'Survivor: South Pacific': Ozzy and Coach to return for new season. They talk about it here! -- EXCLUSIVE

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

CBS withheld the names of the two returning players to join the 16 new contestants announced on Monday for Survivor: South Pacific, but EW.com can now exclusively reveal that the internet rumors are indeed true, and those two returning players are Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth. This will mark the third appearance for each contestant. Coach made the jury in both Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains, while Ozzy was the runner-up for Cook Islands and was a member of the jury in Fans vs. Favorites.

Like last season’s returning pair of Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz, Coach and Ozzy will each end up on different teams, this time after breaking an egg filled with the paint color of one of the tribes. Unlike Rob and Russell, however, there is no built-in rivalry between the pair. But host Jeff Probst says the two do have a natural connection. “What they share together is their social games suck,” says Probst. “Coach? He blew it in Heroes vs. Villains. He blew it seven different ways. And Ozzy got voted out with an idol in his hand! If that doesn’t speak to how bad you are in the social part of this game. So we looked at it and said here are two guys that do have a redemption story. Yes, you’ve played. Yes, you’re popular, but you don’t know what you’re doing in this game.”

Probst also told EW.com on location just a few hours after filming kicked off on the franchise’s 23rd season that the two returning players will have a much tougher time after Boston Rob came back to win it all last time on Redemption Island. “Boston Rob winning last season made it very difficult for Coach and Ozzy,” says Probst. “We even talked about giving them immunity. We said, maybe we should give them immunity for the first Tribal Council and let them get their feet wet, and we said that’s just not our show. You’re on your own.”

And what do Coach and Ozzy have to say about coming back to play? We’re glad you asked! Check out the video player below for on-location interviews and exclusive in-game footage of the pair. Also make sure to view our photo gallery with quotes from the 16 new contestants, as well as exclusive video interviews with the entire cast. And for more Survivor news and views all season long, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Take it away, Ozzy and Coach…

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  • Adam

    They both need a good haircut.

    • Rondo

      The thought of listening to coach ramble and be the focus of 30-40% of each episode bothers me.

      • slick willie

        i wasn’t planning on watching at all until i heard this. coach is hilarious, even if it is unintentional

      • Diggin’ The ‘Digger … Still

        So glad that Ozzy is back for my pal RBlues! I know who she’s rooting for! Maybe next season it’ll be James … aka… The ‘Digger …. yummy!

      • Dave

        Why are the bringing back mediocre players? I’ve watched every episode the past 10 seasons and there are a number of more memorable players than these two, I don’t really remember anything significant about them. Boston Rob and Russel were two of the best players of all the seasons so bringing them back for multiple seasons was a no-brainer, but these two? No doubt they begged and begged CBS for another chance.

      • Pam Boggan

        My husband, who passed in March, just absolutely thought Coach was the best. He just laughed and laughed, and said “he’s my idol”. This of course, in a totally offhanded fashion. I can’t wait!

    • Alan

      This show is going down the tubes. It’s time to pull the plug. How pathetic!!!! Why do they keep relying on bringing back these “all stars”?? Coach is back for the 3rd time, Ozzy is back for the 3rd time, Rob was on 4 times, Russell was on 3 times. What happened to the show’s original idea of stranding strangers together on an island?? Like any show, once they resort to gimmicks, it’s a sign that the days are numbered. Survivor is like an aging sitcom that relys on the time-worn Having a Baby plot to keep things interesting…………… I am so sick of this all-star gimmick that the older reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother are now relying on!!

      • Saline

        Those of us from The Amazing Race know! Did you read that right people. If you didn’t I’ll type it again. Those of us from the Amazing Race. Talking like The Amazing Race blog is some kind of cult. Hey Shuan(Boy is that a terrorist name if I ever saw one) type what you have to say from that stupid brain that you were unfortunetly born with and then leave well enougy alone stupid. Don’t be starting anything with me. Knock off the childish 5th grade crap and stop caring so much about what others think. And pray more to Allah while you’re at it Shuan in order to be a better person. If that’s possible.

