Charlie Sheen roasters announced: Steve-O, Mike Tyson...


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Comedy Central has announced its first round of celebrity roasters for Charlie Sheen’s big event next month.

Not exactly huge celebrities, but as roastmaster Jeff Ross pointed out, it’s all about who can bring the funny: Comedy Central has enlisted TMZ founder Harvey Levin, Jackass star Steve-O, and heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Comedians Anthony Jeselnik and Ross will also take the stage for the show, which airs the same night as CBS’ Two and a Half Men premiere, Sept. 19.

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  • Hmmm

    So, other trainwrecks then…

    • Hmmmisthetrainwreck

      And you are ?…mmmmm…

      • Probably NOT a drug addicted wife beater.

      • Hmmmisthetrainwreck

        how do you know that …?
        Internet bashing posters are not even better actually

      • Mike

        Are they “odd” better at least?


        to answer to your question Mike : No

      • anonymous

        No one cares !

  • Steve

    Why couldn’t they have Jon Cryer or Oliver Stone or Emilio Estevez? People who know Sheen and have worked with him? That’s the problem with these “roasts.” It seems less personal the way they select these guys who have really no history with Sheen. Going back to the old Dean Martin roasts, they all seemed to know each other and it made it funnier. Trump didn’t seem to know half the people roasting him and maybe that’s why he and his wife didn’t always laugh.

    • Emily

      how do you know that they don’t know him ?
      I pretty sure they know each others quite well.

      • Steve

        You’re right, I don’t. But we’ve nver seen them act together, etc. Sheen has worked with so many people over the last 30 years that there had to be better selections than what we are getting.

    • Clete

      Agree. The “roasters” seem to be people who, like Charlie Sheen, just want to have another few minutes on the tube and have nothing else happening.

      • wake up

        ‘few minutes’ in your own mind pal; he will have another show, other projects and he is in this industry since almost three decades..worry about is more a problem pal..HA.

      • Clete

        You need to seriously think about getting a life. This is not important to you and shouldn’t be important to you.

      • Beev


    • Leslie

      Jon Cryer and Charlie are not exactly on speaking terms anymore.

      • Reality check

        and who cares about Jon Cryer really ? And Cryer is just not funny by himself, not at all, self-righteous yesfunny not.

      • Steve

        How do you know? They made films together back in the 80s. The blow up with Lorre shouldn’t affect relationships with other actors on the show. Why not Conchata Ferrell or Holland Taylor for that matter? Some individuals may not come from a stand up background but certainly they could hire comic writers to help them out. Certainly Mike Tyson isn’t writing his own stuff. Hell, even Gilbert Gottfried would be better than some of the people they’ve signed up to roast Charlie.

      • Steve

        When Charlie said stuff about Cryer on Twitter, Cryer appeared on one of the Late Night shows (I think it was on Conan) and did a very funny response to it.

      • Steve

        How about childhood neighbors and friends like Rob Lowe and Sean Penn?

  • Buffy Freak

    Mike Tyson will be as uncomfortably unfunny as The Situation was at the Trump roast

  • Mick Nolte

    Is Chuck Lorre unavailable? What about Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller, Kelly Preston, Donna Peele, Paula Profit, Rachel Oberlin or Natalie Kenly?

    • Mick Nolte is not funny

      Mick Nolte go away, you are unfunny..gohide yourself once and for all, it will be a public it !

    • No Mick Nolte is DUMB

      We want FUNNY people dumbass.

    • Yvette

      In other words, none of the Charlie Sheen supporters want to hear from people who actually KNOW Charlie Sheen’s dark side. They’d rather pretend that their drunk, drug-addled “hero” doesn’t physically abuse women or break the law on a routine basis, and that he didn’t get thrown headlong off his show despite publicly begging to come back. They want FUNNY, as defined by being a selfish addict jerkface who, they want to think, suffers no consequences of his actions. Like his burnt-out, toothless face isn’t proof enough of consequences.

      • yvette needs a reality check asap

        Yvette we already know his so called ‘dark side’ (mostly exagerated by medias by the way..)..and these women are just not funny and are not innocent either..get a grip.

      • riri

        you write some nonsense dear Yvette : if he publicly begged to come back like you claim he is not so much a ‘jerkface who suffers no consequences’, make a choice..

  • JPX

    Tyson is one IQ point above mental retardation. I can’t imagine him being funny unless he just stands there.

    • helen

      Unless he just walks out and beats the stuffing out of Charlie Sheen. That, I’d watch.

      • helen=irelevant

        helen how about he beats the stuffing out of..YOU ?!..THAT would be funny..really funny…bouahahaha

  • smeek

    EW ran a story years ago about the Comedy Central roast of Chevy Chase. Supposedly so brutal it left Chase stunned and it was never aired again after its initial telecast. That’s what I’m hoping for with Sheen.

    • nuff said


  • Abe Froman

    So just a bunch of D-list randoms that have no connection to Charlie? Losing!

    • Frenchie

      It will be like the loser Dancing with the Stars show

  • really ?

    Mike Tyson is not a big celeb EW ? Really ?
    The guy is as famous as a Madonna or a Michael Jackson, go to South America, Europe or even Africa they know the guy.

  • Aaron

    Odd they are bringing back Steve-O for one of these roasts the only other one they asked him to he got so drunk he couldn’t do his bit and had to be escorted out of the building.

  • It’s not much of a roast if losers are doing the roasting

    The last year has been one big roast of Sheen. This event ain’t necessary. Go away

    • helloyouarenotdoingtheroast

      ‘losers’ but you are not here so losers are not here actually..Your mistake..too bad..

  • Beev

    I think he is an ads for doing this to get back at the show two and half men the people in the show must not mean anything to him to do this on their night. Will not watch

    • Margot

      you will not be missed, i will watch

    • Beev

      Thank you, you eaither

      • anonymous

        BOMB !

  • Poppy

    Emelio Estevez and Martin Sheen aren’t even going to be there. They are working on an independent project and will be “out of town.” If you’r father and brother won’t even show up why would an A, B, C or even D-list celebrity dein to even attend let alone participate. I’m all for redemption, but Charlie’s fall from grace was so far it will take years for anyone who enjoys a career in Hollywood to even attempt to do anything with him.

    • emma bovary

      Speak for yourself, lot’s of us want him on our screen so his career will be alright no matter what you can think, that is all.

    • wake up

      Mike is a uber famous celeb..hello !

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