'Glee' scoop: Chris Colfer talks intense new season (It's already landed him in the hospital!)

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It’s been a crazy summer for the cast and crew of Glee between the tour, 3-D movie, and rumors of various actors leaving the show. Now, production is back in full swing for Glee‘s third season and star Chris Colfer, who plays fan favorite Kurt Hummel, says that the bar for the production numbers is so high that he’s actually had to seek some medical attention. “Already tomorrow, I’m doing a number that literally may put me in the hospital,” says Colfer. “Get this, I had my fifth visit straight from set to hospital the other day. The fifth time where I had to leave set and go to the hospital.” But the actor does admit that it’s partially his own fault — he went too far with his performance. Says Colfer, “Last week, we were filming a number where the glee kids try to recruit new members for their club. So we performed a number for the student body. Me with the bright ideas, always trying to make Kurt go the extra mile, I started exotic dancing on a table and hurt my foot.” EW talked with the Emmy-nominated actor about season 3, what’s in store for Kurt and Blaine, and if he would participate in the much-rumored Glee spin-off.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what can you say about Kurt this season? Can you tease a little?
CHRIS COLFER: Well he hasn’t really been teased too much so far. He’s still dealing the same issues he always is, the gay kids are constantly facing in high school. Those are still with him.

Oh I don’t mean if Kurt is being teased. I mean can you tease his storyline a bit?
[Laughs] He is entering a new area of school, or attempting [to enter] into a new area of school and responsibility that we have not seen him enter yet.

Like a new club?
Yes. Maybe. Ha.

So what will Kurt’s arc be this season?
One thing with Kurt that they’re tapping into — which I’ve never seen done on TV — they’re really having Kurt having go through the levels of acceptance. He learned to accept himself in the first and second season and now I think he’s really still struggling to still find acceptance from others, unfortunately.

Is Blaine going to McKinley?
Well… you shall see.

Are Blaine and Kurt still together?
Oh absolutely. They really don’t have [many] other options do they?

It felt like Kurt and Rachel really bonded in the New York season finale. Are they still on good terms as this season starts?
Yeah. I’d say they’ve definitely graduated into best friends. I think they’re really, really close.

Obviously there’s been all this talk of you being a senior and it maybe being your last season. How does that feel?
Well, I think being on television, you always have that fear no matter what, because you never know if it’s going to be the end. So it only heightens that. It only intensifies that feeling. But I don’t think there’s such a thing as an actor with total job security.

Can you say anything about the premiere? Where are New Directions now that they’ve lost Nationals?
They’re definitely still disappointed that they had that loss. But they’re still ready to start again. I think the first episode really sets the rest of the season up. I think it gives a very good game plan of where we’re going with each of the characters this season.

Is Sue still running for office?
Yes she is, and wait til you see the posters!

Have the writers given you any ideas about how the season will wrap up?
Not a clue. I don’t think they know yet either.

But would you consider doing a Glee spin-off?
Yeah. I definitely wanna hear details before I fully commit myself to it. But I love Kurt. I love being him. I love the relationship with his father. I would love to move on with this character in some way, just selfishly for my own sake, to see how he grows and the person he becomes. So I’d love to move on with him.

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  • meomaow

    I don’t think that “They really don’t have [many] other options” should be the basis for a respectful portrayal of a gay relationship on tv. That said, I can’t wait for the exotic dancing!

    • SC

      One imagines he was joking on that score. It is nonetheless true that there aren’t any other options.

    • If they want realistic portrayals…

      try this… 1) the gay kid who goes out every weekend with his friends to watch drag queens at the show bar—who gets wasted on adderol and x; 2) the gay kid who cruises the park after dark every night to experience some man-on-man action; 3) the gay kid who spends 24/7 on manhunt or adam4adam; 4) the gay kid who discovers that escorting or porn is far more lucrative than waiting tables. Instead, we get episode after episode of Twinky Von Sweetness pining away for his True Love to come Sweep Him Off His Feet™.


      • Kate from Canada

        Sorry, man – you are really into the stereotyping, aren’t you? My gay friends do exactly the same things as my straight friends. You’re living in the dark ages and your foolish comments hurt straight people everywhere.

      • Kelly

        Do you NOT WATCH the show???/ Do you NOT know what Kurt has gone through???? so get over your stereotyping and move on please.

      • Midori

        We know what someone is doing with their life. Someone likes cruising for men online a little too much.

