'Extreme Couponing': Season 2 premiere date, first-look video -- EXCLUSIVE

TLC’s breakout hit Extreme Couponing is getting a premiere date — and EW has an exclusive first look at its second season in the video below where you get to meet a “shelf clearer.”

Couponing will return Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. with a sneak peak after the Sept. 12 series finale of Kate Plus 8. The season will have 12 episodes of innovative/scarily compulsive coupon-cutting obsessiveness. Subjects include a Pennsylvania mother of seven teenagers who uses her coupon-clipping skills to also feed 200 parishioners at her church and an upstate New York woman cutting like crazy to feed 280 people at her sister’s wedding.

Interesting aside No. 1: USA Today recently published a story about how there’s been a rash of newspaper thefts across the country that authorities are blaming on the extreme couponing craze. One editor actually touted the thefts as a “win-win” for the struggling newspaper industry. (Hey, they might be the stealing papers, but at least they’re flying off the racks!)

Interesting aside No. 2: September happens to be National Coupon Month (a happier premiere date coincidence than Bravo bringing back the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during National Suicide Prevention Week.)

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here’s your first look at Extreme Couponing season 2, with a woman who engages in a practice that’s “frowned upon” even by other couponers. Try not to steal the video:

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  • Abe

    I work in a grocery store and it is because of this show that we had to change our coupon policy. Also, we had to strongly enforce it because we had many people who watched this show and would attempt to scam us out of money.

    • Audry

      I don’t know why you are complaining at least your store is getting business with the couponers. You should be happy. Your store is not being scammed because it will be reimbursed for the amount of the coupon plus handling fee.

      • CatHerder

        not necessarily so..my husband has been a grocery store manager for 30 yrs. If the company feels that they are taking too many coupons they will NOT reimburse the store..also shelf clearing is rude!

      • Jessy


      • Jacqueline

        Obviously you haven’t worked in a grocery store then. They have to do more than just send in the coupons to the company to get their money back. And if they’re not used according to guildlines they are SOL, just like all the people that had to go shopping after this conceited bat made her rounds!

      • kelly k

        If a company cannot prove that they have ordered enough product for the coupons they redeem…they DO NOT get re-imbursed. This is Fraud and Theft. It is a Crime. about the shelf clearing…that’s just plain rude. I shop for 4-8 items on the first day of the sale. Then I return the last evening of the sale, if there are still some left, I get 4-8 more. This is enough for anyone for 90% of the products they would but. Otherwise, get to know your managers and ask to preorder items (then pick up at time when the stores are usually slow.) Most managers have the authority to waive limits, but why should they if everyone is just trying to scam them.

      • Nancy

        That woman in the video is rude, arrogant, self serving and above all, crass.

        There is NO need to clear shelves and build a stockpile of items your family needs. As to the room of goods she has, unless she’s donating and I seriously have my doubts, given her self serving nature, a lot of it will go bad.

        My guess is she sells it at a profit somewhere, somehow.

        I have been couponing for 30 years and have NEVER had to be a glutton to save 70-90% and have enough to provide family, friends in need, donate etc.

        The stores and the coupon manufacturers are going to do what it takes to stop this kind of shopper, and it can’t happen soon enough!

      • callie

        This is to Nancy I don’t think you can resell food products that you buy at a store.

      • Tina

        Nancy, Your comment about Michelle not donating is NOT TRUE! My parents have been ill and she was kind enough to allow me to come and get a ton of stuff from her stock pile room. By doing this, she allowed me to give my parents: food, cleaning supplies and personal items which helped them out greatly! She always donating her stock pile to needy families, local charities and friends and families in need!

      • Dawn

        @ callie,yes you can resell an for a profit. Look on Ebay, your local flea market, and the next store or gas station. Items are always purchased very low, and resold at often minimum 200% markup or more….as long as the exp date is good….

      • sue

        Reselling? Sure they do. There is a huge flea market in our area and a fellow who has tons of stuff. You know he got it all by couponing and such as that and he goes to the flea market and resells it.

        If someone needs something I am willing to share if I have it. That’s what life is all about.

        I spend hours on cutting coupons, organization and matching them to stores, but oddly enough I always end up going to one store. It’s hard work just planning. I don’t go to drugstores or anything like that, just food stores. My daughter does the drug store thing, but it’s just too much for me to keep up with.

    • Holly

      I have seen shows where someone buys a cartload of stuff and it is either totally free or the store even owes them money! How do they do that, even with a coupon? That’s crazy.

      • Melissa

        Places like WalMart give money back if the coupon is over.. But I can’t stand WalMart so it better be one hell of a deal for me to go in there! They are nasty about coupons, they are nasty about price-matching.. I have only, in the many years of shopping, had one positive experience there.. To me, it’s not worth the hassle..

