Stacey Dash exiting VH1's 'Single Ladies'


Image Credit: Piotr Sikora

Stacey Dash is out of VH1’s Single Ladies.

The former Clueless star played fashion store owner Val on the network’s first scripted series. The network and Dash issued statements asserting the exit was Dash’s decision. “I have to be back in L.A. with my children right now and the Single Ladies shooting location [in Atlanta] makes this impossible,” Dash said in a statement to GlobalGrind and verified by VH1. “I wish VH1 the best of luck with the show in maintaining the strong fan base we developed in Season 1.”

VH1 added: “VH1 respects Stacey’s decision and her commitment to what she feels is best for her family. We thank her for all of her hard work in making Single Ladies a success right out of the gate, and we wish her nothing but the best in her future plans.”

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  • Stacey Dash

    WHO GIVES A FLYING CR@P??!???!!!??

    • Zach

      It’s actual entertainment news. Would you care for more Twilight, Hunger Games, and Fringe?

      • Stick it in your BUTT

        Apparently as long as the queers run things here at EW, I’m gonna have to see that d a m n “25 Unforgetable Nudes!” picture to the left with the guy in a towel.

      • Stick it in your BUTT

        Oh wait..42 Unforgetable Nudes. Guess the number keeps rising…
        Gay gay gay.

      • romanceloveseeking

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    • HD

      This show has the worst acting on television and some of the worst writing!

      • Ms. G

        I love this show! Don’t hate because it catered to an urban audience. Go back to watching 30 Rock.

      • Linda

        I’ve never even heard of this show.

      • MarcHon

        Good to see racist assumptions Ms. G.

      • RB

        I’m Black and couldn’t agree more re: the writing and acting. It’s painful to watch. I tried based on recommendation from a couple of friends and just couldn’t get through it.

      • Hmm

        never watched it but lets just get it out there QUITTER

      • Lisette Barajas

        This was one of my favorite shows. My roommate and I watched it religiously , so when it ended we were devasted and cannot wait to see what lies ahead. I guess both of us can relate being that we to are young career single gals dealing with the the ups and downs of dating. I am sad to see Stacey Dash leave I really enjoyed her character.

  • Summer

    So, basically, the reports that she was being a diva on set, and that she was having issues with LisaRaye McCoy were true?

    I wonder who they’re gonna replace her with.

    • Dan

      Stacey is gorgeous. If it was because of a feud with LisaRaye I wish it was LisaRaye that was leaving. I’m also in love with her voice.

      • etm

        Yes, Stacey is absolutely stunning and ageless as well!

      • Summer

        Oh, I love her too. I was just clarifying. I like LisaRaye, too, so I’d hate to have to choose between them.

      • NigelT!

        Dont worry yal she’ll be replaced by a head on a stick with a pretty face. Only thing is the speaking wil be done by Gumby from behind the curatin. Might as well, the writing and acting are all on the same level.Juvenile.Ha!

      • MarcoAsh

        I love Single Ladies…die heart fan. I think most likely they probably gonna replace Stacey with either Lauren London, Chili, or maybe even Regina King. I hope it’s Chili or Lauren tho

    • Yep


      For some reason I started to like this show and looked forward to seeing what she would wear each week. Nut how are they going to address this in season 2?

      • Summer

        My guess? Val flees town after the double proposal, because she doesn’t know what to do.

        Or, the new actress plays her, and they don’t address the fact that she looks different.

    • mrsredbone

      Hopefully, Chili!

  • Dazey Dookes

    I’m impressed that they kept it classy. But I’m sure its because she’s bonkers and so is that other woman from The Player Club whatever her name is. She confirmed rumors that they weren’t getting along. Probably fought like two crack heads over a rock.

    • realness

      or two peckerwoods over some meth

      • Nicky

        Two apes over a banana.

      • Whatever

        @Nicky – I bet you called dibs on that banana first!

      • @Whatever

        But somehow YOU ended up with it instead!

      • Dazey Dookes

        Seems like you are making the asumption I meant something racial with the crack head thing and in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t of written that, but it wasn’t meant racially. Crack is colorblind, trust me. Your comment was racial and I don’t support it.

      • Whatever

        To @@ Whatever: Pat yourself on the back for that lame comeback.

