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At any rate, take note of the little number “2” because it’s your path 2 more scoop. (See what I did there.) Hey, I warned you just one paragraph ago…

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Yes, we’ve all joked that Joshua Jackson has no job this season. But truth be told, he’s got one of the toughest jobs around, following last season’s ridiculously awesome cliffhanger on Fringe. And it’s not one he’s taking lightly.

“’My hope is that the journey of Peter and the journey of the show pays off that cliffhanger we saw at the end of last year,” he says of season 4. “In the beginning of this year, we’re back in our timeline but without one of our main characters. So we see the lives of all the people he would have touched and — for better or for worse — we see what their lives would have been like without him.” So will it be better or worse? One would guess the latter, but Jackson insists, it will simply be different.

“It’s a pretty cool conceptual thing to allow the show to go off in this direction. So the show is going to be grappling with that from an emotional point all year,” he says, adding that it’s especially true when it comes to Peter’s relationship with his father. “I’m looking forward to hashing out a new permutation of it. Because the dynamic is going to be entirely changed.”

For Jackson, the chance to start over in many ways, is a treat. “To me, I was glad they were able to go that big with the cliffhanger last year. The nobility of that sacrifice is a great ending for the Peter we used to know. His journey was to grow up and become a man, become part of a family and dedicate himself to something. The ultimate test of that was, ‘The choice is them or you.’ So I think the guy who would come back to us now would be a changed man.”

As of today, it is exactly ONE MONTH to the DAY until the return of Castle. (Sept. 19, in case you have trouble with…months.) And with time dwindling down, I can see inside your hearts (and I can read your angry comments): You want to know what’s up with Castle and Beckett this year. Well, so do I! Luckily, Castle producer Laurie Zaks, knows and can tease appropriately.

“They’re still going to be your favorite couple,” she guarantees. “We are aware of the are-they/aren’t-they dynamic going on. I think the challenge for Andrew [Marlowe] and the writers this year is to take that relationship to the next level — whatever that next level is.” And truth be told, when I chatted with Zaks not long ago, she said some of the specifics are “still being ruminated on.” But, she says, they know a great journey is still before Castle and Beckett.

“We know that that’s there, and it can’t be that forever. That will be the biggest challenge this year,” she says, adding that the premiere episode will, in many, many ways, help set the course for where the show — and our beloved pair — is headed this year. “I think the fans will enjoy what they see.”

Meanwhile, what I’m excited to see? More of this.

You know one of the best things about Sons of Anarchy? It starts at least two weeks before every other fall TV show. And let me tell you, this is going to be an amazing first taste of what fall has to offer. It’s intense, it’s gory, and (if I may present an anecdote) it made Mandi Bierly and I squeal in shock and awe. But enough of my lauds, let’s get to the facts, presented to you courtesy of Katey Sagal, who I caught up with not long ago to chat about the season, which finds Gemma in “a pretty good place” when we come back. Oh, but it won’t last.

“She has a new grandchild, her guys are coming back, there’s been an influx of income — so [Clay and Gemma] are a little bit more stable financially. But very soon after, things start to unravel,” she teases. “There’s an internal combustion within the club. We learn a little more about the history of John Teller from the letters that have followed us from Ireland. Once again she is thrown into chaos.” The 90-minute premiere, airing Sept. 6, will explain it all, but Sagal says much of the chaos will stem from “Clay’s internal struggle.”

“There’s actually a little bit of a splintering,” she says. “When you’re in a motorcycle club, basically, if you can’t ride anymore, you can’t be the president of the club. And Clay’s arthritis is really, really bad. He’s seeing his days are numbered. These are people who live off the grid. They don’t have retirement funds. They live paycheck-to-paycheck, so to speak. He’s realizing he’s gong to have to come up with a bigger plan. This is their bread and butter, and pretty soon, he’s not going to be able to be involved in that.”


I was wondering if you had any news on Blue Bloods. — Dennis
I hear that Jaime (Will Estes) will be getting his feet wet in undercover work at some point this season on Blue Bloods. But he will find himself having a difficult time dealing with the intensity of what goes into such a decision. Also somewhat Blue Bloods related, did you hear the news? There’s a New Kid coming to the block on Oct. 14. That’s right, TWO NKOTBs in one night. Be still my heart.

I read that Dan Harmon wants more reality-based episodes of Community this season. That’s great, but I love me some spoofs. Will we be getting any this season? Any hints about what they are? — Ryan
I think there will definitely be a few. Actually, I’d bet you my entire collection of amphibious mariachi band attire that there will be. Harmon clarifies: “It just means we’re going to stay off NBC’s radar as the weird show for a little bit by not having any kind of stylistic experimentation take place within the confines of the stories themselves,” he says. “I just don’t want to give people the satisfaction of pitching them episodes like, ‘The whole thing is in black and white!’ just so they can say no. I’m not bothering with that and staying low to the ground and being weird in creative ways that will hopefully give us more insight into the characters.”

