'One Tree Hill' has found its hit man -- EXCLUSIVE

Who’s the hit man coming to One Tree Hill?

Character actor Andrew Elvis Miller will play a deadly killer in the upcoming ninth and final season of CW’s veteran soap.

Miller’s character is a Eastern European assassin with a flair for the dramatic (and, from the looks of things, rather nice teeth). Miller has previously appeared in episodes of The Sopranos, Ugly Betty and Criminal Minds.

Especially since it’s the final season, the presence of hit man on the show could mean some serious stuff is about to go down  … who would you like Miller to whack?


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  • Jaime

    NINTH season…ok. that’s all.

    • What?

      it used to be a mark of a quality show that it lasted 9 seasons, but ever since I heard garbage like King Of Queens lasted 9 seasons, the mystique is gone.

  • James Malone

    It is an enormous relief that this will be the final season. It has some positive qualities but they really dragged it on. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended it a few years earlier.

    • hmm

      Yous speak the truth, James Malone.

  • SCBR

    This should have ended with Peyton and Lucas driving off into the sunset.

    • Diggy

      And off a cliff…

      • cg

        Um no.

    • Mary Giewartowski


    • Erin

      ITA. That was the perfect series ending. This darn show has gone on for way tooo long and although it used to be my trashy tv guilty pleasure, I’m now fully covered by Pretty Little Liars and the far superior Vampire Diaries (and I suspect Secret Circle).

      • Danielle

        sorry to hear that you loss

  • noway

    this crap is still on???

    • LOL

      American loves crap.

  • Gray

    “Some serious stuff is about to go down” like what, acting without have that droning music bed playing all the time when people are TALKING about their feelings!

  • jenna

    I hope he kills of that stupid gnat Brooke Davis. I can’t stand Brooke or Sophia Bush. My only hope is that Hilarie Burton returns.

    • Nat

      Fair enough not liking a character, but Sophia Bush is a wonderful person! She’s a constant activist for human, animal and environmental causes and the most modest actress too. Come on, there’s no need to make it personal.

      • Jamie

        Not everybody likes Sophia Bush, nothing wrong with that. I was never a fan of her, either.

      • Poppy

        @Jamie – you are correct; everyone may not “like” her, but jenna didn’t have to stoop to elementary school name calling. I, for one, think she is a lovely person.

      • Danielle

        i agree with Nat.Sophia Bush is an awesome person in real life and on camera.I don’t know why anyone would say otherwise.

  • Meg

    My hitlist: Chase, Quinn, Clay, Chuck, Mouth, Skills, Alex. They’re dead weight. Might as well make them literally dead. That way the characters we actually care about might get some screentime in the final season. Maybe we could see Nathan and Haley in the same room together for more than one minute.

    • Rebeca

      totally agree.

    • dede

      I agree with your hit list except for Skills and Mouth only cuz they have been around from the beginning. But i totally agree with your statement about the characters we actually care about some valuable screentime this season!! and Amen to some Naley action too!

    • Danielle

      No way Mouth is awesome.and Quinn def. brought some fun to the show..maybe skills and alex..or alice whatever her name is

  • Jen

    Dan. He’s thee only one I really don’t like having in the series. I don’t want her to die, but Alex is a bit annoying, even though she’s better now when she’s now trying to ruin Brooke and Julian’s relationship. Hope that Lucas and Peyton move back to TH with Sawyer.

    • Poppy

      No, not Dan — I used to love his badness. Since he’s been relegated to that diner, the drama has certainly waned.

    • Danielle

      heard its only gonna be lucas for one or two episodes!!:(

  • tigger851

    notice how Brooke Davis always flairs her nostrils!!

    • jenna

      Yes and it’s really annoying along with her flamboyant arm waving, neck jerking, repetitive blinking, cryface and every other tick she has. Brooke Davis is the worst character that I ever seen and don’t let me get started on the actress.

      • sherrip

        and don’t let me get started on your English.

      • ajay C


      • lee

        ditto on the grammar, “that I ever seen…..” NO! “that I have ever seen” or “that I ever saw”

      • Danielle

        yeah really..what that she helps people all over the world.its too bad other people werent as good of a person as she is..i dont know where you get your information but its negative and,frankly,dont make sense to hate someone that much cause of faces they make

    • Danielle

      yes!!but i think its cute

  • tigger851

    but the best was the rollin’ around fight with Payton Sawyer on the front lawn during Prom!! I stopped watchin after season 7 because it came across like General Hospital and all those other soapy shows. YAWN!!!!

  • whatsmynem

    Let’s see … I would like this hitman to be more successful in murdering Quinn than pseudo-Sarah. While he’s at it, let’s kill off Julian and Jamie.

  • Karrah

    Maybe Dan will finally get what he has deserved ever since he killed Keith.

    • Jamie

      Doubtful. Dan MAKES the show – he’s the only worthwhile reason to keep watching anymore.

  • stella

    please say he is killing dan. ive been waiting for dan to die since season 1. if the show ends without dan dead i will be sad

  • dest

    He’s on the show for Nathan. I hope he interacts with Haley. Now that would be interesting to see.

    • AJ

      I think Nathan dies, and that’s why Lucas comes back – to help a stressed Haley, makes sense?

      • Danielle

        yeah..unfortunately thats what i think to.who else would she have to i.d. at the morgue.um ..immediate family only.either him or jamie but that don’t make sense.how many enemies could he have made???

  • Lia

    Why the f*** would a hit man be in North Carolina?! Who is worth killing with a hit man in Tree Hill?! Give me a break, don’t do an extra season if you’re just gonna make it stupider!

    • Melissa

      @Lia – that’s funny, my thoughts exactly…..stupider – haha!

      • ajay C

        My goodness, I was pondering the same thing. The show is about some small town in Tree Hill, NC, so where does an international hitman come into play. This is clearly a prime example of the show runner’s desperation. I actually think that the writers have already given up on the show well knowing that it is the last. Heck, the series finale could even revolve around some alien invasion…

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