TeenNick adds two more shows to '90s Are All That block -- EXCLUSIVE


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To keep its 20-something fans satiated, TeenNick is about to sub in two more (old) shows to its popular The ’90s Are All That programming block.

Beginning Sept. 5, repeats of Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life will replace Clarissa Explains It All and Doug Monday through Friday nights alongside faves like All That and Kenan and Kel. The two-hour block airs on weeknights from midnight to 2 a.m., and re-plays from 2-4 a.m. for the nation’s serious night owls.

TeenNick chose the two animated series after polling its rabid fans via social media sites. (And for the uncool over 30, Rocko is an Australian wallaby while Arnold is a fourth grader with a football-shaped head. See what you’ve been missing, Gen Xers?)

TeenNick has seen a double-digit boost in viewership since launching the late-night programming block on July 25. The reruns are a throw back to Nick’s roots in 1991, when it first expanded into original programming with Ren & Stimpy, Doug and Rugrats. 

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  • Matthew Murphy

    They should just create a network that only shows these shows. Nothing beyond 2000. So Rugrats (original), Doug, Rocko, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Welcome Freshmen, Clarissa, All That, Keenan and Kel, KABLAM!, Hey Arnold, CatDog, Figure It Out alone gives you at least 5.5 hours of daily programing!

    • Dr. Lola Spratt

      I nominate you as President of Television.

      • hmm

        I agree. I have cable and have 5 different nick channels. they can just replace on of those.

    • Robo

      Don’t forget Legends of the Hidden Temple!!

      • Dash

        I LOVE Legends of the Hidden Temple. We used to create challenges in our backyard and act like we were on the show. We lived in a really rural area so my sibs and I had to entertain ourselves. I would totally watch that show if it came back!

      • JJ

        They used to show that all of the time on Nick Gas! I watched it when I was a kid on Nick, and on Nick Gas in the mornings before high school.

    • Daisy

      Now THAT’S real TV

    • Melody

      I totally agree!! I have ranted and raved to my friends about this for a long time, I am so happy they have decided to bring these shows back but just give them their own channel!!!

    • Heather

      Agreed, but don’t forget Are You Afraid of the Dark!

      • Courtney

        Are You Afraid of the Dark? was my favorite!!! Except for the clown episode, that was totally scary.

      • Kasey

        I haven’t seen Are You Afraid of the Dark in ages maybe I should look some episodes up. I met D.J. MacHale (Writer, Director, and producer) at a book signing for his Pendragon Series (great books by the way) he is a really nice guy.

      • @Courtney

        The clown episode was the only one I literally could not watch! Ah memories!

      • Mike

        The Clown one….. which I think was called “Laughing in the Dark” or something like that was by far the scariest

      • Donnie

        I got Are You Afraid of the Dark on DVD. Trust me. It’s one of the old shows we used to watch you go back to and say “Why the hell did I watch this?”

      • Elise

        I have Are You Afraid of the Dark on dvd and I still completely love it. It’s not scary anymore, but it brings back good memories and I enjoy seeing some of my fave actors and actresses when they were younger. The scariest episode for me was Quiksilver. I don’t find clowns particularly scary.

      • Dawn

        It’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark

    • Zoe

      There are lots of Nick shows from the 1980s that many of us over 30 would like to see too. Anyone for “You Can’t Do That On Television,” for instance? I’m all about adding a whole channel for these shows.

      • Jaywave

        Totally loved YCDTOT! How about Double Dare, the originals with Mark Sommers?

      • CB

        Todays Special :)

      • Jerry

        I’ll take Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts!

    • steph


      • HG

        What about Double Dare? Was that from the 80’s?

      • Mike

        :::Shrugs shoulders and looks around with no hope of knowing the answer::: “Physical Challenge”

      • Janice

        It started in ’89. Ran until maybe ’92

      • Janice

        opps, thought you asked about HD, sorry

    • Liz

      Don’t forget Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    • callie

      And Are You Afraid of the Dark needs to be on there as well it was one of my favorite shows from the 90s.

    • KCB

      Win! Let’s also add GUTS!

      • julie

        I LOVE GLOBAL GUTS! Mike O’Malley was awesome on that show. Plus Legends of the Hidden Temple. Those game shows were the BEST. Also loves Figure It Out and Double Dare.

