TNT cancels 'HawthoRNe' after three seasons

TNT has canceled HawthoRNe, the hospital drama that stars Jada Pinkett Smith. The network announced today that it won’t pick up a fourth season of the series.

“TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved,” the network said in a statement. “The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.”

Earlier this year, the network dropped Men of a Certain Age, but it’s certainly not hurting in the drama department. Rizzoli & Isles and Falling Skies are hits, and the network just ordered another season of Franklin & Bash. Meanwhile, the network is gearing up for a reboot of Dallas.

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  • Kevin

    Ok which is it? Your headline says TNT cancels Hawthorne after four seasons… and then in the body of your article you state that TNT decided not to pick up the show for a fourth season. So which is it?

    • teresa

      It says after 3 seasons…read it again.

      • Carrie

        The headline link still reads four seasons. The story reads three.

      • whatevs

        You should know by now how fast ew changes their mistakes after a comment bring it up.

      • sally

        TNT made the right choice.

      • Inez

        I care, I liked the show and looked forward to watching it, the networks now are full of reality bull that I could care less for, now another reality show with I could only care less for will air in its place. Bull!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Michelah

        Teresa, when I googled “tnt cancels Hawthorne”, it reads: TNT cancels ‘HawthoRNe’ after four seasons. When you click on the link, then it says three seasons.

      • GS

        Truly a terrible show. If a nurse ever thought about pulling the attitude she did in my hospital, I’d have decked her.

      • sally

        I know. It’s unrealistic. Stupid. Juvenile.

      • jane

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      • Damien

        I used to love this show until Marc Anthony (who’s a terrible actor). The premiere of Season 3 was shocking and great. Everything after was BLAH.

    • Ap

      Who cares at this point. It’s canceled.

      • Shelley

        I care, Michael Vartan is hot!

      • Samantha

        I care!! I had really gotten into the series and I don’t watch alot ot tv.

      • Flor

        Vartan is in Colombiana, I hope he ends up in a great show, I neeeeeed more Michael.

      • Lucy

        last season the show was not entertaining and dark, plus Mark Anthony ruined it!

      • Laura MCraea

        Hawthorne fans ABC network buys sitcom from Jada/Will which they will be producing. In your face TNT Jada is back and forget you haters on Hawthorne should have be able to come back, but everything is good for Jada

      • Lakeisa

        I care about the show

    • Ash

      Nobody cares. Serious fans know how many seasons there were and fair weathers don’t care enough to get bent out of shape.

      • Brenda

        Never watched the show, so I don’t care.

    • Alan

      This show was awful. Caught it by accident once – I was stunned by how bad the script writing and acting was. It was really amateurish.

      • julie

        the script isnt bad!!!! your just one of those weirdos who watchs nip tuck

      • leelee

        Hilarious! Sure wuld like to kno what u consider good acting, if u call Any of that cast bad actors. Smdh @ people that want attention.

      • lisa g takes shts at work!

        I agree w alan! The acting was worse than daytime tv. Saw one epi where jada was having flashbacks to her childhood….the acting was laughable!

      • quasilyon

        show was awful when it first started because it centered around a CNO (look it up) who micromanaged the ED. Where does that happen. That';s the reason for such dramatic cliffhangers- she’spregnant!; she’s been attacked’ she’s committing adultery. The other characters were never fully developed.

      • Delores

        I liked NipTuck, and I am not a weirdo. Hawthorne stank.

      • Lakeisa

        Alan u dont no what u are talking about it was a good show to me

      • Kim7

        Your probably a small child that needs attention lol. This by far is the best acting I have seen from Jada. I’ve watched it and I like it. I hope BET or TV one picks it up like BET did The Game!

    • Carlos

      I am glad this series is canceled because this season was awful. This season started out with a beautiful interracial marriage. After the wedding, Hawthorne was brutally attacked in the parking lot. Hawthorne’s white husband was an attractive man and they linked her with skeletor ugly Marc Anthony. I stopped watching the show this season after the Hawthorne pushed her fine white husband away to start a relationship with ugly skeletor Marc Anthony. Good riddance to this awful series.

