'True Blood': Stephen Moyer weighs in on Bill and Sookie's future


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Fans of True Blood’s Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) have had a rough season. First, his lady love Sookie (Anna Paquin) was AWOL for more than a year in the fairy world, only to have Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) claim “ownership” of her when she returned. Then, to make matters worse, the Nordic vampire’s Lapland-cold heart thawed after witches made him forget his thousand-year history of slaughter. Suddenly, Eric was a lovesick puppydog, and fans of Bill watched in horror as he and Sookie engaged in some epic moonlit shagging. And if that didn’t make you think it’s hard out here for a vamp, last week Bill found himself dragged off by the same coven that had cursed Eric. Maybe Stephen Moyer can bare his fangs and help us make sense of Bill’s ill fortune.

“This season has been difficult for Bill, because it’s been all about how he’s having to learn from his previous mistakes,” Moyer told EW. “If there’s anything that Bill has been guilty of in the past, it’s probably that he hasn’t been very truthful, because he’s trying to protect the person he loves and he felt Sookie wouldn’t be able to accept that truth. If that isn’t a lesson in love, I don’t what is.” Thankfully, Moyer has a little relationship advice: “If there’s one thing he could learn, it’s that it may hurt to tell the truth, but in the long run it’s better to tell it straight up rather than hide it. Bill has to man-up — or rather, vamp-up — and do the right thing.”

That’s all well and good, but what about that Eric-Sookie hookup? “We’ve seen Sookie tempted by Eric for four years, and it was just like, ‘For f—-’s sake, just get it on already,’” Moyer says. “It was the longest foreplay I’ve ever seen.”

So does that mean that Bill and Sookie are officially finito? “It comes down to whether Sookie can forgive Bill for his past, though I think she realizes that he made some of his mistakes trying to protect her. She might be able to forgive him, but the idea of seeing herself together with him is something else.”

Still, Moyer hints that Bill partisans have reason to take heart. “The great thing about our show is that it gives you what you want. It might not give you what you want for very long, but it does eventually give everyone what they want at some point.”

Bon Tempers, are you digging the direction True Blood’s taken in its fourth season? And do you think Bill and Sookie have any future together?

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  • joe

    This season really blows. Eric is now officially a wuss, Bill has become a tool, Tara is now more annoying than ever. The only people on this show anymore worth watching are Lafayette, Sam, Jessica and Pam.

    • Cindy

      Nope, this show was never worth watching. I’m sorry you wasted so many hours of your life watching it.

      As far as the headline goes, it’s safe to say none of them will be getting a tan in the foreseeable future.

      • babetido

        How would you know if you didn’t watch it. We’re not sorry we spent so many hours watching it. We actually enjoy it.

    • Diogo

      I love this season as much as I love the others. The Tv show is as good as the books are, there is no need for them to be the same! The whole metaphor of the vampires being repressed and the fantastic elements are better than in the other seasons! Definitely worth watching!

    • iagree2

      Yes PLEASE kill tara off…tired of the whining “it`s getting old”.

    • MCS

      I was a big fan of this season at the start. But last night’s episode was the worst episode from any season, bar none.

      • SLB

        I wish they would just get on with it and kill these stupid witches like they did in the book so we can end this stupid storyline.

    • hallfpint

      This statement is 100% true.

    • Roger

      The show is just plain awful now. The writing has deteriorated badly. Too much soap opera and not enough of the cleverness that made the show a hit. I am checking out for good.

    • angie

      your not a real trubie… this season is all mixed up but in a good way. eric is everything sookie wants and bill messed it up…. what did you think was going to happen?

  • BoomBoom

    This season is nothing close to what the book is about. I HATE the Marnie story. There is nothing redeeming about that. However, there are some changes that I do like a lot. Jessica (who doesn’t even exist in the books) and Jason… that’s fun. Eric and Sookie, who were and always will be my favorite couple, are starting to gross me out, but still so happy they are together. I Never much cared for Bill after the firest few books, but I like him this season, more than I have in the whole series. I don’t know if I’d like to see them together again. I’m a diehard Eric/Sookie fan, but this new Bill… it might be interesting to see him start to fight for Sookie!

    • Eliza

      I never liked Bill in the books! He was always such a creeper. I mean don’t get me wrong Eric is a creeper too but on Eric it’s endearing on Bill it’s just…creepy.

      • Jenn

        LOL!!! at least you admit there is no logic. If they are both creepers ( your words) I’ll take the handsome one please. you can keep the tall one. Nothing about Northman is endearing and nothing about amnesia boy is real.

  • s

    I never want Sookie with Beel again but I’m sure it will happen. Ugh. I just hope Eric can get some lovin some where else if that is the case.