  • rebecca a.

    i have loved her since Clueless.. only reason why I tuned in to Single Ladies

  • rey

    she is pulling a andrew dice clay.

    • T

      That reference is so lame.

      • Adam

        Actually it’s not. I take it you don’t watch Entourage?

      • Albertkitten

        Yay Adam!

      • ds

        i am sorry you do watch entourage. it sucks

      • Hmm

        Watch it. Lame comment.

      • Aira

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  • Herb

    So will the show go on with out her!!!

  • brandon

    Stacey Dash was the show. They should cancel it now that she is gone. Nobody is as good as her. Val!!!!

    • Ms. G

      I know I’m so bummed. I’m still going to watch the show this season, but they better find someone good! Maybe Yaya or Selita Ebanks? Kerry Washington?? But please no Eva Pigford! If they cast Eva the Diva I won’t watch ever again.

  • Rick

    We all know Stacey Dash is bat sh*t crazy. She can’t act either just riding off whats left of her looks. She can be reppaced, the writing is what actually helps that low budget crapfest.

    • jj

      are you watching the same show? the forced dialogue is the worst thing about that show. everything the actors say come sounds stilted- and that’s only partially due to bad acting. the best actor in the world can’t elevate crappy writing.

  • hmm

    I think they knew they were going to let her go and that’s why they made the english girl a regular.

    • jj

      she sucked. actually, i don’t know who didn’t suck in the cast. i get they wanted to do Sex in the City, Atl edition, but whoever the casting director was should be fired.

      • Jo

        Hey. To all those speaking ill of the show…you know that you don’t have to read the article nor hit the reply button if your comment is going to be negative and disrespectful towards the actresses and the production team. When I click onto the site I skip over the stories regarding shows that I could care less about…I advise that some of you do the same.

        ANYWAY! I hope that they find a suitable replacement for her, or construct suitable storylines surrounding the remaining cast. It would suck if they had to lose someone else because of the void in the cast structure.

      • curiousity

        The show stunk with bad acting, bad writing and bad improvised sex. No offense, ladies.

  • gigi

    Single Ladies was a hotmess!! Hopefully this means we’ll see Stacy on The Game next season!!

    • voyeur

      The Game shoots in Atlanta as well. If she is leaving to be with her children in LA then I doubt it.

  • Anne

    i have never heard of this show before now, wtf is it?

  • kim smith

    This show is meant to be a fun, guilty, pleasure….not a masterful piece of art. I have really enjoyed this season. I dont see how the show can go on without Stacey…its like Sex and the City without Sara J P!

  • beatrice

    I think “The Game” also films in Atlanta (heard the twin that’s on the show talking about it) so if the location is the problem I can’t see her showing up on that sitcom because she would still have to go to Atlanta?

  • nicole

    Show is horrible, acting horrible, Lisa raye horrible, Stacy looks good, but her acting is horrible. I stopped watching after the second episode . When will black people learn the if we keep supporting terrible shows like this, networks will never greenlight good stuff.

    • Tmama618

      actually its the opposite. If we don’t support all of the shows with african american leads (good, bad or ugly), there won’t be any shows. Just turn then on for 10 minutes to get the Nielson rating. And I agree with Jo, you don’t like the show, keep it moving. Society today is a bunch of hateful cowards hiding behind IP addresses.

      • KLL

        So, only comment if you have a positive comment? What, is this the first time that you’ve realized that you live in AMERICA!!!!!

      • the_girl

        Tmama I absolutely agree with you. If they don’t think there is an audience for shows with Black leads then there won’t be any shows with Black leads. We all saw how fast they yanked Undercovers off the air. And I actually liked that show.

      • lei

        I think its okay to make comments whether you agree or disagree with an article. However, its the disrespectful comments that ppl make towards one another that should be minimized. It’s just amazing to read the rudeness and boldness ppl spew over the computer. I love the guys on the Singles Ladies show and the women as well but will not miss Stacey.

      • tracer brooks

        I agree I support my black shows. Flat out

  • Adja Voosh

    Stacey has the most obvious fake nose job in history. The only reason anyone ever looked twice at her was because of her pinnochio nose.

    • Karyn

      I think that is Stacey’s real nose. You do realize that Stacey is biracial right?

      • Allie

        Yeah shes black and mexican

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