      • Evelyn Orsini

        I was thoroughly disgusted to see this series deteriorate very soon into the 3rd season. It deserves to be pulled from the air after such amatuerish writing and story plan. Marc Anthony could wreck anything in which he tries to act, Yuck!

      • Dani

        Spot on. Jada is an Exec Producer and I have no idea what she was thinking this year. The writing and acting was subpar at best but her chemistry with the ultra sexy Vartan was the shows saving grace. She could have rode the drama of a baby in your 40s and marriage into another season. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Did they think lame, unappealing, horrible actor Marc Anthony would bring ratings? They deserved cancellation.

      • Wayne

        I agree. I enjoyed the first two season and then was anticipating this one with the marriage…then the plot detiorated with this truly awful relationship with Mark Anthony which did not ring true…he looks since and unattractive. The writers should be fired.

      • Hypocrites Should be Shot

        The news reports of threats against her family are deplorable, but I cannot find much sympathy in my heart for Shelly.

      • Ac3cs

        Lmbo @ “ugly skeletal Marc Anthony”!

      • Hudson

        And in what universe does someone get attacked in the garage of their job, get fired while in the ospital recovering from surgey and not sue? This season it started with the wedding and immediate after went off the rails. I stopped watching. Glad TNT is making room for something else but don’t much care for a reprise of Dallas.

      • Kathi

        I agree on Marc Anthony,he was not an asset to the series.I thoroughly enjoyed the series and cast.I think it got to heavy to fast.Too many subplots.I am sorry to see it go.I too looked forward to watching it weekly.

    • GS

      Truly a terrible show. If a nurse ever thought about pulling the attitude she did in my hospital, I’d have decked her.

      • Mark

        I understand your objection and in the main agree, but helpful to remember that most drama is unrealistic. Real princes of Denmark could say same thing about Hamlet. Still, you are right Hawthorne required a tremendous amount of suspension of disbelief.

    • amanda

      This show was awful from the pilot, it needed to die.

      • Bosslady in Ga

        Learn to spell first. Hater. Just made cause a black woman was in charge doung her thing. Smdh

    • ypandi

      The show was very good. I enjoyed something other than reality TV. I love Jada and I support her and whatever show she is in. Those of you that always have negative things to say KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!! Like your mother used to say if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything! ….and furthermore those who say a nurse would never do that it is TV!!!!!!people… did it start off with this is a true story the life of… damn enjoy some drama other than yours!!!!

    • Cristy

      I have just started watching this on Netflix and just found out it is canceled, they should bring it back, I like it better than stupid reality shows and reruns….

    • renee

      It would have been nice to see what happen to Tom and Hawthorne and the hospital. Rude on how it left us hanging.

  • Kris

    GREAT… So they leave the series in a cliffhanger. Awesome.

    • Heidi

      That was my thought. Who shot Marc? Was it Michael’s character, in a rage? Was it Marc himself in distress? Was it his partner? A gang member he pissed off?
      I was glad he was dead because I wanted her back with Vartan.

      I actually wondered if Marc’s character had set up the attack in a rage after she married Vartan’s character…and then became the hero by finding the attacker (who we never saw) and showing her his ring. I felt he ruined her marriage. It wasn’t him attacking her but maybe one of the gang bangers he was kindof involved with, at his request.

      I hope the actors will give their synopsis of what they think happened!

      • Danita

        That was my thought on her attack too.

    • Rob

      Im glad tht @**hole got shot ! I was so looking 4ward to this seaon . I liked the show tho!

  • jfms777

    Interesting that TNT’s ratings are down, but partly because “Law and Order” seems to (finally) be losing viewers, and “Bones” does OK, but not super. Those 2 shows make up a chunk of the TNT schedule.

    • Michelle

      Actually Bones in not a part of TNT. They show reruns. FOX carries Bones as the regular show.