    • Flip

      Eric doesn’t deserve happiness. He’s the most evil vampire on the show.

      • ls

        oh please :p

      • Ashley

        If you still think Eric is evil then you aren’t paying too close attention to the show.

    • Amy

      I also never want Sookie with Beehl again. Beehl is actually more enjoyable and likeable when he is not interacting with Sookie IMO.

      • Lisa

        100 agreed!

      • angie

        i like the way its going. and i loved bill before all his dirty laundry came out to dry. and Eric is just so innocently charming but yet still hardcore, and i like that. its a huge mess but in a good way.

  • Mary

    I’m really liking this season. I love the bad-ass King Bill. I love Eric/Sookie getting together (thanks for giving me what I wanted, lol). The witches’ storyline has kept my interest. The Jason/Jessica/Hoyt triangle has been fun and can’t wait to see how it develops.

  • Colleen

    I want Sookie to be with Eric, but she probably will get back with Bill at the end of the season…

    • benlinus

      Nah, actually she never gets back together with Bill. She goes for a few books with out Eric but eventually they come around. Next season they’ll have to introduce Quinn the Were Tiger who she actually hooks up with for a few books before getting into an actual relationship with a full memory restored Eric.

      • Flip

        The show doesn’t follow the books to the letter. You need to get over it.

      • Jon

        Okay, true blood is not following the books! I hate it as much as everyone else, but Quinn probably isn’t goin to be in the show at all and Sookie and Bill will get back together because Alan Ball has a big one for his St. Bill. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

      • benlinus

        They follow them close enough not to piss off the book fans which are the core of this show’s viewership.

      • Eliza

        I feel like we should all be grateful that they don’t follow te books, they can write the horrible Quinn storyline out. Those books with him were excruciating to read.

      • Denise

        Quinn the were-tiger,lol. In the books I imagine him to look like Mr Clean with M.C. Hammer pants on. So no Mr Ball save us from this, please. And I’m with you Flip…get over it. I think Alan Ball and the rest of the writers are doing a fine job. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you watch it and don’t like it, nobody on here really wants to hear you whine about!

      • benlinus

        Denise, let me refer you to another comment I made lower on the page; perhaps you can wrap your mind around this concept . . .

        History: you know that touchy thing that relies on facts, and documents . . . has shown that AB follows each book loosely enough for a season to be recognizable to a reader; any one half a brain can connect those dots.

      • Bebe

        Umm, the book series isn’t over yet, so there’s no saying for sure who Sookie will end up with. After the last book, I’ll be stunned if it’s Eric.

      • Mirela

        This is NOT the books. I repeat…This is NOT the books. lol

      • @Denise

        That’s how I picture him too! Glad to read I’m not the only one who was seeing hammer pants.

      • SteelerGurl

        I wonder if they won’t morph Quinn’s storyline into Alcide’s since he is so popular.

      • Solveille

        Why write in Quinn? Since the show doesn’t systemically follow the books, I think they’ll have her hook with Alcide next season. They’ve been toying around with him all season anyway.

      • Sam

        Alan Ball promised at comic-con 2011 that he would always STAY TRUE TO THE SPIRIT OF THE BOOKS.

  • m

    loving this season, its much better and more captivating then what I felt last season was.

    • Emilio

      If this week’s episode doesn’t deliver, I’m quitting the show. I once love it, now I’m bored… Twilight bored.

      • Denise


  • benlinus

    Your probably going to be waiting for awhile for a Sookie Bill relapse; so far the series is over ten books in and there’s no indication Sookie’s got any romantic feelings left for Bill. I guess if Stephen Moyer had bothered reading the source material he wouldn’t have bothered with the interview.

    • Flip

      Doesn’t really matter what the books do–the show is its own thing.

      • benlinus

        Like I mentioned above Ball follows enough of the over story arc from the books not to piss off the fans of the books; so no I seriously doubt Sookie will get back together with Bill unless Ball really wants every one to believe Sookie is a flake with no self respect lol.

      • Captain

        Benlinus, what you have to understand is, Alan is going to do what he thinks is best for the series regardless of whether it happened in the books or not. Being 100% faithful to the source material isn’t a measure of a good adaptation. If Alan thinks it will be best for the series to reuinite Bill/Sookie, he will. I doubt he’d care what the Eric/Sookie fanbase thinks as-he-should because writers should never be held captive by the viewers. I remember when Rachel/Puck fans were completly overwhelming on Glee but Ryan stuck to his guns and kept them apart and I’m glad for that because they would have been a mess.

      • To Caption

        OMG did you just compare True Blood to GLEE????
        and no Ball does not even remotely follow the plotline of the books. He has jackied it up so bad I doubt he can get to season 6. After watching this season so far I almost suprised they renewed for Season 5.

