'Modern Family' season 3 family portrait -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


The new Baby Lily joins the cast of Modern Family in the first group photo released for season 3. Here’s the whole gang in white climbing a stairway to suburban heaven in ABC’s fall marketing art for the comedy hit, which returns to its Wednesday night perch on Sept. 21. Check it out below:

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Meet the new toddler Lily on ‘Modern Family’ — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


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  • Wha’ever

    The all-white suits and dresses again ? They already used this for season 2, they should have fund another concept…

    • Wha’ever

      “found”, obviously, not “fund”

      • shuan

        the most annoying character is alex, i saw her on jimmy kimmel live and all she did was talked!
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      • Obvious Man Says

        ” saw her on jimmy kimmel live and all she did was talked! ”

        as opposed to what? juggling? eating fire? stripping? dude, she’s 13 years old, what do you want from a 13 y/o?

      • Barry

        No…the most annoying character is the fat toad boy Manny.

      • bootsycolumbia

        @shaun “saw her on jimmy kimmel live and all she did was talked!” Uh, yeah, because she was on a TALK SHOW! Jeebus, what else is she supposed to do.

      • Rock Golf

        1) Shuan is an ad troll. DON”T FEED THE TROLL.
        2) If Shuan is not an ad troll (she is) then I pity the “Air Force”.

    • Casey

      I think this looks like it was from last year and they just edited the baby Lily out for the older Lily. Look at Cam’s arm, the one that’s holding Lily’s hand. It looks wierd, like it was CGId to look like he’s holding someones hand.

      • Anthony

        Last year, they were all sitting… internet search is your friend

      • Captain

        Casey-Anthony HA HA, sorry I just found that mildly entertaining.

        Anyways, it could have been an outtake, I’m sure they took more than one photo last year but I’m sure it’s just a new photoshoot with the same concept.

    • Josh

      They are just keeping in theme with the family photo from the first season finale. It’s not that big of a deal.

    • Brett

      It should have been a nude portrait.

  • TopherGraceSucks

    Topher Grace is the lamest actor ever!

    • charlotte


    • Mia1

      Thanks for posting, Wilmer

    • Jerry

      I dont know, I think its a tie between him and Ashton Kutcher.

  • A

    Gotta love the internet. People feel the need to constantly belittle others to make themselves feel better. Yeah, @Wha’ever, I’m looking at you.

    I can’t wait for the new season of Modern Family. Gotta fix that step…..

    • JohnT

      You do realise he/she was correcting him/herself?

    • Gretchen Weiners

      Um…he/she was correcting him/herself. Pay attention.

      • Maybe?

        I think A might have been referring to Wha’ever’s criticism of the concept of the picture. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s the way I read it.

      • Wha’ever

        Seriously, A ? I really don’t think my comment deserve your righteous rant about the Internet (which is getting old). It’s not belittling to say the promo is not innovative compared to last year – when it’s true. I still love the show.

      • JohnT

        @Maybe? Yeah, you might be right about that. I didn`t think that someone would jump on a poster for stating an opinion regarding a concept of a promo picture, but it seems like you are right.

  • victoria

    the most annoying character is alex, i saw her on jimmy kimmel live and all she did was talked!

    • Ann

      Wow…how weird is that? An actor talking during an interview on a late night talk show….

    • Jenny

      Isn’t that the point of going on a TALK show?

    • Cordy

      All she did was talk on a talk show? FOR SHAME!

    • victoria

      she was with 2 other cast mates and she interrupted them the whole time

    • Wow…

      That would make her the first person in history to go on a talk show and just talk!

    • Summer

      She’s still just a kid. You could be a little more gracious, you know.

    • Fat Charlie

      I agree with Victoria. That is ridiculous.

      It’s like when someone opens a YouTube account and then only uses it to post videos.

      • Sarah D


    • PJ

      She is probably my 2nd favorite after Phil. I think she is a beautiful young actress.

      Honestly Gloria and Clare are tough to top. Virginia Vennet has really come into her own :)

  • lefty

    Get it, Alex. Strike that pose.

  • Stacie

    Reminds me of the Kardashians.

    • Strepsi

      Except with 100% more talent and 100% less sex tapes.

      • a

        ha! (is joel mchale writing this comment incognito?)

    • dee

      Are the stairs are Brady Bunch reference?

  • Ash

    This picture just makes me hate Claire and Phil. They are so obnoxious that they can’t even pose for a picture.

    • Polly

      Um, that’s exactly what they are doing…posing.

    • Jane

      WOW. It is amazing how people can make such dumb comments. Phil & Claire ARE posing. They are not obnoxious but you certainly don’t understand their pose & I wonder if you understand the show. Or does it just go right over your head? I guess you wouldn’t know if it did though would you?

    • satirex

      These cast photos are usually a goof nowadays–for years we’ve had them with the cast trying to look dramatic (as if to convey how thrilling the show is in a still image) so now comedy series casts often parody them by looking faux-serious. It’s either this kind of thing or a bunch of fake smiles, which is just as bad.

    • Sushi

      Um, they are doing what the director TOLD them to do. They are posing and ACTING. They aren’t really taking a family photo Einstein.