      • T2

        Alas, Saline did not die nor get a job in the offseason.

      • Trixie


      • ccc

        I agree. I like 16-18 different players every year. I do not like people returning. I like the aspect of strangers having to trust each other, and sometimes the true friendships and relationships that develop. It’s an experiment in a game show. It WAS a great idea! Bringing people back ruins that premise!

    • Carla Houston

      @Alan: I have to agree, no more retreads! I actually enjoy Coach, and Ozzy as well, but the idea of repeat players is just wrong, unless everyone is a return player. It changes the dynamic of the game. You either have newbies that are in awe of an Allstar (like Rob), which helps their game, or the newbies know from past history that Allstar can’t be trusted (Russell). Either way, it changes the game play. I say save the Allstars for an all Allstar edition, and just bring on new blood each time.

      • T2

        Carla and Alan, right on. Yes, we’ll be watching – but get this, CBS…I (for one) will ON PURPOSE not buy a single item from any of your sponsors. Sure, one person’s crusade will not hurt any of you – but it feels like we have to start somewhere.
        This little vanity project that Mark and Jeff have cooked up is obviously for their own puppetmasterish enjoyment.

        Dalton – I am just sick that you seem to be supporting this already-failed-once gimmick.

      • Alan

        I think Dalton Ross is paid by Survivor. He’s so slobberingly supportive of all this show does. How can a fan of the show (like Dalton supposedly is) not stand up and oppose this ridiculous gimmicks of bringing back all-stars for 3rd and 4th times? Shame on you Dalton

  • Pevos

    Cool. Love Ozzy.

    • Flip

      Ozzy looks ridiculous. I don’t know if I can watch this season.
      Loved seeing him naked on that Playboy TV show!

      • wsugar

        That sounds nice.

      • LG

        I thought it was Joey Lawrence. WHOA Blossom!

      • lulu

        YES LG — i totally thought he was joey lawrence too!!!!!! omg!

      • Dominic

        I thought it was Joey Lawrence next to Michael Bolton…

    • Alan

      Ever since I saw Ozzy naked and humping people in that Porno “reality show”, I can’t look at him the same. Ugh.

    • Saline

      Alas, T2 did not malfunction during the summer and take over the world destroying all humans in the process. Oh well Artificial ignorance. There’s always next summer.

      • Saline

        News flash———-Trixie agrees with Artifical ignorance. She’s probably just turning some tricks though. That probably explains it.

  • davey

    Uggghhh…really? This is what I’ve been waiting months for? Coach and Ozzy? Yikes!

    • wsugar

      We want more Boston Rob.

      • No we don’t

        Speak for yourself!!

    • bird

      “Underwhelmed” is my first reaction to Coach and Ozzy coming back.

      • Snsetblaze

        My sentiments exactly. And while Coach’s social game does suck, I’ve never thought Ozzy’s did. Yes, he was outmaneuvered but he did get near the end both times. When your social game really sucks, unless your Russell Hantz, you generally get voted out pretty early or mid-way.

      • ag

        Huh. I’m actually pretty excited about this.

    • Josh

      Worst kept secret on the net.

    • AK

      I didn’t want anybody back—that twist ruined last season. But to have it be these two clowns who I gladly would have never paid another second of attention to again? Even worse. I wish they would have chosen former contestants who hadn’t been back so many times, actually needed “redemption” and wouldn’t have made the entire season all about them (maybe Brenda from S21 and Stephen from S18, for example). This is just going to become “The Ozzy and Coach Show,” and it will surely be as painful as “The Russell and Rob Show.”

      • Dave

        You gotta admit though, the final speach from one of the jury’s and boston rob winning was an awesome ending, rob played one of the best games out of all the seasons. But yeah, I’m NOT a fan of brining back former contestants and mixing in with the newbies, defeats the whole purpose of the game Survivor when other players already have an edge.

