InsideTV Podcast: Jeff from 'Big Brother' defends his homosexual Dumbledore rant; Daniele calls Rachel a 'disgusting person'

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There were fireworks on last night’s double eviction episode of Big Brother. And there were fireworks today when Jessica Shaw and I spoke with Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder on the latest edition of the TVInsiders Podcast. First up, Daniele called in to talk about playing in a house full of people too afraid to make a move. Of course, her strongest words were reserved for Rachel, whom she describes as a “disgusting person” (among other choice things). Then it was Jeff’s turn, and the big fella — who admits to still being in a state of shock —  laid right into Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche. And then the interview got really awkward. Asked about the controversial comments he made while in the house about having a problem with Dumbledore from Harry Potter being gay (“He’s in a school with little kids! You don’t want to make that guy gay!”), a clearly annoyed Jeff defended himself (while not really explaining what his issue with it was) before eventually apologizing and saying “I have no problem with gay people whatsoever.” Like I said, awkward. And confusing. Listen in to hear for yourself.

But that’s not all. Also this week, Jessica and I discuss some of our early favorites from the recently announced Survivor: South Pacific. Who are my players to keep an eye on? Listen in and find out! To hear the entire thing, just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Sorry to see Daniele and/or Jeff go? Satisfied with Jeff’s explanation of Dumbledoregate? And which Survivor players are you already loving or loathing? The message boards are now open for business!

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  • Ellie

    DElighted! Now we have the tears…the rants..sorry girls, but. playing is one thing…the nasty name-calling on eviction, from Rachel, the gloating…the backdooring, by Jeff when he DID promise Daniele..his “I’m in chargee” , attitude and “using” that poor little girl to make himself appear better PLUS..Jordan did NOT win either. HE and Brandon GAVE her HOH! She even thanked them! They were so nasty before the dbl.eviction. The way it goes, play, don’t be hateful, use a potty mouth what WAS he saying to Shelly on way out! We all knew she’d flip..and so will Adam….”Your ‘boy”……..

    • Sarah

      Does Dani think no one watches the feeds? All Dani did was sit and talk about people all day long. She said horrible things about people that even Rachel never came close to saying. And Jeff and Rachel WERE playing the game. Just because Dani doesn’t like what they did doesn’t mean they weren’t playing.

      • Matt

        Yeah, Daniele’s a delusional b*tch.

      • Zach

        Yeah, and Rachel has been disgusting, but when does she ever lie? She’s a straight-shooter and a bully, but she didn’t turn on people like Dani and Shelly did this season.

      • Trev

        And also they hid rachels stuff. Shelley calls herself mature when she’s the biggest immature lieing backstabber in the game! Team Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, and Rachel! They’re the only ones who deserve the money.

      • Zakry

        Dani sat around and talked about people – *what else was there to do?* People talk about each other. Welcome to the human race.

        Frankly, Jeff came off like a bully to me. The way he talked to Kalia, later Shelly, the condescending conversation he had with Porsche… look, I like Jeff, but those expecting a hero edit should wake up.

    • Slizzard

      Gay and pedophile are two different things. Period. It’s two different attractions. It’s one thing to not like gay people. It’s another thing to just not understand what “gay” actually is.

      • ladybug

        Why do Jeff and Rachael deserve to win. They had their chance when they were on before. Why did Jeff hate it when he was put up when he did the same thing to other and thought nothing of it. No one else took fits when they were put up. He didn’t even belong on the show along with Jordon. It is a game and the best players off first. What made him think that he was untouchable??

      • Zakry

        Totally agree with Ladybug. Jeff seems to have forgotten that its not verboten for him to be nominated for eviction. The threats, intimidation, and bullying was unreal! Dani was absolutely right – if these people just wanted to hand him and Jordan $550,000, just walk out the house and quit wasting time.

      • daphne

        totally agree with you both!

    • gataroo

      Dani is a bitter bettie. I didn’t like her on her season, liked her less this year. Rachel I hated, this year, I like her.

    • Secret Lover

      Jeff is so good in bed!

  • pat

    I love Dani!

