'Project Runway' eliminated contestant: 'I thought his dress kind of looked like a Power Ranger'


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“As you know in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day… ” you’re talking to reporters about the utter misery of being out! Don’t click through if you don’t want a SPOILER on last night’s Project Runway, during which the contestants had to design a look for notoriously inflexible judge Nina Garcia. Season 9’s fourth eliminated contestant chats about the ins and outs after the jump.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I think you mentioned outerwear as one of your favorite things to design. If there was a challenge where you could create anything you wanted, what do you think you would make?
JULIE TIERNEY: I appreciate outerwear. I’m not gonna say I’m exclusively in love with designing outerwear, because it is extremely technical. You do have to follow a lot of rules with it. Like with Runway, you don’t have to follow all the rules but you do have to reference them. I don’t always want to follow all those rules and have it be so practical. Fashion on the runway should be fun.

Did it often seem more like a race to see who could sew the quickest instead of a designing competition?
Oh, yeah. But I mean with sewing, that’s fine if I’m not as fast. Cecilia and Danielle are insanely fast. But you can always get faster in sewing. If you’re bad at designing, that’s harder to get better at. You can always learn to go faster. That didn’t even bother me. Either way, having Cecilia help me — yeah, I know I’m slower, but I need to take the means to figure out how to finish regardless.

Was Joshua a big old bully to you the whole time?
Yeah, but you know, whatever. He’s more of a nag. Like a nagging wife. He’s probably been hit.

Is Olivier as moody as he seems?
He’s funny! He acts strange just to act strange.

Is Anya really as unskilled at sewing as the show wants us to think?
I don’t believe that she’s only sewn for four months. I think she knows how to do it. Especially when it’s always talked about, preached … if you would just let it be. It brings up some suspicion, but I don’t really believe it. I don’t personally have a problem with her.

What did you think of the judges’ comments about the coat dress you designed for Nina?
Personally, I wasn’t buyin’ it. I didn’t feel the comments matched the same garment. They were just talkin’ crap. Some of ‘em were valid, but all of them, no. I thought Nina was okay with the colors prior, when she came around beforehand. But it was a different day. Maybe Nina needs to step out of her comfort zone. Maybe I need to see her differently than she sees herself.

Do you feel like that color block look was a good rep of your aesthetic?
Yes, for now. I feel like my aesthetics kind of evolve, change. That’s not my be-all end-all. But for now, yes, I’m comfortable with it. I kind of wish I would have put some buttons on it. I left my buttons at Mood. It was supposed to have closures — it would have been more representative of a coat. But I just paid no regard to any of those rules.

When you and Cecilia were in the final two, she seemed dejected and like she thought she should go home. Were you surprised it was you?
Yeah, I was actually surprised I was on the bottom, personally, with that garment. But it is a contest, so you have to also take that into consideration. I was surprised I was on the bottom, but who they choose for the top and bottom is always interesting. I do think Kimberly was definitely the winner.

Who should have been in the bottom?
Even though I feel like Bedazzle Josh is an impeccable sewer, I thought his dress kind of looked like a Power Ranger. Or maybe, like, fast food from the future. I’m surprised he was given the go. Whatever, I mean, it was well made.

Did you learn anything from the judges or other designers that you’ll take with you for the rest of your career?
I definitely changed my hair. I didn’t really see how I presented myself. The other designers said my aesthetic and my personality don’t really match how I look. I hadn’t been letting the outside world decide that. But since the show, I have decided to let the outside world decide that. I think I need to seem a little bit more appropriate for what I do.

Are you happy with the way you were portrayed on the show?
I wish they would have shown more of my jokes. I feel like I’m a funny person, but I was shown really, really boring. I promise I’m a bit more lively in real life.

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  • John N.

    Annie, did you ever put up the interview with the ousted contestant from last week?

    • Annie Barrett

      Hey there. No, Fallene canceled.

      • lisasp

        Interesting! She was an odd one.

      • John N.

        Thanks for the response.

      • Squishmar

        Well I suppose I won’t go looking for it then! No… I *definitely* won’t go looking for it then. Bummer though. I really liked her. Thought Bryce should have gone instead that week.

  • JT

    This just makes me like her more. LOL @ he’s probably been hit.

  • nykolus

    we hear ya julie… the bf thought shellacked josh’s design could’ve gone on a waitress the jetsons would frequent. bleh…

  • nykolus

    *at a restaurant the jetsons would frequent.

    • RJM

      Whoa that is perfect! that’s exactly what it looked like!

  • WI

    Man, she is funny and I am going to miss that humor this season.