  • T2

    Sigh. A second season of re-run players means that CBS didn’t care about the loyal fans’ displeasure with last season.
    It’s no fun to watch, it’s not fair to the new players, and it ticks off a lot of the audience. So what’s the point?

    • soonerwife

      I sooooooo agree with you!!!!!

      • Saline

        soonerwife, you are another one. In the same boat as that artificial idiot T2. Go watch Jersey Shore or Teen Mom if you’re displeased with Survivor and stay off this blog.

      • wsugar

        I agree with soonerwife but not T2.

      • T2

        wsugar – what do you mean?

    • Bette

      So much for audience feedback !
      CBS is setting a bad precedent.
      First Survivor, then Big Brother. Ugg !

      • Razano

        CBS is setting a great precedent Bette. This way you won’t be 90 years old before another full Allstar season comes around. You get to see Allstars every season now. Stop all the complaining people. I agree with Saline. Except Survivor for the changes it makes or stop watching it all together.

      • Saline

        Agreeing with Soonerwife means that you also agree with T2. Duh!

      • Russell

        So you can’t be a fan if you aren’t pleased with everything the show does?? THat is STUPID!!! I ave watched fromthe beginning! The show was BETTER when the cast wasn’t full af actor/model wannabes and retreads! That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching, but it is BETTER when smart good players are on (who don’t have groupies on the island like ROb) or built in enemies(like Rusell)

      • Alan

        Here’s a novel concept. Either have a cast of newbies OR an all-star version. This new “mixing” thing where they are now mixing a few all-stars with newbies (Big Brother, TAR and Survivor) is driving me nuts. The newbies dont compete the same way they normally would when they are mixed in with all-stars.

    • jared4ever


      • Saline

        Hey fake Russell. Don’t dare name yourself after the master. Fool!

    • Saline

      Maybe that’s your displeasure artificial ignorance. Last season wasn’t the greatest ever but it certainly was better than Season 21. Boston Rob won Season 22. What more can you say. One of the best endings of a Survivor season in years. As for this new concept of bringing back two allstars every season which seems to be the new norm. It’s a great idea. Coach and Ozzy match up well. It will be a good season. So wake up T2 and enjoy Survivor for the interesting twists and turns it takes or stop watching it.

      • Josh

        You’re a pompous gasbag.

      • wsugar

        I soooooooooooo agree with Josh.

      • Oh, God…

        And just think, josh, we have a whole season of this bag of wind to look forward to (those of us from “The Amazing Race” message board already know what a pomopous jerk Saline is).!

      • Tonic

        You’re totally out of touch with the way the majority of fans feel, Saline. Rob’s win was handed to him, even children could see that.

        Survivor has gotten way suckier with each season, and Probst and the producers won’t listen to fans.

      • Alan

        Totally disagree. The way these old reality shows are now relying on bringing back these all-stars, sometimes for 3rd or even 4th times, is sad. And pathetic. Being on the same reality show twice is bad enough, but THREE FREAKING TIMES?? It’s like when 80s sitcoms brought in a cute kid or when aging soaps pair up together totally unlikely couple….They are bored of ideas and desperate to keep their ratings.

    • bg

      CBS, we hate the old players being put back in with new players!!! The extra seasons of Russell, and now his nephew. Coach again, Ozzy again. And Big Brother has been unwatchable this season. Stop it PLEASE. It may be a gimmick for new viewers but you are screwing your faithful viewers that hate this trend.

      • Razano

        In life comes change. Except this trend bg or stop watching it. You’re making the right call CBS. After the terrible Jimmy J season 21, you can’t take a risk on just new people anymore. Season 22 Boston Rob won and the only way Ozzy or Coach won’t win is if one of the new players steps up and becomes a Survivor AllStar themselves.

      • Dana

        Apparently you are in the minority here otherwise CBS wouldn’t be doing this. I happen to think its a great idea. I love it last year and will love it this year. If you don’t like it, too bad. CBS can’t please everyone.