      • Swappin’ Spoons

        If you have a Publix near you, they give overage and gladly accept all your coupons!

      • brandi doyle

        In speaking with some of those who have been show cased on this show. Most of the specific stores shown on the episodes have lifted or greatly overlooked their own coupon policies and limitations just for the affect of the “extreme” show. Its not as easy to do outside of the show. I have gotten very comfortable with couponing and walking away with over 90% savings but that is with hard time consuming work and dedication AND LIMITATIONS both from the store AND the coupon itself. Having said thatvmost of the

      • brandi doyle

        In speaking with some of those who have been show cased on this show. Most of the specific stores shown on the episodes have lifted or greatly overlooked their own coupon policies and limitations just for the affect of the “extreme” show. Its not as easy to do outside of the show. I have gotten very comfortable with couponing and walking away with over 90% savings but that is with hard time consuming work and dedication AND LIMITATIONS both from the store AND the coupon itself. Having said that most of the time when a store doesn’t get reimbursement for “allowing to many coupons” its because the store is not following the manufactors coupon policy. This us not the fault of the couponer! Each coupon has its own limitations printed on the coupon in small writing that the cashier doesn’t take the time to read. Most say a limit of one or two per transaction or household or shopping trip. If the stores followed these manufactor guidelines there would be NO SHELF CLEARING! That’s why they print the limitations on the coupon.

      • Brandi

        In speaking with some of those who have been show cased on this show. Most of the specific stores shown on the episodes have lifted or greatly overlooked their own coupon policies and limitations just for the affect of the “extreme” show. Its not as easy to do outside of the show. I have gotten very comfortable with couponing and walking away with over 90% savings but that is with hard time consuming work and dedication AND LIMITATIONS both from the store AND the coupon itself. Having said that most of the time when a store doesn’t get reimbursement for “allowing to many coupons” its because the store is not following the manufactors coupon policy. This us not the fault of the couponer! Each coupon has its own limitations printed on the coupon in small writing that the cashier doesn’t take the time to read. Most say a limit of one or two per transaction or household or shopping trip. If the stores followed these manufactor guidelines there would be NO SHELF CLEARING! That’s why they print the limitations on the coupon.

      • Chrissy

        I don’t see how anyone can stockpile so much and use these things before they spoil. I use coupons, and I do stockpile certain items, but not to this extreme. Sounds to me like this woman has an addiction, and I wouldn’t doubt that half this stuff will go to waste before she chooses to give some away to charity.

      • lisa

        There are some coupons the stores allow people to use just because they’re on the show. You have to read the coupons carefully as most of the time it will not allow your to use 3000 coupons for the same 2000 items. That’s what I read anyway.

      • Amanda

        I do coupons to but I have never been able to get the cart for free. I am getting better at getting more for cheaper amounts. I coupon, go through all the food adds (price match) and go to walmart cause it makes more since to go there then all over the city. I just got the other nite a cart and a half for under $180.00. That is the best I have ever done at both at the same time. I am going to do it again when I get the chance but it don’t work unless u have good coupons and the stuff u need on sale. (I give it to the couponers but don’t get how they do it; I’m still confused on how they do it; impossible unless something else is going on.)

    • LOL

      America loves crap,

      • Donna


      • Meg

        This woman is a hoarder with a mental disease. Her attitude is simply denial. Stockpiling an entire room full of excess groceries is not saving, it’s a sickness. 250 bottle of body wash? When could an average family actually USE that much soap?

      • Amanda

        That for sure cause my mom qualifies for the show hoarders (she will never change) It is just sick…

      • couponarmywife

        I finally found a shopper that I agree with. “The early bird gets the worm” If I don’t clear the shelf, someone else will.
        This lady is awesome. She’s got an attitude all right, The right Attitude. She does what you negative posters obviously are jealous of. You just wish you could do the same.
        She will not starve and she gives to others in need.
        When I see a shelf cleared, I ask the employees if they could check the back for more or when the next truck comes in. AND if that doesn’t get me my products, I simply get a rain check…HELLO! duh! but if the coupon is about to expire before I can get my products and IF it’s worth it, I will try another store, even call ahead to see if they have it in stock, if not and can’t get it, then it’s my own damn fault for get there too late. I never get mad at the shelves being cleared. I was just NOT that early bird.
        I give to my kids and for presents a lot of my stock pile stuff. I make up a basket and donate for raffles. I’ve also paid it forward by giving to the next person in line at the check out counter.
        And you people don’t know the difference between stockpiling and hoarders obviously. Google it.
        You negative people really should read, analyze and check things out before you just to conclusions and bash/judge others.

