TLC cancels 'LA Ink'


Image Credit: David Johnson/TLC

TLC is all Inked out.

The network announced today that LA Ink‘s fourth season will be its last, saying in a statement: “TLC has decided that the current season of LA Ink will be its last. The network is proud of what the series has accomplished in its four seasons, following Kat Von D’s journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles.”

The news comes just a few weeks after Kat Von D announced her split from Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James. (Update: It’s back on…)

The series finale will air Sept. 15.

(James Hibberd contributed to this report)

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  • Bored

    Meh. The show was interesting when it focused on the individual story behind each tattoo. Unfortunately it was dragged down by the need to have reality show “drama.”

    • april

      the show was boring, lame, and nobody actually watched it more than one season.. It went the way of the Tramp Stamp.

    • Bill Clinton

      They cancelled LA Ink and Kate plus 8 in the same week??? There must be a God as the worlds prayers have been answered! Maybe they remembered what TLC starts for.

      • slick willie

        what does TLC start for, anyway?

      • buckwheat

        a – men

    • Clete

      TLC stands for Todays Longest Commercials.

  • Frankie

    I’m surprised they’re not pulling it right now. Oh yea, train wrecks make for good TV. Wonder if she regrets that stupid looking tattoo.

    • Eric P

      once you have more tattoos than skin they all look stupid.

      • april

        Well they can always get jobs at the circus as the bearded lady

    • The one

      where it’s him as an ugly child? God—can you imagine having that permanently on your skin? Ick.

  • Eric P

    I can’t stand ppl who think they’re so deep and artistic because they have tattoos. I find tattoos gross.

    • Trey

      I find your face gross.

      • anah

        Trey that wasn’t nice….

      • april

        I like girls who have tramp stamps.. it’s like a big bullseye when you are drunk

      • Trey’s mom

        Trey! You make up with Eric P RIGHT THIS INSTANT! And after all that time I had to listen to you whine about not having a boyfriend all last summer, and now you have one you DON’T KNOW HOW TO TREAT THEM! Your other mother and I taught you better than that!!

    • hesjr1972

      I have no hate or disgust with individuals who exercise their rights to express themselves with a full body tattoo. However, they have to remember they will be old oneday and those tattoos are going to look like a hot mess on their skin. I do not understand why people get tattoos on their neck and their face!?!?! Also, more employers now more than ever refuse to hire individuals with tattoos unless they cover them up. How will someone cover up tattoos on their face?

      • Ummm…


      • hesjr1972

        Well Ummm…, ladies wear make up. Do you really think a guy who gets face tattoos will wear make up everyday to work? Especially doing the summer or if he works in a warm environment. It is common for women to reapply makeup, but it would be difficult for guys to run to the powder room to reapply make up depending on the type of job they work for.

    • Pat

      Well said.

  • The Truth

    Maybe The Learning Channel is planning to start making educational shows like it use to. Nah, people don’t want to learn if brain cell destroying reality tv is available.

  • MCS

    The show has definitely struggled lately, mostly because they make it all about the drama, ever since they introduced the second tattoo shop.

  • Dr. Chim Richalds

    Is this because she refused to do press for the new season?

    • yuck

      TLC should have canceled it before it started; when she had that anti-Semitic incident with Avi. And yes, i know she denied it, but i don’t believe her. I think she did it and I think TLC swept it under the rug b/c they wanted to air her new show.

      She is scum; the Jesse James thing isn’t the first.

  • Griefo

    They still have NY Ink, they probably realized they don’t need more than 1 tattoo show, plus Kat was speaking out against how the channel was editing the show.

  • capitan

    Tattoos are gross. Hard to find a good job if you’re covered in ink. Even hospitals make everyone cover their tattoos up at work. Boring show.

    • Not all do..

      I just interned at one for the summer and our teacher made us cover them, but the staff could have what they wanted.

  • Brett

    Her fifteen minutes lasted four years. Good on her for making the ride last as long as it did. Now, it’s back to obscurity.

  • Jerry

    They are just going to replace it with some piece of crap show about a family of exterminators or morticians.

  • hesjr1972

    I pose this question to those in the medical profession. With so many people getting tattoos now ranging from teens to senior citizens (that’s right senior citizens), are they still not allowed to donate blood? I welcome all responses to this question.

    • Brigid

      I *believe* that you need to wait a year after you get a tattoo to donate blood for the New York Blood Center, but I’m not sure about the red cross or any other blood banks.

    • Giselle

      Although tatto parlors are safe and clean for the most part, it all comes down to whether or not your state regulates them. Given that a tattoo is delivered by needle, you are ultimately sharing a needle (albeit one extremely sterilized, preferably in an autoclave)

  • Grace

    And this surprises people….

  • Zeke

    What a coincidence, eh? Her show gets CXLed by TLC and now she’s back together with JJ. Must need money for her to do this, considering she has no career to speak of.

    • Sith Lord J

      She wants to remain in the Public Eye and go to Red Carpet events. Maybe a Ryan Seacrest produce realty show with the two of them.

  • Bill Clinton

    They cancelled LA Ink and Kate plus 8 in the same week??? There must be a God as the worlds prayers have been answered! Maybe they remembered what TLC stands for.

  • The Squatch

    Meh… I liked the show at first but tired of it after about a season and a half. Once Corey left the shop I lost interest in the show.

    Bring back Trading Spaces. Paige Davis was hot…

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