      • Chris

        Big Brother has ALWAYS been unwatchable to anyone with a shred of taste.

      • Tansy

        Don’t say “we.” Speak for yourself. I love the returning players!

      • Saline

        A Pompous gasbag. If I was as dumb as you clearly are and understood what a stupid comment like that meant. I might actually take offense to it Josh the Jacka–! Remember something Josh the Jacka– when you hey-hay away after eating hay you will know what a gasbag really is because you’ll be all cramped up.

      • Saline

        You would agree with the devil wsugar. You’re nothing but a follower. Stay off this post fool.

      • Saline

        Oh God! You mean Oh Allah Shuan! Say the right word.

      • Alan

        @Razano. I disagree. Survivor and Big Brother have been on for 11 years. Survivor is on is 22nd version. They can’t go on for ever. These are not changes we should just “accept”. They are a sign that these shows are dying. They are dying creatively and the producers are getting bored. The show has just to cast a cast of really intersting, crazy newbies. That would be a success. The problem is in the casting, not the concept. They need to cast complete freaks, oddballs, totally exciting people. Not boring, bland blondes and boring bland middle aged women.

      • T2

        Alan you are speaking the truth today.

        IfI don’t mind a good all-star season, if it’s ALL returning players, and doesn’t take the place of a regular season. An allstar version would be fine as ‘filler’.

        Mixing reruns (REALLY? THIRD TIME for each of them?!) with new players is crap.

    • Flip

      Last season was the best season in years!!! I was so happy Boston Rob finally won.

      • anonymous

        3rd time is a charm for Boston Rob.
        Too bad it didn’t work for Brendon, the 3 time loser on Big Brother.

      • Mel

        time for you to get a life.

      • Saline

        Hey Tonic. You’re the one that’s out of touch. Out of touch with yourself in everyday life stupid. Probably because your still a virgin. A fan of Survivor can’t be out of touch with opinions of stupid supposed fans like yourself because the only opinion that matters is my own opinion. Which is always the correct one I might add. Rob’s win last season was watching magic in a bottle. He wasn’t handed anything stupid. It was a lot of hard work he did. He earned that money and title last season. Don’t go by everything you see on camera. Remember it’s the stuff you don’t see as well. The travesty from last season was the thrown challange period. Hopefully that scenerio doesn’t repeat itself this season and fools like yourself don’t walk anywhere near a computer screen ever again.

      • Razano

        Accept it or don’t watch it Alan. It’s a sign that the show is on it’s last leg but that doesn’t mean that it will end. Do you remember what Probst said during the reunion show of Heroes v.s. Villains? We are entering a new decade of Survivor. Meaning change. Good or bad it’s exactly what happened. So stop thinking that you can change things with your opinion Alan. Just except Survivor for the changes that it has made.

    • Katie

      I think there are a lot of fans that like the returning players idea. It’s just that the negative Nancy’s and Ned’s are more vocal about their dislike and those that do like it are afraid of getting bashed too.

      • Mel the moron

        Get a life like mine because I’m a moron.

      • Alan

        Wrong. There are LOTS of long-time fans who are sick and fed up of these gimmicky concepts. This show can be as exciting as ever if the CASTING is right. For the first time in 21 seasons, last season I ddint’ watch. And I stuck to my guns and didnt watch even 1 episode. And I won’t watch Survivor again as long as this stupid gimmick of bringing back past contestants for the 3rd and 4th times continues. I mean, if this is the way of the future,why didnt they just bring back Rob for a 5th time or Russell for a 4th time? Why not make Rob a permanent cast member every season? Would that excite you?

    • Saline

      Shut up you fool! Damn are you stupid for a machine.

  • Blair

    Love Survivor. But, for the first time, not sure I will watch. They have to stop bringing back previous players. And, Coach? Not on my plate for sure.

