Online jihadist calls for David Letterman's assassination


Image Credit: CBS

A website forum frequently utilized to spread Al-Qaeda dispatches has posted an assassination threat against David Letterman.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, a private company that tracks extremist websites, a commenter called on Muslims to kill the CBS late-night host after taking offense at a joke made on the program. A poster calling himself Umar al-Basrawi wrote: “Is there not amongst you a Sayyid Nosair al-Masri (may Allah release him) to cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever. Just as Sayyid (may Allah release him) did with the Jew Kahane.” Sayyid Nosair al-Masri was tried for the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990.

SITE analyst Adam Raisman tells EW the threat was made on Shumukh-al-Islam, a site where messages from Al Qaeda frequently first appear online in the United States. “It’s a clearing house for Al-Qaeda material. It gets the most Al-Qaeda supporters,” he says.

Raisman ranked the threat as more worrisome than the “warning” posted against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone last year. “This was a more explicit threat,” he said. “It was direct and to the point.”

Letterman (who, by the way, is not Jewish) apparently mocked the death of accused terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri, who was killed by a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan in June. The poster said Letterman put a hand to his neck and demonstrated the “way of slaughter.” “He showed his evil nature and deep hatred for Islam and Muslims, and said that Ilyas Kashmiri was killed and he joined bin Laden,” he wrote. “We ask Allah to paralyze his tongue and grant the sincere monotheists his neck.” The news was first reported by Stars and Stripes.

Raisman’s group is currently trying to find out more information about the poster, who has more than 1,200 messages on the forum. He advises Letterman take “as much precaution as he would with an obsessed fan.” CBS had no comment.

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  • James

    It was such a shame the way Comedy Central gave in to those totalitarian thugs. Maybe someday they’ll show the unedited Mohammed episode.

    • Tom

      You let these foreigners build a mosque right next to ground zero… at this point they don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. They think you are weak and that you have amnesia..

      • Rick

        Tom, I think you mistakenly clicked on the wrong site. Fox News has a different URL.

      • Steve

        I assume ‘Tom’ is a troll. But I can’t help it. The U.S. has troops in three Middle Eastern countries at the moment: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Question: how many countries would you like to attack before you decide that we are no longer “weak”?

      • Tom 2

        He’s not a troll he speaks the truth F Islam

      • Nathan


      • James

        Any religion that can’t take a joke is not something that any nation or any human should tolerate. F Islam!

      • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

        Christians are no better, except for the violence part.

      • Baba Booey Can’t Throw

        Muslims aren’t foreigners. There are plenty American born citizens who are Muslims.

      • Lauren

        Since when is three blocks away “next” to anything?

      • Derp

        It’s not the religion that can’t take a joke, it’s the people who practice the religion. I’m sure there are plenty of people who practice Islam that thought it was funny. You’ll always have at least one person who is offended, no matter what. It’s sad that our civilization may continue evolving, but human nature will not. :(

      • zark169

        Either you’re a troll or you’re ignorant. The “mosque” built near ground zero is about as religious as a hospital that happens to have a chapel in it.

      • Opal

        James, it’s not a religion that can’t take a joke, it’s a PERSON. All religious people are different, you should never judge a religion based on one person.
        Also… WHy the hell cannot I not reply to you? I have to reply to Troll Tom.

    • Chuck T

      The prophet mohammed takes it in the pooper………….and loooooooooooooves it!

      • dogg

        better watch out Chuck those big brave radical ragheads might change their target from unarmed, inoccents to you. are ya scared?

      • Typo

        Hey Tom, Chuck T, dogg and tom 2…how come you all have the same IP address???

        You’re not foolin’ anybody.

      • nagy

        i’m egyptian muslim , me and alot of my friends find dave letterman as hilarious guy and we love watching him..we love american kind of jokes and we hate bin laden and all his followers from the bottom of our hearts ..but please people don’t say bad things about our religion and our prophet in that way we may reach a common land

  • Goober

    Some people in is world act like barbaric animals and love to kill.