    • Tammie

      My sister-in-law is a CSM at walmart and during one of my shopping trips, the casher was unfamiliar w/ the policy. My sister-in-law said that her manager said that if the customer has the item and the coupon matches, run it through b/c they get the money for the coupon plus a few cents for handling. I don’t agree w/ the clearing of shelves, but am getting tired of hearing cashiers complain about couponers. Hell, during one of my trips to walmart, the cashier appeared to be unfriendly about my coupons until two of my friends, fellow co-workers of hers, looked at my binder and saw that I paid $30 for my $100 worth of items.

      • kelly k

        I am equally tired though of the stores not reordering items (especially those on really great deals or on sale for two or three weeks.) If the coupon is valid, and there is a great deal they should preplan to order and stock extra.

      • RedFeather

        Someone needs to take away this woman’s newspaper allowance! It’s obvious that she has too much for even a large family – and she’s not sharing with friends, family and shelters – because it’s still in the stockpile room…SICK

    • porsche in texas

      I am going to correct you Abe, it is NO bc of this show that your store changed the policy it IS bc of people like this lady! I am a couponer and I hate getting to the store wanting to buy two bottles of body wash but someone like this lady has come along and bought every last one when she already had, what did it say like 250 bottles of body wash…seriously lady?!

      So Abe, you are WRONG my friend so i think you owe all of us courteous and respectful couponers an apology.

    • Rowena

      Wow, seeing people like that make me upset! I also use coupons but I never clear the shelves, I always stick to a limit of 4 like most stores have as their policy, and I make sure i am always polite to everyone! This lady is a selfish hoarder! I hope that she at least helps out friends and family, or at least donates some of her things to people that actually need them. I can’t stand to watch this show, most of the time it gives couponers that do it right a bad rep.

      • Nicole

        I totally agree the lady is a selfish hoarder. The guy probably wanted one or two of those bars she cleared and she is a rude hag to him. “early bird catches the worm” Seriously give the guy a damn protein bar!

    • Julie

      Ok I resent you sayig that people who use coupons are stealing from your store. UH NO! The store you work at honey get reimbursed by the manufacturer. IDIOTIC!

    • Amby

      I understand and stores are businesses. If you are mad take it out on TLC and the show. They have made all ours lives more difficult. Because of this show and TLC loving the free advertising they are getting it will only get worst.


    • megan

      The supermarket I go to also changed their policy mostly due to this show, but I think it’s mostly fair. I shop with couopns alot and I do have a reasonable stockpile, but then again, I have a family of 7 plus 4 animals and share with friends & family often.
      The shoprite that I go to has a 4 like coupon policy. While I think it would be better if it was 5 or 6, I do agree that it is fair to reduce shelf clearers who take advantage and don’t leave anything for teh other customers – that’s selfish. If there is a product that I know I will be getting alot of and it will be on sale the following week, I pre-order to avoid inconvieniencing the other cutsomers. This woman is just selfish – I don’t like shelf clearers!

      • Kristen

        I hate shoprite…but i honestly think they are the MOST prepared store when it comes to couponers. I often find their best deals (free or close to free items) are so overstocked, that even AFTER the week is over and the sale is done, their shelves are STILL full of the item. I’ve started to go there for good deals, because I know I can go on the last day of the sale and the item will be fully stocked, even if I have to put up with the insane crowds at the store. I’m lucky not to live in an area with many couponers and it’s pretty rare for me to find a store that’s had a shelf clearer. I’m like you I like to buy my 4 items and them I’m done. If its something that will last a year or more, I will go back at the end end of the sale and buy 4 more, and then I’m stocked up with that for a year.

    • ROBIN

      I agree with policies and understand what they are for. But we are not stealing money from a store. Used correctly, the store will get paid for the item along with a handling fee.

  • Katie

    Wow, Michelle is an inconsiderate, selfish jerk.

    • Linda


      • DRG

        Michell also has a serious obsessive compulsive disorder.

    • Michelle


      • Lisa

        Michelle gives couponing a bad name. Learn manners and stop being so greedy.why let so many products dit in a room when there are so many families struggling? It makes me sick. I will not watch this show or any on this station. This is NOT what couponing is all about!

    • Bob

      You guys are just jealous you’re not doing it.

      • Tracey

        No one is jealous she is doing this the stores waive their coupon policies for the show FOR RATINGS (its a proven fact look it up the show doesnt tell you this info) you try doing what this woman does and see how far you get with using all those coupons. most stores have now limited how many coupons you can use and the amount of items you can buy.
        No one is jealous at all the thing is this woman has a problem for one and doesnt care if someone else has anything or not she is SELFISH and GREEDY.
        At least 90% of stores if not more have changed their coupon policies because of this show.As for the stores getting their money back yes they do IF the coupon is being used for a legitimate item BUT the stores only order so much stock every so often they would have to shell out more money to have stuff trucked in more often or run the risk of ordering too much and not being able to sell it and having to have a clearance sale where they dont get the full amount back so yeah they can lose money.
        It is IMPOSSIBLE to save that much money with the new coupon policies try it and you will see.