    • Razano

      Bring back as many previous players as you want CBS. Because I’ll always watch. Coach and Ozzy along with Brandon Hantz. And Blair if you’re upset with this new trend just wait until Season 24. Because Season 24 will probably be a full AllStar season.

      • Alan

        Well, would it excite you if they made Rob and Rusell permanent cast members every sesaon? If not, why not? Dont you see how different newbies play when there is an all-star in their midst? It changes the whole game. This show is a dying dinosaur that has run out of any creative new ideas or casting.

  • Rosie

    I definitely wasn’t expecting either one! Really, I’m just glad they didn’t bring break Russell. I don’t mind Coach – he’s good entertainment – but I’m not a big Ozzy fan. I loved him in his original season, but he got kind of whiny and annoying with the whole Amanda thing during his second go.

    • Razano

      You seem to be thickheaded Alan. Either that or totally clueless. The ridiculous suggestion that you just made about them bringing back the same people all the time won’t happen. Except for a full AllStar season. Boston Rob is done with Survivor. Stop bringing him up. He’s in the past. Russell may come back again one day but not in the two person format. Wake up and except change alan otherwise you’ll always be the person missing your childhood because adult life is far too different from you beginnings.

      • D

        Accept/except- You were doing so well there for a minute. Look it up!

      • T2

        Razano, you’re sounding really dumb. You are attempting to tell someone to “get over it” about being upset when shows bring rerun contestants back – yet you say “Rob is in the past, quit bringing him up”.


  • watergirl

    I like the return of past players added to the show. Don’t know how long they will last. If I got Ozzy on my team, I would keep him around for awhile for challenges. Plus sending Ozzy to redemption island would not be the best idea since he would just beat everyone. He would end up coming back into the game. On Coach I think with him you would get a very loyal person. That could be a help.
    Will be interesting to see how they do. I just think it would be stupid to vote them out this early.

    • Dash

      I would send Ozzy to Redemption Island specifically for that reason. Send him early so there is more chance that he gets beaten at least once.

    • Razano

      I totally agree with you Watergirl. These 16 new people better be smarter than the groups from last season. One threw a challange to get rid of one of the Allstars. Breaking their own momentum while eliminating the only person that could have taken out the other Allstar. Leaving them all vulnerable and outnumbered at the merge. The other tribe might have been just as dumb. Following the other Allstar blindly into quicksand. And obeying every order that was given to them. Eventually awarding the allstar the win. Both tribes need to do things differently. They need to not vote out the allstars too early, thereby sending them to Redemption Island. And they need to keep the two AllStars from winning the season aswell.

      • Snsetblaze

        I did notice there are quite a few older contestants this time — so it is less likely that they will be “star-struck” like Boston Rob’s team.

      • Snsetblaze

        And neither Coach or Ozzy has quite the charisma that Boston Rob has either (or evilness in a way) or the ability to just be a jerk that Russell Hantz has (or evilness). Ozzy’s advantage is that he was just a better athlete … although he is older now.

      • T2

        Razano – which is it? You say you like the idea of returning contestants, then explain EXACTLY why it didn’t work.

      • David

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    • Alan

      Could not disagree more. This is getting ridiculous. Bringing back “all stars” for a second time is one thing, but people like Coach and Ozzy are now on their THIRD time on the show. Rob was on 4 times!! This is just stupid. This show is supposed to be about strangers who have not competed before, being thrown together on an island. Not about “Celebrealities” milking the same teat 2,3 or 4 times over and over again. It’s a sign that this show is running out of ideas, fast.

      • Razano

        Hey T2! I’ll explain it to you stupid since you need guiding along your path to a smart mind. It is a good idea. Got that! It is a good idea. I typed it again just incase you didn’t get it the first time. What happened last season wasn’t a good idea from the players point of view but that’s the game. Keep the two Allstars for as long as possible and then cut them loose. Don’t get rid of one of them before the merge and then award the other with the million dollar prize. That’s what is not good. And to you Alan. If you like T2 so much since you seem to be buddy-buddy with everything he or she says why not the two of you see a movie together and enjoy some nice popcorn while your at it.