      • Larry in NoHo

        That’s not what he was saying. He was saying that TNT relies heavily on reruns of a few shows. I loved “Law & Order” but I’ve seen each one about 20 times now. I’m done. The ROI on “Bones” reruns are not high. If that show disappeared from TNT’s schedule I doubt that many would complain.

      • Zakry

        Isn’t it funny when people feel the need to correct and find out THEY were wrong?

    • Debbie

      I really liked Hawthorne until this season. I was looking forward to the characters but they had to bring Marc back don”t know why they did that. I just hope that it is not true about Jada & Marc that would be so terrible. As to Law & Order, yes they do play too much of that. I love Bones!!!! They could play more “Closer” shows, love that show

      • Fender

        Law and Order is well-written, and well acted. That’s why TNT shows reruns of it instead of future episodes of Hawthorne.

  • jn

    Ok – well, I guess we’ll never know what happens after the finale that left us hanging

  • Bizzle

    Surprise, Surprise. A scandal involving a love affair between Jada and Marc is true. I bet they didn’t want to do the show anymore.

    • @Bizzle

      If anything wouldn’t that increase ratings? You do realize that just because they had an affair on the show, this does not translate to real life, right? TV = NOT REAL LIFE. I hope that helps.

    • To Bizzie

      Do you have access to privy information? Just how do you know there was an affair? All gossip is malicious…….

      • Bizzle

        The insatiable need for celebrity and noterierty is the establishment of Hollywood success. The countless tales of two actors meeting and falling in love on set are as numerous as the tales of cheating. Gossip is the currency of Hollywood.

      • Heidi

        I thought this could become problematic for TNT and they’d cancel. Jada didn’t need that kind of gossip going on. She has her kids to think of , and their careers. I think whether it was true or not, they do have a more open marriage than most, where they are totally honest with each other about attractions and they have permission to completely enjoy their love scenes, etc. So, I honestly didn’t care if they had an affair or not.
        I think Jada just has lots of other pots in the fire, so she let this one go.

        Hate that it ended with such a big cliffhanger though.

    • Threatdown

      How did you get that? The show had bad ratings. Especially this year, which it totally deserved. That is why the show was cancelled.
      An affair might have created buzz and possibly increased ratings next year. But given how bad the ratings and demos were, TNT didn’t think even that could help. And I agree.

    • jury’s out

      @Bizzie- Marc said that the rumors of an affair between he and Jada were laughable. Now if you were having an affair with someone, even if you didn’t want anyone to know, would you say that the very notion of you two together was laughable? If it were true, he wouldn’t say such an insulting thing.

      • Wayne

        Why would a sexy, attractive black women give up a handsome black man for Marc Anthony. Please! That would be laughable.

      • Zakry

        What black man? Michael Vartan is white.

      • t3hdow


        Jada’s real life husband, Will Smith.

  • Charles

    It’s 4 seasons too late!

    • Carol

      OMG, my thoughts exactly!!!! One of the absolute worst shows I’ve ever seen come across the tube. Bad, cliched, dull, predictable – all the things you don’t want in TV.

      • jrs

        Thank you!

  • ugh

    SO PISSED!! just left us with a cliffhanger.. wtf!!! THis show was so good.

    • marsha

      ikr..i’m tired of tnt…kaboom

    • Lakeisa

      yea it was

    • Rob

      I agree 1000% !!!! TnT sux they took off another show i liked also Raising the bar , Wtf Tnt ?????

  • jrs

    Thank god. Can’t stand Jada Smith or her creepy husband their creepy kids. Guess their little PR stunt did not work. Now, it’s time for the Smith family to all just go away!

    • David

      …and take the Kardashians with you!

      • TR


      • Jessy

        ….and the “Beibs”…

    • dwinone

      @jrs…no one cares that you don’t like the Smiths’. You need some Visine for that green eye!

      • jrs

        you’re so silly…and wrong

    • Ashlyn

      O shut up loser..Those kids made more money than you could ever dream of. Is that why you’re so mad??

      • Lala

        Ashlyn, really , that’s your name? How pathetic.

      • Jessy

        Are you serious??? Do youu really think Lala is any better???

