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Thank God for DVRs, or fans wouldn’t get their regular fix of McDreamy. That’s right: Grey’s Anatomy is the most Tivo’ed show in the country for several years running — a pretty decent accomplishment for a drama that’s about to start its eighth season.

We asked Tivo, which began compiling data in October 2007, for the top 10 most DVR’ed shows and here’s what we got. The bad news: Three of these shows are no longer on the air. (Miss you, Greg Grunberg!)

1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. American Idol
3. Desperate Housewives
4. House
5. Lost
6. CSI
7. 24
8. Heroes
9. The Office
10. Glee

So what should this list mean, if anything, to the broadcast nets that air them? Not much, unfortunately. Says one high-powered suit at the Big Four: “Though it’s a nice list that indicates enthusiasm for a show, right now the live ratings mean a lot more.” Translation: ABC would prefer that you McDreamy fans watch the show when it actually airs — not on Saturday nights when you’re dateless and alone.

So are you one of the millions who delays viewership of Hugh Laurie or Marg Helgenberger?

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  • kyle

    No Disrepect meant, But I think you meant Greys is about to start its 8th season or you meant it just finished its 7th

  • Sami

    i tivo it because it sucks now and i dont wanna waste time watching live.

    what an accomplishment!!

  • …..

    you’re dateless and alone: projectin 2 much…

  • Scott

    The whole current ratings system is so outdated. Most people (I know anyway) watch almost EVERYTHING on dvr or online.

    • Sandi

      indeed, scott! we have left the age where tv shows control our daily life. they entertain us when WE can fit them in. i luv my Tivo (all 3 of them).

    • Captain

      The problem with that is, those people probably aren’t watching commercials. That’s all networks care about. The show itself is just the pretty decoration. If you’re not watching all the ads, they couldn’t care less and until there’s something that measures who watches the ads on DVR’d shows, those numbers will never count.

  • Michael

    aren’t like half those show off the air now?????

    • Reading is fundamental

      As the article clearly states, three of these shows are no longer on the air…Lost, Heroes and 24…

  • Cygnus

    It means a lot to advertisers, who know you’re fast forwarding through their ads, rather than being forced to watch live.

    • Michael

      I watched 3 shows last night. I couldn’t tell you a single commercial that was on the air. You don’t need to fast-forward through them to forget about them.

      • Captain

        Networks don’t care if you remember the ads, they just want you to watch them. If they don’t work, that’s the ad department’s fault.

  • Roxanne

    The rating system is used to determine advertising rates. People who Tivo, don’t watch commercials normally, that is why the numbers don’t matter.

    • Sandi

      correct, roxanne. i despise commercials and TiVo helps me keep that disgust in check! lol.

  • Makeith

    I never watch a show now during the time it actually airs (unless of course there is two shows recording at the same time and I don’t have a choice). I record everything and watch it later so I CAN fast forward through the commercials.

    • Melissa in CA

      I’m the same way. Pretty much the only thing I watch live is sports.

      I don’t know who Greg Grunberg is, but I sure do miss my Jacks… Shepherd and Bauer.

  • Matt W.

    When was the last time someone saw a commercial and was like, “What? What is this? There is another soda beside Coke? My god!” Commercials are usless, and these should count as ratings. (I’m looking at you Lost and Heroes)

  • Zach

    Why am I not surprised? Notice the absence of FRINGE and those other CSI-procedural-knockoffs the writers and posters at keep trying to shove down our throats.

  • jan

    I think Tivo is almost outdated. Most people I know watch online, which does mean something to advertisers.

    • CIP

      I record most of the shows I watch. I don’t watch anything on-line…

      • andy53225

        Tivo outdated? Please. I record everything I watch. I haven’t watched live TV since I got my first DVR years ago. Let’s see, watch a show with forced advertising online OR watch in the easy chair in front of a 70″ HD screen, fast forwarding through the ads I have no interest in. Um, no brainer.

      • Sandi

        my 3 TiVos would disagree, jan.
        i dvr cable shows AND download premium channels (HBO, SHO). online viewing is the last resort b/c, as andy53225 stated, im forced to watch online ads – sometimes in the middle of a show, too! ugh!

      • Simon Jester

        I won’t watch anything on-line unless I’ve had a TiVo fail (for example, when Irene knocked out my power).

    • Melissa in CA

      I also disagree. I think the online thing is still ust taking off, while DVR’s are super popular. I watch everything using my DVR, nothing online.

  • Jen

    I have to respectfully disagree about tivo being outdated – I watch everything thru my tivo. It may be an age thing since no one I know would have a clue how to watch anything online. My husband would never even know how to use tivo or play a dvd – lol.

    • jan

      I said it was ‘almost’ outdated. I still record some shows, but the new generation (my college age kids) have taught me about watching online. Once you start, including Netflix and online sites, you appreciate what a remarkable tool it is; and you can take it anywhere.

      • jan

        I just wanted to add that advertisers need to get ahead of the curve to stay in the game. And I believe that online is where the future is.

      • Ghyxion

        Unfortunately, there are still some of us who do not have access to high speed internet. I live so far out in the boonies that I don’t even have access to cable.

  • Michael

    I agree no one use Tivo anymore unless their too lazy

    • Simon Jester

      I think the people who know how to spell “they’re” still do.

  • Brad

    Actually, I do watch the commercials when they are good enough to capture my attention. I’ll stop my TiVo to watch a commercial if it’s creative enough. The networks should stop fighting DVR’s and indicate to the advertiser that the bar is raised. Make better commercials.

    • Cindy

      I always stopped fast forwarding the DVR when the HP printer commercial with the baby zooming across the country came on. Still haven’t bought that printer though…

    • Lyndsey

      I do the same thing…I’m a sucker for the Walmart commercials & the Target back-to-school music teacher! LOL!

  • AMC72

    Why would anyone want to sit through a show and watch all the commercials. If a show is on that I want to watch the same day, I wait about 20 minutes into the show before I start watching it. By the time I watch the show I have caught up with real time. Commercials are for stupid people who can’t figure out what to buy without some one telling them what to do.

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