    • bfd

      YEASH! love Rocko

    • Gia

      Absolutely! My 24 year old son grew up with these shows and I think I love them more than him. Don’t forget Are you Afraid of the Dark and Pete and Pete!

      • Blair

        I love Pete and Pete

      • marcelle

        My son also watched those…then he grew up! LOL I’d watched them myself. My fav was Hey Arnold!, Rocko, had to watch All That with him but didn’r really like it! sorry! Doug, Kablam! The times they’re showing them though doesn’t make sense though. I really don’t like the newer toons on these channels; only spongebob, phineas/ferb are tolerable to me. LOL

    • allie

      that would be amazing matthew! also wasn’t goosebumps a nick show?

      • Ebsa

        I thought they were awoesme!! Disney or someone realistically should take them and make a show aroudn them you got all the talent in on spot!! And alot of big personalities!

    • Kurt Russell

      What happend to Nick GAS(Games and Sports) which played Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple and that mountain climb show GUTS. My kids know who Wilt Chamberlain and Ervin “Magic” Johnson are from the 3 Trivia questions that were repeated endlessly. There is easily a place for all of this stuff!

      • Elise

        NickGas became “The N” which then became TeenNick.

    • j

      most of these shows are instant play on netflix. I am 22 years old, and grew up watching these tv programs. I do watch Ah Real Monsters, and Ren & Stimpy on netflix.

    • Edward

      Everything pre-2002. And yes, this includes the game shows as well. Like all the game shows they had on GaS back about 5 years ago. Thus I refer to Nick Arcade, all of the sweet Double Dares, Hidden Temple, Guts, Figure it Out and all of the other game shows that were good.

    • Lalalush

      Didn’t they already have that? It was called “Nicktoons Network” or something. It tanked.

    • elysummers

      I agree. I dont want replacements, I want more.

    • tiara


    • Kevin

      You can’t forget other shows like Double Dare, Guts, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, Mystery Files of Shelby Woo and Secret World of Alex Mac!

      • ahmad

        emoooooebi magari xaxaiala 2welia emo var ..mere ra visac ar vevasebi sheudzlia gaiaros me egetebs gaunvitarebel xalxs vuwodeb saqartveloshi bevria eseti . qalaqshi bevrjer gamigonia wamodzaxilebi emovooooo me ukve amaze reaqcia agar maqvs arc adre mqondaaa .yvelas tavisi cxovreba aqvs da araavis saqme araaa vin vinaaa daayene ra sheni traki da iyavi shentvis ..

    • Noelbelle

      PETE AND PETE!!!!

    • Maureen

      They actually used to have a Nicktoons channel maybe 7-8 years ago where they only showed 90s cartoons. They have one now but unfortunately its stuff like Fairly Oddparents, etc… :(

    • Lindsay

      completely agree. they definitely need a channel that is dedicated to the 90’s shows.

    • Amanda

      Agreed! Let’s make this happen! I want to see some Roundhouse! I’d also enjoy some 80’s programming as well like Mr. Wizard’s World.

      • Saph

        I loved Roundhouse! Still remember the theme song!

      • Tim

        Can’t forget Pinwheel & Picture Pages. Bill Cosby was great on that, a great Nick 80s show, but it was educational and geared towards preschoolers, which I was when it was originally on in the early 80s. I wish they would bring those shows back for the kids today. Most shows for young children are terrible.

    • Derek

      Can’t forget Legend of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare!

    • Brigit

      This is EXACTLY how I feel. We need someone to put the wheels in motion for this because the 90s nickelodeon cartoons are the BEST

  • Michael

    That what Cartoon Network did they crated Boomrang for their fans who like the old cartoon s

    • tiara


    • Andrew

      Which worked for a while until they decided to bring in recently cancelled Cartoon Network shows like Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, and Dexter’s Labratory

      • A

        But those shows are a good addition. Dexter’s Lab is awesome. And it’s not like they stopped playing the classics. I still watch The Flintsones on Boomerang. I’ve even caught the Smurfs now and then,

  • Mc Prophet

    I’m all about some Rocko’s Modern Life, that was my favorite NickToon. What other cartoon made you want to get a jackhammer for your first car or check your dog for slapsticky parasites??

