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CBS is hoping to drum up more talk about The Talk by shaking up the hosting lineup: Saturday Night Live personality Molly Shannon will help facilitate the interviews and (with any luck) drum up some much-needed laughs on the fledging daytime yakker. Her temporary hosting gig will last through September.

Shannon will help to fill a void left by Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, whose contracts were not renewed on the show that launched almost a year ago. Julie Chen is still the moderator, of sorts, and Sarah Gilbert will keep her gig. But other co-host Sharon Osbourne will be temporarily MIA for the start of the season so Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner will help to pick up the slack.

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood has also joined the hosting panel. The Talk will begin its second season next week.

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  • Margot

    Way to kill an already dying show!!

    • Templar

      Can’t tolerate Molly Shannon. So, no.

      • elaine machol

        was delighted with the original cast and bored now will not be watching anymore.

    • Ash

      ugh she’s so annoying

    • Chester

      I am trying to think of an unfunnier woman and I can’t. Molly Shannon should be selling shoes.

    • Taylor

      When The Talk gets canceled CBS better not give
      Les Moonves’s mistress any more sweet jobs at their network. I am SICK and TIRED of her spreading her legs to get TV shows handed to her morning, noon and night. She is the most UNPROFESSIONAL woman on the planet to sleep her way into every job. Leah and Holly both EARNED their careers. Julie Chen earned nothing. Les Moonves’s FIRST wife must be laughing her head off that Chen’s show The Talk is getting canceled after this. Oh, And Sarah Gilbert NEVER had a spine. Leah Remini made her look good all the time and covered for Sarah’s social ineptness but she’s going to fall flat on her face without Leah to help her out.

      • Michelle

        Right on!!!…you are so right…back stabbers..CBS…I am done with them!

      • amy

        I agree, julie is annoying and a fake. Could not stand her from the get go.

      • dee

        I couldn’t agree more! I love that show! My fave was Leah & Holly doing karaoke! That show sucks so bad w/o them I have cancelled it from my dvr and refuse to watch it! I hope another network gives Holly & Leah a show I would definitely watch! Julie Chen you are evil!

      • just lise

        Wow.. you need some serious anger management!

    • SAn

      Molly Shannon- She is aweful to watch on the show–her hands never stop moving.can’t stand it and have to change the channel :(

      • Shirley


    • shell

      The 2 most real ladies are gone. I like that they would say the things that we would like to say, but dont have the courage to say. Anyone can be a snob, but not everyone can deliver a wonderful quip. Sure, Julie is a nice anchor, but maybe for the news, not for real girl talk

  • Jane

    Well that just seal it. Won’t be watching this show. there’s a reason why Molly’s recent comedy died within 60 seconds of airing.

  • Amber

    Maybe they would have had a bigger audience share if they’d kept the shows that had established audiences instead of trying to cut costs with knock-offs of “The View.”

    • JAN

      Thats the whole thing though Julie hated that she wasn’t the star, miss miss the show felt like hangn with your friends but they kicked my to best friends
      off and I have not watched since, if someone would
      give Holly and Leah their own show at the same time slot that would be the end of the talk

  • Jed

    Molly is a great gal, but this show is a definite trainwreck that has the poison of ChenBot and Gilbert on there who add nothing to this broadcast. It’s still on the air because Moonvees needs to give his wife a job.

    • CB

      Completely agree with this. The two best hosts are gone now.

      • Kim

        I totally agree that this show lost the best hosts. I love Sharon but Julie needed the chemistry brought on by Holly and Leah. They could have done the show on their own w/out Julie.

      • Diana D

        Yes, I too am so annoyed that Leah and Holly are gone, but JULIE CHEN didn’t get the axe??? She has no personality and she has this tendency to moderate by sucking the life out of a segment. When it gets good, Chen cuts to a new story. What the heck?! I do love Molly though, but I don’t think she’ll be enough to save this sinking ship.

  • Pam

    Sorry, won’t be watching now without Holly or Leah, they kept it interesting and funny and REAL!