  • faris

    Acutally i love the poster.

  • tomm

    Ty Burrell’s “Just For Men” hair dye is so fake and obvious. You can almost see it dripping onto his shoulders.

    • Kim

      So I’m not the only one who has noticed. :)

  • JR


  • Mark

    I’m a bit concerned about this one hour premiere. In the early season of “The Office” (when it was at the peak of its creative heights), fans would ask for a one hour special. But we quickly learned that sometimes the smartest humour doesn’t work well at that length, and that a half hour is usually best for a sitcom. But if anyone can beat that problem, it’s MF, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Sushi

      I’m worried about it too……but it’s sort of split in two. The first 1/2 hour is at home, the second 1/2 hour is in Wyoming at the Dude ranch.

      Can’t wait to hear the “older” Lily interact with Cam.

      • marti

        Hope this new baby Lily has more personality,The old one had none(just sat on Cams big fat lap n stared into to space)

      • Rock Golf

        Yeah! Lily was a real underachiever for a 6-month-old that first year. I’m sure you, marti, were reciting Shakespeare.

      • marti

        First year at 6 months I can understand .But last season she was going on two by that age most babys at least smile n react when someone speaks to them,Sorry she was Blaaaa no personality

  • JoeMess

    Oh, I get it. This is the season where everyone starts hating “Modern Family” because it got so popluar and acclaimed. Feel cool now anonymous Internet posters?

    • Rob V

      @JoeMess , haters gotta be hatin’, as the kids today say (or probably don’t)

    • ash

      @JoeMess Actually that was last season. Just not as good as the first. Here’s hoping they can do better this time around.

    • Jane


  • Gwen

    My first thought was “Clare finally got her family portrait!!” It is hard to beleive that summer is over and it is time for the “regular season” to start. I hope Modern Family remembers that it is Jay’s family and, therefore, his show!

    • Caro

      It’s not Jay’s show, it’s the family’s show.

    • Gwen

      ………also I think a lot more people would watch if they didn’t have the “gay” couple on the show. Kind of sickening!

      • Linda

        They are one of the reasons I watch…Cam is hilarious! Why you gotta be a hater?

      • Summer

        Oh, Gwen. That’s probably true. Or, you know, those people could take this as a chance to, I don’t know, grow up, get over their issues, and just watch a fun show?

      • Gwen

        Just saying the show could get more viewers if they got rid of the gay couple. I can’t be the only “normal thinking ” person left on this planet? ………and I have grown up!

      • a

        @gwen – don’t really think those quotes are necessary, unless you’re implying they’re gay imposters . . . .

        and in terms of more people watching, mf seems to be doing just find, tyvm. it’s not titillation, it’s not over-the-top, it’s not gratuitous – cam and mitchell are like any family subgroup in a larger family. that’s the whole point of the show – families are all made up of different personalities, constructs, etc. this is what our culture now is – and btw – this “gay” family (quotes are for your benefit, gwen) is more stable than most out there. they are far from sickening, my friend. if you want a multi-generational tv show without the “gay” couple, i’m sure you can find it elsewhere. no need to spout venom here.

      • Gwen

        You don’t “get” what I’m saying because you don’t think like a “””””””Normal”””””””” person! The quotes are for your benefit!!!! lol

      • crispy

        Hi, my name is Gwen and I’m here to warsh yer vagina!

      • Brittany

        “Normal people” don’t think like ignorant bigots Gweny dear.

      • Lisa

        Gwen – Cam & Mitchell are way more “Normal” than you, clearly.

      • Joe

        MODERN family Gwen…you have seen this show, haven’t you?

      • Ivan

        Go to church.

      • Anthony

        Umm.. yeah, I guess being the highest rated and most watched scripted tv show of 2010 was proof that more people need to watch it. Don’t be so ignorant.

      • Lizzie

        Cam and Mitch are part of the family. Don’t go against the family. I love them all.

      • Dee

        @Gwen….I have read and heard so many comments about people loving Cam and Mitch the best on the show. I love them and probably wouldnt watch the show if they werent on it. What is “sickening” about two people that are in love and have committed to each other and adopted a baby and given her a loving and stable home?? What is “sickening” to me is that there are still people out there that are so selfish and ignorant that they cant open their minds to the diversity of this wonderful world we live in. Sickening is rapists and murderers, drug dealers and bullies not loving families.

      • zee

        lol@crispy! Did no one else get the Margaret Cho shtick?
        Haa, my name is Gwen and aam here to warsh yer vagina…At least that Gwen was of some use!

      • levelheaded

        @Gwen – You’re not the last ‘normal thinking’ person on the planet.

        But I really wish you were, all this fuss for people being gay makes ME sick.

        I save my righteous indignation for those who inflict harm and pain to others, not people who just want to live their life and be loved. Gah!

      • Anonymous

        Go away, troll.

  • Cris

    I sure hope those aren’t the steps in the Dunphy home. If they are, Alex better watch out … that’s right about where THE step is …

  • Hugh

    I wonder if Haley is free on Saturday…

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