'Dancing With the Stars' cast revealed: Chaz Bono, David Arquette and ... Nancy Grace!


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Best cast ever?

Obviously, that’s up for interpretation but there certainly won’t be a shortage of provocative newsmakers when Dancing With the Stars returns Sept. 19. We still don’t know the pairings (they won’t be announced until Wednesday on Good Morning America) but what pro will or won’t compete for the mirror ball trophy seems pretty anti-climactic in light of the cast announcement, made Monday night during an episode of Bachelor Pad. For the entire cast, go to the jump.

Chaz Bono. Sonny and Cher’s famous child was the subject of the recent documentary Becoming Chaz, which aired on OWN and is now up for three Emmys.

Nancy Grace. The outspoken legal commentator and host of her eponymous show on HLN is expected to maintain her hectic schedule while donning the Danskins.

Ricki Lake. The actress/author is looking to return to the daytime talk show circuit by launching one in the fall of 2012.

Rob Kardashian. The younger brother of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe has worked as a talent manager but has been known to show up from time to time on the family reality shows.

David Arquette. The actor and ex-husband of Courteney Cox recently celebrated his sobriety on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Ron Artest. The 6-foot-7 forward from the Los Angeles Lakers is petitioning the courts to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Kristin Cavallari. The former star of MTV’s The Hills and Laguna Beach has kept busy by doing charity work for the kids.

J.R. Martinez. The All My Children actor also works as a motivational speaker.

Hope Solo. The gorgeous goal keeper gained millions of followers this summer while playing for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

Elisabetta Canalis. It can’t be fun to be known as the gal who was dumped by George Clooney but hey, the ravishing actress from Italy has other credits, too: She recurred on TNT’s Leverage!

Chynna Phillips. The Wilson Phillips crooner who’s married to Billy Baldwin recently made a much-appreciated cameo in Bridesmaids.

Carson Kressley. The fashion expert best known for Queer Eye and How to Look Good Naked now has a show on OWN called Carson Nation.

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  • duang


    • Macy

      Where is the “Disney” star??

      • Acaseofgeo

        Nancy Grace???? I am SOOOO watching! Too bad they couldn’t put “Tot Mom” on to compete against her.

      • PIMB

        I expect nancy to go head to head witht hte judges. I do not expect her to dance well.

      • melissa

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    • Olive

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      • Jiji Moran

        Why do most spam comes spelled as if a second grader wrote it?

        This I have pondered for years.

      • Cruella Devil

        Wow, Olive, now you’re a single man? Over on the BP 2 , you told us where you met your husband.

      • etm

        LOL! Olive is confused :)

      • @Jiji

        They write better than you Jiji!

      • @@Jiji

        I took it as a joke.

      • RaRa

        Cruella for the win.

      • wakeforce

        Leave Olive alone. He/She isn’t the only person who had a sex change.

    • JAne

      “Kristin Cavallari. The former star of MTV’s The Hills and Laguna Beach has kept busy by doing charity work for the kids”

      LMAO!!! “the kids”! What kids? We all know she spent at most an hour with kids since the hills ended. I doubt there were kids in the LA clubs. What a joke.

      • Kathy

        I like to call the fame w***e who thougbt being engaged to my teams’ QB Jay Cutler would give keep her in the papers/magazines. I applaude Jay for cutting her loose if only to keep himself out of the rags.
        “The kids”–yeah, right!!

      • melissa

        I agree with this comment!!!

    • sam


      • Caren

        Wow who will Chaz dance with….he needs to lose some weight too!

    • romancei

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    • deedeedragons

      Well we all know David has nothing to do till Scream 5.

    • melissa

      i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here CoolCent. com

      • neet

        I can’t believe your lame advertising melissa

    • MOn

      Who will Chaz dance with, female or male?

      • G-Toronto

        Are you kidding me? He’s gonna dance with a woman. That’s a dumb Q.

      • Rick

        Ya, REAL dumb question.

      • Jake

        Better question is who will Grace dance with? ;)

    • Jethro

      It is time to change the title of this show if these participants are called “Stars!”

      • Sith Lord J

        I guess dating George Clooney makes you a Star.