    • Tom

      But let’s give them all citizenship automatically and hope for the best.

      • topoopon

        And while we’re at it assassinate all people who work for Planned Parenthood and for the Federal government. Oh right, that’s OUR whackos!

      • JJ

        You mean like all those Texans?

      • Ian

        Planned Parenthood? Yeah, what whackos that try to prevent kids from getting pregnant. How dare they???? Dumbass…

  • googie


  • john


  • robman

    Sad part is they proply live down the street

    • Bronco

      They ‘proply’ do

      • deedee


      • jeff

        an online poster? why publish this? alert Letterman, FBI, security etc. but why do we continue to give these freaks so much power? they just helped get the message out to their minions!

  • Ash

    Yikes. They’re all schizophrenic. Hope nothing actually happens to Letterman.

    • Ok

      At least O’Bummer is safe. They don’t kill their own.

      • Don

        You are an idiot. There’s no arguing with an idiot.

      • mike

        You got that right friend!

    • Brenda

      I think ole Umar is as tired as I am of Letterman’s re-runs.

  • BG 17

    A hateful comment on an online message board? Weird…

    • inventedgods

      I was just thinking the same thing. The muslim poster in the article isn’t acting much different than half the comment posters on this article.

  • lindag

    The religion of peace strikes again. When will America wake up to this evil that has permeated in our Country??

    • jessica

      your talking about yourself, right?

      • jessica

        before the grammar trolls find me. correction: you’re talking about yourself, right?

      • jessica

        or should i fix that comment too? or this one?

      • jp

        Little tense, jessica?


    • commentor

      Puh-leeze. Jihadists are no worse than extreme right Christian warmongers.

      • Esox

        True. But how to respond? just go back on the air Live on Monday as scheduled? Or do they take some more time off and strategize? Knowing Dave. He’ll be back on the air on Monday.

      • Bubblegum

        Yes, because Christians are constantly leveling death threats to those who offend their religion. Sheesh, if that was the care, there’d be nobody left in the United States.

      • Monty

        Ignorance is not reserved for the fanatical, as your comment proves.

      • tomm

        Well, the Klan called themselves ‘of God’ and killed.

      • @Bubblegum

        Clearly you’ve forgotten about doctors who provide legal abortions. Or Timothy McVeigh.

      • Amanda Kisnhug

        No way an informed person could say that right-wing Christians are as dangerous or threatening as Jihadists. Simply not true,

      • Simon Jester


        I doubt the people of Norway would agree.

      • Amanda Kisnhug

        The guy in Norway was racist, anti-immigration.

      • Simon Jester

        @Amanda – And you think he’s the only right-wing Christian fundamentalist who’s racist and anti-immigrant?

      • Peter

        It continues to astound me that people will so quickly say, “Those are nuts, not real Christians!” but can’t make the same distinction between nuts and real Muslims.

      • TR

        Oh yeah, I remember Billy Graham flying a 767 into the Empire State building?

        You’re as big as bigot as the Jihadists.

      • Film23

        @Peter you’re the only one who makes sense here.

      • Esox

        I know Muslims. I work with Muslims. I have Muslims who are my friends. Jihadists are not Muslims.

      • Film23

        @Esox *thumbs up*

      • Ellen

        I’d say they are a little worse. Christian terrorism is by far less common.

      • Esox

        I know Christians. I work with Christians. I have Christians who are my friends. Abotion clinic bombing fanatics are not Christians.

        Same thing as what I said before.

      • Tarc

        Christian extremists (or not so extremists) just use different methods to restrict, limit, destroy, disable, or neutralize their enemies – be is based on religion, race, sexuality, or whatever. The wholesale destruction is still done… just with a horiffic politeness.

      • jp

        Esox. You rule, my friend. :)

    • Kyle

      Every religion has its crazy extremists. At this point we’re just choosing to listen to those people instead of the rest of the Islamic people.

      • Me-O-My-O

        Have the rest of the Islamic people said something? I must have missed it.

