Kris Jenner eyed as new 'The Talk' co-host


Isn’t it NBC that’s supposed to be throwing surprising gigs at the Kardashians given its newfound Comcast-cozy relationship with the E! cable channel?

Instead, CBS has tapped Kardash matriarch and manager Kris Jenner to guest host on CBS’ The Talk. Sources confirm Jenner has signed on for two weeks early this season and is being considered a potential substitute on days when Sharon Osbourne isn’t available.

The Talk has also selected comedian and radio personality Sheryl Underwood to join the show as a co-host for the start of next season. Underwood, too, could become a regular, and will join the panel with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert and Osbourne for The Talk’s second season launch, beginning Sept. 6.

The two could potentially replace Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, who are not expected to return next season since their contracts were not picked up.

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  • Buffy Altamont

    I’m more surprised that they haven’t changed the show’s title to “The Whine”!

    • Jane

      I worked on the show last season. I called it “The Squawk.”

    • Janice

      You ticked me off with NO Leah and you lost me with Kris Jenner. Bring Bruce in and you have a deal. I turned off the view & never went back after the walk out & I will do the same to you,ByeBye

      • Sheila

        I have also turned off The Talk. I spent my lunch hr every day with the ladies of The Talk, it was a great mid-day pick me up. Now with no Leah and no Holly, I have resorted to watch Maury and the paternity tests- better than watching the ladies they have on there now.

    • Uhmm

      Omg, The Talk, it needs to go away. Hate the show! And Leah was the worst! But now, Kris Jenner they have gone form bad to worst!

  • drew

    i realize she isnt everybody’s cup of tea, but Leah Remini was one of the only entertaining aspects of that show. With Sharon gone more often it will be the most boring daytime show ever. Julie Chen is too serious, Sara is too quite, Holly is ok but doesnt add much to the mix… and i cant stand Kris K. and all the fame whoring.

    • wino

      as much as i “hate” the Kardashians and their branding, i must admit that Kris Jenner might be a good addition. she certainly knows how to make colorful commentary, it might work.

      • Brenda

        Thought she had work done! What the heck happened to her NOSE??

    • Kevin

      nobody is everybody’s cup of tea, but I am really surprised Remini is being let go, she is the most famous woman on the panel and certainly of the names being thrown around for replacements.

    • Donna

      I agree. Leah was fantastic and sooo entertaining. With her gone, the fun is already gone. I don’t care if she is hard to work with; not my problem. She was great and the main reason I watched. Put Kris on and I’m gone. She’s famous for what? She does what? You must be kidding. The tweenies who watch her kids aren’t your audience; they should be in school! If they were smart, they’d bring Leah back!

  • abadstroller

    Yuck. Stop the Kardashi-fication of America before it spreads even more. Just say no!

    • Meli

      I agree. When are we going to stop rewarding people who are famous simply for being famous?

  • jb

    oh gosh NOOOOO!!!!! This family needs to be removed from magazines and tv screens everywhere

    • Ahmed

      I agree… stop with this Kardashian madness… I watched THE TALK a bit and for all the criticism towards Leah, she really was the only entertaining person on the panel. I will NOT be tuning in when the show returns… the changes spell disaster.

    • anne


  • Marty

    you are right. Kris Jenner is a no no big time. I saw the talk once and I was bored. They are trying to imitate the “View”. Leave well enough alone…

  • innerjuju

    I’ll never watch again. The Kardashians are nothing but trash.My children would never consider using the language Kris lets all those girls by with. Trash.

    • Tano

      So agree with you. If they do let Kris on the show to cover for Mrs. O when she is out I will not be watching. Those people are trash. The way they speak to one another is just embarrasing. I guess Kris got tired of pimping out her family that she is now pimping herself.

      • Michael

        I also agree. I Will not watch another Kardashian making money, when I am still unemployed

  • hhrn

    Must the tv time be filled with no talent, oxygen wasting, money spending bimbos – then must we be told it’s “entertainment”. What a waste. The daughter’s wedding was revolting enough. GAG! Mom and barrel chested, cigar smoking, jokers pushing this on the viewers. OFF with the TV!