    • Fred O’Bannion

      I would rather get stabbed in the neck than watch Nancy Grace…

    • Dumitru

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  • Bill Shakes

    Chynna Phillips?

    Hold on, for one more dance!

    • Caren

      Oh I love her I hope she is good!

  • Leithen

    Ron Artest?

    Oh, that’ll be interesting.

    • Ap


    • John M.

      We’ll see if someone throws something at him and he attacks the person, like he did years ago in the Pacers-Pistons brawl. Remember that?

      • Arief

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  • kvivik

    AGAIN??? How many times does Ricki have to be canceled before she gets a clue that she’s not a good talk show host?

    • Just A Guy

      I wasn’t aware that she had more than the one, which she ended on her own.

    • Lynsey

      Didn’t her show air for years and years and years?

      • Cruella Devil

        The producers couldn’t make up their minds.

    • Alan

      Huh? She hosted her show for about 11 years before ending it on her own terms. In the years since she has hosted game shows and produced documentaries.

    • crisdizzle

      Ricki Lake was head mistress on Charm School so that all you need to know where her career has gone since her talk show was cancelled.

      • Watcher

        So was recent Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress MoNique.

  • Baby Cachet’s Blog

    Great line-up! Can’t wait to see :)

    • PIMB

      I am very surprised that I don’t see a Ringer in the bunch. Maybe the ringer will be a late addition. Very odd group. I think it will be interesting for a few weeks but not for the dancing.

      • jmm

        I was thinking the same thing, unless Chyna Phillips pulls a Jennifer Grey?

  • deedee

    looks like an interesting cast; I rooting for David!

    • Regina George

      Rooting for Hope Solo!

      • Jeremy w.

        They should just skip the season and give the trophy to Hope. She’s the obvious favorite.

      • Jeetender

        RPK74m on August 8, 2010 As a Crossfitter, I have to make some comments.First, the puullps were OK as he was kipping. However, slightly better ROM would be desired.Secondly, you have to catch the dumbbell in the clean position before pressing, this is NOT a snatch. But, most people interpret this as one arm ground to overhead.Other than that, this guy had a phenomenal time.

  • A

    This is the worst cast ever.

    • pkutyna

      I agree. Looks like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      • Vannessa

        This season seems to be lamer than most .

      • Andy

        Um…I feel like they do that every year.

    • Yeshua girl

      Ditto! Looks like a bunch of hasbeen actors, blahblah talk show hosts, pitiful faces, and historical singers,…this may be the first season , I bow out! ugh!!!

      • Mellissa

        Yes, what a surprise that no A List celebrities are available to go on a silly dance show.

      • RaRa

        Thank you, Mellissa. You took the words right out of my mouth. DWTS is this century’s “Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”, where celebrities of the past come to relive their former glory.

      • LiLi

        That’s it! They need to get Charo on the show! Isn’t she about Cloris Leachman’s age?

    • dee

      i agree. last season had some decent names like kirstie alley, ralph macchio etc… this season we get the significant other of famous people: courtney cox’s ex, george cloonie’s ex, etc… YAWN.

    • Sparkly Shoes

      Wow….I have no interest in anyone. I am not looking forward to seeing Chaz in ANY rehearsal footage. Sadly he will gets lots of votes from the LGBT community and be around for a long time. They do not have one ‘ringer’ that was previously trained in dance like Jennifer Gray or Nicole Sherzinger.

      • QJ201

        Ridiculous comment.

      • Rick

        Wow, already hating on Chaz? You don’t think Carson Creeley will get some gay votes? As you know, us queers only vote in blocks, for our own, because we’re idiots like that… “sparkly”…

      • k1222

        Yes, because us gays have a secret agenda and step 1 is “Vote for Chaz Bono to win Dancing With The Stars” . Then we will take over the world.

    • RaRa

      I actually like this lineup!

    • kay rogers

      well one good thing about it Derek will be back! looking forward to seeing him again!

  • BucknerBlog

    I am voting for JR Martinez, he is amazing!

    • missliss

      Me too! For anyone who doesnt know he is also an Iraq war vet. He was injured in combat which is why he has the facial scarring. Amazing, amazing dude.

