And the 'Glee Project' winner is...

After nine grueling weeks of singing, dancing, kissing, and drag, a winner was announced on Sunday night’s Glee Project. So which of the four remaining hopefuls will be sent to McKinley High for a guest stint on season 3? Well, a funny thing about that:
Samuel Larsen, 19, and Damian McGinty, 18, will BOTH be featured in seven episodes next season. That’s right, Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy named two winners last night. Bet you didn’t see that coming…

Oh, and Murphy told the “losers,” Alex Newell, 18, and Lindsay Pearce, 20, that they also get two-episode stints on season 3 of Glee. So it’s like, everyone wins!

UPDATE: ‘Glee Project’ renewal expected, here’s season two casting details — EXCLUSIVE

So did the right person(s) win? Who’s looking forward to season 3 of Glee?


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  • C

    I totally didn’t expect Samuel to win. At all. He didn’t seem real to me, like his dramatic hopefulness and ‘this is my dream, and that was a dream I didn’t even know existed’ stuff. It seemed too… Hollywood.

    But I loved Damian. To me, he seemed like Glee material. His accent made it totally better. :)

    Lindsay is very talented. She’s a great singer, but she’s too much of a perfectionist. I can see why it’s only a two-episode slot for her, but she would definitely be good on the possible spin-off at the end of season 3. Maybe, but that’s but my viewer fantasy. :)

    Alex, he was good too. But I don’t think the show was ready for more drama involving sexuality, i.e. Klaine, Brittana.

    Can’t wait for season three!

  • haddie

    I am officially excited for next season. ‘Sugar’ and ‘Sheila’ really had me down, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with for these two boys. All I really want is for Damian to be Brittany’s leprechaun!

    Also, to everybody complaining that they’re ignoring the existing cast, keep in mind that there will be no ridiculous guest stars this season to waste time. It WILL be more about the students.

  • zigzag

    Yes! The right winners were chosen! Now I will faithfully watch the next season of Glee. :)

  • Joe G.

    Finally, a reality compettion that did the right thing. So glad Damian made it. I enjoyed watching members of the cast being there for support, and they were genuine in their support. It was fun to watch. I do wish Cam had stuck with it, and I feel bad for Hannah because she’s awesome as well. Anyway….great show!!

    • skidooshie

      I’ll bet Hannah does at least a walk on or something… as will a few others. Hannah is mesmerizing in her charm. Such a sweetheart. :)

  • haddie

    Also, there’s going to be actual TEENAGERS on Glee! Who’d have ever guessed?!

    • Lily

      eh Chris Colfer had the same age as Samuel when he started on Glee.

      • Shay

        Chris Colfer was only 18 when glee started …

      • Krys

        Awww, Chris was so widdle. He’s grown up so much since then though (Sorry, totally off topic…)!

  • Rho

    I was thrilled with the results as Damian was my #1 and Samuel was my #2. I loved when Damian dedicated his song to Cameron & Hannah!

    • Teri

      I had a moment of panic about halfway through the show. I did not like either Alex or Lindsay. Would I have been able to watch Glee next season if either of them had won? Its all I kept thinking about. I woke me husband up yelling Yes! When first Alex was told no and then Lindsay. I can handle 2 episodes with them but the idea of them in at least a tird of the season was too much.

      • beth

        I first couldn’t stand either one of them, but when compared to Samuel, I’d rather have Lindsey AND Alex. Samuel is a “typical Hollywood guy” and doesn’t need Glee to become famous. Alex probably does.

      • gleekymom

        Love both Samuel and Damian and feel like that was such a cool choice…I just hope EW gives us a sneak peek when Lynsey is coming on so I know not to tune in. That she’d was the last girl standing over Hannah and Maris really irks me…

    • Rik B.

      I agree with Rho!

      Damien #1, Samuel #2, but they both won, so it’s no big thing, just all *NEW* GOODNESS for season #3!!!!

  • liza

    I was so delighted with this, and Ryan Murphy went up leaps and bounds in my book. All season long, I couldn’t decide between Samuel and Damian. Then a funny thing happened – when Sam was announced as the winner, I was happy, but I felt a pang of “I wish it had been Damian.” So when Damian was announced, too – best of both worlds! They do both deserve it and they’ll be so exciting on Glee. Well done, Murphy & co., well done.

    • Kim

      I felt the same thing. I didn’t think I was rooting for Damian, but when Sam won I was like “Hm… Okay.” Then Ryan announced Damian, I cried at his reaction. He was adorable! And I was okay with Lindsay winning, and glad that she actually got a 2 episode stint. She would’ve made a great foil or nerdy girl trying to be like Rachel Berry.

    • Catherine

      I third that emotion. I’m happy both guys got in. Was not liking Alex or Lindsay, and was not prepared to watch a seven-arc episode with either one of them.

  • Jake

    It was great and a great surprise! I just wish all 12 could enroll at McKinley.

  • Leslie

    So thrilled for Damien and Sam! Two of my favorites! Loved the The Glee Project and thought that it was great that they brought all 12 back for the last show.

  • James

    So which one is going to be Sue’s “arch-enemy” that they have been talking about?

    • A

      I think they said that the arch-nemesis storyline was dropped. But you never know with the way the Glee writers are.