    • Valerie

      They got rid of the two best people on that fledging show! Now they can send out the coroner to declare this show officially dead…way to go CBS!!!

    • PN

      I liked them, but maybe their kind of conversation style didn’t blend well with the producers or even the viewers. You have to have something fresh and different to keep those ratings up and solid in the daytime TV hours. They were funny but I thought that they were becoming too gossipy at points in the last 30 to 40 shows.

    • Mary Lou Mcdevitt

      Will not watch without Leah &Holly! What is CBS thinking?

      • Imfreed

        Will no longer watch without Leah and Holly. Period. Use to laugh so much at how Leah and Sara fed off each other ! The outrageous one and the quiet one. And Holly’s sense of timing a funny remark. And her classiness.
        If CBS wants The Talk to survive, then do the smart thing and hire Leah and Holly back. Make yourselves look smart and do the right thing. Thank You.

  • Fatima

    I can’t believe they got rid of the two funniest ones. I’m embarrassed at myself for how sad I am.

    • lina

      i agree i feel so bad about it it’s a little embarrassing. LOL. I loved watching this show but i will not watch anymore. they MADE the show funny and REAL

    • ChristineLA

      Fatima, I am completely with you. I am shocked at how much I care, but I am totally gobsmacked that Holly and Leah were fired. I will not watch without them. Seriously, why does CBS think we will tune in to support a reincarnation knowing full well that we cannot count on them to not shake up the entire cast again next summer. No, thank you.

    • gail

      Get the originals back. Enjoyed the show, but replacements do not fit. Will not be watching any more. Think you will find that Holly and Leah will be missed more than you can imagine.

      • Kcnj

        Totally agree with you watched a little bit of it yesterday, watching it right now, the ship is sinking fast, no more chemistry. Chen’s behind all the axing. Won’t be watching anymore maybe peek just waiting for train wreck!!!

  • Fatima

    Also, I thought I read that The Talk had it’s biggest viewership over the summer. Why would they screw with it now?

    • ger

      Their “biggest viewership” is still tiny, I’m afraid. Way smaller than Remini’s mouth.

  • Julian

    I used to work on the show. I feel bad for the people who are still working there, because now they have to somehow make the Chen-bot and Gilbert look good. Plus they’ll be to blame when the reviews come in. Let Leah and Holly be a warning for you- don’t mess with Julie Chen.

    • ChristineLA

      What is Julie Chen’s problem with Leah and Holly, though?

  • Jerianne Trammell

    I have watched this show almost every day since it started and have enjoyed it so much. Laughing until I cried because you just never knew what was going to come out of those 5 ladies. I am distressed that any of them are not coming back.

  • lexie

    this was the only daytime show i could tolerate. won’t watch w/out leah, holly and mrs. o. julie chen is a diva and sarah gilbert is a snore.

    • Karen K.

      Leah, Holly and Sharon are actually the ones I didn’t like. Looking forward to the new co-hosts except Mama Kardashian.

  • polly

    when molly shannon was on snl all her skits were painfully unfunny espeically when she played the catholic school student who kept jumping around falling every where. so i am guessing her on this show will only make it even lamer. sara gilbert may as well not even be there she acts like a shy toddler scrunched down as if hiding but she should used to being on tv unless she is just acting like that because she is embarrassed by this show. i think holly and leah were kicked off because they stole the spotlight from the others but them not being there is not going to help sara and julie be any more interesting or funny.

  • Barack Palin

    I love Molly Shannon so it saddens me to think she’ll be wasting her talents on this show instead of making us laugh in other film and TV projects.

    • Geo

      You are as stupid as both of your namesakes.

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    Leah Remini should have her own sitcom. This hosting gig was beneath her talents.

  • mostboringseasonever

    I really liked Leah on this show. And, I actually liked Holly, as well.
    Sara is a total snoozefest. They could easily get rid of her but , because she’s the producer, they won’t.
    I won’t watch with Kris Jenner or Molly Shannon. Not a fan of either of them.

  • Terilynv

    Sorry,I’m done.

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