      • T2

        Alan – I guess we’re going to the movies. Saline/Razano thinks our time would be better spent there.

    • Razano

      Accept/except D that you don’t know everything and how attempting to be intelligent only shows what a moron you really are. Get a life and a job you sorry sack of s—! And stop speining your Saturdays’s wasting away on a computer screen correcting typos.

      • Razano

        Left some typos in there on purpose for you to find D(Dope) lets see if you take the bait.

  • Liv

    I am in the minority that loves Coach! His brand of crazy is so deeply entertaining to me. I didn’t watch either of Ozzy’s seasons so can’t weigh in on him.

    • Dash

      I always thought a great reality show would be to make Coach do all of the things he claims to have done. Kayaking down the Amazon etc. etc.

    • Brock

      I’m in the same boat as you Liv…never saw Ozzy play but I love Coach…very entertaining and likable player

      • Mangan

        You need to watch all the Seasons of Survivor Brock. Cook Island and Micronesia are seasons that shouldn’t be skipped.

    • Sue

      Love Coach! Barely remember Ozzy.

  • matthew

    I agree that I really would prefer to have all new players and no more returns of washed up contestants. Really hope this is the last time Survivor does this. Just stick to the occasional All-Star season every few years, please. Redemption Island is retarded and eliminates drama from tribal councils. Seriously.

    • Saline

      Redemption Island was specifically created to give the Allstars a chance with the 16 new players. Otherwise without an idol Ozzy and Coach would be toast right off the bat. Redemption Island makes things more comfortable and fair for the returning All-Stars. And they probably will keep up this format. But Season 24 might be all All-stars. Or another Fans. V.S. Favorites type of thing.

      • wsugar

        Are you freakin serious?? SALINE???? What a douchebag. For some bizarre reason SALINE is a fan of this freak, I wish he wouldn’t force the rest of us to have him.

  • jared4ever

    Are you freakin serious?? COACH???? What a douchebag. For some bizarre reason Jeff Probst is a fan of this freak, I wish he wouldn’t force the rest of us to have him.

    • Saline

      Ah wsugar the follower speaks. So you do have a mind of your own and don’t follow other posters blindly into the abyss. Glad to have clarified that! A douchebag is what your momma used on you when you were born. It has no place in this game and for some bizarre reason the computer you turned on to type your bullcrap didn’t electricute you when you pressed the power button. Inanimate objects just aren’t doing their duty anymore, ridding us of fools like you wsugar. What’s the w stand for wisea–? Because you are it fool, and I am the great Saline.

      • wsugar

        The great saline. Who can not figure out how to post in reply to the correct post. what a dope.

      • jared4ever

        Figures the person to defend Coach would be a freak nutcase like you Saline.

  • Beth

    I guess “real people” are not allowed to apply for Survivor anymore. Here is the list:
    Former “Nashville Star” contestant
    (2) former beauty queens
    Russell Hantz’ nephew
    Playboy model/lingerie football player
    Marijuana dispenser (I guess he grows it?)
    3 people who applied for other shows, but were placed on Survivor instead
    And now Coach and Ozzy… argh!

    • Villanova

      Good one Beth! That was funny!

    • Steve

      I guess I should stop trying, 35 year old prosecutors have no shot

      • Snsetblaze

        Actually for some reason, a lot of lawyers get on the show – I think there were at least 3 last time (Francesca and the other older lady on her team and David). Other than Andrew Savage, they just don’t usually get that far (David just made the jury). So you’ve still got a shot.

      • T2

        Steve, you need to hang out in a beachfront bar, or arrange to be rollerblading where the “casting directors” hang out. It would help to wear a feather headdress, or gad about proclaiming you are gay (whether you are or not). For some reason, these factors scream “Perfect Contestant!”

      • Villanova

        After the Casey Anthony travesty, you’re probably right about that one Steve.

