Jon Cryer reveals 'Men' details: Alan is Ashton's love mentor, Charlie's death addressed all season -- EXCLUSIVE

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Are you watching or participating in the Charlie Sheen roast?
I’m not participating in any way. I’ll DVR it, out of curiosity.

During the first week shooting, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler suggested the atmosphere on the set was pretty intense given all the pressures involved. How is it now?
We’ve absolutely fallen into a rhythm. That was only the first couple days the first week. Ashton kind of blew that out of the water pretty quickly. He’s willing to do anything for a joke. Plus, he hired a massage therapist for the entire crew, which had a relaxing effect.

She also suggested things could still creatively evolve. How much does the first episode match what you’ve shot since?
The two shows we’ve done since then are very much in the tone of the first. There’s obviously big change in the dynamic with Ashton, in terms of what that creates in my character. I can only say my character ends up being the more romantically experienced one of the two of them. So Alan becomes sort of a mentor character to Ashton’s character. And as bad as an idea as that sounds, it’s just as bad on the show — I’m a terrible mentor. And that’s where a lot of the fun of the show comes from.

From what you’ve seen so far, is the tone and feel of Men the same or is there a difference?
Oh yes. If you found it deeply offensive before, it’s still deeply offensive. That’s a promise we made to our audience and we intend to keep it.

Have you been inside Ashton’s swank trailer?
I have been in what I refer to as the U.S.S. Yorktown. What’s great about it is it provides shade — for most of the studio lot. He had told me early on that he was going to get an enormous trailer. It’s a fun place to hang out for us and anybody on the crew — he has an open-door policy. He’s got almost a club upstairs — yeah, that’s right, I said upstairs. He pipes music out before and after the shows and everybody hangs out. It creates a great vibe.

Any ratings prediction after that first episode?
I have no idea. I’ve never tried to dissect the original appeal of the show. I just knew people took the show to their heart. I just wanted to keep doing the show that I love doing. And in this new version I’m having a great time.

How do you think your Emmy chances are?
That [nomination] was such a ridiculous astonishing surprise. The way I’ve thought of it, they just invited me to the party. The guys in the category with me this year are ridiculous. That Ed O’Neill didn’t get one last year is ridiculous, that Chris Colfer didn’t get one is ridiculous. That Eric Stonestreet did get one last year made perfect sense.

Congratulations on landing the lead in the new Pixar movie [Planes]. That’s huge. Is there anything an actor has to do to prepare to play a plane?
It’s all about lubrication. That’s my motto in general.

Men premieres on Sept. 19. See more on the new Two and a Half Men and all the big fall shows in EW’s annual Fall TV Preview issue on newsstands Friday.
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  • Johnny Depp is Hot!

    Hope it works! Probably the one who is institutionalized will be Rose! She probably went even more nuts than she already was when Charlie died. lol

    • Brenna

      thats what i was thinking too. I cant wait to see how Rose handles everything throughout the season (hopefully shes around for some episodes)

      • Nikinecc3e

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    • J. norman

      I hope they don’t make Rose the scapegoat for Charlies (death?).
      She is the best character on the show. I have hopes that she will return in a recurring roll at least.

      • Johnny Depp is Hot!

        I hope they don’t say that Rose killed Charlie! She’s funny!

      • Ren

        I like Rose, she’s such a cutie.

    • SisterZip

      I think Rose transfers her stalking to Alan, lol.

    • Frenchie

      I can’t wait to watch new Evelyn and Berta scenes! they make the show

    • Olive

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      • Himanshu

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  • Pam

    This show is dead for me.
    Charlie was the show and Ashton is not even funny. They should had canceled the show.
    Charlie roast. That is something I won’t miss.

    • @Pam

      So u would rather watch a roast for an alcoholic drug addict? Oh, I forgot wife abuser.

      • dgh

        Yes I would its gonna be great.

      • petite fleur

        me too i much prefer to watch the roast.

      • Jane

        I would rather watch Charlie. I’m not watching this dumb show anymore.

    • Jack

      My vote is for the roast also!

    • Bob

      Can you at least watch the first episode before writing the show off? Who knows, you may actually LIKE it!

      • Jayanta

        Nuit d’Automne 27 oct une bestiole dresse9e e0 ne pas fuir face e0 un cvheal et un cvheal dresse9 e0 ne pas s’enfuir quand il voit le taureau.La seule de9fense dont dispose le cvheal e0 l’e9tat naturel, c’est la fuite. Donc il faut beaucoup de temps pour dresser un cvheal e0 accepter de s’approcher du taureau.

    • MandM mom

      I could not agree more. Charlie was the show with the others as supporting cast. I will continue to watch reruns but will not watch this new show and it it a new show. Two and a half men ended last season. Sorry Jon Cryer but you will stink without Charlie. Ashton will not be anything even close to the talen Charlie was.Stupid Chuck Lorre better hope his other shows do well because this one will be cancelled after this season if it even makes it thru this season

      • Poppy

        Well! If MandM mom says the show will be “cancelled after this season” then it MUST be true!

        I’d much rather put all my eggs in the basket of the drug and alcohol addicted, wife abusing manw*hore.

        MandM mom – you shouldn’t be a mom!

      • Poppy

        Sorry – I meant “I guess “you’d” rather put all a”your” eggs

  • hmmm

    I plan to tune in, not sure if it will work though. But you have to admit that, throughout the whole Sheen and recasting mess, Jon Cryer has shown incredible graciousness, humor, and absolute class. I hope people appreciate that, fans of the show or otherwise. Go Duckie!

    • dgh

      He has really shown just how far his head can be inserted up Chuck Lorre’s a$$!