      • Brenda

        Bob you must be related to this selfish person! or you you do exactly the same thing! seriously? do you really need all that stuff? i doubt the world is going to end tomorrow, and if it does you can’t take any of it with you!

      • Dawn

        you must be married to Michelle. There is no reason to shelf clear….you can go back the next day….there is no reason to have more of an item than you can eat in one day for more days than the expiration date . All sales and coupons are on a cycle, it will come back around and you can replenish the pile then (and it will be a new expiration date). Your Michelle has a serious issue w/ self and poor esteem. this is her way of being the best? She would feel much better if she did leave items, Cuz then it would be by choice and she would control her ‘wants’, not the coupons controlling her…Just imagine the negative attitude she will get from her neighbors…people will recognize her, pity, thee is something lacking in your lives…

      • Ashley

        Jealous? really? Jealous of looking like a horrible person on television? No. This show gives couponers a bad name, it makes couponing look like a sport, not a way to save money, and causes stores to change their coupon policies. This show makes me sick. In the first season one person had a crate of deodorant. I don’t care if you want to buy 70 things of mustard, but at least preorder them so when I come in to get one there’s some left on the shelf.

    • Michele

      I am ashamed to share a name with her. Wow I am sorry but there are people who NEED food/items. This girl doesn’t NEED she wants. There are people starving and she is hoarding. OMG i am so ticked off.

      • Dotty

        Spelling is different!! So it’s ok!

      • Emily

        I frown upon the shelf clearing, but it wouldn’t be so bad if she would donate it all to people in need. Especially if she is getting it for free. I do coupon and will get some items for free at times, but I’ll donate it.

      • Julie

        Walk it off, she wont live long enough to use it all

      • Donna

        I think coupons are great! I was mesmerised by your show last night, but who needs 200 bottles of deodorant! Some of this is so wasteful!!! I would think most people take away, buy what you NEED with coupons, even stock up on things you know you’ll use within a reasonable amount of time, but handsops etc. in the hundreds is ridiculous!!! Still, I’ll be watching. Just wish I saw more meat , produce etc!!!

    • Sarah

      I really wish TLC did not show her or that rudeness….. I work so hard to save money, share coupons with people, I am nice to cashiers and managers….. why can’t TLC show THAT?????

      • Rowena


      • Jami

        I honestly believe this show purposely tries to make couponers look bad. Granted, I haven’t seen many episodes, but I have yet to see one couponer painted in a favorable light.

      • Brittany

        I agree, there are nice couponers and this lady is over the top rude! I give away coupons to other shoppers all the time, either because I know they’ll just go to waste or if I have more than what I can use. I feel bad when I go into Walmart and see a couple staning in the diaper isle for a long time, obviously trying to decide where their money will be best spent, when we have a stockpile of diapers at home for my little man. I make it a point to give these other shoppers the coupons that will give them the best deal. I’m 24 and have been couponing since I was 18, I can’t stand it when people see me with my binder in the store and say “oh, are you one of those extreme couponers?”…NOPE sorry I’m not like those greedy couponers that TLC loves to put on their show!

        Jami- There’s one episode that stood out to me, I don’t remeber the womans name, but she was an older african american woman. She seemed to be more like the majority of couponers. She was sharing her coupons with other cutomers and giving her tips to anyone that was interested, her stockpile was still large but not over the top. She was by far the best couponer featured on the show.

      • Nikki

        First off, I enjoyed watching the show it just inspired me to coupon. Now granted, I do not clear shelves and nor will any of the stores in my area allow you too. I just wish people would stop complaining about what someone else is doing. If you do not like the show, do not watch it. Don’t frown upon others who enjoy it. If YOU do not have a stockpile so to speak, that’s fine don’t scorn someone else because they do. The lady who was shown, yes she does have a negative attitude, but who are we to judge? It’s not right, but hey are we judge and jury? We do not know what she does with her items whether she donates,etc., it’s really none of our business honestly. Now, I hope that she does share, but if she doesn’t, then that’s on her not for me to condemn her. This is only t.v. and reality doesn’t allow us to clear shelves. So,I pray that EVERYONE can save some amount of money in these hard economic times and learn to lift each other up and tear each other down.