      • Delores

        Yall are cracking me up. I think Ashlyn and Lala are pretty names. Now, now, girls.

    • Bookmommy

      And what would be so creepy about them? Would it be because they are a powerful African-American entertainment couple? Because other than that they are no creepier than any other Hollywood family.

    • Bgs

      You sound racist

    • LOL

      Yessssssssssssss thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JAY


    • Inez

      jealous, much!!!!!!!!\

      • jrs

        OMG, what freaks! You’ve apparently been sucked into the vortex that is called the Creepy Smiths

      • Delores

        So Will can probably fly with his ears, and his kids are way too poised to be kids. They’re a good family. Leave them alone.

  • Bella

    Sorry, but it deserved to be canceled. The first two seasons were good and I enjoyed them, but the last one was completely awful. It went completely into majorly histrionic soap operate territory and made the main characters unlikeable.

    • Jitterbug

      You are right… I really enjoyed seasons 1 & 2 but the whole beating/blackmail storyline was horrible and I stopped watching after 3 episodes…what a shame!

    • Marc

      I agree.

    • Threatdown

      Spot on. The show deserved to get cancelled after this last season, and I’m glad it did.

  • Bowe

    TNT cancelled this show because the minute Hawthorne began focusing on Jada and Marc storyline, Hawthorne targetted audience stopped watching. Realistically, there was no way Hawthorne would have been given another chance, considering the fact that two minorities were getting it in on t.v. Sorry to say, the white audience couldn’t relate, and thus stopped watching, and the white audience is what drives sponsors. If Jada kept the romantic storyline between she and Chrstina’s white husband, it would have lasted. This is a classic case majority wants to be able to relate to something from Hollywood.

    For example,

    1. On soaps whenever a white man or nonblack man is involved with a black woman, suddenly that story ends, and he goes back to a white girl.

    2. Black females are known for having big butts, or more shapely than white women. Black women are ridiculed for it. Look at the rapper Trina,Serena,etc have huge butts, but the minute Jlo and Kim K come out, than suddenly people are raving about their butts. Because, they have white skin and white women can relate more to them.

    3. Sanaa Lathan has said that when black actors do sex scenes, they are given a higher rating , than their white counterparts, so maybe the censors were upset with the sex scene.

    4. Will Smith is Hollywood’s Golden Boy, and Hollywood couldn’t allow him to look bad and this story made Will look bad.

    5. To save face Jada just decided to end the show because the chemistry was so realistic that it caused such a roar that she got tired of the drama.

    • x

      maybe looking at marc anthony makes me wanna puke. he is NOT attractive and there is NO UNIVERSE where ANY WOMAN would choose skeletor over michael vaughn. once they brought him on, you knew it was over. blech.

      • Carlos

        Soy Boricua and I fine skeletor Marc Anthony to be an ugly troll. Michael Vaughn is hot. I had the hots for him in the movie ‘Too Wong Foo’.

      • Heidi

        His scene dancing with her and then their love scene made me see what all the fuss was about him. He’s got a sexiness about him. Sometimes its a person’s essence, not their physical appearance that makes people think they are ‘hot’.

      • Jenny

        Micheal Vaugh is from Alias not Hawthorne.

    • Lala

      You, sir, are a racist.

      • sarah

        What the heck was racist? Someone doesn’t find Marc Anthony attractive so they’re suddenly racist?

      • Get Real

        To Bowe: Sanaa Lathan is trippin’. All I think of when I see Serena’s or Kim K’s fat @sses is, “Girl, you need to go on a diet and FAST. Of course, Serena also needs to lay off the steroids. Makes you question Common’s sexual preference … can you say likes the d!ck?

    • Oh My Goodness

      your rant is the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time. By the way Hispanic is a moniker given to people of Hispanic origin. It is not a race classification, within “Hispanic” countries people are of different races too, i.e.: white, black, etc….