      • sharona

        JR Martinez is an inspiration and it’s been a pleasure watching him hone his acting skills on AMC. This may be the first season of DWTS that I watch and vote. GO JR!

      • RaRa

        Thanks for the info, missliss. I was not familiar with JR but will definitely check him out!

    • ummm

      You do know this is a psuedo dance show? Could you wait to see if he can at least move?

  • Trey

    Why is Chaz Bono in the picture if he’s not in the cast?

    • Trey

      Fail, didn’t see he was on the list.

      • Delilah

        You mean “she”? Chaz is still a woman no matter how any ‘roids she consumes. What a freak. Can’t change DNA. On a related note, I won’t be watching.

      • ger

        Delilah won’t be watching because if Jesus didn’t watch TV, she won’t either.

      • Bug

        Jesus hates Delilah!

      • @ger

        You’re my hero.

      • etm

        I’m most excited for Chaz! However I loved watching Ricki Lake back in the day, so I’m rooting for her too. I’m least excited by Clooney’s ex girlfriend.

      • Lola

        Gotta agree: Chaz is a woman. Do a genetic profile. She (OK, “it”) doesn’t have a Y chromosome. Fact. It is a woman.

      • @Delilah

        True. Once a woman, always a woman. You are who you were born as.

        @ger …………..yeah, I don’t know.

      • Madox

        To Delilah – brush your tooth and crawl back under your rock. God forbid that people would be wired differently. If it’s not your experience, then you don’t get it. Real insightful, you poor uneducated thing.

      • @Delilah

        Had your parents had an amnio your DNA would have told them to abort.

      • Rick

        There’s nothing like the very MENTION of a transexual to send people into a self-righteous tailspin. What the hell is wrong with people? Who made you the experts on gender and nature? Redneck idiot Americans…

      • LiLi

        @ger I’m trying to figure where Jesus came into that comment. Way to stereotype.

    • RaRa

      For some unknown reason, I find Chaz less objectionable than Kendra of last season.

  • Mel

    a bimbo who was dumped by George Clooney? really??

    • k

      Why is she a bimbo?

      • Captain

        Because she made her money by being pretty.

      • Cruella Devil

        @ Captain – If you ask me, that’s sounds darn smart. As long as it’s a magazine spread as opposed to legs spread or worse yet, a magazine spread of legs spread. I believe Elisabetta is like the Brooke Burke of Italy.

      • RaRa

        @Cruella – I wish I could follow you around today! You’re ranking right up there with T2 (PIMB), etm, Mellissa, AI, and others of the greats!

      • etm

        RaRa! Thank you :) :) You’re pretty great yourself!

    • Caren

      She is hot….and I am a straight female, gorgeous girl.

  • MC

    Still sticking with the claim that these people are Stars, are they?

    • Jay

      There are a bunch of D-listers there, but you’ve got to admit that David Arquette and Ron Ron were pretty good choices. I do consider them to be “stars”.

    • Dani

      It’s like the comedian who did a stand-up during the Season 8 finale: It’s more like Dancing With the Vaguely Familiar.

  • Andrew

    Rob Kardashian, Chaz Bono, and Nancy Grace! Give me a break! That’s thew best you can do, ABC! None of these people are that relevant!

    • RaRa

      @Andrew – As Mellissa pointed out, above, that is why they are available to do a dance show!

  • Imma Gee Zure

    Sorry, but who’s gonna wanna dance with the toad.

    • k

      Go away troll.

    • Sad

      but true. I think all the dancers are dreading getting Chaz and not because of the sex change.

      • Jose

        That’s right. Fat people have no chance. Plus, he/she has no fan base.

  • kayla

    well, I guess they’re pretty much all better that Snooki.

    • Julie

      Not that THAT is saying much…… Chaz, Rob and Carson are BAD though…. ridiculous.

  • kate

    excited for Hope Solo and……..no, thats about it

    • Al

      I want to see if she chokes like she did in the World Cup.

      • Abby

        I’m pretty sure Hope did not choke at the world cup… but thanks for trying.

    • LOL

      Hope Solo’s got this in the bag.

      • Pauline Swayze

        I’d like to spank Ricki Lake.

      • Sex change hospital

        Hopefully by now Chaz has 2 in the bag(s).

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