    • SaraS

      Agree. So glad to see Jeff walk out right after her, so satisfying.

      • princesspr

        So was I! I LOVED Jeff during his season, however, he played the SAME game in both seasons. Getting rid of the WRONG person was NOT coming after him was his downfall. First Russell and now Dani.

        I don’t care how many times he deny this, but he told Dani, “I am not coming after you or bkdooring you,: and what is the first thing he does, bkdoor Dani.

        ……let play this out….he keeps the nominations the same…Kalie goes home….therefore, she wouldn’t have won HOH and he would not have been on the block . Had Dani been in the game and won HOH she would have put up Rachel / insert houseguest. …at this point it wouldn’t have matter…because no one left would have put him on the block and he could have coasted a little more….BUT NOOOOO! Get’s rid of Dani and goes right after her to jury! Jeff karma is spelled K A R M A!

        Then he makes it worst when speaking to Julie and sticking by his guns and sayings, “no ;putting up Dani was NOT my downfall.URG! What a condescending, delusional bully! I was soooo happy when he realize he was going to jury and he couldn’t do ANYTHING about it!

        Then to make matters worst, Porsche wins HOH and will more than likely put up the Rachel / Jordan duo…well they better win or one of then is going home.

    • Trev

      I feel sorry for you. A fan of the second biggest lieing backstabbing person in bb history. The first is Shelley!

    • Flip

      Me too, I love Dani. So happy to see that arrogant prick Jeff follow her right out the door!

      • Brenda

        Totally agree! I just hope he has the sense to be embarassed when he watches and realizes how dumb he was for not keeping his promise.

    • Zakry

      Me too! Secretly in love with Dani!

  • Rose

    Love JEFF and now this season is over for so many

    • Lette411


      • Elizabeth

        Thanks for “not having a problem” with me, Jeff.

        What a ignorant douchebag.

      • Garnier

        YUCK !!!!

    • Charlie

      Jeffs an idiot…. period.

    • Zakry


  • diane

    Dani needed to go home and Jeff needed to go home. Enough letting the same sloppy seconds come back over and over. We want to see new people get their chance. There are thousands and thousands of people wanting to take a shot at these shows and CBS just keeps letting a few try over an over. It’s really getting annoying. Shelly for the win.

    • Rose

      Shelly is a backstabbing crazy lady who stealing people stuff what is wrong with her

      • Trev

        Hahaha this just made me laugh because it’s exactly what I was thinking. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Charlie

        Its all a fix. Nothing is wrong with Shelly. Its BB and CBS. If you were smart, Youd realize that they are insulting your intelligence.

      • Romina

        I still don’t like jeffthe bully, who tnikhs he’s better than any girl guy. I think Jordan is better without Jeff. She can actually make better observasions w/o him, he’s so manipulative over her owm thoughts. He seems though to be a good brother, Uncle, but a bad mouth, and needs to work n his temper. Jordan got out the frustrations she was carring and now seems to be more real to her true self. I feel for her, but she’s already won, and doesn’t deserve to win based on her Game. I hope she gets on with her life, she’s in a good place. Chicago is in jeff’s life. I only want to hope she is truly happy and never goes back inside to do reality, she’s too sensitive, not in a bad way. Stay away from Shelly, the others are friends. They don’t have anything in common. I don’t think S likes anyone in the Game, Rachel is nicer.

    • Sherry

      Well said….I agree!!

      • Sherry

        Just to clear things up…I agree with Diane.

        Shelly is just playing the game like everyone else. BB is not about making friends, it’s about winning the game and IF you get a few friends out of the deal then great,

      • Rose

        But Shelly keep saying she was there to make Friends and not win the money because she has Money

      • SDM

        actually, that wasn’t very well said at all.

      • Zakry

        Rose, CBS is not putting people on BB to “make friends.”

    • Hillary

      Sadly, she probably won’t live to spend her winnings if she doesn’t chill with the chain smoking and tanning.

  • jj

    That explanation made no sense. So is he just stupid or homophobic?

  • Haggis

    I love Dumbledork’s magic wand!