  • Melissa

    ENOUGH with anyone related to the Kardashians. They are not at all entertaining!!! They want to go from Leah and Holly to Kris Jenner…..?! what a DISAPPOINTMENT.

  • Marie

    I never watch it and never will with Kris on.
    This mom is ok with the way her daughters behave
    and talk, my own children never use that language
    but Kris uses such filithy launguage also.
    I just don’t watch this family and never will.

  • TorontoTom

    Anything that has anything to do with the Kardashian litter is an immendiate NO WATCH for me. It’s embarrassing, it really is. Are there people out there that actually connect with this circus act of a family or is it just the media being manipulated into thinking the K’s are relevant. They’re a joke.

    • Melissa

      Absolutely agree! I’m glad not everyone’s lost major brain cells watching the K’s shows.

    • NO!

      Unacceptable! Kris Jenner?! And exactly what is she bringing to the show?! No no no no. Don’t do CBS. Jenner is certainly not a voice that “The Talk” audience wants to listen to. I most definitely NOT tune in if she is in the show.

    • Gwen

      Agreed. I checked out “The Talk” once or twice and wasn’t impressed, but with anyone related in any way to the Kardashians being involved, I won’t ever watch it. Why anyone thinks these people are worth a minute on television or in the press is beyond me.

  • Ana

    I caught The Talk several times and even attended one of their tv live taping. Loved the original five and really thought it had something going (and it was different than the other show it always gets compared to though that one only has arguing women on). So to break up the dynamic is sad. To be replacing them with Kris Jenner… It is absolutely revolting!!! Ugh. IT is frustrating to me that she would come in to this show and bring her point of view. Hope they re-think this decision because I predict it will be a disastrous one.

  • K agina

    How can she teach us women anything her family is famous cause her daughter did a sex tape…and now they have huge endorsememts for shoes drinks and weight loss …… Wow how sad. My ? Is how r they relatable to anyone wht average person goes out and spends thousands on purses and its cool and newsworthy….wow wht a shame how about someone who hasnt used shameful acts to b newsworthy….imagine tht. Dont do it talk …im a little fish i know but ill nevr watch ur show again!!

    • JulieB

      I totally agree! They have a chef in their home, for Christ’s sake!! And all because she’s a pimp!! Poor Bruce Jenner, I remember him as one of the greatest sports heroes of my youth, and now he is an emasculated eunuch, just living in the shadow of these powerful women. And it’s sad when you think these women got their riches only by selling their sex appeal. Sad lessons for our daughters to learn.

  • Amanda

    Sorry, but if she is going to be on the show I won’t watch it. Can’t stand her or anyone in her family. And why the heck wasn’t Leah Remini kept on? She is AWESOME!!

    • Kay

      I totally agree. Leah and Holly really made that show and it was fun to watch. I also like Sharon and Sarah but not ALL KARDASHIAN ALL THE TIME!!!

    • NO!

      Leah and Holly were awesome!!! What a bad move CBS. It’s disgusting that they’ve asked, from the many outside choices, Jenner. I predict this move alone will sink the show.

      • lin

        I agree!!!
        I don’t watch the Kardshians at all.
        I love Leah on The Talk. She adds so much to the show. I watch it every day. With her leaving and also Holly, I may not watch it as often
        Bad move CBS

  • Chauncey

    YUCK! the show is crap at its best and this would make it worse — bad move!

  • Isabel Besse

    Please CBS do not replace Holly and Leah with these two….you will LOSE viewers!!! Leah is hysterical, Holly lends some down to earth goodness to the show … love Sharon and Sara…. if you get rid on anyone, it should be JULIE !! OOPS !! I forgot who her husband is !!!

    • Donna raggazzino

      Leah and.holly left pn there own.they were.not let go. I still won’t watch kj.

      • Kay

        Maybe if Leah and Holly left on their own, CBS can persuade them to come back.

      • anne

        If Kris Jenner is coming on the show–that’s the last time a lot of people will watch. Isn’t there some way to get rid of all the Kardashians? I’m so sick of being bombarded with news about them.

      • jeana green

        No, their contracts weren’t renewed.

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