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We already know that since Peter sacrificed himself — rather, his existence — for the sake of the rest, there are major adjustments afoot. But how major? For that answer, we turned to inside man Lance Reddick, who breaks down some of the changes we might be seeing in the Fringe division.”Broyles and Peter weren’t that connected, but there is an affection that Broyles started to have with Walter that is gone now,” he says. “Now it’s about keeping the guy functioning so that he can work for us. And even though Olivia is still his top agent, there isn’t necessarily the same kind of paternal relationship that Broyles and Olivia had before.”

The new, subtle approach to their relationship will also be seen in another pairing: Astrid and Walter, says Reddick. “There was a closeness they had that I don’t think necessarily exists,” he says. “So it’ll be interesting once Peter reappears and as the season goes on, we try to figure out who the heck he is and what’s this crazy stuff he’s talking about. How in another reality we all knew each other. And how do we reintegrate that into the story.”

But the twist from last season won’t just fracture relationships. It will also bring together worlds, he reveals. “There may be more interaction in terms of casework between the two universes, which would be very interesting,” he says. “I don’t know that we can do too much of that because it takes so much time to shoot because we’ve gotten multiple versions of people. Particularly if they’re in the same scene because everybody has to play themselves, have a double, do it on green screen, and all that stuff. But it’s very intriguing.” He’s got that right.

More from my chat with Lance Reddick next week!


Castle spoilers please! Any good Caskett spoilers for Castle fans? — Danielle Gerard
Worried about the addition of The Killing‘s Kristen Lehman as an art insurance investigator/love interest for Castle? Don’t be. I hear she’s only in one episode as of now and has a pretty darn good story while she’s there. Obviously the casting choice was made for a reason (Chemistry? Yup!), but I’d calm myself a bit. She isn’t the female Josh (a.k.a. ‘ship wrecker!). But while Lehman is only in one episode, I can’t say the same for Beckett’s psychiatrist, played by Michael Dorn. He makes his second appearance in Lehman’s episode. (The first being the premiere.)

Hi there, I love your column! I would love some Castle scoop. Can you tell us anything about the return of the 3XK episode, “Kick the Ballistics” being filmed right now? I assume we can look for some great scenes for Detective Ryan, dealing with the fallout and it will be nice to see him in the spotlight for once. Thanks! — Cheryl
You’re going to see a side of Ryan you’ve never seen before. Also, a bit of casting news! I hear recurring White Collar player Ross McCall (who plays Keller) will take on a role in the ep as a cop who figures into the case. Also appearing? Lost‘s Francois Chau. So far, I’m giving a solid A to the casting choices this season!

I love the Big Bang Theory? Any chance for a big spoiler?
First, can we pause to commemorate the awesome of the season premiere photos? [Pause] Great. Now we can move on. Last time I talked to Bill Prady, he was pretty excited about exploring sex-less Leonard. That sounds weird… but I’m going with it. “Once [Priya’s] gone, Leonard is going to face the daunting task of how — in this age of the Internet and high speed connections and video chatting — how you stay intimate from a great distance away. So that’s going to be a bit of a challenge for him,” Prady said. Um, I can think of a few ways… ehem. But Prady insists with a laugh, “I don’t think Leonard’s going to feel comfortable jumping into that.”


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When we’re going to find out who is taking over Cuddy’s position on House? Is it something they drag out? I think you should just tell us now. :) – Dorian
You cheeky monkey. Nice try. But no. I can tell you, however, that the series won’t leave you hanging for too long. I’m told you will get your answer in episode 2… and most definitely not now. :P

I’d love some scoop on Pretty Little Liars! — Claire
Remember the casting news from earlier this week about Boy Meet’s World‘s Anthony Tyler Quinn that teased “a 16-year-old hottie son”?  Meet your hottie: It’s Secret Life of the American Teenager alum Shane Coffey. Need a refresher? He played the character Jimmy Nash in some episode early last year.

NEXT: “Scoop on ‘Bones,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ‘Desperate Housewives,’ and more!”

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  • Cari

    Sandra, can you ask Shane Brennan if they’re ever going to explain how Nate and Nell know each other? Thanks!

    • Color Me Impressed

      The dude on the left is Romo Lampkin! What show is he in now?

      • Kelmar

        I still call him that, too! He is on just about every show I watch at one point or another. Great actor.

      • HairyLime

        He’s still Badger to me, although Romo was awesome…

    • Olive

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    • Tiffini

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  • Erin

    I’m super nervous they’re going to break up Ben and Leslie. DON’T DO IT!

    • DocRules

      The only major pairings that would bum me out would be Ben-Leslie and April-Andy. I hope it’s not either of them.

      Maybe it’s Tom and Jean-Ralphio…

      • Chelsea

        tom and jean-ralphio does make sense since they began the business together and i have a feeling it won’t work out very well.

        it can’t be ben and leslie. i would be so very sad.

      • tracy bluth

        I don’t even want to think about Ben and Leslie or Andy and April splitting up.

      • Ash

        My gut reaction was April and Andy (and I died a little inside just at the thought) then when I heard your idea of Tom and Jean Ralphio it made more sense. Especially since the guy who plays Jean Ralphio has a new show he’s on.

      • shelljc

        All the spoilers out there point to Leslie/Ben breaking up due to Leslie’s running for office. This makes me sad. I hope it’s just a temporary break.

      • Julia

        The Tom/Jean-Ralphio theory makes me a lot happier.

