Bravo to air 'Housewives' suicide special

Bravo will air a special that addresses the suicide of Russell Armstrong, sources tell EW.

The network has shot a special that included several cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, Kyle and Kim Richards, and Adrienne Maloof. Taylor Armstrong apparently was not included in the filming.

The special has yet to be formally announced by the network, and its unclear when the special will air. The second season premiere of Beverly Hills is still on track for Sept. 5, with the show re-edited in wake of Armstrong’s death.

UPDATE: The footage will be use for an introduction for the season premiere rather than a stand-alone program. More details here.

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  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • romancei

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    • Dinjab

      50% of Americans voted for George W. Bush twice. Nearly 50% cast their ballot for a ticket with Sarah Palin. The number one show has been Two and a Half Men. 12 million just watched the VMAs. Mommies need to collect Box Tops for Education so the schools function. Yes, America loves crap and basically is a nation of crap-for-brains now.

      • 3OH3

        It would have been better to redo the whole season over, than this…

      • mary

        dinjab, look who the crap-for-brains voted for in 2008! i hope they stay home next year

  • Paul

    got to get them ratings

    • NorCal

      That was my gut reaction, too. Just another way for Bravo to boost ratings. Andy Cohen must be salivating in gleeful anticipation.

  • 3OH3

    It would be better to reshoot an entire new season instead. This is just wrong.

    • momo


    • cg

      I think it would be better to cancel all the Housewives shows.

      • butch


      • Arya Underfoot

        I agree – Bravo has sunk to such a low I can’t believe anybody would admit to watching any of this stuff in public.

  • Roker

    The media whined all weekend about Hurricane Irene. Boo hoo. Anytime something happens in New York, suddenly its 24 hour nonstop news. Where’s all the coverage when hurricanes hit Florida and all the gulf states? Big bunch of whiny babies.

    • DRG

      Um, evidently you missed a little storm called Katrina.

      • ks

        24/7 of Katrina too

      • k9nkatz


      • Taylor

        There were many storms before and after Katrina, I’m sure you can name all of those too.

      • t3hdow

        Katrina was an exception, mainly because of how catastrophic that storm was to New Orleans, and how godawful the government response was with rescuing/aiding the natives. However, if you ask the average person the names of any US hurricanes from even the last two years, they’d be hard pressed to figure out even one. So Roker, despite his abrasive comment, has a point. Irene mainly got attention because it hit an area that doesn’t typically receive hurricanes, and, well…it’s NYC. Not even the midwest and southeast regions, regions especially ravaged by tornadoes, received this much coverage during the spring.

      • Clueless

        um, t3hdow, this was the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in three years, so you are right, the average person would not be able to name any from the past two years. So much for trying to be smart.

      • t3hdow

        In all honesty, I wasn’t excluding myself in that assessment of “being the average citizen unaware of hurricanes outside Katrina/Irene” statistic. My point is that storms that are usually hit in the midwest/southeast regions typically don’t receive more than a few cursory reports. Hell, when Nashville (where I reside) got its historic flood last May, not many media outlets reported it. Irene got an obscene amount of attention compared to the rest of us (mainly because of the NYC vicinity), and the storm, despite some destruction, wasn’t even the Armageddon level disaster originally predicted when it hit. Even Joplin, KS suffered worse effects from the spring’s tornadoes, but didn’t come close to the media attention of Irene.

      • Rosselle

        This is hauiriols. I don’t know how you find the craziest real housewives moments and make them even nuttier, but you do it week after week. I love your blog.

    • Ann

      @Roker, I agree. The entire Irene coverage this weekend was way overblown. I understand the pre-coverage when it looked like the storm might devastate the entire East Coast…but when it came with a whimper and faded away to a tropical storm…it got way more coverage for mere floods. And the television speech by Obama was so unnecessary, as if he had prepared a speech beforehand in case there was severe damage but felt like he didn’t want a good speech to go to waste, so he went on tv to get his free air time….Eastern media only loves the east coast. When wildfires devestate the south and northwest, they don’t get 30 minutes of coverage on the world news. When floods come through Mississippi, they don’t get 30 minutes of news coverage each night like Tropical Storm Irene got for its small damage to New York.

      • Todd in Edmonton

        This is a post about a “Real Housewives” series !!! Would the rest of you talking about Irene and saving the the world from famine and nuclear war please shut the f*ck up already.

      • Cheria

        Actually, while NYC wasn’t hit hard, Vermont and NJ were hit very hard, with Northern NJ dealing with the worst flooding since 1984, with millions of people affected. Vermont is devastated, and will most likely take years to rebuild. While loss of life was thankfully minimal, please do not underestimate the damage to these states. My family is from Joplin MIssouri, and our losses are about equal, with the exception of loss of life. Katrina was awful and a terrible tragedy but so is Irene, and to deny that is just not right.