  • Rose

    PS can CBS get Jeff & Jordan there own show where they can be themselves and not around so many crazy people

    • joe

      So you want them to be homophobic lunkheads? Great programming choice.

    • loseraretakingtheworld

      You are a complete mentally challenged moron. Maybe cbs can put you and the other two dipsh*** on an island and forget you there. Stupid beeyatch

      • Garnier

        “and forget you there”….ha ha ha ha. Great command of the English language.

      • ef

        i want to go to there.

      • greg

        Get over it…Jeff’s a blue-collar type guy from Chicago. He wasn’t giving much thought to what he said…He probably could care less if a person is gay or straight. I could care less too! Jeff’s a well adjusted very nice guy who wanted to win this season very much. Probably so that he wouldn’t feel like he was “taking” Jordan’s money–even though she doesn’t care. Jeff’s got a terrific future ahead of him and my wife and I wish him the best of luck.

      • Zakry

        Get over what? Jeff is a musclehead who’s mouth got ahead of him! I am tremendously disappointed in his comments and believe he meant them. He’s old enough to know better. Stop defending ignorance.

    • RSmythe

      Neither of them has a discernable talent and neither is intelligent enough to learn lines or take direction. What exactly would this show be about? Jordan could tell how she afforded her plastic bosoms when her family was losing their house. That’s it! They could both just keep getting plastic surgery. Jeff is pushing 40 and obviously hasn’t taken care of his skin.

      • sara

        Don’t talk if you don’t know the truth. Her family’s house was already taken b/c of her parents divorce. Jordan worked 3 jobs and helped pay the bills for her Mother and brother. She almost had her surgery paid off before entering the house BB11. Jordan has ALWAYS worked so back the F*** Off!!!

      • Ken

        Sooooo…Jordan – with no education – made enough to support her family and pay for a boob job?! I like her, but that’s pretty far fetched.

      • Trev

        Ya you need to back off… You have no idea. Jordan is 10x the person anyone will ever be. I don’t care if she already won. She deserves it 10 times over again.

      • Kata

        You are pushing 40 when you are 33? Maybe some math classes would be good for you to take?

      • Zakry

        I can’t get behind the personal bashing when you don’t know what you’re talking about. And, Ken, yes, people without educations can find work and support their families and maybe get a boob job too! WTF man.

    • Trev

      I know right? Everyone’s just jealous of them because America loves them.

      • princesspr

        ummmmm….I sorry, when did “WE” get so invested in the lives of people we do not know?

        People why are you fight over this…..So what are we fighting about……who does what, who paid for what and what job a person has or doesn’t have.

        Let’s ALWAYS remember this is REALITY TELEVISION and ONLY meant for our enjoyment and entertainment…let’s not take this to the place we are mad and writing hurtful posts to one another because you look bad defending people you do not personally know….I guess you don’t know.

        STOP IT! ……..let’s take this for what it is and have FUN!

      • Wm

        Give it up Trev, Jeff is never going to put it in you.

    • Charlie

      You’d actually watch that crap?

  • Sherry

    Jeff deserved his eviction….His worst game move was back dooring Dani. Came back and bit him in the butt as it should have, considering he and Jordan did promise a final 3 with Dani. Cry all you want JJ cause I don’t feel sorry for you. You both were terrible people this season.
    Sorry Dani is gone….she is a good person and a great game player. But, she got her revenge in the end thanks to Kalia and Porsche!

    • Jason

      Agree 100%. He preaches about not wanting floaters around and the only reason he dackdoored Danielle was because she was a better player then Kalia! Had he evicted Kalia she wouldn’t have won HOH and evicted him! Haha!!!!! Dani probably would have evicted him too had she won but there is a chance she would have evicted Rachel!!

    • kim

      they did not promise a final 3 with Dani maybe a deal but no final 3

    • Trev

      They never swore to it and they caught dani in three lies when they were talking to her when she was drunk! So they had reasons for not trusting her! Know your facts!

      • princesspr

        I sorry, I must have missed those lies…please enlighten me on those lies….Name them please.