      • LILI

        @dgh i agree with everything you said !!!!

      • Johnny Depp is Hot!

        Jon is simply doing the job he was hired to do! I wish Charlie had done the same. Now Jon has a job and Charlie is unemployed! How is he gonna pay for his drugs and call girls now? lol

      • bEA

        Charlie will have new jobs (actually he is already in negociations for another tv show) so enjoy the new Two and a Half Men and don’t bother talking or more accurately bashing Charlie Sheen..and by the way Johnny Depp (who is a buddy of Sheen) is too hot for you. so move on…ha ha.

      • Johnny Depp is Hot!

        @bEA, U must be Charlie’s press agent? lol How’s he paying u?

    • Johnny Depp is Hot!

      @hmmm, Agree with everything u said!!!

    • Patty

      I think I said this in the past, I think Jon Cryer and the mother and the housekeepter were the show. Charlie was ok. Sorry Charlie!

  • Pebble

    It will never be the must see show for me again cause the show was Charlie!

  • court

    This new premise just sounds kind of ridiculous. and not in a good way.

  • Annie

    Dear God, I love him so much. Jon C.: well-played, sir!

    • Johnny Depp is Hot!

      @Annie, Amen!!!

    • Lizabeth

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  • T

    Does that mean that the character, Alan will stop being a mooching cheapskate and stop getting his hair cut at the Barber school, dress a little better and finally get a new car – that Volvo wagon must be on it’s last legs by now !

    And what about Herb & Judith and not to mention little Millie Melnick who could be Alan’s kid ?
    Plus, will Kandi be back ?

    And what of Jake ? He’ll be in final year of high school…what he’s going to do afterwards (college ?..yeah, right…he couldn’t be able to get into community college…not even that one over on NBC !) ?

    • Chloe

      Hope Kandi is gone for good; she was the last season or two.

      I still hope Herb is still on teh show; he is priceless! If the writers are as good as before, Jake should get some prime airtime this year. They should have done it last season, but they focused too much on Charlie’s relationship with Chelsea.

  • Doug

    I think it’s a risk killing off Charlie’s character. Hard to laugh about that. I am excited for the new season though.

  • Robin

    Seems pretty lame,not sure i will be interesting in this show anymore..

    • Jane

      They should give duckie his own show. Something entertaining to watch. Not this crap.

      • Denise

        it already but I’m so glad I found this site Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, pelope lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, A definite great read..Jim Bean

  • stephen

    I certainly will give it a go, it may be weird the first 8-10 eps but if they get a rhythm and make sure charlie is still mentioned all the time, whos to say it wont be a good show. Also season 8 was one of its funniest but not just because of charlie. Alans stories were genius! I wish we got herb and alan staying in the same house instead of a new character. i would of loved to see Alan and Herb in the same house, kicked out by the same women 9 years apart! Would of been funny to watch.. hey if ashton doesnt work out, its an idea for season 10!

  • Marion

    Nice try James Hibberd to praise Jon Cryer..but sorry i don’t call this interview ‘funny’ wonder tv critics are wonder..HAha

  • PennyBeGood

    I’ve always disliked this show. I’ve seen maybe three episodes (usually on in the background.) Never thought it was particularly funny, and I’ve never been a fan of Charlie Sheen. I just don’t get his appeal. I like Jon Cryer, and with Sheen gone I’ll give this show a shot. Having Charlie Sheen’s character die is just weird enough to entice me.

    • Reality check

      Well you are quite sick imo..
      As for his appeal : humor, talent, charisma simple as that and it is thanks to him that Jon Cryer has a career (networks, studios did greenlight the show because of Sheen and Cryer had just lot’s of lot’s of cancelled shows..)

      • Mantu

        Dahl has attracted good films in the past – live aciton and cartoon – perhaps because his books are vividly described, with watertight plots. I’m not looking forward to the already-mentioned-in-interviews-with-Burton family-values ending to Charlie.I think adaptations from novels either work because of the novel being intensely described and beautifully plotted – Silence of the Lambs; Oliver Twist; The Tin Drum – or if the film-maker is radical and bold, such as Ruiz’s Time Regained or Truffaut’s Jules et Jim.Otherwise, its either Merchant Ivory (but why does Henry James make fertile source material?) or else stealing the name but changing the content, as far as I can see (which isn’t that far, as my optician pointed out this morning).

    • Léa

      Tone of the show will not change because Sheen is not here anymore and Cryer had lot’s of airtime already..if you like him so much..all of this shows that your reasons are pretty lame but what make you feel better..

    • Wani

      Je m’e9tais mis sur Firefox, et un beau jour, il m’a e9te9 impossible de reternr dans l’administration de mon blog. Impossible de mettre un poste. Je pouvais commenter mais plus entrer dans mon secre9te9riat si l’on peut dire.Je suis retourne9 sur Internet Explorer.Bonne soire9e.

  • Aidan

    Planes isn’t a Pixar movie it’s Disney!

  • rosie

    Good grief! It’s a tv show for crying out loud! If you want to, watch it, if not, change the dang channel. You all act like your lives depend on it. It’s a show, Charlie’s dead, move on!

    • Brenda

      Thank you. could not agree more. You would think some of these ‘people’ were on Charlie’s payroll. Get over it, he made his choice.

  • KLL

    This all sounds horrible.

    • Newsflash

      What? I didn’t hear anything. I read some stuff.

      • JoMarch

        @newsflash: did you think your comment was clever? Actually, it was doltish. Newsflash for YOU: “sounds” was appropriate in @KLL’s post. Look it up.

      • Newsflash

        I take it back, yeah this show is going to blow.

      • Youssra

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