      • Jim

        I grew up a gay kid in the ’80s and this is pretty accurate. I like that Glee is showing kids it’s possible to have a boyfriend, but the reality is more like the above.

    • Karen

      klaine isn’t a respectful relationship, klaine is all about how darren criss makes them big money with his songs and that’s it.

      • s

        oh please, shut up

      • meomaow

        I agree 100%

      • lola

        I agree. Except that I don’t think Darren Criss is making them more money than Lea Michele.

      • Cassi

        Klaine is a beautiful and loving relationship. and sorry to inform you, but they have been spoiled to be completely solid and in love and won’t break up. so get used to them. Klaine is love.

      • Lily

        Klaine is a teacher (Blaine) versus student (Kurt) relationship. Hopes the student will graduate soon and becomes a teacher too…

      • anonymouse

        We haven’t really seen that much of their relationship. I think Blurt makes a pretty good couple so far. They haven’t really had much depth as of yet, but I’m hoping for more of that this season.

        On a side note, I actually like Vocal Adrenaline much better than the Warblers. Plus, a lot of Blaine’s songs pretty much sound the same. I prefer Jesse better as a singer, but I like Blaine’s character more.

      • Kelly

        you are CRAZY!!! Klaine FOREVER!!!

      • Rhiannon

        I agree, Blaine has crushed Kurt as a character and Kurt is so desperate he let Blaine walk all over him last season. I don’t understand why Blaine has so much screen time, he’s only supposed to be a supporting character.

    • Lily

      “There are not that many options” ,not a base for a respectful relationship (gay or not) ? Ask any married person who is committed to only one person and cancels all other options…

      • sam


      • Art

        Clearly, he didn’t mean monogamy. He meant lack of other options of out gay characters to choose from.

  • Tracey

    Oh fantastic, more “poor Kurt” storylines. And Chris doesn’t seem like a fan of Klaine at all lol. Gas!

    • JJ

      Chris hates Klaine so deeply…
      -“finding someone who could love him the way he wanted to love someone.”
      – “they’re like salt and pepper shakers”
      – “It’s a trip being in a relationship on TV ‘cos I never ever thought that I would be part of an ‘it’ couple… It’s been a trip, I’m enjoying it,” Colfer explained. “It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been a whole new batch of emotions that I haven’t been able to deal with yet.”

      So yeah, that’s some serious hate right there.

      • Shannon

        lol, you said it…
        Aw, I love that “salt ‘n pepper shaker” line. Can’t wait to see Chris shake his funny little stuff in the new season.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Chris Colfer seems excited about his characters relationship while promoting the show he’s on in interviews! So he must really like it!! Who knows how Chris really feels about it, he has to be positive about it, it’s his job.

    • Karen

      You can definitely tell Chris is unimpressed with Klaine

      • Marcus

        Yeah, I think he’s glad the show “went there” and let the queer kid have a romantic interest, but he’s obviously not as convinced as the fanbase is that ZOMGZ KLAINE IZ ENDGAME 4EVAAAAA!!1

      • issa

        That’s my impression too. And Chris is smart enough to say so.

      • Cassi

        uh.. Chris loves Klaine. have you even read any interviews about it? he adores them

      • Lily

        He may not like it because Blaine is the stronger character/more gorgeous looking character than Kurt in the “Klaine” relationship…(*dodge*) as Blaine and Kurt are still in the teacher/student relation ship… Blaine being the teacher, Kurt being the student.. Hope that the student will learn fast !

        And if you think this is not realistic enough… just ask any person who is 10 or 15 years older than his/her life partner… they will start as teacher to their partner as well… and problems starts when the partner does not want to follow the teacher as a puppy anymore…

      • Lily

        Just because Chris is not as verbose as Darren, it does not mean that he does not like the “Klaine ” relationship. I think he just gets annoyed when he is asked again and again “whether Darren Criss is a good kisser”…

      • Connie

        “I always get excited when I film the Blaine/Kurt stuff just because I know it means so much to people, and it makes them so excited.”

        “I think it is a storyline that is very sweet and endearing, and people love Kurt because they have gotten to grow up with him and gotten to grow with him. I think that was kind of the climax of a good journey that he was going through at the time; finding acceptance from himself, and finding acceptance from others, and all that. And finally meeting someone that was just like him, and finding someone that could love him the same way he wanted to love someone, it was just the tip of the iceberg.”

        Yeah, it sounds like he really dislikes Klaine.