Sandra, [Re: Castle scoop from last week] I love that the Victoria’s motive is political, given that Kate is going after a political whale!  That’ll be fun. I also really enjoy Covert Affairs — any scoop about Auggie and Agent Walker??? Pretty Please!! — LA
When we return from this excruciatingly long break, Annie might find herself receiving a job offer…from the British government. Now that would certainly put a hitch in my plans for these two to live happily ever after in CIA land. (#yestheresmoretothisstory)

Any scoop on The Closer?! — Laura
Don’t miss this Monday’s episode. Aside from being a really gripping case, the last five minutes will change a lot about how you view the team. Let’s just say, Capt. Raydor sets in motion what will likely be a huge arc.

Do you know the sex of B&B’s BB on Bones?  — Tracy
[Answer page 2!]

NEXT: “Scoop on ‘Bones,’ ‘Nikita,’ ‘Parenthood,’ ‘True Blood,’ and more!”

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  • Matt W

    Jax is gonna take over the club soon. I bet by the end of the season.

    Where is Kozick!? (sp?)

    • Gretchen

      I believe Kozick is part of the club this season – he has tweeted about filming scenes. The show has a 7 season arc, so I’m assuming he wont take over til the end…

      • Lisa S

        Where are the FRINGE spoilers? All this clown did was ramble about stuff we already know.

  • CM

    Thanks for the Castle and Bones scoops, and as for Bones, everyone already said that Booth and Brennan are having a baby girl. It’s been out for at least a month now.

    • Liz

      It will probably be a girl. I hope they name her Christine, like Bones’s mom.

      • PJL

        I don’t know about that. David B tweeted a few weeks ago that Booth’s new favorite color is blue.

  • anonymous

    The FRINGE finale was NOT ridiculous.

    • Mark

      “ridiculously awesome”… read carefully :)

    • MJ

      I don’t think she meant to say the finale was ridiculous. Saying it’s “ridicuclously awesome” is just an expression, as in it’s ridiculous how awesone it is, you know? It’s like saying it’s too good to be truth.

  • #1 SOA fan

    Holy hell I can’t wait for SOA to come back!! Jax is so damn fine mmmm!! And 90 minutes…YES!!!!

  • daisy

    Hi Sandra! Just wanted to let you know that R.J. Mitte plays Walt Jr., not Hank Jr. on Breaking Bad. I don’t mean to be one of *those* people, but I thought you might want to know! Thanks for all the great scoop!

    • Sandra Gonzalez

      How embarrassing! Thank you, Daisy! :)

  • CM

    Thanks for the Castle and Bones scoops, and as for Bones, everyone already said that Booth and Brennan are having a baby girl. It’s been out for at least a month now. Keep your eyes and ears open. :)


    Kenny Johnson that plays Kozik got a role on Prime Suspect. I think I read somewhere that he would be in a few epi of SOA new season and that he would be welcomed back if PS was cancelled

  • Mike

    ha a b&w community episode would be awesome

    • Ames

      A film noir murder mystery. Abed would love that.

  • Jillian

    I’m very curious to see the Castle premiere. Laurie Zacks makes it wound like that the premiere will be so awesome and it will be very optimistic for Castle and Beckett shippers…but Castle is also supposed to get a love interest this season and they aren’t going deal with the “I love you” until midseason…so who knows?

  • Laura

    Can’t wait for the Castle premiere- hope it lives up to some very high expectations!

  • Mark

    I hope we would get more Fringe set photos. They are REALLY keeping things under wrap this season. I need to know more! *spoilers junkie*

    • Ruby

      Agreed! Love Fringe!

    • Jenny

      No doubt. Saw that they changed the title of the first episode today. Sept. 23rd can’t get here soon enough!

  • Amanda

    Ahh I can’t wait for Parks & Rec!

  • Dadslife

    So, I got to thinking about Peter in a different context. Could it be he existed only in the minds of the Fringe characters ala Wilfred?

  • tahina

    Thanks for Castle and The Closer scoops, love those shows. Wonder where they will go with Brenda Leigh, will she get fired, comes in Capt Raynor? Dont want o hate Mary McDonell’s character.

    • Ryan

      Yeah I am not really a Closer fan but my folks are. I watch the previews and it shocks me that they are going to spin Raydor off onto her own show leading the old team. Just in the recent previews she comes off as a bitch, and my parents say they hate her

    • Ames

      I have realized that I’m not ready for The Closer to end. I’m a little embarassed for loving a tv show so much, but I just want the gang to stay together.

  • alr

    So happy that SOA is getting attention! It is long overdue!

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