  • alfreda

    “at a restaurant the jetsons would frequent.” LOL~!

  • pylgrym

    Nina should wear something that looks this good.

  • Matt

    Joshia really IS a catty b*tch, isn’t he? His work isn’t even so hot – I get why he made the show, and wasn’t one of the first 4 eliminated (instead of, say, DAVID, whose stuff looked great) – he’s “good” TV. (Or so the Real World Bunim-Murray team believes, and is most important to them.)

    Good for her for calling out Olivier for being fakely strange, too. That false British accent drives me nuts. And I wonder if his name always had that extra, silent “i” in it.

    I didn’t much care for Julie’s outfit this week, and it didn’t seem very Nina-ish, but she’s WILDLY talented, and I’ll miss her work on the show a lot. She was one of the better designers and one of the better personalities. (And her design should *never* have gotten her eliminated – Joshua’s, Cecilia’s, and that rich blond girl’s outfits were all WAY worse than hers.)

    • K. Harker

      Wildly talented? I’m not saying it’s not true, but we didn’t get a chance to see it during her stint on PR. Everything she made was a bit of a disaster.

    • Squishmar

      But Matt, if Olivier pronounced his name with the “i” (like the actor Laurence Olivier) it would make him seem pretentious… and he doesn’t want that. ;)

  • barb

    Julie seems like a really nice person…..but….her designs are not New York, nor Nina…….. She should stick with designs for those who like crazy colors together…….. outerwear…. people who like to be “on the weird edge”……. she doesn’t seem to understand the critics that were given to her…. and didn’t really learn from them…… not versatile enough and belongs in the Colorado, more casual look…….. Josh…….well………..that is another story!! Julie looked and seemed out of place in this competition, she always seemed bewildered. I hope she can make it somewhere….. she has something for those who like her style and design.

  • barb

    I”m sorry, Spelled critique wrong, not critic…….I also would like to add that Josh’s design didn’t belong there either!!! It did look lik a waitress uniform!!

  • GregR

    I like how she was the loser this week, but she still doesn’t see what was wrong with her design and the final garment and she didn’t think she should have been in the bottom two. Like the judges said, you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to wear that to work or anywhere else after work. It was hideous. That collar was awful. Cecelia’s wasn’t that much better though. Neither was that dark green dress. Julie did look like a mess. Even though they aren’t professionals, they should dress and look impeccable. She looked like a slob.

    • K. Harker

      I thought Cecelia’s was much worse, but I think Julie was sent home for repeatedly having bad designs.

    • D

      I think it would be an interesting design if better executed, but it completely failed both requirements of the challenge.

      • Jingxi

        My hips are smoked but that was so much fun!! (in a sick, dsusgiting way). Next time we need assigned yellers/counters and Murphie needs to be here because it’s just not FGB if she isn’t telling me I can pick up something heavy and throw it at a wall.Pretty pumped with my score increase but not as pleased that I continue to catch wall balls with my face. One step at a time

  • dhppy

    Julie’s style is hard to pin down. She’s into cutting edge western wear, which is rare. I don’t know if Ralph Lauren wants to go edgy with his ranch style, but perhaps if she apprenticed with him, it might help her hone her skills and define her aesthetic more.

  • jmcg

    Since I didn’t comment last week, I’d like to take this time to say how much I can’t stand kim kardashian. Whose bright idea was it on PR to make her a judge? Everyone one of those designers on PR has more talent in their little fingers than she has in her miserable body. She got the movie wrong with the curtains reference-that was gone with the wind, not sound of music. She’s so dumb.

    • Kat

      LOL – didn’t we cover this in the comments last week? Sound of Music DOES have a sewing-clothing-out-of-curtains plot point. The fabric even had a similar scrolling design on it. The silhouette, of course, was more GWTW…but the Sound of Music reference absolutely works. And this is coming from someone who loooaathes the Kardashians.

  • NR

    I really liked this dress. If I saw a girl walking down the street in it, i would do a double take, and then think to myself how cool that dress is. I totally get the look—the judges got it wrong this week.

    • zee

      Guess we’re the only ones who liked it lol – maybe if the finish was better…

    • Cate

      You know what? I liked it too. I like the concept of it, and I like the color-blocking. I wonder what it would have looked like with her original collar before she changed it to suit Nina. And yes, it needs buttons or some sort of indication that it’s not just held together by a belt and is going to blow open with the first gust of wind.

  • watergirl

    Sorry Julie, I just didn’t like your coat dress. I like the adding orange to it but the design was terrible. The model look like she had to run outside, threw on her coat or robe. It was just very messy looking.
    Do wish you the best Julie.

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