      • Nikki

        I meant to say in my previous statement, NOT tear each other down:-)

      • Jacquie

        We Leave in a world that is not fair, that bad is better than good, some how kiness is not shonw in true colors here , I start couponing about 2 years now, and yes you have to be strong and walk straight in all we do. I use to go to the food pantry, now I give to the food pantry and always gve things to people htat needs and I know they can use what I am getting free or almost free, yes people look at you kind of funny and I see that couponing is not for everyone I tried to teach some of my friends and they dont care, but sure enoufh they call to see if i have the items they need =-), I am actually a personal shooper for 4 people now =-) I am Gratefull for what I do and get an give to others I know that God is watching =-)

      • sue

        I started really using coupons back in the spring, simply because we didn’t have the garden this year. I depend on that and have managed to feed our family comfortably because of it. Not this year. Honestly, I just got my major savings this past week by getting toothpaste for .01 per tube. It has helped us tremendously but I am by no means a hoarder ( was with my garden, though). And nothing taste like home grown/preserved veggies nd fruit. And I absolutely hate the store that gives the best deals around here. I will not buy meat there unless it is something like smoked sausage or hotdogs, maybe ham or a frozen turkey. Our little home town grocer has the best meat around and I buy that once a month at their 10# sale. It may cost a bit more but they have the most unbelievable meat there.

        In essence, I buy what I need and what we will use. I do have a bit of a stockpile but not a large one, enough to last us for a bit.

        I concentrate on cleaning products, laundry, etc. Use coupons for that because they are so expensive. The coupons I don’t use I pass them on to someone else.

        I think that one gal just cleared all the shelves to make a showing, but it wasn’t a good showing. Disgusting.

    • Nancy

      I hate to be mean but this lady seems like such a jerk, she seriously couldn’t have gone with out one or two of those bars? i hope she uses all that stuff or donates a good portion of it and doesnt just get it to have it and let it go to waste, i love getting a good deal like the next person but clearing shelves on purpose come on lady that is just rude and gives people like me who have been doing it for years out of neccesity a bad name and reputation, happy couponing to everyone else who is doing it responsibly

      • Wendy

        Does she look like she donates anything?

      • Rachel

        I totally agree with u brittany. I give coupons that i dnt use away all the time. Its the considerate thing to do. Even if i won the lottery i would still coupon and donate all the items to churches and organizations.(what else would i do w/my time,besides take a well deserved vaction)Being a greedy couponer is just downrite ugly.

      • Dee

        Wendy, the show requires you to have a stock pile when they film you. So, of course it looks like she doesn’t donate.

    • camille ney

      Amen! I’d sure hate to be her, in the coming weeks and months. If I lived in her area, i’d beat her to the shelf for sure, and clear it and then hand the stuff out to every other couponer, that came by, EXCEPT her

      • VCK

        You’re. Right I would do it also get there first lol

      • sue

        LOL, beat as in getting there before her!!!!! I immediately thought of “beat” in a different manner. There is no excuse for her rudeness.

    • mel

      You guys do not even know her. If u knew her then you would know that she is a great person! She always gives back. She is always helping people and families in need. I think that yall are no better, calling her rude and jerk. Yall don’t even know her and your calling her names. Get a life people! And she is right, yall know people clear the shelf’s so get there sooner.

  • Carole

    If you didn’t tell me the title of the show I would think I was watching Hoarders. Same thing different hoard.

    • Nancy

      I feel the same way. The only difference is they are more organized.

      • amie

        Yeah this seriously just looks like organized hoarding.

      • Bob

        Hoarding? but wouldn’t you guys like to have half that stash? Come on, you know you would

      • Mike

        Bob, no I would not.

      • Carole

        I don’t use half the food stuff I see on their shelves. Maybe some shampoo or dish soap but seriously. How long does that stuff last.

    • Heather

      I use coupons and like to have extra “stuff” however, this is just hoarding with new stuff.

      • debra

        its so nice to hear that so many of you have not been effected by this recession…and that you dont mind paying full price for items, or getting the occassional sale item, i can not, So yes i have many bottle of dish soap that i paid, .25 cents for, and as long as i can get it for .25 cents , i will continue to buy it and stock pile, so that when i need it, im not paying full price or wasting my gas to run out to pick up a single bottle, i dont have to with 50 in my stock pile closet!!!! I try to do the best i can for my family, the money i save, just may keep me in my house, and not on the street. I am not a shelf clearer, unless it is late on the last day of the sale, and then i may clear the rest!!!! I do donate to freinds and family, and I do not buy things i do not use unless it makes me money, i can always find someone who does need it, What I am tired of seeing on TV is the people who claim they can not afford to buy groceries for there family….really …try cutting a few coupons, My grown children may be getting laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and of course razors for christmas!!!! quit whining people, if you can afford to not use coupons…then dont, but for those of us, who doing our best to get by ……thank you TLC for showing us that we can survive…by being smart and dedicated!!!!