    • Trev

      And no she is not a good person… I can’t believe anyone would ever say that! If this is seriously the case then I can’t imagine what your idea of nice is. Her, Shelley, Porsche, and kalia just talked bad about everyone 24/7 and even stole rachels stuff!! They’re crazy!

      • Brenda

        Hey Trev! Come on answer Princesspr question.Please, we are all waiting to see the three lies Dani told.A lot of us have other things to do and don’t watch 24/7, so we missed it.

    • SusanR

      Actually his worse game move was trying to evict Shelley instead of Brenden the week before and thinking Adam wouldn’t tell Shelley about it. He backstabbed Shelley first and she booted him for it.

  • UncleDaddy

    Liked Jeff the first time around, couldn’t stand him this time. Dani hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that nobody was going to beat J&J if they made it to the end…might as well take them down while you can. Now they’ve gotta follow thru & get Jordan out then the game will be wide open. Jeff’s accusation that people weren’t “playing the game” sounds pretty stupid since he’s now on the outside looking in…

    • Barbara

      Jordan isn’t a threat but Rachel is. She needs to go next. I liked Jeff last time to. Not so much now.

  • Junior

    Great podcast guys! I’m still processing that dumbledore response from Jeff. He defended it, retracted it, and then apologized for it.. And then he defended it again calling it fantasy! I still think he’s a genuinely good person, but wow, when he’s cornered, he just rambles on in repetitive nonsense. Daniele was the only person I was rooting for to win the game, and it’s a shame that she left. I blame Adam for her loss. If he just took his head out of his ass and realized that he’s being used for votes, he could’ve actually done something in the house. I felt very bad for Jordan last night, not too much because of the loss of Jeff, but because she has no one to lean on, since Rachel is also an emotional mess. I hope she gets it together, but not even that will get her far.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

  • Captain

    Wow, Jeff did a horrible job defending his gay slur. Just admit it dude, you don’t like gays.

    • Jeff

      Ok, I don’t like gays.

      • SaraS

        We know.. and you don’t like dumb people, so why are you with Jordan?

  • loseraretakingtheworld

    He is a total loser. Waste of human space

    • Trev

      If this is what you call Jeff, I can’t imagine what you call kalia, dani, Porsche, and Shelley. Worst people to step in the bb house!

      • Stan

        Trev: dying for a taste of Jeff’s sausage

      • Trev

        He’s the only one in the house to have a sack to go with it.

  • Kiki

    Jeff is vile. He’s super fun, unless things don’t go his way… then he becomes a bully throwing a temper tantrum. What an entitled jagoff, Maybe now he’ll get a real job and quit trying to become famous. Though he probably has no qualifications since he’s been in and out of LA trying to become a model the past several years. Good riddance, super-tweezed d-bag!

    • reita collins

      The craziest thing that I see Jeff getting away with is BLATANTLY using Jordan.He has no shame in saying that he won’t marry her unless she wins.Guess he went through her winnings last time too.She seems clueless.
      He’s a douche.

      • Ingeborg

        Bubblan13 on June 30, 2011 Hi Jeff! I’m 18 and enligsh is not my native language. I never done a website or anything like this in my life, do you think I still have a chance with this program to make money? Also about the fb part, do I have to use my facebook account in order to get traffic and make money? Because I don’t want my fb acccount to have anything to do with this.

  • Mike

    Saw nothing wrong with the Jeff comment. Hosts, if anything, seemed to try to bait the guy. Way too sensitive and seemed way too offended. And it was by the two twisting his words into their own perception of them.

    Haven’t really listened to this podcast until now. Was real bad and probably won’t listen again.

    • Karren

      Earlier this summer, Jeff equated gay men with pedophiles. Asking for clarification is not baiting, they were giving him a chance to redeem himself. But he is too obtuse to get it, and as is his MO, he gets “annoyed.’ As he does.

    • Rodneynyc

      If you saw no problem with Jeff’s comment, then you are perilously uninformed or uneducated. Either way, responsible, thinking people should take away your computer and give you some crayons to work with.

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