    • Saline

      That’s for that compliment stupid wsugar. The great Saline part. The other part shows how dumb you really are. Like everything you type on this pathetic post ends up exactly where you want it to end up. You’re full of s— wsugar that’s probably what the S stands for in your post name. Jared4ever that only thing you have forever is that ugly face of yours and one of the dumbest post names in the history of a blog. It is you that are like Coach! Crazy, but what you have that Ben Wade doesn’t have is an extra strike against you. And that’s being totally lame.

  • Mike

    Coach?…COACH??? He is one of the most annoying players of all time. I could not wait until he got voted off! I just pray he gets the ax soon into the game. Ozzie? I like him but he was an idiot as far as playing the game goes.

  • Mark

    I might be in the minority, but I hate the idea of Redemption Island more than the idea of returning veterans. It bothers me that one of the most basic principals of Survivor – when you’re voted off, you’re out of the game – is being changed. And if Jeff were honest, he’d admit that Redemption Island was only created to keep the veterans around longer if they get voted out. It was a one-time mistake that failed – just admit it, and return the game to it’s fundamentals.

    • Saline

      As long as Probst and Burnett want the returning allstars in every season, they can’t ax Redemption Island otherwise it will be totally unfair for the returning Allstars.

      • wsugar

        You could not be more wrong.

  • Vivi

    Oh cr*p, back to Central Casting. What happened to getting normal people and finding the crazy gems by accident. I came to Survivor late and love it, but not so much since they don’t seem to cast real people anymore.

    • marymac

      I went to a casting call in the Poconos. There were thousands of worthy applicants. I really agree with a lot of people here. Pick from the normal population, not just the pretty, professional and affiliated ones. Bone picking done!
      THAT said. I can’t WAIT for this season to begin. GO COACH!! Rooting for you 100%.

      • Ash

        These are pretty much my thoughts exactly on all points.

    • Saline

      You again, it’s the follower wsugar. I could not be more right. Fix that little error of yours stupid. I’m never wrong about Survivor or anything involving opinions about stuff I watch in person, on the computer, or on the television. You wsugar are dumber than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Spare the great Saline from your lack of brain power and intelligence wsugar. The fools that walk this earth today. It’s amazing.

    • Alan

      Every season is the same. Boring, bland , cute but lazy and dull skinny white girls in their 20’s who do nothing all day; Boring 20-something white surfer boys who say Bro and Dude all day but are boring as dishwater; Hard-working but boring 40-something women, usually some sort of farmer or mail carrier from a southern state. It’s all the same. America is filled with interesting diverse people, but the cast of Survivor is always the same. Whites with a token black. Skinny, young 20-somethings with no personality but good looks.

      • Razano

        Anything is better Alan than lowlife Ghetto Trash like Naonka or militants like Philip Sheppard.

      • tg

        Careful. Your white hood is showing.

  • Shane

    Stop bringing back old players. Seriously can’t be that hard to find and cast new ‘characters’

    It just seems lazy.

    • Andrew

      “Nicaragua” was an entire cast of new players and it was one of the most boring seasons. CBS wants to make the show interesting.

      • Alan

        They can cast more creatively. They dont have to bring back all-stars. why do they keep casting blande, boring blonde 20 year old girls and boring blande 20-year of surfer boys and boring blande 40-something women? Why dont they cast a complete Goth Punk? A hardcore Muslim fundamentalist? People from other countries who will culture/clash? I don’t know, but the world is full of more intresting people than the casting team of Survivor would have us believe.

      • D

        Probst acts like it is SO hard to find interesting pretty girls in their 20s. It can’t be that hard to get a pretty + personality combination in a country with 300+ million people!!! They just need to look harder.

    • Razano

      Ohhhh TG my whiteness is showing. Ohhhh! Be careful who you reply to Tg! You have no idea who I am.

      • Razano

        It’s harder than you think D! Just like it’s impossible for another poster to come on this blog and be as dumb as you. You’re irreplaceable D in the pitiful department.

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