have nothing against transgenders and she can identify with whatever sex she wants, but it’s really not an opinion that she has an XY chromosome.

      • Johnny

        But that is the problem…you don’t “decide” what gender you are. There’s a biological reality which is undeniable and unquestionable. You are either a female or a male as determined by biology. You may feel like you are a woman or a man (and you could nip and tuck all you want), but you can not change the BIOLOGICAL FACT that your gender is predetermined by nature. Sorry, Isis is a man playing at being a girl, no matter how you slice it.

      • Samuel

        I agree with you Pete! So much ignorance in the world, people are so scared of things they don’t understand!

      • Simon

        But transsexuality is biological – due to a hormone imbalance in utero, an XX foetus is exposed to too much testosterone, or an XY foetus not enough testosterone, causing their brain to form as one sex, and their body to form as the other. Google “transgender brain scans” – all the transphobia and cissexism in the world won’t change the BIOLOGICAL FACT that a trans woman has a female neurology despite having XY chromosomes and male primary sex organs.

  • katie

    if its fan favorite than why is Alexandra back

    • Paul

      LOL that’s what I was thinking.

    • Fatima

      She’s my queen.

    • Pash

      Tyra LOVED her. I think she was the only one who loved Alexandria. I couldn’t believe she made it as far as she did in her season. Every picture looked exactly the same.

  • Freaks Abound

    Cher’s son?

  • Todd

    Isisvsucked in her season but lookscway better now so. She may indeed be more of a contender this time.

  • Todd

    Ps I swear Alexandria was one of the models on Project Runway, her designer got eliminated last week. Anyone knowmifmthats true?

  • Miranda

    Isis is gorgeous. Before you judge her have a good look in the mirror. She is beautiful. Xxo

  • Tiamat Hart Pesando

    Actually, Isis was quite right when she first said that she was born physically male but mentally female; it has been scientifically proven that transwomen’s brains are in fact female (and that those of transmen are male).

    • Isembard

      Sure, THP, quote logic and scientific fact! You’re probably all compassionate and understanding as well.

      Why can’t you be ignorant and hateful like Dave, Joan, and Lana? Don’t you know that they are the arbiters of other peoples’ gender identities?

    • Carmen

      Hi, Tia. What really bothers me is that, in this day and age, there is still so much ignorance and lack of knowledge about the LGBT community. And this comment comes from a hetero married mom who happens to love all things LGBT. Right, Tia?

  • Ash

    Wow, I thought since everyone was becoming so accepting of gays, I assumed that transsexuals were a part of that package. It’s so sad that we still have so much progress to do.

    • Pash

      Trust me there are tons of people that are not accepting of people that aren’t white bread hetero. I am betting Isis is going to win so Tyra can talk about how awesome she (tyra) is for choosing a transwoman as ANTM

      • Johnny

        Why do people equate non-acceptance with talking facts? Do you honestly think I “hate” transgendered people and that I would hide my kids from them or ignore them or be disgusted by them? NO! In fact, my two kids know a tansgender “woman” who lives across the street, and she is always treated with respect and compassion. But that does not change the biological fact that she is A MAN who feels he is a woman.

      • Mellissa

        The fact that you feel compelled to write “woman” instead of woman shows how much you accept your neighbor.

      • Simon

        Johnny – I suggest you do a bit more research on the subject before speaking about it. It’s a biological fact that trans people have the neurology of the one sex, and the chromosomes/primary sex organs of another. She’s doesn’t “feel she’s a woman” – she was literally born with a female neuro-biology.

  • bd

    That was a great thing that tyra did for isis, but I would think that there is a conflict of interest with isis being a contestant again because of it.

    I can not imagine what isis, or any transgenered person goes through on a day to day basis. Kudos for her for having the courage to be open about it and possibly giving others courage too.

    • Jennifer

      I always thought Isis was a better model than some of the girls who went farther in her season, but she was still uncomfortable with her body. Now that’s she’s had the surgery, that might not be an issue. I look forward to seeing what her pictures will be like in the upcoming season, although I do have some reservations about the possible conflict of interest issue regarding Tyra’s having paid for her surgery.

  • Lizzie


    • Kristen

      I think the grossest thing about her was that giant gap between her front teeth which were way too long for her mouth. If she had dental work, I wouldn’t be bothered by her at all.

    • Tranzchick


  • Freak Is, As Freak Does

    Caged freaks of biology. She looks like an escapee from one of those govt. underground human experiment bases.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Nice to see you got out of there too.

      • AshleyBrooke

        Your comment was fantastic, Bobby.

  • SM

    It’s not an “all star” or “fan favorite” cycle with out Jade!!! She was the best contestant ever to appear on this show!!!

    • Court

      They asked Jade and she declined, or so she said on Twitter.

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