  • Fridge

    I was rooting for Damian to be the winner, and I still think it should have been just him. They already have the brooding, guitar-playing, bad boy on Glee with Puck. Sam has a pretty limited range and only one look–his “sexy” brooding stare. As annoying as Lindesy could be–considering that I’m sure she thinks she’s the real life incarnation of Rachel Berry (down to the floppy hat and all)–she was far and above the best vocalist and actor of the bunch. I wouldn’t have minded it being Lindsey and Damian that both got the seven episodes.

    • Amy

      Yeah but Puck has been toned done from the bad boy a lot because of his Lauren love. Samuel will be the only true rocker on the show.

      • TLS

        Puck is also supposed to graduate with Rachel and Kurt and Finch – but I can see them making him come back to redo English or something.

    • alsj

      If you think Samuel is one dimensional, you’ve closed your mind or have missed the significance of key moments in the last 2 episodes where a lot more personaity & some vulnerability came through, Ryan Murphy is right: Samuel IS intriguing.

    • Aunt Sassy

      I agree with Fridge – Samuel is one dimensional and frankly his version of ‘Jolene’ was just a drag. In fact, I got up and fed my dogs while he was performing. I don’t care about him or his “Jesus” tattoo I don’t think he is a “rocker” at all. I am glad that Damian will be on – I can’t wait to see how Brittany responds to him.

    • Nita Norris

      Both Sam and Lindsey seem narcissistic to me…will be interesting to see them actually trying to act. Love, love Damian! Alex needs a self-confidence coach.

    • beth

      I agree – Samuel has only one level – attractive busking guy. Not that Damian can act either, but at least he’s more of the “underdog” that is typical for Glee.

      I will be fast forwarding past Samuel’s scenes if I do watch this season of Glee.

  • CB

    I agree that it is a reality competition that finally did the right thing. I am proud of Ryan Murphy for his decision and really look forward to the next season of Glee. All the kids were great but I have to say Damian was my favorite.

  • Jethro

    I really didn’t watch the competition, except for the last 2 episodes so I can be surprised at the winner. Although all 4 were good [their singing], I am not quite sure how the dreadlocked kid did all through the competition, but his look is totally unappealing. What is he trying to be? Reminded me of the Castro kid who came in 4th on AI, making a statement and all? Damien although from Ireland, looks more like an all-American than Sam. Actually what Ryan did showed class and respect for the final 4 and callled them all winners!

    • Amy

      Sam is amazing on film in the music videos. He wasn’t even in the bottom 3 until week 8 he was so good. And what’s funny, is Jason Castro has said people keep coming up to him asking if he’s the guy from the Glee show!

    • Lily

      Yeah, Damian fits the all white American… as if the world only consists of white people… at least Samuel is not “that white”..

      • skidooshie

        You mean until he opens his mouth? The dude is Irish. And I love that on one show, one of the writers said they could totally see him saying something and having Brittany saying “what did he just say? I don’t understand him at all.”…. I think that’s a great angle… and then maybe they could be a love interest and he could say all these romantic things to her and she would just reply with a “huh?” “what?” … it could work.

        Samuel comes across as a great guy. I wish him well. He was my #2 choice mainly for his authenticity. He does have star factor… whether it fits on glee or not is only for the writers and his acting ability to say…

        I’m really excited to see the new season tho. I hope they both can act!!!! (I also hope SOMEONE from Glee watches these comments because viewer feedback really does make a difference!)

  • James

    I think they may be a little disappointed since the competition focused only on singing. I’m surprised they did not have any acting competitions. How do they know any of them can act at all? I suspect Lindsay and Damian can, but I don’t think Sam or Alex could act at all.

    • Arcee

      Apparently you didn’t watch the whole season. Each episode had a theme where they had to convey/act out an emotion during a music video shoot. The producers are fully aware of the acting abilities of the contestants based on the challenges in which the contestants participated.

      • James

        I did watch the entire season. Acting while singing in a video is completely different than delivering spoken lines in a believable way. They have no way to determine if they can learn and deliver spoken lines.

      • Jen

        ITA, James. I find it odd that they did no scene work or anything, at least none that we saw on camera. I scratched my head a little bit at that.

    • skidooshie

      I agree with you James… I was hoping to see them do a short scene or something, somewhere during the series, but no. Maybe they are throwing the winners into intense acting classes now? Who knows…

  • Amy

    I thought Samuel was going to win but I was still a bit disappointed that he won. Then Ryan said Damien won too and I was so happy! I always loved Damien. He was always nice and had a good attitude and stepped up and did whatever was asked of him. He probably tried the hardest out of everyone. He was so easy to root for which is one of the reasons I think Ryan decided to have him be the winner too. He will be a well-liked character and that is important for a show like Glee. I can’t wait to see him with Brittany – comic gold (leprechaun joke fully intended.)

    • skidooshie

      I ditto everything… Damian is easy to root for (he wasn’t my first choice, and then I found myself willing him to win!)

      Well-liked underdog, and his banter with Brittany is going to be hilarious. I see them hooking up with her thinking he’s a foreign exchange student who doesn’t know English… wouldn’t it be hilarious if she was “translating” everything he said?

      Can’t wait to watch that. So funny.

      (I do like Samuel too… it’s just that I expected him to win but Damian… Awesome and very in the spirit of Glee)

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