January Jones is 'not as approachable as others,' says Bobby Draper


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Seems Zach Galifianakis isn't the only person that has a problem with January Jones. Jared Gilmore -- the actor formerly known as Don and Betty's son, Bobby Draper (Gilmore left Mad Men for ABC's Once Upon a Time) -- also told a reporter that the Mad Men and X-Men: First Class actress is, well, frosty. When TV Guide asked Gilmore for advice for his replacement, the young actor responded, "Be careful around January [Jones]

. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

Jones’ rep has not immediately responded to EW’s request for comment. Looks like Sally isn’t the only young Draper who’s Team Don. Kids say the darndest things!

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  • Ash

    From the mouths of babes, eh?

    • wsugar

      I think the kid is mistaken, that empty look in her eyes is not her being serious or frosty. It is just that the head is empty and she has no acting skills.

      • Michelle

        YES! She seems so vacant and dare I say, dumb. Her SNL episode was one of the worst ever. I just finished season 2 of Mad Men and I find her acting horrid when compared to the awesome skills of the rest of the cast.

      • Kevin

        She’s a real-life Stepford wife.

      • Tom

        Reminds me a lot of Shelley Long. She was so good playing a condescending snob until you realized that was who she is. And it was all she could play.

      • SJ

        She was the worst part of this summer’s X-Men movie. I didn’t dislike her before it either, but now I realize she is one-note as an actress.

      • Emilio

        I can’t wait to see her leave Mad Men.

    • rerun

      I want to put my penis in her.

      • wsugar

        That is nice.

      • jp

        Well, at least you’re honest…

      • ray

        It’s hard to disagree with that statement. Or at least in her mouth to shut her up.

      • whyme

        Careful! You don’t want to get your wonderful penis frostbitten.

      • James D

        commentors say the darndest things

      • pie thrower

        you want to put your penis in her what?

      • PennyBeGood

        That may explain why she keeps getting work.

      • J

        Me too. My strap-on, anyway.

  • Wynter

    Kids say the darnedest

  • UGH

    Not surprising. I’ve been rewatching the series on Netflix streaming and you can really see the cracks in her acting the further you get in the seasons. It’s borderline horrible. It worked for what it was in the first couple of seasons and it actually fit her character in a strange way. Maybe they should’ve killed her off after season 3?

    • wsugar

      borderline? You mean south, way south of the border.

    • ChaCha

      That’s been my experience while watching her too. I always suspected that none of her “acting” of Betty was a stretch, Looks like I was right. Too bad for the boys playing Bobby that “Betty’s” bad treatment of “Bobby” was closer to the real thing than anyone knew.

      • cat

        What a completely stupid comment. Do you think JJ would be allowed to stay on the show if she was actually mistreating the child actors??

      • wsugar

        @cat – Wasn’t JJ doing her, so I think maybe he would allow her to stay.

      • cat

        @wsugar- huh?

    • Jenn

      Mad Men is on netflix streaming! Well I know what I’m doing for the next 8 hours…

      • Stacie

        Try two weeks!! I had never seen the show before and am totally hooked.

      • District 12

        you can watch all 4 seasons in about 3 days lol, that’s how long it took me, can’t believe I had not gotten into this show before, now I am totally hooked!

    • PJ

      I think you’re just jealous because she’s beautiful and you’re not.

      • Shiny

        Poor January, first Ashton Kutcher told her she was a terrible actress when they were dating, now even the little ones are dissing her. But I don’t think he means she’s a raving beeyotch, just that that she’s not-what is that they say in reality shows? Oh yeah, she’s “not there to make friends.”

      • ….!

        If Ashton Kutcher tells you that you are a horrible actress, you know it’s bad.

    • kate middleton

      Very interesting. Can’t say I’m surprised. She’s good as Betty because she pretty much IS Betty. There’s a reason she’s terrible in everything else.

  • Scott

    And she’s the least talented person on the whole show. Maybe she’s concentrating on her lines that she delivers with perfect woodenness.

    • Susanna

      I’ve been really bothered by her lisp. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but it bugs the crap out of me.

      • ^

        I hate when she seems to blink-a-thousand-times-per-second like Madonna.

  • Sally

    I didn’t realize it was a bad thing to be serious about your work. Thanks for letting me know, Failed Bobby Draper.

    • k

      Why is he failed?

      • KC

        I guess because he left the show or grew too old too quickly, what they call the WALT-FROM-LOST-SYNDROM.

      • Ash

        @KC, he aged in accordance with the timelines of the show. They have always done lengthy time jumps between seasons. He left the show for another show where he will probably have lines once in a while.

      • Alice

        He didn’t get too old, he got a part in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Probably way more fun for him anyway.

      • rebecca

        Weiner apparently keeps firing all the Bobbys because he’s not satisfied with them. That’s why the show goes through so many.

      • Amyleigh

        Who tells a kid they failed?!

      • ^

        half the trolls on this site

    • Oh

      January, your epidermis is showing.

      • Liv

        Is this an intentional quoting from the 100th episode of Angel when Lindsay’s tattoos were magically erased? Cordelia says this line.

      • mark

        It’s actually from the Simpsons. Nelson says it to Bart, causing him to fall off the treehouse and break his arm.

      • B.A.

        I’ve been hearing this since the ’70s.