      • Simon Jester

        @Me-O-My-O – What, precisely, makes you believe none of the people posting here are Muslim?

  • Chris

    It was probably Jay Leno.

    • swthompson


    • Nathan


    • Jay Leno

      Did you see this? Did you hear about this? David Letterman’s life has been threatened by Al-Qaeda. Yeah. That’s right. And I guess to protect and hide him where no one will look, NBC has offered him a primetime show at 10. (polite applause)

      • James

        I bet you are the real Jay Leno! For shame Jay! Not only did you screw over poor Conan, but now your endorsing the assassination of Letterman! You sir are a Bastard!

      • e4ia

        No. It couldn’t be the real Jay Leno. That joke was actually funny.

      • Nathan

        This wins the internet for the day. That joke is sooooooo Leno haha

  • commentor

    Jihadist Cowards.

  • R.G.

    Who would take Letterman’s place?

    Palin would be a good choice.

    • amy

      We need a President with the B@LLS to do something about those people!!! Everybody criticized President Bush! But at least he made me feel safe in my own home! They think about ONE THING, killing!!! It’s how they are raised!!!!

      • robman

        I know ! Where is George when you need him..

      • D

        Unless you lived in New Orleans

      • What I learned from Amy

        What I learned from Amy:
        1. Muslims are a monolithic group that are raised as barbarians.
        2. Muslims only think about murder even while sleeping.
        3. Bush made people safe by endorsing torture, lying about WMD’s, ignoring the terrorist threat, and allowing 9/11 to happen.
        4. David Letterman’s death threat is Obama’s fault.

      • tomm

        “feel” safe? That is the far right’s hard sell. The far right terrorist in Norway is a warning to keep a look out for any fanatical religious person.

      • mike

        Yes, when Bush talked tough and said he wanted Bin Laden “dead or alive”, at least he walked the walk and got him!
        Oops sorry, that was Barack Obama. Never mind.

      • erin

        As a general rule, if your comment includes the phrase “those people,” you need to stop writing.

      • annie

        Erin: those people means Muslim Extremists! Are u gonna defend them?

      • amy

        She probably will!

      • annie

        My Uncle died in 9/11 I understand.

      • amy

        I’m so sorry!

      • Film23

        Don’t you dare generalize a group of people! You guys know nothing about Islam or Muslims, study the subject before you judge. You people disgust me. Why is it always when “Muslims” attack it becomes a terriost attack? You guys need to back off and go learn some morals and manners.

      • Kyle

        Palin doesn’t have balls, just loose screws and nuts

      • Tarc

        Funny, Bush made lots of Americans terrified in their own homes. Plus, starting a war (or two) for political cover is more than a little treasonous…

  • robman

    Havn’t they ever heard stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?

    • amy

      I hope you’re joking!

      • Ted

        You’re an idiot.

    • TedStriker

      Well, if you wrote a word on a stone and then hucked the stone at someone’s face, that would be one seriously hurtful word.

  • Val

    Call me a pervert.. it made me smile

    • Amanda Kisnhug


  • isit1984yet

    False comparisons and denials…. ah… the Neville Chamberlain syndrome. It’s nothing more than denial of reality. Rage boy exists and he’s coming no matter what fools and/or Islam taqiyya ‘tells’ the ignorant.

  • Iwant911truth

    And anyone who believes that Al Queda has a website, is about as dumb as this article, I also have a bridge on mars to sell them. Ron Paul 2012!

    • Film23

      Thank you so much for pointing out the idioticy of this article! Ron Paul allthe way!

    • Templar

      Can you process what you read? It says a web site “frequently used” not that it’s their web site.

      • Jon

        Yet they do have a website, strictly for employment applications and human recourse complaints.

      • iwant911truth

        Ah, thank you mr semantics. Let me start over then. If anyone is dumb enough to think that Al Queda uses the internet PERIOD to solicit possible attacks, is just as dumb as this article……better? Calling the kettle black, the fact that they are online saying this is ridiculous….can you process that?

      • iwant911truth

        My response was to templar’s irrelevant response.

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