    • @roker

      Um NC, Md, Pa, NJ, Vt, etc. You are the baby. News is news.

    • 4ref

      What does this have to do with “Housewives?” Regardless, the media has always mentioned storms in other parts of the country, you just have short-term memory. Maybe you have trouble remembering all the coverage of the gulf storms because that area (the crotch of the U.S.) gets a storm every other day.

  • ks

    soryy relpy to Rokar…

  • googie

    Are you kidding? Suicide special? OMG! Tacky, creepy, disgusting, disrespectful……….

    • Dinjab

      Where’s the Brazilian Wax Special? The Toilet-Cam Special? How much lower can basic cable reality go?

      • NorCal

        Bethenny Frankel participated in toilet-cam, which showed her peeing on a stick to take a home pregnancy test.

        It’s amazing what people will do for fame.

  • k9nkatz

    you cant blame a tv show for an unstable mans suicide. If you do then your prob not stable enough to be watching tv yourself.

  • Chanel

    Wrong move, Bravo. It’s not like u don’t have 10 other Housewives series you can air.This season of RHOBH should not be aired. tsk tsk.

  • duang

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  • Kelley

    Wow. This is just disgusting on Bravo’s part. Anybody read the short story by David Foster Wallace called The Suffering Channel? It involves a channel that does nothing but film and broadcast suffering. Seemed like almost dystopian science fiction a few years ago.

    • Lida

      I think their showing how the cast dealt with it. Don’t judge before you watch. Suicide is a serious subject and needs to be dealth with in the right way. Bravo can do a good thing if it’s done right. Again don’t judge until it’s shown in Bravo.

      • Kelley

        “Don’t judge until it’s shown on Bravo.”

        Yeah, that sentence pretty much says it all.

      • @Lida

        Actually they are “dealing” with the suicide aftermath. The topic of suicide prevention might be more helpful. Bravo is going for the ratings!!!

      • Dinjab

        You realize that people watch the Diff’rent Strokes bicycle shop episode for laughs, right?

  • mesomiko

    Disgusting. Shame on Andy Cohen and Bravo.

  • joe luck

    Suicide is a completely selfish, unthoughtful act; something any cast of housewives are experts in.

    • Joanne

      Or desperate..

      • Kelley

        *slow clap*

    • Connie

      I’ve never understood this argument. Isn’t it selfish of people to want others to live when they’d rather die?

  • KSM

    I don’t understand why people think this is “disgusting.” First of all, if they can bring more awareness to the issue, that would be commendable. Suicide is a very taboo subject, and Bravo has an opportunity to speak to a lot of people about it through this situation. Also, they are re-editing the season to be sensitive to the situation. All of these ladies, and their families, signed up for the show. They knew what was happening. It is unfortunate that a very depressed man did this, but Bravo seems to be doing the best they can with a poor situation.

    • Kelley

      There is some possibility that this show exacerbated his suicidal tendencies. For the show to then crow that is it is “bringing awareness to the issue” (if that’s in fact what they are doing) is absurd.

      The best Bravo could do would not to try to further exploit the situation for ratings. Airing a “suicide special” isn’t exactly accomplishing that.

      • @Kelley


      • j

        He didn’t have to do the show. It’s ridiculous to blame a show that he didn’t have to participate in. There have been several other husbands that have chosen not to participate, either from the beginning or after having been on season(s). He probably wanted/saw the need for the money the show brought and thus agreed to do it, but he didn’t have to.

      • NorCal


  • Ap

    This is obviously a poor attempt at Bravo to ease the viewer into watching a RH season that shouldn’t air.

    Hey, I loved the Beverly Hills season but they need to shelve this one and shoot a new season.

    • momo

      I agree with you 100%!

    • JStay

      So agree. A ‘suicide special’ and then it will go right back to the trivial catfights and shopping trips and extravagant trips. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching that crap the first season. But this just feels wrong. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

    • Lloyd

      Absolutely correct. BH was my favorite in the series. Amazing that the richest women were the most normal and relatable (except Camille). I was really looking forward to this season, but don’t think I can watch it.

      • Mel

        @Lloyd – yes, RHBH is my favorite too. I just adore Lisa V and Kyle, and I would be a hypocrite if I said I wasn’t going to watch on Sept. 5th…so now you all may start telling me what a horrible person I am. I can take as “Mel” isn’t my real name anyway!

  • Ron Burgandy

    You stay classy Bravo.

    • Tin


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