Sarah Michelle Gellar dishes about going from 'Buffy' to 'Ringer' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

One of the fall TV season’s buzziest storylines can be summed up in two words: Buffy’s Back. On Sept. 13, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to series television with Ringer, a sexy, soapy neo-noir from the CW about deeply troubled twin sisters who couldn’t be more different… except for the fact that they are both being played by a woman who used to save the world. A lot. The next issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday) will tell you the story of how and why the star of such films as The Grudge and Cruel Intentions decided to take a break from movies and make Ringer her follow-up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but, until then, check out the video below, in which Freddie Prinze Jr.’s better half took a few moments to chat about the intricately twisted premise of her new show, which also stars Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Nestor Carbonell (Lost), and Kristoffer Polaha (North Shore). “It’s me and myself sharing all these good-looking guys,” says Gellar. “It’s a pretty good job if you can get it.” Clip after the jump!

For more on Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ringer, pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday.

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  • Julie

    Love her! And because she’s so amazing I was always planning on watching Ringer, but I become more interested in the show everytime I hear about it!

  • ck

    Love SMG. She sure can talk fast lol

  • nicole

    I miss buffy :( I can’t help it

    • slayermic

      Me toooooooooo :(

      • Sahil

        I’d add firefly, the wire and Farscape, but then most cedemios are rewatchable. If you enjoyed The Office, Seinfeld or Friends, you’d more likely than not re-watch them. If you didn’t, obviously you wouldn’t (Just a pre-emptive strike at all the eew-friends posts).I’ll probably re-watch Lexx some day too. If you actually watch it through, it’s a pretty good mix of 50 s sci-fi and steampunk with a decent storyline.

  • Carrie

    Love her! I’ll definitely watch.

  • rob

    Love her! She looks amazing! Cant wait to see her every week again! This show will definitely be amazing

  • jj

    Sounds really interesting, hope it’s good! I love that she thinks about the quality of the show.

  • Abby

    WOW remind me to NEVER TiVO that show LOL i say cancelled after 1 season

    • Naja haje

      I wish Sarah the best, but I doubt Ringer makes it even to the end of one season.

      • nicolepowell

        You might be surprised. Sarah’s got quite a fan base & they are all going to be supporting this show. The ratings may be high for that reason alone.

      • kimmy

        since this show is on the CW, itll be given a much bigger chance than if it were on a major network channel. i mean, its got to be better than crap like 90210 and Gossip Girl. Her fan base alone will make the ratings high!

    • DCV

      Dear Abby, shut up.

      • Nic

        HaHaHa! @DCV!

      • tomrd16

        Hahahaha go DCV!!

      • Daniel

        The good thing with the ten episodes is that when you have the time to watch them they sholdun’t take too long I think I’m most surprised at how standalone some of these episodes are they give you the impression that it’s important etc without having to have seen the other episodes which is probably why The Prom is a good step in point! Reply

      • Amy

        Hi Cedric,How funny I never knew you were behind tentsg! I’m just now getting the eclipse plugin and am being subject to working with Workshop and Beehive. Grrr . As far as shows go, you can’t go wrong with the UK comedy Peep Show . Got to be the funniest thing to come out of England, which pretty much makes it the funniest thing out of anywhere

    • Dave

      If 90210 and Gossip Girl can last for multiple seasons, I don’t see why Ringer won’t have similar success on the CW.

  • nOt24seven

    I love love love SMG and I believe a lot of her loyal fans will be tuning into this new series. I saw the short and detailed previews on that shows a bit more of what the show will be about. Like she says in this interview, it has twists and turns and will have the viewers guessing at every turn.

    But aw, Siobhan dies :/ maybe they’ll have it later on that she didn’t really kill herself but didn’t want to deal with all her problems so she just bailed to chill for a minute..that would be awesome!

  • Kelly

    Why will this be cancelled? It has an amazing cast, a great storyline, and it’s on The CW where you don’t need to get extremely high ratings. Nikita was only averaging between 1-2 million towards the end of S1 and that got picked up for a full second season.

    Don’t be so negative, how can you say a show you have never seen is going to be cancelled?

  • Brett

    I don’t think we’ll be catching lightning in a bottle twice. “Ringer” has one of the most far-fetched and ridiculous premises in the history of television (which is saying a LOT), and I think people will be surprised to discover that the SMG they loved in “Buffy” is not the SMG that is starring in “Ringer.” In other words, she’ll be playing a character very different from the role she was playing when people fell in love with her. Her post-“Buffy” record shows that people weren’t flocking to cinemas to see SMG on the big screen, and I doubt they’ll be sticking around for many episodes of “Ringer.” BUT – as people here have said – it IS the CW, which has been known to keep 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-place-in-their-time-slot shows on the air for a long time…..

    • Jordie

      Well, then it’s a good thing SMG is level-headed going into this. She has said before that it’s a long shot from Buffy, which is validating for most of us who are echoing this sentiment.