      • Katrina

        Debra, I haven’t read a single comment from people saying they aren’t affected by the recession. The problem is Michelle’s attitude – in this preview, she comes across as rude, inconsiderate and greedy. I sure hope she isn’t really as bad as she looks! Couponing is like everything else in life. You can show respect and consideration for other people, or you can act like Michelle does.

        I’m a couponer and I love saving money. I just question the mentality that makes people think they need a huge stockpile of items that will go on sale again sooner rather than later. My stockpile, if you can call it that, fits in a pantry and includes 5 bottles of dish detergent. They were all free with coupons. I could have bought more, but I have a dishwasher, so I don’t use a whole lot of dish detergent. The 5 bottles I have will probably last close to a year if I don’t give any of them away. Why buy enough of something to last YEARS when it’s goes on sale at rock-bottom prices every couple of months?

        I always save at least 70-80% on grocery shopping trips – and easily 90-95% during great sales and Super Double coupon events (something my store does every 6-8 weeks). And I do it without acting like a selfish, inconsiderate jerk.

      • sue

        Debra, I know where you are coming from. It’s really hard to make ends meet with the economy the way it is. What is really hard for me is the food issue. I am accustomed to preserving my own veggies and there is nothing that taste as good as something grown in your garden. The canned tomatoes in the store are horrid, yuk. But, you do what you have to do. And there have been times in this economy that have made me realize that all those coupons do help tremendously. Especially with laundry and cleaning products. I am getting accustomed to the items that I normally raise and preserve myself, but there is nothing like home grown food, and I always know that I won’t open a can of something and find something nasty in it because I have prepared it myself.

  • joe jackson

    The manufacture pays you for the coupons plus a handling fee, how are they scamming you ABE

    • Ana

      I think what Abe means is that a lot of grocery stores offer double coupons. The doubled amount comes out of the store’s budget. I’d actually heard of this sort of thing years and years ago. I’m surprised to see this become a craze because couponing to that degree doesn’t seem to be worth the effort.

    • shawndra

      The way couponers are scamming is 1. photocopying coupons. When someone goes into a store with over 100 of the same printable coupon and 50 have one barcode and 50 and a different barcode, they are being photocopied. That’s just one of the ways I’ve seen stores being scammed. 2. Our frys used to offer competitor coupons to be used. It was an awesome priveledge. After show aired, people abused it. For instance. Vitamin water went on sale for .49c and there was a .50c whole food coupon for it. People would print 200-300 at a time and clear them out. The store DOES NOT get reimbursed for those what so ever. They took that priviledge away from us real quick!

  • Melody

    Can’t stand shelf clearing hoarders.

    • Bob

      A shelf clearer just knows a good bargain when she sees one. CLEAR THAT SHELF

      • Joe

        I would love to see you try that then give me a smart a@@ comment like that when I’m trying to buy my family food. Oops clean up on ilse 4 for a flipped over cart. Lmao

      • Nancy

        Is there a troll amongst us? I believe there is!

      • Leonor

        Bob, you are an idiot.

  • Sara

    is it really so hard to call ahead and have them order extra? don’t be so dang rude

    • Mimi

      I tried one time to call ahead and ask the store to order extra when I had a lot of vitamin water coupons. The manager laughed at me and asked why would she do that. Not all stores will let you order like that.

      • Molly

        Wow, why would she do that?…um….more sales….happy customers. Which store was that, Mimi?

    • kelly k

      some managers will order extra, some won’t. The best way is to get to know your managers, and don’t try to defraud the store or the manufacturer. If the managers know that you play fair, they will often relax the limit policy and pre-order or re-order just for you.

  • Emory Would

    I’m not sure how buying 50 bottles of dish detergent you don’t need is “saving” money.

    • abadstroller

      To my mind, you’re not saving if you are buying more than you need or can afford even at a discounted price. And I agree that, at a certain point, this behavior can become pathological like hoarding. No way you can ever use in one lifetime or give away the volumes of mulitiple items to enough people to justify this kind of obsessive/compulsive behavior. I can be as cheap (read: frugal) as the next guy, but this is getting ridiculous.

      • kelly k

        I pre-ordered Ivory body wash…96 bottles on sale for 10 for $10.00. Had 50 cent coupons that doubled. Gave the entire amount to the local food banks (split between 5 of them) I already have a back stock of 8 bottles per person in my family or about 12-14 month supply. If one of us lost a job, we could squeeze by because we have about a 1 year supply of most products needed. Those body washed went to people who need them and I call that thrifty, frugal, and just plain smart.