    • SB

      Riiiight, because the show’s storylines have followed the books’ storylines SO accurately. You must not be watching the same show as the rest of us if you believe what happens 10 books into Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series is at all relevant to Ball’s HBO series…

      • benlinus

        As I mentioned they follow the books loosely enough to keep the fans of the books happy; I know that AB won’t follow the series as closely as Game of Thrones follows the Books but he does have an obligation to HBO to keep the book fans happy enough to keep paying for their HBO.

      • Captain

        Why do you keep talking like the fans of the books make up the majority of True Blood fans? I hate to break it to you but, they don’t. They may make up the majority of the super fans that complain on message boards but I’m willing to bet 6 million viewers didn’t read the books first. Furthermore, you’re talking like being faithful to the books is what fans are looking for. I’m sure there are many people who loved the books but wouldn’t mind if the show went in a different direction.

      • benlinus

        @Captain: Yet again and again Alan Ball has made the skeleton of each season follow the books loosely enough for the fans that read the books to be satisfied enough to keep watching. It’s not my opinnion it’s a fact, aside from the details Seasons one through four match up enough to be cousins; not once did I ever suggest or believe that the show and books are or should ever be identical twins. The trends show that Ball will follow each book loosely enough to be in the same family.

      • Denise

        @SB I don’t know where you get the series in already 10 books in. Don’t believe that is correct at all.

      • benlinus

        @ Denise 11 Published one forth coming in 2012.

        1 Dead Until Dark May 2001
        2 Living Dead in Dallas April 2002
        3 Club Dead May 2003
        4 Dead to the World May 2004
        5 Dead as a Doornail May 2005
        6 Definitely Dead May 2006
        7 All Together Dead May 2007
        8 From Dead to Worse May 2008
        9 Dead and Gone May 2009
        10 Dead in the Family May 2010
        11 Dead Reckoning May 2011
        12 Deadlocked May 2012

      • Sharon

        As one of those book fans you keep talking about, and one who spends a bit of time on the book forums, my general impression is that most of the book fans are NOT happy with the adaptation, and certainly not all the side stories. That certainly includes me. Many of them on the forums have quit watching the show. I only watch for Eric, who is my favorite character in the books and on the show. I guess you could say I watch for Alexander Skarsgard. And I’ll keep doing so. When Bill almost killed him a couple of episodes ago, I told my daughter: “I have mixed feelings here. If he’d killed him, I could cancel HBO and save some money.”

      • Gina

        Sharon-I also watch for Eric, love the character (although Dead Reckoning still leaves me a bit peeved). Alexander Skarsgard is easy on the eyes, so I am happy to see him on screen. And I agree with you- I would save money if I did cancel HBO. Thanks for chuckle.

    • suresh

      hey i dont think only people who read books are watching this .there are far more viewers who are watching the and didnt even read books. And for those millions of people who have no idea of books surely want bill and sookie together. And if u wil nt do that m sure u are ruining your show..i knw atleast a hundred of people in my college who skiped the part of sookie and eric together..so now you can think wat public wants..hope the show wil bring them together.

    • suresh

      hey there are far more viewer who didnt read books all over the world.and all will want bill and sookie together.i literaly skipped the scenes of eric and sookie together.and same my frns did. Hope u wil bring sookie and bill together.

  • Flip

    I am rooting for Bill and Sookie—I love them as a couple and always will! And this is my favorite season since the first—I’m actually really blown away at how good it is. Lots of love!

    • Captain

      Me too! I have to admit, the thought of watching Sookie pine for Eric kind of makes me want to vomit so I haven’t been watching this season too closely but I hope Sookie/Bill are given a second chance.

      • Jeanne

        Bill has already had a second chance. Remember, last season after he drained Sookie dry and put her in the hospital? She still took him back after that. And then he screwed it again by continuing to lie and mislead her. He tried to marry her before she found out about all his lies and secrets, some of which he’s still hasn’t told her and probably never will. like his agenda to become king the whole time they were together. I don’t think he deserves a third chance.

      • Emilie

        Things have changed to where he’d probably like to tell her more but she keeps saying “I don’t want to know”. Like, 3 times at least this season. And he has not been planning on being king all along. You watch the flashbacks, right? He took it on because he could protect Sook from the crazy lady and stop the v-trafficing ring and since she had kicked him out “forever” he thought he had no future anymore with Sookie. He was willing but reluctant, you could see it in his face, I mean, who would WANT the problems he had to take on thanks to Russel and Eric? A poor trade off to get his house renovated and some trinkets and suits. That is so not Bill.