        And as for Blaine being the “stronger character/more gorgeous looking character,” LOL, no. The second part is entirely subjective, and the first part is just flat out wrong.

      • Lily

        @Connie: maybe Blaine may not really be Kurt’s teacher, but they did not start on equal level…. Blaine was Kurt ‘s mentor…

      • Connie

        Blaine was never actually Kurt’s mentor. They said that in the press plenty, but it never played out on the actual show.

  • suebrody

    I wonder if that means there *will* be another gay out teen on Glee this season (do want).

    The exotic dancing part just brings Single Ladies to a whole other level!

  • To Quote “LOL”

    America loves crap!

  • kay

    Can we get interviews from other people in the cast?Like Cory Monteith for example?

    • HoneyB

      I don’t know if Cory can complete an interview with any articulate responses.

      • Edmonton Girl

        I saw him interviewed recently and he was articulate and witty. He is not the character he plays, you know. That is called ‘acting’.

      • Yvette

        Hah. You’re mixing up Finn with Cory. You certainly no nothing about Cory Monteith the actor, do you? He’s one of the smartest, most articulate actors on this show. Watch any of Cory’s interviews. There are tons of them on youtube. You’ll be very very surprised at how smart he really is.

      • Yvette

        * know nothing

      • wallis

        HoneyB, Cory is actually very well-spoken and eloquent. Jane Lynch said that Cory is the actor who’s the most different from his character.

  • Angie

    “I don’t think they know yet either.” Please, they never know what they’re doing in the next EPISODE, much less how they’re going to wrap up the stories for all these senior characters.

    • Puckleberry

      I agree with you, Angie. That was pretty obvious in season 2. We let it all slide in Season 1 because the inconsistencies were not that irksome or contradictory as they were in this past season. I hope hiring writers will fix this as I still like the show.

  • Connie

    Love him! I look forward to the Rachel and Kurt friendship the most. I love those two together, whether they’re best friends or “frenemies.”

    • Captain

      Me too. I never liked Kurt at all but as soon as him and Rachel became friends, I warmed up to him a bit. They have awesome chemistry and you can tell they have a lot of fun together.

    • Lily

      Love the blossoming Kurtchel friendship but I cry for the Kurtcedes (Kurt/Mercedes) friendship.. Hope it will be revived soon. !

  • Yuck

    he sound so much like a woman!!!!! A mothers worse nightmare for her son to end up like that..what a tragedy ughhh.

    • BillP

      A mother’s worse nightmare? A tragedy? You have a seriously limited view of what a tragedy is, for sure! Some mothers would be heartbroken to have a child who’s a bigot.

    • levelheaded

      I’m a mother and I have a son.

      And my son ending up like Chris Colfer is not even in my top 1000 worst nightmares for him.

      However, in my top ten is that he’d end up like @yuck.

      • Gleek4Life

        I totally agree!!! I’m not a mother, but I would be PROUD to have Chris as a son! It’s so sad there is so much hate in the world. Love you Chris!!!

    • Blonde South

      I’m pretty sure I’d be a lot more disappointed if my hypothetical child turned out to be a bigoted a**hole myself.

    • jodipo

      yeah, as a Mom I gotta object to you speaking for me as to what my worst nightmare is, because my son being a successful actor who si also gay is not one of them. Not even close, and if that is the worst thing in your mind then your mind must be a hateful, shallow place.

    • Lily

      When Chris Colfer tells about how people on the phone think that he is a woman, I just smile. Many people on the phone think that I am a man, But I think society is more “tolerant”: towards “tomboy looking and sounding girls” than to “effeminate looking and sounding boys”.

    • amber

      haha yuck hows it feel to be shot down like that? i have a son as well and i wouldnt be one bit bothered if he turned out gay. guess some of us are more tolerant than others. i hope my kids grow up to be more accepting of people than u.

  • Karen

    Klaine is the most overrated couple ever… really wish he could have gotten a boyfriend more like Finn since he pined over him all the first season. They shoulda kept Sam around to be Kurt’s boyfriend.

    • s

      Yeah, a dumb jock with a diva… so revolutionary, something Glee has never done before but if they did I bet it would be something so healthy and involve no messed up love triangles or pathetic pining at all.

    • michael

      I think Kurt loved Finn much more than Blaine.

      • Lily

        Because Kurt is idealizing his relationship with Finn because he has never been in a love relation ship with Finn.. Finn was a jerk towards Rachel in Season 2. But I have to admit that I love the relationship between Kurt and Finn, even more than Kurt and Blaine.

