'The Mentalist' season 4 promo: Seeing Red? -- VIDEO

In the season 3 finale of The Mentalist, we saw Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) kill Red John, the man responsible for the murder of his family. But did he really? Was the man he killed really Red John? Or did he murder a random civilian? I’m confused! As the new promo for season 4 of The Mentalist says, “Let the mind games begin… again.” Check out the promo below to see Patrick’s conundrum in prison and in court, where he confronts a possible death sentence(!) for his season finale actions. I know, you can hardly wait until the The Mentalist premieres Sept. 22, right? Did I read your mind?

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  • Colin

    So excited!!!

    • What?

      I still believe my theory that Patrick Jane is in fact Red John and has been the whole time.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Ummmmm yeah…how exactly did he manage the feat of messaging himself as Dr. Joe NH in season 1? Or kill someone in Nevada while in California?

      • jj

        Nevada isn’t exactly on the opposite side of the country and you don’t exactly need to be an IT genius to be able to send a message to yourself. If Jane was indeed RJ, you can even argue that all those things we saw about Jane communicating with JR was just all in his head..
        Ofcourse I DON’T really think that, but I wouldn’t dismiss the other poster’s theory as harshly as you have.

      • red john

        @what? – that would be awesome if it were true and would elevate the show to a higher level than what it is (a typical CBS procedural with a know-it-all solving cases). The fallout after the reveal that Jane is Red John would be absolutely incredible.

      • applejack

        How did Rollo know that Fred Sanford was cheating during the poker game, I think Hucklebuck tipped him off

      • Ben

        There’s one huge problem with the “Jane is RJ” theory: It would damage the show’s rerun potential, which is where these type of shows REALLY make their money. Five years later, people might catch a single episode just to see how we were all fooled, but they would definitely not make it appointment viewing.

  • kevin

    God knows how many seasons it will take to find out the REAL and I mean the REAL Red John is going to reveal until the series ends.

    • Javadude54

      They’re going to milk that cow until its teats turn red.

    • Hi

      No way there’s going to close that chapter yet. It brings too much closure to Jane. This is something they’ll have to carry on throughout the series. The rage and revenge Jane feels is essential to his character and part of what makes him so wreckless.

      • Zizzer

        But Jane without the rage wuold have so much to sift through as a now twice dramatically changed man – he can’t go back and he has no purpose to go forward – Baker was excellent in the Guardian as a purgatorial character hanging bewteen hell and redemption. He is capable of making post revenge Patrick Jane a very fascinating and intricate character worth caring about..

  • nitemar

    House and Jane both in jail clothes. Freaking and exciting thoughts.

    • Cheery

      Jane >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> House

    • Rock Golf

      And if both show are cancelled, perhaps “Cellmates” as a blended spin-off.

      Man what I wouldn’t give to see House & Jane go toe-to-toe!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I’m so excited! All summer I’ve been trying to sort through the awesomeness that is the season 3 finale! I just can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  • Michael

    Dude these sound a lot like Monk from the USA network

    • My son is also named Bort

      Oh wow! remember when we found out who killed Monk’s wife? In the final episode!!!

      • Not Red

        They sorta lost me with that awful 2 part Monk on the Run with the faux ‘Dale The Whale’…after that I enjoyed the show, but tried to blot that episode and the whole ‘who killed Trudy’ thread out of my mind. I did enjoy the whole surprise epilogue though, wher no one ended up alone.

  • Not Red

    It does not matter if RedJohn is dead, because he has others doing his work and his accomplices will carry on. Personally I have never trusted the Internal Affairs boss.

  • Katie

    I’m looking forward to the new season, but it cracks me up when previews get so dramatic. “It could include the death penalty!” Please. Just leave that out. Unless the show takes a crazy spin (which I doubt), I don’t believe for half a second they’d kill off the major draw to the show. Who would watch without Simon Baker?

  • sweet

    Lion-O was pretty awesome when fighting for Thundera. Only those loyal to Mum-Ra would disagree

  • joe james

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    • Tori

      Well, isn’t that just amazing? I won free tickets to a wrestling PPV from my local radio station. Aren’t we so lucky?

      • Z

        Your reply made my day. Seriously.

  • Amy Teves

    I think Red John is dead. It would actually open up the series to take off in different directions. I’d actually like to see Jane actually in therapy (not avoiding it as he usually does.) No one would have to come up with more “red” titles for the episodes. Putting Red John to rest, would allow the character to explore other relationships.

  • OKO

    Can’t wait …! really can’t ,,so excited to know how will patrik proove that he killed red jhon …!

  • shad0w

    the man who kileld wasn’t red john …….. red john is the guy in red ;)

  • Rebel Kid

    Guys ! i don’t doubt the man killed was RED JOHN. And i don’t either doubt jane proving that he infact killed Red John as it’s a matter believe in jane’s instinct and capabilities all along 3 seasons.
    He certainly can prove it as the season 4 goes on and i would love to see it going that way till they build a new suspense in season 4.

  • Charlie

    I was correct when I figured out that the FBI agent was the one who set fire to the burnt guy – although I kept it to myself. Right now I am wondering if they are going to fire that dumb woman who was going to marry that guy. Sorry I can’t recall their names. She has been in love with two different guys so far, and each one has hurt someone of her fellow agents. Give me a break!

  • coachfactoryoutlet

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