      • johna

        kelly k

        Body wash? Try some soap. All that plastic is horrible for the environment. Sorry, but like all of these extreme couponers, you sound like a hoarder.

    • Bob

      Well, when you don’t pay a dime for it, why not. Come on, use your head

      • Tammie

        I agree Bob…but I’m not a shelf clearer either and I don’t get free pet food when I don’t have a cat. I love getting items for free and/or very cheap!!! I get things that aren’t going to spoil and that we will eventually need. However, my husband Totally disagrees w/ my theory lol. He went shopping w/ me once and needless to say, that was his last!!

      • Cynthia

        I am an extreme couponer – BUT I am not a sefish human being. Bob is obviously related to Michelle which is why he keeps defending her actioins – BLAH!

    • Ms, Wilson

      Emory…. It is saving money when the bottles of detergent are free!!! As a matter of fact I just bought 10 bottles of dish detergent (did not clear the shelf) and they were all FREE!!! Had a .50 off coupon that doubled to $1 making it free. Knowing I will be using all 10 bottles in the future makes that worth my time!!!! On another note, to all of you against couponing, I do not believe in “shelf clearing” either but don’t knock the rest of us for saving our family money. And yes I do buy things I do not need if that means I will be paid for it. Just this past weekend, I bought a product that paid me $3 for every coupon I used. I gladly pocketed my $30 and donated the items to the local animal shelter. Is it worth my time??? You’re darn right it is!!!

      • Krissy

        Well if people are donating items they don’t need I think it’s okay. I just don’t understand why anyone needs 250 bottles of body wash.

      • Jessy

        Unless they are really really fat.

      • Jane

        @jessy. Funny funny stuff. Lol

      • Nicole

        I do the same thing..I bought some renu and dont wear contacts..But it paid me and then I turned around and sold it on ebay! Then I make money!! it is a win win!! I will preorder! Make sure that if I know I need alot of one item then I will be curtious and call ahead!!

      • Rachel

        I totally agree that shelf clearing is rude and selfish. I bought 4 boxes of cat food for the price i would of spend for 1 aftre coupons. That is a great deal n my eyes. People who have to work only have certain times to shop for items they need for their family. It has to b fustrating to get there aftre the shelf has been cleared by sum1 who has more than enough. Her attitude is disgusting to watch.

      • Ronnie

        It must be nice to actually live in a state that doubles coupons…I am lucky to save 50% with coupons, but I have to use them and it really sucks that I WORK so hard and then what time I do have left, I am clipping coupons to try and save that 50% in order to feed the family and pay bills. However I have yet to see the show use a person who lives in a trailer who saves thousands of dollars to pay off their trailer…they all live in nice homes and most (not all) are at home moms with nothing better to do. I agree with Rachel that Michelle is rude and selfish and yes I can only shop at certain times on my days off of work. Thumbs up to Rachel!

    • Dotty

      It’s really a good idea when you help out your neighbors, friends and family…. Watch the show before you judge!!

    • Patty Lee

      I agree. She also had 227 bottles of body wash. And the food items she had, they don’t last forever. They are bound to get old tasting before she can use them.

      • Jane

        Also- I know there are times when you can get “healthier” food with coupons but they are few & far between. Most of the items are crap for your body & FILLED with sodium. You might save money but you’re losing your health.

  • judy

    I do coupon, however, no double couples where we live. My grocery card also consists of fresh fruit & veggies, milk, eggs, meat from a butcher, very little junk food. Enjoy the show, however nor to many healthy items in the grocery carts.

    • Ash

      This is the biggest issue with couponing. There are never coupons for healthy food. It’s all canned and processed stuff. I gladly coupon for things like paper towels but I would never go to the extremes that these people do just to stock my house with 80 boxes of twinkies.

      • Melissa

        They do have occassional coupons for eggs. I buy meats on sale and freeze so my cart may have no meats but my freezer is usually stocked. I buy most of my produce at aldi’s that doesn’t take coupons so my shopping trips at my couponing grocery store are very odd looking to the average grocery shopper.

      • Amy S.

        I find coupons all the time for healthy foods. If I can’t find them in insert form, many times I will find printables for these more healthy food items. You can even get coupons for produce, although not as plentiful as canned, bagged, or boxed item coupons – they are still out there.

        Also, when I save money by using a coupon on those items and other things like personal care or household items… it allows me to use that savings to buy more fresh, perishable items like meat, dairy, fruit, and veggies.

        The lady in the video, in my opinion, is not a couponer as I know them.