    • Carrie

      Ofcourse she won’t be playing the exact same character. Why would people expect her to be Buffy Summers again, knowing the plot of “Ringer”? I think they just know her to be a good actress. Obviously, she does have a lot of loyal fans, since her show is getting plenty of buzz and people seem very excited about her return to television. She hasn’t done a lot of movies since “Buffy”, most of them have been small quirky films and then she spent a lot of time off because she had a child. Seems to me her movie career has been successful enough. “Cruel Intentions”, “Scream 2″, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Scooby-Doo”, “Scooby-Doo 2″, “The Grudge” & “The Grudge 2″ were all box office hits.

    • Dave

      “Ringer has one of the most far-fetched and ridiculous premises in the history of television.”
      Really? That’s a huge overstatement. Have you ever watched a soap opera? Or just take a look at some of the storylines on Desperate Housewives or any other night-time soap.
      Besides, sometimes what seems far-fetched and ridiculous ends up being great. A bunch of people stranded on an island with a monster made of black smoke…that seemed to work out pretty good.

      • kimmy

        exactly. look at vampire diaries! no one expected a lot from it and now its probably the most popular show on the CW. its actually really well written.

      • Kosish

        Were you a big fan of the series thoguh? I seem to remember you mentioning watching it but not being an overly enthusiastic fan.Also have you finished Farscape yet? Reply

  • Gabe

    Why is everyone judging whether this will last or not until it airs! I am really excited to see it and will be watching, but we have no idea have no idea whether it will be successful or not… I hope it does, but we don’t know yet.

  • Jaden

    LOVE LOVE LOVE SMG! Can’t wait for Ringer which despite Sarah’s involvement sounds like an intriguing thriller. Thx EW for all the Buffy and Sarah love. Will be getting this issue for sure even if I have to get it delivered overseas. ;-)

  • noway

    I can’t wait to watch this show! I loved Buffy and Ringer sounds really cool. I don’t want SMG to be BUFFY on this new show I want her to be something different which she will be so thats cool. I hope its a BIG HIT for CW, people shouldn’t be so negative just watch it and enjoy all the juicy plot twists. I know I will.

  • Sebastian

    Now, I’m a HUGE “Buffy” fan, but I often feel like SMG remains in everyone’s good graces because people often tend to let their affection for the show (and her character) shape their perceptions of the actor. She totally made that role her own and knocked it out of the park (Season 7 notwithstanding) consistently, but something about her comes across as VERY disingenuous and “prepped”. She reminds me of the type of person that is “on” to make themselves more appealing rather than just being herself. There’s just somethng about she comes across that seems very canned and obvious. I’ve never heard her castmates bad-mouth her, but the *absence* of affection (beyond commenting on her “professionalism”) is as telling as someone putting her on blast for divaness.

    And I often wonder how she feels about Reese Witherspoon and Amy Adams (who appears in one S5 episode as Tara’s cousin) completely and utterly surpassing her in acting accolades. Not trying to be troll-worthy….just curious to whether there’s any envy…

    • Jordie

      TBH it’s hard for me to accept the comment even though I 100% understand and feel as if I know what you’re talking about, but you gotta understand that anything ‘after Buffy’ is going to play with her head in this way. She almost seems more “disingenuous” now than she was in past interviews, and that’s because she’s only just getting back into the spotlight (those early Ringer interviews for instance), and she’s grown and matured, so I bet she’s struggling with her changing-fading allure right now.

    • Anne

      She seems genuinely nice to me. I really don’t think she spends her time worrying about the careers of Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon. She has a husband, a baby and a new show. She may not have won an Oscar, but she’s had a far more successful career than most actresses.

      • Marco

        MacGyver, it’s not as easy as it looks. I’m re-watching the shows via Netflix, having wtehcad them last when I was about ten years old, thinking it would bring back the memories. Oh it brings back the memories about how many shows that I liked when I was ten were incredibly formulaic and repetitive. (How many times can MacGyver clever his way out of a situation involving personality-less goons, a mildly attractive woman who always falls for him, and a precarious situation with just enough odd materials at hand to solve? It is the EXACT SAME THING every show. I’m having a hard time not pushing the discs off in the queue.MacGyver (like the A-Team) is a great memory, but leave it there story-wise, it has nothing on some of the stuff we take for granted on television today.

    • Jason

      Not only was Amy Adams in an episode of Buffy but she also played Sarah’s part in Cruel Intentions 2 and then preceded to leave Sarah’s career in the dust.

    • Katie

      Reece Witherspoon? What are you talking about? When was she on Buffy?

      • Kat

        They were in Cruel Intentions together. So it’s probably something about that.

    • A

      I can see what you mean, but she has always come off as nothing but nice and genuine to me.

  • ladyhelix

    Buffy is NOT back. SMG is back. HUGE difference.

    • nicolepowell


    • Mlle_Marie

      YES! Thank you for making an astute, rational distinction. Buffy 2.0 would be a disaster, but a proven actress doing something different has the potential for success. Best of luck to SMG!

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