    • ariel

      I love Bill and Sookie, but I’ve also been loving Bill’s story arc this season away from Sookie. I’ve been thrilled with what the Bill character has become.

  • s

    ^ you do realize they write the show different from the books right? just because she gets with Quinn and ends up with Eric doesn’t mean that will happen in the show. AB loves Beel and Sookeh so for all we know they’ll end up together (gag)

  • Joker

    How about you idiots who want every damn thing to be exactly like the all over the place ditzty books STFU and stop watching instead of whining here like little friggan babies every damned week !

    • benlinus

      I wasn’t writing I was merely pointing out that AB knows he has to loosely follow each book in order to keep the core audience (the literate folks that read) paying HBO to keep the lights on. I accept AB has to make changes to make a decent show and I’ve been on board with those changes since day one. But what you Bill and Sookie shippers need to realize is that AB decided this season by including enough of Book four to have Sookie banging an Eric with no memory caused by witches that he’s going to follow the other books loosely enough to keep Sookies romantic life straight with the books.

      • benlinus

        Whining not writing.

      • Rob

        @benlinus… you clearly have no understanding of how showrunners work or how television shows work. Yes, so far Alan Ball has made the decision to loosely structure each season on a book but that does not mean that he will always do that. He does not base his decisions on what he thinks fans of the books will enjoy seeing nor does he base his decisions on what fans of the show will enjoy seeing. He bases his decisions on what he thinks will provide the best narrative for his television show. He is not concerned on what audiences will like, but on what will allow him to tell the best story. You have absolutely no insight as to the future of True Blood, nor do I. Stop talking out of your ass.

    • Denise


  • Kelley

    There is no way that they’ll end up together. I just don’t see how you could go back to a guy who let 2 people beat you almost to death in order for you to drink their blood so that you can keep tabs on her for the Queen. No matter that he fell in love with her later! Sookie can forgive him but not get back together with him. Not unless you want to completely destroy the character that you’ve spent four seasons growing into her own.

    • benlinus

      Exactly my point, Harris knew enough not to let this happen again and she’s not exactly a literary giant either.

    • johnshwang

      My problem with the new Eric is that while I understand that he was effectively lobotomized so he is no longer the monster he used to be, I can’t get on board with notion that it somehow absolves him of all his past crimes. Bill is no saint, obviously, but to think Eric is on some kind of moral high ground now is bs to me.

      • Ashley

        Noone thinks Eric is on some moral highground. But Bill screwed up too many times during his and Sookie’s relationship, and lied too many times. It was a dysfunctional relationship and they are better off apart.

    • Anita

      If she can love a Vampire that tortured one her best friends (Laffayette) for days and attacked her lifelong friend Tara. If she can love and so willingly forgive a Vampire that used her, offered her up to the King of Louisianna and helped nearly drain her to death she could forgive Bill. When Bill did what he did, at least he didn’t know her. To him she was just a human assignment. Then he got to know her and fell in love with her and from that point on did what he could to protect her.

  • keith

    ok, am i the only one who thinks week after week, “Man, this guy has a lousy rug.” I mean really. Is that his hair or a bad toupe?

    • angelwhiteraven

      LOL that’s what I thought… hair club for men!

    • ls

      agreed agreed

    • tiebaojin

      He looks better as himself than as Bill. Nowhere near as good as Alexander, but his hair almost look “real”.

  • Just Jules

    Romantic Eric has done one thing this season… He’s made Bill seem hotter. Or maybe it’s just a spell we are under… Bring back uber sexy Eric and let our little Sooks have both!

  • stenring

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  • Mar

    Oh Please, don’t let them back together. We have enough of Bill and Sookie for 3 seasons, besides Sookie is supposed to belong with Eric.

    • Emma

      Um, NO she’s not! Maybe in the books (if that, cause it doesn’t look like she will end up with Eric, my bet is on Sam), but in the show, Bill is Sookie’s soulmate.

      • Ashley

        I think Sookie belongs with Eric. The soulmate thing that Ball said a long time ago when B/S were still together is not something to latch onto.

        I love Eric and Sookie together and hope Bill and Sookie never get back together.

        You may think Bill is Sookie’s soulmate but that’s just your opinion.

    • Mirela

      Bill and Sookie are soulmates. Deal with it

      • Sara

        Um…no they are not.

    • Emilie

      Book readers who are so sure Sookie and Eric are a HEA are in for a rude awakening. The beginning of their end was in the most recent book. CH said she will tour after the next book but not after the last book in the series because she is afraid of negative fan reaction. And you know it won’t be from Bill fans, she has been dissappointing them book after book so they don’t expect anything from her any more.

      • Viv

        Hey, thanks for repeating back info we already know. Cool story bro.

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