  • Tammy

    I don’t agree with this lady at all!!! It’s becomming a greed thing….and totally a mental obsessive problem for alot! If she seriously used a bunch of products in a relatively small window I’d could kinda understand…but after seeing that stockpile and her attitude it’s just a greed thing!!!! One of two things will happen. That attitude will ruin it for everyone because after all manufacturers don’t have to give those coupons so they can take them away….or maybe stores will impose and enforce amount limits per item. Manufacturers probably won’t appreciate the greedy shopper always taking away from the full price shopper. We already see our coupon amounts being reduced due to this show….what’s next?

    • Tammie

      I agree w/ you too. And I have noticed that a lot of the coupon amounts are less than they used to be and some are now “do not double”. I continue to use my 4 that I am allowed per shopping trip.

    • Amy

      Her attitude in that clip was absolutely disgusting and selfish. I hate that show now. It’s screwed up everything for anyone couponing who is not on that show.

      • Emily

        Hopefully, Amy, there will be some people on this show in the future who will change your mind. I agree. I think that she was very rude and is a bad role model for other couponers out there. I know quite a few myself, who do like to donate their items.

  • Lora

    This show was fascinating in the beginning, and it seemed like a good thing b/c most were donating their extras to a charity. But this lady makes me Hate Extreme Couponing! She’s so selfish! Seriously, there is no way she is going to use all of that stuff, especially since you know she is going to continue buying more! Extreme Couponing has gotten out of control!

    • Michelle

      Seriously I’m not selfish. Watch the show

      • Bob

        I agree, Michelle is just a great bargain hunter. I can’t wait for the show.

      • Tammy

        You blocked my comment on your facebook page. It’s great if your stockpile is big enoug to give some of it away! Problem was….you said you were tired of it being done to you and you turned around and did the very same thing so it’s make you no better..it makes you the same. You don’t need to clear the shelf just to give your extras away…some of us don’t know you and won’t get those freebies we purchase them ourselves and when you clear a shelf we can’t. It’s a shame you couldn’t debate this on your facebook page …instead you block. I’m thinking you knew you came across as a bad couponer and there was no backing out! I admire your stockpile….unfortunately looks like you may have made it by hoarding instead of a lil at a time!!!

      • Nicole markley

        I could care less about those that shelf clear, I however am a tad more respectful and have it special ordered when i have a large number of an idem….. What i do not understand is why so rude to the other customer ya it was the last one but u probably had 10, 20, 30? im sure he would have been happy with 1 people need to be respectful and a tad more caring these day! Way to go on the stalk pile though try to special order u may accumulate more without hurting others feeling or making em mad :)!

      • lauri

        I doubt very much this is the real michelle on the show, but if it is…You have a problem. It is one thing to use coupons wisely, but shelf clearing is frowned upon by honest couponers. Get a lot of the same item if you want, but is it really necessary to get 50 of an item and be gleeful about clearing the shelves. Rude and inconsiderate!

      • Joe

        Lol, I handle you “shelf clearers” pretty easily… I just grab what I want out of your cart and when you look at me stupid I just look back say “oh I thought you was the stock person….sorry” put it in my cart and go on. Problem solved.

      • jen

        LOL @ Joe. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard today. I seriously hope you’ve done that, and even if you haven’t, I’m going to live in my happy place where you have!

  • Lynne

    The stores arent losing any money, even if they double coupons. But the woman does need to order ahead so that she doesnt clear the shelves; at least call them and tell them shes coming! This show makes couponers in general look bad.

  • kat

    where the video? when you click on the “video” picture, a page opens up with just a picture. no video…

    • Lynnelle

      did you ever get it to play?

    • James Hibberd

      the video is below the story. the pic is just a pic.

  • ECF

    Really!! In your first series you not only ruined coupon hopping for normal shoppers, the theft and fraudulent use of coupons went up, people were arrested for stealing inserts and stores changed their policies. Now your going to show that disgusting woman clearing shelves and laughing about it??? How about you give some consideration to other non coupon using shoppers out there and dont be such a inconsiderate greedy person!! RULE 1 OF COUPONING…NEVER CLEAR A SHELF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    I love watching the show but for me it sucks because before the show I could always find my deals and the shelves weren’t cleared, now ppl see this show and wanna copy it. I was doing this way before this show, its hurt the couponers because don’t trust ppl anymore. But I don’t hate when cashiers are rude to me because of the coupons, I’m not taking your money the store gets money back. Ugh!!! Also i hate shelf clearers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky

    I don’t think it’s right to ever take more than you can reasonably use yourself unless you are giving it away. I only buy extras of things we use frequently when you can get it at a good price and with a coupon. So many of them are buying stuff just to give themselves “overages” to use on other products. I agreed ‘shelf clearing” just can you can is hoarding! You make it hard on the rest of us who are trying to do it fairly!

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