    • Realist

      That’s ridiculous. The problem was that the audience invested in the Jada/Vartan relationship, only to have it utterly destroyed at the drop of a hat by writer fiat. Two seasons of build-up were thrown out for the double-horrible decision to have Jada cheat and be assaulted. It took the show into an really uncomfortable direction BEFORE any of the rumors started.

      If you make a show that people don’t want to watch anymore, then they won’t watch the show. And when ratings dip, a show dies. That’s all there is to it.

      • Carlos

        @Realist; you are on point with your comment. This is why I stop watching the show at the first episode this season. I wanted to see Jada/Michael make it as an interractial couple, after the build up of season 1 & 2.

    • Crystal

      I agree completely Bowe. I think also that they stopped focusing in the purpose of the show HawthoRNe with emphasis on RN. I missed Christina the nurse. They screwed it up with the new story line. Also, you are right about the soap operas and interracial couples. I think thwy deserved 1 more season to clear things up for the TRUE fans who watched faithfully through this last season although it was horrible.

    • Sir Mix-A-Lot

      I like big butts, and I cannot lie.



    • cis

      Where do you live interracial dating and marriage is very common and acceptable. We’re not in the 50’s anymore when interracial marriage was illegal.

    • Peaches

      I also believe the outside rumors of Jada and Marc having a real life affair has contributed to the demise of Hawthorne.obviously Marc Anthonys home has fallen apart. That love scene with him and Jada was so realistic I almost threw Holy oil at my t.v. im African American and truly Hawthorne had gotten to raunchy for me and I LOVED the show..

    • Get Real

      Neither JLo or Kim Kardashian are white. JLo is hispanic, and hispanics aren’t white. KK is Armenian, and they are not white, but ‘tan.’ Also not white are Italians, Spaniards, and Jews.

  • Bowe

    Jada and Marc rumors, speculation and gossip made JLO and Will Smith look bad, Hollywood wasn’t having that. Two superstars have pull in Hollywood.

  • Ronnie

    I read somewhere that Marc Anthony practically begged Jada to keep him on as a regular for this last season. BIG MISTAKE! I stopped watching after the 4th episode.

  • johnc

    I have never watched it. So I don’t care.

    Bring in other new shows!!

  • kerrie

    I also loved 1 and 2 season but it was so upsetting when she cheated. I couldn’t watch the 3rd season pissed me off when she left Tom. bad move on writers part.

    • Jitterbug

      Exactly…they take 2 seasons to get them together and then they are barely married and she cheats…after making such a production about how careful she was after her husband died…ridiculous…stopped watching when I saw where it was going

      • D

        Wow…I’ve never seen one episode of this show, but just reading this plot development really makes me glad I didn’t invest. Fans have every right to be uspet by the main character turning out to be a cheat. Sex and the City fans were beyond irritated when Carrie started cheating on Aiden, so I know this must have irked you.

      • Margot

        I tried to watch it once too. Wasn’t feeling it.

    • renni

      I agree with everyone who said the FIRST TWO seasons were great but then it changed this year for the worse IMO. No I am NOT a hater I am just a person with an opionion. I also did not like the “affair” storyline especially after she got married and lost a baby. I think there are already enough shows that go the infedily route and people were getting sick of it. I heard many people say this season turned into a “soap opera” and I agree. Hence all the soap opera’s are getting cancelled nowadays. Once again NOT a hater just a person with an opionion

      • renni

        Also I think TNT made the RIGHT decision and I have already heard that some of the cast members have already moved on with their lives. Weather that means they went to other shows, movies or wanted to focus on more on their personal lives as far a work, family and friends. I know it’s disapointing for some but since it is just a t.v. show I don’t think it will return becuase again some of the cast has already move on with life. Which I can’t blame them becuase the cast was mainly a group of 30-40 year olds and I am sure they have others things they want to do with life besides being on this t.v show. That being said I wish the cast the best of luck in however they decide to move on with their lives. :-)

      • Kitty

        I agree. I hated last season. It just didn’t seem realistic to me.

  • PN

    The ratings weren’t good this season. It never was even to Rizzoli and Isles or Leverage or even the newly popular Franklin and Bash.

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