    • Kurt Russell

      The guys that did Rocko now do Phineas & Ferb!

  • Paula

    Yay! I love Rocko and Hey Arnold! Loving TeenNick right now

  • jgoellner

    All for hey Arnold & Rocko, but keep Doug on. I don’t want to see Doug go. It was my favorite show.

    • Blonde South

      Yeah seriously! Those three and Rugrats and Kablam were my favorites when I was a little kid.

  • Phil

    My list would be a bit different:
    You Can’t Do That on Television (the origination of slime–how can this not be available anywhere!?), Hey Dude, Welcome Freshmen, Roundhouse!, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Out of Control, Clarissa Explains it All, Rugrats. Ren & Stimpy, and, of course, the never ending teen-saga that only lasted 65 episodes, Fifteen.

    • kimmy

      Alex Mack and Pete & Pete too, please!

      • didge

        I LOVE Alex Mack and Pete & Pete, they should definitely bring those back and AHHHH Real Monsters!!!

      • Blair

        Ditto! Love love love ahhh real monsters

      • Phil

        My bad for not including Alex Mack and Pete & Pete–TOTALLY agree.

    • Briana

      I totally agree with the shows you listed. BRING BACK tHE SLIME!!!!

    • Aimee

      Those are my favs too! I hate seeing Clarissa and Doug being taken out for Rocko and Arnold. Take out All That since they aren’t airing the musical guests performances.

      • kb

        Agreed. Clarissa and Doug were my 2 favorite shows in that lineup. Why are they being taken out at all? Nick should be able to air ALL these shows.

      • JS

        NOT Clarissa and Doug! Ugh…I am a devoted 90s kid, but I find Keenan and Kel and All That incredibly annoying. What kind of choice is Hey Arnold? Bring back Salute Your Shorts or Hey Dude!

    • Michelle

      None of my friends remember Fifteen, glad to see I’m not the only one who watched it! And I completely agree, “All That” just isn’t as good without the music.

    • kb

      FINALLY someone mentioned Roundhouse. I loved that show. I always thought it was better than All That as far as sketch comedy shows go. They sang and dance and a bunch of those guys were in Newsies.

      • Missy

        I still get the theme song to Roundhouse stuck in my head. “Whenever my life gets me so down….”

      • KB Toys

        I’ve been waiting SOOO long to see Roundhouse again! None of my friends have ever heard of it. I thought my sister and I were the only ones who remembered!

  • C

    Ah I loved Hey Arnold. I wish they would show this on regular Nick so the basic cable provided by my dorm would get it. :/

  • Jenn

    I wish it was the other way around, lose Kenan & Kel and All That and keep the other 2!! Clarissa, AYAOTD, Alex Mack and Salute Your Shorts were my personal favorites!

  • Beauty

    LOVE Hey Arnold! Now they need to bring back Double Dare!

    • Denise

      Had Arnold, Helga and Gerald toys(from Wendys kids meal) on desk, just gave to my 20 year old son. We both loved that show. Cousin Skeeter my choice.

  • Alyssa

    I miss ” Are you afraid of the dark” and ” Boy Meets World” ” Sabrina the Teenage Witch”- Eric Matthews is the love of my life. Still I never thought I would miss the 90’s so much. Disney movies too- 2D animation all the time. I suppose it wouldn’t matter if BMW was on TV or not ,now I have all the seasons.

    • Kal

      “Boy Meets World” is on ABC Family in the mornings…I think it comes on at 7:00 and 7:30 AM.

  • Jon

    Adventure of Pete & Pete or GTFO

  • J

    I seriously just had two or three conversations this past week on how awesome Arnold is! Good job Teen Nick

  • Lola

    Was “AHHHH Real Monsters!” part of Nick? Although it looked creepy I loved that cartoon.

    • callie

      Yes it was the show was a liitle gross but funny.

    • joan morris

      yes AHHHHh Real Monsters was in the nick line up too.

  • Tony

    “Rocko” was probably the best cartoon show Nick ever had. Only “Avatar” and “SpongeBob” in its prime rival it.

    • AV

      Wrong. Rugrats was and is their best cartoon. Rocko can’t hold a candle to tommy, chucky, or angelica.

  • Matt

    The next show they should put on is Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Classic.

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