    • Blonde South

      I agree that Klaine is overrated. To me they seemed forced. The writing last season was kind of all over the place and they weren’t very well developed. But they could still fix them this season I guess.

      • Rhiannon

        Klaine was pretty forced and Kurt’s character was butchered as a result. I found more chemistry between Kurt and Karofsky, sure they started off bad but they’re getting along well now and their interaction is always brilliant. With Klaine I find Blaine is kinda controlling and Kurt is always playing second fiddle to him…

    • Lily

      Naah no chemistry between Sam and Kurt, but I do like how Sam politely handles Kurt’s excessive attention towards him in the “Duets” episode.

      • Lily

        Especially when Sam said : ” boys don’t talk to each other in the shower”… :-)

      • Jennie

        I loved how Sam said “Did I do something to offend you?” after Kurt “freed” him. it was even after Finn “warned” him! GO Sam! You non-homophobe! love love

  • Marcus

    I hope for Colfer’s sake that his character gets some other options, preferably played by better dramatic actors.

    • Lily

      No, no more drama for Kurt… too tiring to watch… Would like to see some Asian drama though…

      • Rhiannon

        No more drama for Kurt is fine but I do want him to have a different boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind if Klaine just drifted apart because of lack of chemistry, not all relationships have to end dramatically.

  • Mallory

    Really? I think that Darren Criss is OK. More of a theatre actor, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Then again, these things are subjective.

    Also, I can’t help but to feel a little bit sorry when actors are not that into a pairing that I enjoy. Silly me.

    • Sally

      Darren Criss is a mediocre actor and his acting suffers when he’s put next to Chris, who is clearly superior in the acting department.

      • Rhiannon

        I’m not sure it’s Darren’s fault but Blaine is a terrible character who should never have been a main character.

    • Lily

      So this is not about whether Klaine “enjoy each other” but whether YOU “enjoy Klaine”…

  • Paige

    I love Chris! He’s so talented. Kurt’s my favourite character. I can’t wait for season 3 to start :)

  • bob

    i just don’t believe that blaine would ever fall in love with kurt. i liked their relationship much better when they were friends, and blaine had kind of an older brother/mentor role. his “realization” that he liked kurt in a romantic way last season just did NOT ring true. it just seemed to me that the writers wanted to give kurt a boyfriend, so they gave him the only other established gay character.

    • Blonde South

      Yeah exactly. There wasn’t much of a lead up to the relationship happening or Blaine’s “ah ha!” moment there. They were believable as friends, but it was too soon for them to be together like that. It just seemed like they were doing it just because of popular demand.

      • Priest

        In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solotuins.

    • Lily

      So you tell me, what type of person would Blaine fall in love with ???

    • Stephanie

      My thoughts exactly bob and Blonde South.

    • rain

      I realized I was in love with my current boyfriend pretty much the same way. I dont think it was forced at all

    • Rhiannon

      Blaine crushed Kurt’s personality so I can’t understand what it is Blaine is in love with when Kurt just isn’t Kurt anymore….

  • Cassi

    Klaine is love. kinda obvious.

  • Taylor

    Chris never shows the same kind of enthusiasm over Klaine that his costars show over their pairings. Yeah, if fans or the press attack him and corner him he might say the relationship is “sweet” but he never brings it up himself (and he constantly mentions the fact that Kurt and Blaine are not given any other options, basically suggesting that they’re both settling for each other because there’s literally no one else). He’s only interested in the K part of the equation (in fact, he preferred Blurt over Klaine, probably because Klaine reduces Kurt to just the first letter). He’s even mentioned how he used to get all sorts of comments about how he was changing lives through Kurt and now it’s all questions about the taste of Darren Criss’s lips and his kissing skill. Chris is a talented guy who, like Kurt, likes to be recognized for his work, not for being one half of an extremely overrated pairing.

    • Lily

      Unlike his co-stars, Chris Colfer ( Kurt ) is gay… If he shows too much enthusiasm for Blaine, that will drive the fandom nuts, because fandom tends to blur the line between the imaginary Kurt and real -life Chris…and fandom will think that Chris is in love with Darren Criss ( Blaine).

      Darren Criss , as a straight man, dares to be more bold in interviews.. He even joked in an interview (when he was with Asley Fink and Mark Salling) that him being married to Chris “might happen”… I am sure that Chris does not dare to say something like that about Darren because people might take Chris seriously because he is gay…

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