    • Kmb

      I know I’m in the minority on this, but I never really liked Leslie and Ben as a couple. I don’t know why. I love Amy Poehler and I’ve been a big fan of Adam Scott since Party Down but for some reason it just doesn’t work for me. I honestly wouldn’t be too upset if they broke up.

    • murley

      me too but i would prefer this to april and andy. that would totally break my heart. at least if it is ben and leslie it could be a temporary thing.

    • RLH

      I’m pretty certain it will be Ben and Leslie, I just hope they’ll get back together this season. The writers definitely set them up to be endgame ever since Ben was introduced, so at this point it’d be damn cruel to break them up permanently.

  • Zoe

    need more Crowley

    • Tajah

      Crowley is excellence. I second this.

  • Lee

    Thanks, Sandra. Very excited about the “back to basics” approach to the new season of Supernatural and seeing what’s in store for Crowley.

  • J. Baker

    We were told the same exact story last year about Supernatural going back to its roots, focusing more on Dean and Sam and depending less on a season-long plot line. Never happened.

    • Anne

      The show has always been focused on Sam and Dean. They’re the stars. Last season focused on Dean’s struggle when Sam returned and he had to leave Lisa and Ben, and on Sam losing his soul and getting it back. We didn’t even get to see very much of the war that was going on between the angels. In fact, Cas was gone for most of the season.

  • Hesh

    It BETTER not be Andy/April. I will cry.

  • Amy

    Ben and Leslie would make my super sad, but if it is Andy and April I will literally die of sadness and probably throw something at the TV and write strongly worded letters to Parks and Rec writers.

    • Fez

      I agree Amy.. But I suggest writing the strongly worded letter before dying of sadness.

      • Molly

        This reply made my day.

      • Ace

        I dunno. A strongly worded letter from beyond the grave might make a bigger impact, especially if delivered in person by the (*preemptive groan*) ghostwriter in question.

    • Rosemary

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  • Mal

    You know who I think HIMYM should bring back this season? Victoria, Ted’s cupcake making ex played by Ashley Williams. I think it would be cool for them to run into each other and go hang out, and Ted can see how lost he’s become in his search for The Mother. Plus, it would be a little funny for her to ask how Robin is doing, since she’s the reason they broke up, only to find out not only are Ted and Robin not together anymore, Robin is actually more into Barney. I don’t think it needs to be a big arc, just an episode, but it would be fun.

    • Flyer

      I always wished that Victoria would end up being the mother. Of all of Ted’s girlfriends, I liked her the best by FAR.

      • AC

        I agree wholeheartedly!

      • melita

        absolutely she deserved to be the mother

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      Totally! Awesome!

    • Christine

      The show needs more Bard. He was redonk.
      And I know, he’s busy, but still.

      And please no Victoria, she was so sweet I literally vomited every time she appeared.

      • Christine

        Sorry. Brad. Not Shakespeare, lol.

    • Kate

      Me too…heck, I would go so far as to ask at some press thing of Nikita and ask Lindsay Fonseca did she and David Henrie ever film a scene where they said, you made us sit here for all of this? And you just lied about her name so we wouldn’t know? What is this Definetely, Maybe? I think that would be funny, but yes, I think Victoria is actually perfect for this Ted that is around now (watching reruns, he was kind of a douche back then, and I watched to hit him every time he was bulling Lily about getting back with Marshall – I am comforted with the idea that now that she is comfortable, Robyn would smack him upside the head).

  • The Bambino

    That Maggie Q really needs to eat some food. She’s horrifying to look at in bikinis with her ribs and hip bones ready to burst through her skin.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    Love when Crowley is mocking the boys. Hopefully he will do a lot more episodes this season.

    LOVE your wall, Sandra :)

  • Dilys

    I’m happy to see more Crowley but what I really want to see is more Cas. I hope that Cas is desouled and given the opportunity to have a redemption arc. He has sacrificed his life twice for Dean and the world. He has saved both Sam and Dean from hell. Shouldn’t they save him?

    So yea for more Crowley. Now please Sera – more Cas?

  • Kate

    That is great stress-reducing Castle scoop! I do not want to watch yet another significant other interfer too much with Castle and Beckett. Perhaps she’ll be around just enough to make Beckett a little jealous and it will cause her to pull her head out! :-) I’m also really glad they’re bringing the 3XK back. Last years episode was awesome! Thanks for the info.

  • Linda

    LOVE CROWLEY!!! I for one have really enjoyed the angel/demon storyline. I love love love the brothers and their relationship, but come on, how can anyone not be totally absorbed and compelled by the idea of Crowley and this excellent actor who gives him so much life? I have never seen a single scene with Crowley that wasn’t compulsively watchable–I especially love his interaction with the boys. As with Cas, he BRINGS something to the brothers–something about his interaction with them makes their bond seem even more important. And, he is hilarious and strangely believable and sympathetic. Not sure how he manages to make a Demon sympathetic, but he does. Can’t wait for season 7 to start!

  • Cathy

    Sandra, regarding Castle, and Beckett’s new psychiatrist….do you mean Star Trek TNG’s Michael Dorn, who played Worf? Oh be still my beating heart!!!! I’ve wanted to see him back on tv, with his human face this time!

    • Mikey M

      I met him once at a Convention and he wasn’t very cool.

  • Mincha

    Sounds like things are going to be pretty grim in the lab and the field on Fringe. I hope we see more of either or both Lincoln Lees.

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