  • Rovena

    Before her pregnancy, she said life seems pointless without children and she was looking for a husband.
    “I would love to find an interesting man to date but people don’t seem to date so much any more. It’s more of a hanging out process. It’s hard to find romance, the kind of love story that carries you away. I would love to have that. I’m pretty idealistic when it comes to love.”
    Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said after her pregnancy was announced that she wanted to get pregnant “very badly.”
    She must have gotten fed up with still being single as well as that men and women hang out together more so than date. She decided to just skip finding a husband and got pregnant because her biological clock was already ticking and it was just becoming a physical need for her.

    • KC

      Y’know, when I started to read your quote it made me think of these awful spamming dating ads so I kind of tuned out the first read.

      • tru dat

        i feel cheated because i read the whole thing.

  • ben

    If she were serious about her work, she wouldn’t suck at it. Don’t believe me, watch X-Men: First Class. Worst part of the movie. Walking cleavage and stale delivery throughout.

    • Karate Pants

      She’s an absolutely perfect Betty Draper, she plays the part beautifully. You’ve probably never seen the show.
      If you’re upset that she somehow ruined your little comic book movie, your beef is with casting. My guess is that they wanted ‘walking cleavage’.

      • Chris

        “little comic book movie”? Pretentious.

      • Karate Pants

        Puh-lease. Comic book geeks are whining the loudest about her alleged lack of talent. Get over it. You take yourselves and your silly comic book charcters wayyy too seriously.

      • Leithen

        There’s cleavage that doesn’t walk?

      • Meg

        You apparently take January Jones way too seriously. Put your d*ck back in your pants and step away from the computer.

      • ree

        I have never read a comic book in my life and I still think she was horrible in the X-Men movie. She was also horrible in Unknown. She was so bad that it became distracting. I have only seen a few episodes of Mad Men, while she seems fine in that, overall it doesn’t change my opinion that she is a bad actress.

      • Karate Pants

        LOL! Well, I’d better go hunt for my d*ick, because I can’t seem to find it here. But before I go, you’re wrong. I don’t take her too seriously. From a MM fan perspective, she IS Betty Draper and plays the part perfectly. Just sick of the geeks tearing her apart as an actress because she wasn’t the particular set of b00bs they wanted for Emma Frost.

      • Jen

        I’ve never seen Mad Men or X Men but she was AWFUL in Unknown.

      • Sarah

        I hate her in everything I’ve ever seen her in. Ever. She’s one of the worst actresses out there.

      • K8

        In my opinion Karate Pants, Mad Men fans take themselves way too seriously, its a mediocre at best show that is a throwback for the baby boomers, they are all very wooden on that show, even the actors I like and it’s budget is crippling the other fine programming of AMC.

      • Josh Atreides

        No we wanted witty, sophisticated, urbane Emma Frost with the shiny package. January looked the part, but she was NOT the Emma we know and love.

    • anna

      So many bitter nerds in their parents’ basements.

      • Just A Guy

        Yes, shame on them for being invested in something they care about–and in a public forum to boot!

      • Rebecca

        Did you forget to have your cup of hot cocoa before bedtime? Chill.

  • Braddock

    I envy the mysterious father of her real-life unborn child, whoever he is. He must have immensely enjoyed the conception.

    • wsugar

      Yea, the plastic cup was wonderfull.

      • ^

        To be the turkey baster….

    • kate middleton

      Rumors are that it’s Matthew Vaughan (X Men director, married to Claudia Schiffer). There are some interesting articles with the “evidence” if you google it.

  • Christine Tyler

    Sounds like she hooked up with someone and sabotaged the condom or went in balls to the wall when it as her extra fertile time so she could get pregnant.

    • @Christine Taylor

      “or went in balls to the wall when it as her extra fertile time so she could get pregnant.”
      Oh, dear. I’m afraid I need to send you back to junior high health class. Please pay extra close attention to the details about conception.

  • imdb2-32

    Must have been great to knock her up

    • newt_jorden

      Yup, must have been great

    • KC

      I wonder if her eyelids flutter even faster during her orgasms?

    • Baby Daddy

      It was.

  • rebecca

    Who cares if she’s not approachable? She’s there to work, not cater to some child star. I’m a reserved and introverted person who is often accused of being a b*tch just because I’m not smiling and laughing all the time. It’s REALLY annoying that people brand you a b*tch just because you have an introverted personality.

    • Coop


    • Kevin

      Introverted is one thing. Unfriendly is another. Introverted people (such as myself) can still smile, hold open doors, say “Hello,” and exchange pleasantries. If you are incapable of that, then yes, you ARE a b!tch.

      • ree


      • cat

        How do you know she’s incapable of that? You don’t know her personally.

      • Sarah

        @cat Because most of the people who’ve worked with her don’t say she’s quiet or shy, they say she’s unpleasant.

      • anna

        @sarah Except no one who has worked with her has actually said that at all.

  • “She’s really serious about what she does”

    Yeah, reading and memorizing lines are a b*tch.

    • anna

      I bet you can’t do it.

  • Josh

    Maybe she’s a method actress, and because her character is icy and wooden she behaves that way on the set. In X-Men her character was supposed to be bad, so she gave a bad performance. Maybe she’s a genius.

    • alez

      ahahaha its just a conspiracy. she’s sitting in her lovely home laughing her butt off at everyone

  • Jeff

    I agree, I don’t think she is acting. I think she is being herself which is the same personalty as Betty Draper

  • Baby Gene

    I think she’s great. Bobby’s just jealous.

    • Sally Draper

      Bobby will never get a storyline because I’m too busy taking them all!

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